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CARP Czech Republic Made by Eva Kačírková, CARP leader, Czech Republic WT Activities in Prague We are trying our best to increase WT activities because of precious time we live in and also according to

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CARP Czech Republic Made by Eva Kačírková, CARP leader, Czech Republic WT Activities in Prague We are trying our best to increase WT activities because of precious time we live in and also according to True Mother s guidance. This year we started to do WT 2 or 3 days in week - depend on the schedule of CARP and Family federation members. We are regularly giving out True Fathers autobiographies on the street and we always add an invitation to one of our public events, DP WS or leaflet about CARP vision and activities. Another way to witness is a survey, which we use mostly on universities. We ask young people about their faith, dreams and about their opinion and then we take their contact and we would keep informing them about our activities and at the same time we give them an initiation to the nearest event. Currently we are also preparing a book table and we hope that even more brothers and sisters will join this new way of WT. Mostly positive reactions and feedback from the people we approach is keeping us positive and we believe that step by step we can be better and better support for God and TP. Public Events Every Tuesday CARP organizes a public lectures and interfaith dialogs for students and young people in general. We are very happy that we can continue with our public lectures on the most prominent university in Prague - Charles University, Philosophic faculty. Lectures are organized every 14 days and we always try to choose some attractive looking topic as Why we don t see reality as it is , The difference between man and women , Love and Sex , A Miraculous Mind etc... and as part of the lecture we always use some part of DP. After the lecture we open a discussion and invite people to our regular DP WS. The other Tuesdays are filled with Interfaith dialog, which we found as a great way for young people to discuss their faith (between those who are joining the dialog are evangelic Christians from different groups, atheists, people close to Buddhism and of course representatives of UC). During the event there is always very open atmosphere, we always announce the topic and young people are very open to share and also to listen about different points of view. Service Projects, Cultural Activities One of the way we use to work with guests and also to refresh ourselves are service projects. We continue this year with helping to NGO taking care of huge park reservation in Prague and also we would like to continue cooperation with Jedličkův ústav - organization working with handicapped people. Other way to strengthen the relationships and also to refresh our minds is organization of different parties - Halloween party, birthday party etc. This is for CARP also a way how to get a deeper relationships and trust of our young second gen, because it is our big desire that they would join CARP one day and inherit our foundation. This year we started to invest in music as well, we founded Music ministry. We start very humbly but we have a big dreams and our desire is to lift the atmosphere on Sunday Services and to become an internal support for those who are talented in music area. DP WS and Internal Guidance This year we decided to increase the number of DP WS to give many possibilities to people to hear Divine Principle before D day. We organize once a month a Half-day WS of so called universal Principles and once a month 2- days WS. Until now we had very good feedback from the guests and also a good support from all brothers and sister. CARP and Family Federation brothers and sisters come together to organize these workshops. On last 2-days WS we had 4 guests and all of them continue receiving guidance on Seminar 1, which we organize for those after 1 or 2-days WS to grow spiritually. We would like to guide our guests through Seminar 1 to 5-days WS, which is planned on the end of December and possibly also to some European WS. For those who decided to go the way of Principle and to join CARP we have every Friday Seminar 2 Internal guidance guided by one our elder sister. Approximately once a month CARP has also meeting with our national leader. We are very grateful to Heavenly Father and to our True Parents for their guidance and support and we are very happy that we can show at least some result, even tough still quite humble this year we have increase approximately 5 CARP members plus 2 brothers moved from other countries and some are, we can say, on the way Eva Kačírková, CARP leader
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