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Capital Markets Day Atria Finland & Baltics Million ATRIA FINLAND Review Q1/2009 Q Q Net sales EBIT EBIT % ROCE, 12 months

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Capital Markets Day Atria Finland & Baltics Million ATRIA FINLAND Review Q1/2009 Q Q Net sales EBIT EBIT % ROCE, 12 months rolling Atria Finland s Q1 net sales were at the same level as last year. EBIT showed a clear year-on-year improvement. Profitability was improved by the restructuring measures undertaken during the previous year, lower cost levels and increased margins. Sales prices on certain product groups to retailers have risen 1 to 8 % from December The decline in consumer demand caused by the economic recession has not been significant in Atria s product groups. There has been some signs of a shift towards less expensive products Atria Finland The market shares of Atria products in poultry, cooking sausages and retailpacked meat have grown. The price development of raw-materials has stabilized The economic turmoil has no impact on Atria s product development megatrends hold! Finnish food business In the beginning of the year 2009 consumer prices have been stabile. Atrias sales prices have been risen 1 to 8 % since December Total consumption of meat is not growing The impact of economic turmoil to consumption is not significant Crop prices are expected to decrease in 2009 Competition between our customers is tense Despite the economic tumoil megatrends are valid: - time management and comfort - well-being - taste - New megatrend: corporate responsibility? Mission Good food better mood Hyvä ruoka parempi mieli Atria Finland vision 2010 Kuluttajan ja asiakkaan ykkösvalinta ruoka-alalla - Pelisääntöjen luoja - markkinajohtaja ja paras tuloksentekijä - Kuluttajan ykkösvalinta - Asiakkaan halutuin yhteistyökumppani - Alan tehokkain ja virtaviivaisin yritys - toiminnallisesti alan ykkönen - Alan ykkönen osaamisessa The first choice for consumers and customers in fresh food - Creator of business rules market leader and the best profit making company - The first choice for consumers - Customers most preferred partner in the industry - The most efficient and streamlined company in the industry - The best competence in the industry Atria competition strategy Operatiivinen ylivertaisuus Operative trandscendent strateginen välttämättömyys Suomen tasolla ja konsernissa Strategic necessity in Finland and in the Atria Group Asiakaslähtöisyys Customer focus strateginen erottautuminen, ensisijainen strategia Strategic distinguishment, Primary strategy Tuotejohtajuus Product leadership jatkuva uudistuminen, selektiivinen edelläkävijyys Continuous renewal Selective fore-runner Atria is the first choice for consumers and customers in fresh food The first choice for consumers: - Top-of-Mind pos. # 2 - Preferred pos. # 2 - Valio is # 1 - Source: TNS Gallup ruokamerkki tutkimus 04/09 The first choice for customers: - Over-all impression pos. # 2 - Source: Factum asiakastyytyväisyystutkimus 04/09 Market leader in: - Cooking products - The sales of branded products has grown faster than others in the beginning of Source: Customer sales information Development of consumer demand in Finland The impact of economic turmoil to consumption is not significant - media is exaggerating the situation Finnish consumers are conservative - Basic food has a strong position - New products with additional value grow the market - The share of the sales of novelties is approx. 3-7 %, depending of the product group Atria is the best launcher of novelties in food business Autumn 2009 Atria will launch: - New, very interesting concept - New brand under Atria, beside Wilhelm - Atria Fresh Atria s estimate of the market development in value 1-4/2009: Category Development in value % Cold cuts: approx. 1-3% Sausages: approx. 5-7% Convenience food: approx. 5-7% Meat: approx. 5-7% Poultry: approx. 3-5% total: approx. 4-6% Ylivoimainen logistiikka Atrian toimituskyky ja -varmuus yli 98 % vuodesta 2003 alkaen, vaikka tilausrivit ja toimitusvolyymit ovat kasvaneet voimakkaasti 2008; viikottain yli tilausriviä, yli toimitettua kiloa toimituskyky 99,04 % Outlook for the summer 2009 in Finland Sales of the summer has started as expected Atria is market leader in summer season products, barbeque products. The most important period for Atria. Market grows in consumer packed meat and poultry Atria Baltic Review Q1 Million Q Q Net sales EBIT EBIT % ROCE, 12 months rolling Atria Baltic s net sales increased significantly due to the acquisitions of last year. Atria s performance in the Estonia remained at an unsatisfactory level. This was due to the reduced demand and decreased sales volumes, resulting from the general recession. During the review period reorganization of production has been carried out. The reorganization measures will start generating savings not until the end of Annual savings expectations are approximately EUR 1.4 million Baltics / Estonian market Economy in Estonia/Baltics is in challenging a situation. Consumer price growth in Q for food products has been moderate. Atria Baltics strategy is to focus on Estonian market. Atria acquired Wõro and Vastse-Kuuste in Integration of these companies to Atria Baltic has been completed Atrias production facilities are in good shape Atrias farming business is running at full capacity Meat raw-material markets 2009 Raw material and crop prices have decreased from last year Demand of pork is estimated to be stabile what is the influence of recession?? Currently the supply and demand 80 in the pork market is in balance 64,5 65,7 66,4 65,1 65, Maailman lihantuotanto ja kauppa 82,9 Tuot ant o Kauppa 103,7 101,7 103,6 100,8 101,0 85,4 89,0 92,3 94, ,6 6,8 7,0 6,7 7,0 8,2 8,5 9,6 10,3 10,6 4,8 5,0 5,1 5,7 5, e 2009e e 2009e e 2009e Nauta Siipikarja Sika FAO,11/ Price in Euro/100 kg Pig carcase price Development of the Community average market price for pig carcases yr Avg (03-07) EU exports of selected PIG products Trade figures (COMEXT tonnes product weight) EU-27 EXPORTS of PIG Meat (Tonnes prod. weight) Jan-Mar 07 Jan-Mar 08 Jan-Mar Russia Hong Kong Japan China Ukraine Other destinations 0 Tonnes (product weight) Tonnes product weight EU trade of PIG products IMPORTS EXPORTS Jan- Mar Beef and Veal Production Source : Newcronos, EUROSTAT E Tonnes E EU EU imports of beef and live animals (2): Trade figures (COMEXT) IMPORTS of Beef & Veal into EU (Tonnes cwe) Jan-Feb 07 Jan-Feb 08 Jan-Feb Brazil Uruguay Argentina Australia New Zealand Other destinations 0 Tonnes cwe EU net import of beef and live animals IMPORTS EXPORTS Tonnes cwe Jan- Feb
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