Case 39’ poster analysis

 COLOUR: The main colours in this poster are black and white. The background is a solid black, which white writing and bright images overlaying. The use of colour gives the audience an instant feel of the film being within the horror genre. The use of dark and light colours could represent the binary oppositions in this film which is Good vs Evil. The hair colour of each the social worker and the little girl Lilly are also very significant in this poster. Which help us to realise which charac

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   COLOUR:The main colours in this poster areblack and white. The background isa solid black, which white writingand bright images overlaying. Theuse of colour gives the audience aninstant feel of the film being withinthe horror genre. The use of darkand light colours could representthe binary oppositions in this film which is Good vs Evil. The haircolour of each the social worker andthe little girl Lilly are also very significant in this poster. Whichhelp us to realise which character isgood, and which is Evil.The glowing white smoky substanceat the bottom left hand corner of thepage seems to resemble the presenceof a spirit. The glowing white alsoties in with the title of the film.   The two characters are positionedin the bottom right hand cornerof the poster, which couldrepresent the two charactersbeing trapped and isolated.However, there is a bright whitelight which appears to be lightgazing through an open door, which could be an opportunity forthe social worker to escape.Despite the audience being ableto make assumptions that there isa battle between Good Vs evil, weare unaware of which character is which. Therefore this creates anarrative enigma, making us wantto see the film to gain a fullunderstanding of the charactersand plot.   The title ‘Case 39’ is written in a type  writer style which Is very appropriatefor the story line, as every case hasmany written reports on it. The title isalso very prominent within the poster almost referring to Lilly as a ‘case’rather an a child. The ‘39’ is also largerthe ‘case’ which emphasises the number of the case. This leads theaudience to question the significanceof the number 39. At the top of the poster there are the  words ‘some cases should never beopened’. This yet again creates negative enigma as it forces theaudience to question whether this is a case that shouldn’t have been opened and why. There are the also the words ‘ They’llnever stop.’ Followed by the release date.
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