AMBASADA R. TURCIA Biroul Consilierului Comercial Bd.Magheru no.24 et.4/27 Tel: BUCURESTI, ROMANIA Fax: No.1296 Data: CAMERA DE COMERT Şİ İNDUSTRİE

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AMBASADA R. TURCIA Biroul Consilierului Comercial Bd.Magheru no.24 et.4/27 Tel: BUCURESTI, ROMANIA Fax: No.1296 Data: CAMERA DE COMERT Şİ İNDUSTRİE A ROMANIEI Ambasada R.Turcia la Bucureşti, Biroul Consilierului Comercial are onoarea a comunica prin prezenta ca in perioada octombrie 2008 in Turcia, la Mersin se va organiza Targul de Logistica şi Transporturi-MERSİN İn cadrul programului, organizatorul misiunilor oamenilor de afaceri din strainatate, Secretariatul de Stat pentru Comert Exterior din Turcia (coordonator), Uniunea Exportatorilor din Zona Mediteraneeana cu S.C. Forza Fuarcılık (organizatorul targului) vor asigura participarea la intalniri bilaterale, vizitarea standurilor şi a unitatilor de productie, tur de oraş, conform programului din anexa. Cazarea (inclusiv micul dejun) este asigurata de catre organizator, contravaloarea transportului pana in Turcia fiind suportata de catre participant. Firmele invitate trebuie sa detina un potential suficient pentru import; reprezentantul sa aiba putere de decizie pentru import; de preferinta sa fie cunoscator al limbii engleze, franceze sau germana; Lista participantilor la aceasta manifestare va fi stabilita de catre Secretariatul de Stat pentru Comert Exterior din Turcia. İn cazul in care membrii dvs. sunt interesati sa participe la acest targ, va rugam sa ne transmita completat chestionarul prezentat in anexa, pana cel tarziu, Odata cu multumirile noastre pentru buna colaborare, va rugam sa primiti expresia inaltei noastre consideratiuni Necati YILMAZ Prim Consilier Comercial TURKISH PRIME MINISTRY UNDERSECRETARIAT FOR FOREIGN TRADE Application Form For International Buyer Mission Program Name of Turkish Commercial Counsellor:Necati YILMAZ Name of Buyer Mission Program:TARGUL MERSİN LOGİSTİCA, TRANSPORTURİ 2008 Please type your answers and return this participation form to the Turkish Commercial Counselor. Formal acceptance will be given to you by Turkish Commercial Counselor as soon as eligibility is cleared by Turkish Prime Ministry Undersecretariat For Foreign Trade. Application forms must be returned by [date] Please indicate whether any of the information you have provided is confidential. (1) Undersecretariat For Foreign Trade External Demands Database. Details shown at 1 to 8 will automatically be used to create an entry on Undersecretariat For Foreign Trade External Demands Database. If you do not want details of your organization to appear on Undersecretariat For Foreign Trade External Demands Database, please tick here. (2) Name of the Company: (3) Status of the Company: Please tick, Manufacturer Importer Retailer Manufacturer-Importer Wholesaler Chain Store Other (please specify) (4) Company Address (Please include postcode) Telephone & Fax: & Website Address: (5) Company representative who will attend to the Program and Position (6) Name of parent or holding Company (if applicable) (7) Brief description of goods and/or services imported from all over the World. (8) Detailed description of goods and/or services demanded from Turkey. (9) Total number of employees and year of count? More Than 100 (10) What is the company s annual turnover and year of count? (Optional) (11) What is the sum of your total annual imports? in years 2005 and 2006 (world-wide)? (12) What is the value of your annual imports from Turkey and year of count? (13) How many times has your company visited Turkey? On an Undersecretariat For Foreign Trade Buyer Mission Program Independently? (14) Are any of your objectives in participating in this mission represented by the following? Categories Import From Turkey Preliminary research into Turkish market Seeking a representative Meeting new suppliers Meeting existing representatives/ Suppliers Partners for manufacture under Licence or joint venture Yes No If other, please give details Yes No (15) Do you have any local contacts or representatives in Turkey? If Yes please give the following details Name & Address Type of Contact: Subsidiary Associate Company Commission Agent Name of the person filled this form and position: Date: Signature: ORGANİZATOR: Uniunea Exportatorilor din Zona Mediteraneeana AKDENİZ İHRACATÇI BİRLİKLERİ GENEL SEKRETERLİĞİ Adres: Uray Caddesi, Turan İşhanı, Kat: Mersin-TÜRKİYE Telefon: (90 24) (5 hat) Fax: (90 324) Web : ORGANİZATORUL TARGULUİ: FORZA FUARCILIK VE ORGANİZASYON HİZMETLERİ A.Ş. Adres:Meşrutiyet cad. No:29/ Kızılay-ANKARA Tel: 0(312) Fax: 0(312) Mail: Web: DATE PRİVİND TARGUL MERSİN LOGISTICS AND TRANSPORTATION FAIR OCTOBER 2008 YENİŞEHİR FAIR CENTER MERSİN / TURKEY While it is said that today Turkey has a logistics market of 10 billion dollars, the experts raw attention towards the fact that the actual potential of Turkey for this respect is 3 times mores, which means 30 billion dollars. Therefore, Turkey s market becomes more attractive day by day not only for the Turkish firms but also for European, American and multinational companies. In Province of Mersin, in addition to the highway, sea and railway transportation, air transportation is also available via Adana Şakirpaşa Airport which is 69 km. away from the city center. The uploading and the unloading made in the free zone and at the marina as well as the distribution of agricultural products which bears an important position in t he provincial economy are mostly carried out via highways Eastern Anatolia, Southeastern Anatolia and Central Anatolia regions use Mersin Marina for their import and export activities. Furthermore, importsexports to the Middle East countries and the Central Asia Turkish Republics, USA and the EU countries as well as the transit load transportation to these countries are executed through Mersin Marina. It is going to be one of the important meeting points of logistics and transports sector Mersin Logistics and Transport Fair to be organized for the first time this year in Mersin having a highly developed infrastructure with its port, highways, railways, airways, wide-band connection available in its information and communication technologies, its free zone, organized industry zone, technology development zone business centers, etc. aims at becoming one of the important meeting points of the sector. The transit loads coming to Mersin Marina via railways and sea ways having line connection to the marina are forwarded to the Middle East countries and the Central Asia Turkic Republics. Annual vessel acceptance capacity of Mersin Marina which was put into operation in 1948 is In 2005, foreign and Turkish vessels visited the marina. In 2005, totally tons of uploading and unloading were realized in Mersin Marina. Furthermore, within the same year, passengers benefited from Mersin Marina. In 2005, while trucks and wagons brought tons of load to the marina, trucks and wagons carried tons of load from the marina. Within the same year, containers were uploaded and containers were unloaded. Information about the Fair The fair will be held on a covered area of m² and an open area of square meters on the fairground of Yenişehir Municipality. The organization of the fair will be realized by Forza Fair and Organization Services Co. Inc. in cooperation with Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Forum Firs and Promotions Co. Inc. having undersigned quite important fairs abroad will also contribute to the fair with its experiences. Visitor Profile All the producers taking transport and logistics services Decision makers of importation and exportation organizations and institutions Supporting Institutions and Organizations: The Fair is supported by the Ministry of Transport the Undersecretariat for Maritime Affairs, TOBB-Turkish Union of Chambers and Stock Exchanges, MTSO- Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Governorship of Mersin, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Mersin Mediterranean Municipality, Mersin Yenişehir Municipality, Mersin Toroslar Municipality, Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade Mediterranean Exporters Unions, Mersin Chamber of Shipping, Mersin Tarsus Organized Industry Zone Tarsus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Silifke Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Erdemli Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Anamur Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mut Chamber of Commerce and Industry, MESIAD-Mersin Industrialists and Businessmen Association, Mersin Branch of MUSİAD-Businessmen Association, MEGIAD-Mersin Young Businessmen Association, MESBAS-Mersin Free Zone Operator Co. Inc. PRODUCTS TO BE EXHIBITED IN THE FAIR Conveyor Systems Highway, railway, sea and air transportation Cargo, courier services, logistics Unloading- uploading equipments Storage systems, forklifts, transpallets, packaging equipments Marina terminal equipments, containers and wagons Railway and traffic equipments, road construction machinery Combined transporters, marina operators, trailers and semi-trailers Tankers, producers of the depot equipments and shelf systems Communication tools and systems, Software hardware suppliers Insurance companies, finance-leasing organizations, consultancy companies Related publications PARTICIPATION FEES (per sqm) Indoor area 9m2 $110+VAT 50m2 51m2 $100+VAT 100m2 101m2 $90+VAT m2 Minimum stand size for indoor area is 9m2. Outdoor area 50m2 $55+VAT 100m2 101m2 $50+VAT 250m2 251m2 $45+VAT m2 Minimum stand size for outdoor area is 50m2. A standart stand includes carpet, front plate, lighting, 1 table, 2 chairs and internet connection. MERSİN LOGISTICS AND TRANSPORTATION FAIR BUYING MISSION PROPOSED PROGRAM (12-16 OCTOBER 2008) 12 October Sunday Arrival to Mersin 13 October Monday Bilateral meetings with Turkish companies 14 October Tuesday Visiting the fair 15 October Wednesday Visiting the fair/visiting the facility/city Tour 16 October Thursday Departure from Mersin
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