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A sokszorosítást a Le Belier Magyarország Formaöntöde Zrt. biztosította. English / Deutsch Bródy Imre Gimnázium és Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola We wish you a Happy Summer Holiday! Pancake Day (by Daniella

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A sokszorosítást a Le Belier Magyarország Formaöntöde Zrt. biztosította. English / Deutsch Bródy Imre Gimnázium és Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola We wish you a Happy Summer Holiday! Pancake Day (by Daniella Wenczel 12.b) We all know pancakes Chocolate pancakes, Nutella pancakes, jam pancakes, blueberry pancakes, cottage cheese pancakes, strawberry pancakes, honey pancakes But what is Pancake Day? Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday is a day in February or March celebrated in some countries by eating pancakes. Pancake day was originally a pagan holiday and has a lot of traditions. There are pancake races: The oldest and most famous is held at Olney in Buckinghamshire. The race is run over 415 yards (about 380 metres) by women over sixteen, wearing a cap and an apron. They must toss their pancake (flip it over in the frying pan) at least three times during the race. The winner receives a kiss from the Pancake Bell Ringer church bells were traditionally rung to remind parishioners (hívő) to come to confession (gyónás) and a prayer book from the vicar! This year we also celebrated Pancake Day but usually it is only 1 day. We celebrated for 3 days, we started it on 30th March and finished on 1st April. School is on fire! Walking along the corridor we felt the fragrance of heaven. What s this? Waffles! (We violated the traditions, instead of baking pancakes, we made waffles. The reason: We have no oven at school ) Everybody had a rucksack full of ingredients. It was filled with flour, milk, egg, jam and bowls to make their waffles in classrooms. In addition, we could fill in a test about Pancake Day so we could get to know more about the history of this day. It was a competition at the same time, so the winners got sweets to honour their successful achievements. The best day was Tuesday when every student was given a pancake ticket. In the third break everybody got a pancake filled with different fillings such as Nutella, chocolate or jam. There was a huge crowd around the tables where teachers spread pancakes. Memory note: Do not be ill next year when Pancake Days will be held at school! Our Graduation Ceremony on 1st May, 2015 (by Dóra Havasi 12.b) One of the most important events in every secondary grammar school student s life is the Graduation Ceremony. In our school it was on 1st May this year. All students took part in the preparations. Some people made beautiful decorations with lots of spring flowers everywhere in the building. Others helped to create a nice show for the school leavers and their relatives. We were really excited because of all these. It was a bit confusing first, but on the other hand a really nice feeling. I could see my classmates and schoolmates all together, and I could remember the memories of our school life. At 8 o clock our last lesson started with our form master. After the last lesson we started to walk into every class and corridor with a bundle and a single rose in our hands for the last time. We could say goodbye to our teachers and the other students and listen to the nostalgic and wellknown songs. Finally we arrived at the school yard where there was a stage. There were nice performances and some speeches about the past years. A few students performed a song and some poems. Each performance was interesting and nice and we were very grateful to them. At the end of the ceremony the school leavers let their balloons go and watched them flying into the sky. It was a touching moment. It symbolized our future life without limits. The proud relatives took lots of pictures and gave us countless bouquets of flowers. Then everybody went to celebrate this event with their families. I am sure that we will remember our school days and school friends with a happy smile on our faces because we have plenty of nice experiences about Bródy Imre Secondary Grammar School. We would like to say thank you to the teachers and the students for the past few years. We will never forget this part of our life. What is Whitsun? (by Rebeka Csalló 11.g) Whitsun (also Whitsunday, Whit Sunday or Whit) is the name used in the United Kingdom and Ireland for the Christian festival of Pentecost (the American word), the seventh Sunday after Easter, which commemorates the descent (leszállás) of the Holy Spirit upon Christ's disciples (tanítványok). The name is a contraction of White Sunday , appeared in The Holy-Ghost, which thou did send on Whit-Sunday in the Old English homilies (szentbeszéd). As the first holiday of the summer Whitsun was one of the favourite times in the traditional calendar and Whit Sunday or the following week was a time for celebration. Whit Monday was officially recognised as a bank holiday in the UK in 1871 but lost this status in 1971 when the Spring Bank Holiday was created. In Gloucestershire, Whit Sunday is often referred to as 'Bread and Cheese Day' because of a very strange custom that takes place on this day. Basketfuls of bread and cheese are thrown from a wall near St Braivels castle, to be scrambled for in a lane below. The locals of this place have been hurling bread and cheese since the 13th century when the custom began probably as a payment for the villagers' right to cut timber (épületfa) from the nearby wood. International Days Junk Food Day (by Ödön Farnadi 10.a) July 21st is the national day of junk food! Did you know that an average American eats about 12 kg of candy per year? What s more, each American will consume about 45 slices of pizza annually. Now that s a lot of sweet and salty goodness! Grab a bag of buttery popcorn at the movies, order some fries at the drive-through, or make an ice cream sundae (fagylalt) for dessert. Whatever you do, enjoy National Junk Food Day with at least one of your guilty (bűnös) pleasures! WHAT IS JUNK FOOD? It's the 21st century and junk food has gone global. For better or for worse, junk food is now available all over the world. We see it almost everywhere we go -- in groceries, fast-food restaurants, on television -- usually looking very appealing (vonzó). Junk food generally refers to foods that contain lots of calories but little nutritional value. Of course, what's considered junk food depends on who you ask. Some might say pizza is junk food, for example. But I personally don't think so, since it means real food with nutrients, like cheese and tomato sauce. Add whole-wheat or part whole-wheat crust, plus veggies as a topping, and I'd say pizza completely leaves the junk food category. National Pink Day (by Barbara Baráth 12.b) This day is about pink. It is celebrated on 23rd June each year. It was first used as a colour name in the late 17th century, it is a pale red colour which got its name from a flower of the same name. Pink, especially when combined with white or pale blue, is a colour that is most commonly associated with femininity, sensitivity, tenderness, childhood and romanticism. Pink, when combined with violet or black, is associated with eroticism and seduction (vonzerő). In the Middle Ages, pink was not a common colour however it was found sometimes in women s fashion and religious art. Pink ribbons or decorations were worn by young boys in the 19th century England. Men in England wore red uniforms and since boys were considered small men, boys wore pink. Pink became much bolder, and brighter in the 20th century and in 1931, the colour Shocking Pink was introduced There are some phrases in connection with the word pink In the pink To be in top form, in good health, in good condition. To see pink elephants To hallucinate from alcoholism. Pink slip To be given a pink slip means to be fired or dismissed from a job. First recorded in 1915 in the United States. Pink-collar worker Persons working in jobs conventionally regarded as women s work Tickled pink means extremely pleased. Crossword Puzzle (by Ödön R. Farnadi 10.a) CLOTHES 1: You wear it when it's cold. 13: You wear it in summer on your feet. 2: You wear it under your jacket when it's cold. 14: You wear it with a shirt. 3: Put it on your hands in winter. 15: Women wear it. It can be long or short. 4: Shoes or belts are made of it. 16: A traditional dress for men in the Scottish Highlands. 5: They warm your feet. 17: You wear them on your feet when you're doing sports. 6: Women wear them on their legs. 18: You put it on your finger. 7: It covers your head. 19: It consists of a jacket and trousers. 8: It covers only a part of the legs. 20: Women wear it. 9: Most of them are blue. 21: What? Large, please. 10/1: You wear it to fix your trousers. 22: You wear it with a tie. 10/2: Women wear it. It has buttons. 23: It covers your legs. 11: It's on shoes. They're sometimes high. 24: You put it round your throat when it's cold. 12: You put it on your feet. All About Horses (by Zsófia Zsigmond 11.g) Parts of a Horse The anatomy of horses enables them to be fast enough to escape from carnivores (húsevők). In addition, they have a well-developed sense of balance and a strong fight-orflight response. Because they are preys, they don t like sleeping in horizontal position. Owing to their leg s anatomy, they are able to sleep standing up. The importance of their feet and legs is summed up by the traditional phrase, no foot, no horse . Some of the foot diseases can be fatal for the horses. The exterior hoof wall and the horn of the sole are made of keratin, the same material as a human fingernail. Feeling down? Saddle up. Riding or working with horses has a therapeutic effect too. It helps to improve the balance and coordination, increases self-confidence, and gives a greater feeling of freedom and independence. Horses are very empathetic, and they can show you a mirror : If you are nervous, they ll be nervous too. But if you are calm and determined, they ll feel safe. If you want to ride, you and your horse need special equipment. You should wear breeches, boots and hats. Your horse wears a saddle and a bridle. Competitions There are two main branches of horse races (but there are a lot of different competitions, and riding styles). These are actually different riding styles too. The classical riding includes: Gallop and trot speed races, Cross-country, Showjumping and Dressage contests. The other branch is western riding. It includes: Barrel Racing, Cutting, Reining, Western pleasure and Trail class. Riding a horse is an exciting hobby which has a lot of fun. I can recommend it to everyone!:) forelock üstök; mane sörény; withers mar; back hát; tail farok; muzzle orr, száj; pastern csüd; hoof pata; breeches - lovaglónadrág; boots lovagló csizma; hat kobak; saddle nyereg; girth heveder; stirrup kengyel; saddle pad nyeregalátét; bridle - kantár Horse Jokes A: Why did the horse cross the road? B: Because somebody shouted hay! A: Where do horses go when they're sick? B: The horsepital! A: What do race horses eat? B: Fast Food. A: What's the favourite sport of a horse? B: Stable tennis. The Quiz of the Queen s Kingdom How well do you know Great Britain? (by Liliána Szentmiklóssy 10.b) 1. The surface of Great Britain is. a. 243, 000 km2 b. 93,800 square miles 2. What is the title of the anthem of Great Britain? a. God Save the King b. God c. 225,000 km2 Save the Queen c. God Save the Queen/King (it depends on, what is the sex of the monarch) 3. How many languages are spoken in England? a. 52 b. over 300 c. less than England is.. times smaller than the US a. 74 b. 38 c About. % of the Londoners were born inside of the UK. a. 97 b. 63 c Which food or drink was originally invented in England? a. semolina pudding b. champagne c. pancake 7... was the accompaniment of the medieval English breakfast. a. beer b. tea c. wine 8. How many cups of tea do people drink in the UK every day? a. 800 million b. 48 thousand c. 165 million 9. The population of the UK is almost times bigger, than the population of Australia. a.5 b.3 c How many years of world civilization can we see in the British Museum? a. at least 2 million years b years c. a century Tell me your result, I ll tell you who you are! 0-11 points: Not bad, Non-British! You have some good replies, but it seems this part of the world is strange for you. Perhaps you dream about the big American fairy tale or a wild African adventure. However, Great Britain has enough place to the different nationalities. Perhaps, one day you ll be one of the British inhabitants, because you may be working there. You never know what the fate brings to you points: Especially Excellent! You answered well to a lot of questions, and you are on the right way to learn more about those unique countries which compose Great Britain. You ll see that their culture and their traditions are wonderful and it s worth dealing with them points: Great respect to the Royal Guard! Congratulations! You are a real expert on Great Britain! Perhaps you work for Her Majesty, and you even know the bestkept secrets You could get on a double-decker bus and drive the curious tourists around in this multicolour empire! C ri m e s (by Daniella Wenczel 12.b) We all commit crimes. Usually not in the general sense but rather at home. What kind of a child he/she is who never makes any pranks (csínyek) at home like breaking glasses, windows, vases, pouring out water in the house, or scrabbling the beautiful white walls. These can cause a little heart attack to our parents. BUT! What if the police start to search for us? It does not really happen in childhood. In addition, every bad man was a child once. Even for example Jack the Ripper (Zsebfelmetsző Jack). His name is terrifying but he also used to be a little child. Jack the Ripper He is probably the best known murderer all over the world. This man lived in London in the 19th century. He committed his murders with a lot of care and cruelty, he cut his victims organs such as hearts and kidneys with surgical precision. Interestingly enough, he made his crime scenes to shape a cross in the map. He killed five women but he was suspected in much more murders. In addition, there are some really strange, and sometimes very funny stories about people who wanted to commit crimes. Police did not have to lift a finger to identify a thief after he had broken into a car equipped with cameras - because he had a huge tattoo revealing his name and date of birth. Aaron Evans, 21, was filmed breaking into the Peugeot 106 in an NCP car park before making off with a stolen satnav device. Not only had he failed to spot the camera filming his every move but he had the vital information 'Evans ' boldly tattooed on his neck. Evans was jailed for seven months. Police in Nigeria held a goat on suspicion of attempted armed robbery. Vigilantes (polgárőrök) seized the black and white goat, saying it was an armed robber who had used black magic to transform himself into an animal to escape after trying to steal a Mazda 323. The group of men came to report that while they were on patrol they saw some gangsters attempting to rob a car. They chased them. However, according to the police, one of them escaped while the other turned into a goat. Belief in witchcraft (boszorkányság) is widespread in parts of Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation. Residents came to the police station to see the goat, photographed in one national newspaper on its knees next to a pile of straw. An Oak Hill community couple discovered a thief in their home. The husband told a really funny story and they heard someone laughing. That must have been a hell of a joke. It is not the best idea to rob a bank or a shop, and all in all, do something that collides with the Law. On the other hand, if you decide to rob a bank, do not be so wretched like that! A Quick Round Poll (by Fanni Vasáros and Dóra Csabai 9.a) What do you think of our school? Laura Csánicz 10.a I love this school so much. My teachers are kind and helpful. I listen to the school radio in every school break and I like it very much. Cintia Puha 9. a I think Bródy is a school of high standard and I m very glad that I applied for this school. The teachers are kind and our class is a good group. The school organizes quite a lot of community programmes where the students can learn how to work with their peers. We take part in a lot of sports competitions including basketball and volleyball. Eszter Tömpe 9. a The atmosphere is unique. When I entered the main entrance on the first day I immediately felt that I would love it. In fact, it s a real high school with good facilities. Who am I? (by Rebeka Csalló 11. g) (Actors) Find out who the following statements refer to. IF you need some help,turn to the last page. 1. I was born in 1974, I am an American actor and film producer. I have been nominated for ten Golden Globe Awards, winning two, and five Academy Awards. My most popular movies are The Wolf of Wall Street, Inception and The Great Gatsby. 2. I was born in 1967, I am an American actress and producer. I became a Hollywood star after starring in the romantic comedy Pretty Woman. I also played in the movie Eat Pray Love. 3. I am 53 years old, and I am an actor, comedian, impressionist, screenwriter, and film producer. I played in many movies, I am known for the Ace Ventura movies, I played in the movie Dumb and Dumber too. 4. I am 54 years old. I have an Oscar Award. I am an actor, producer, writer, director and activist. I played in the movies Gravity and Ocean s eleven. 5. I was born in 1962, I am an actor and filmmaker. My wife was Katie Holmes, and we have a daughter, named Suri. My popular movies are the Oblivion, Mission:Impossible and The Edge of Tomorrow. Besuch in Sulingen (Zita Péter 10.b) Die Organisierung hat schon im letzten September begonnen. Schließlich fuhren 16 Schüler mit 2 Lehrerinnen aus dem Bródy Imre Gymnasium nach Sulingen in Deutschland. Im Januar wurden die Flugtickets reserviert. Danach wurde es klar, wer, wo wohnen wird. Wir haben die Kontakte mit den deutschen Austauschpartnern per Internet gehalten. Wegen der Reise und des wenigen Schlafens waren wir sehr müde, trotzdem warteten wir schon auf den Flug. Wir landeten in Hannover am Samstagmorgen, dann fuhren wir zu den Familien in Sulingen. Einige Austauschschüler wohnen aber nicht in Sulingen, sondern in der Umgebung. Nach dem Auspacken führten die Gastfamilien uns in der Stadt herum. Das Wochenende verbrachten wir mit unseren Austauschpartnern. Am Sonntag hatten alle verschiedene Programme, aber viele gingen in einen der größten Vergnügungsparke von Deutschland, wo wir sehr viele spannende Achterbahnen ausprobieren konnten. Am Morgen begannen die gemeinsamen Programme. Zuerst begrüßte uns die Schulleiterin. Wir bewunderten während der Woche in Sulingen und Bremen viele Sehenswürdigkeiten. Wir machten am Wattenmeer und in einem Kletterpark Ausflüge. Außerdem besichtigten wir noch nachmittags mit unseren Austauschpartnern ein paar Museen, viele berühmte Gebäude, und Schiffe. Am Donnerstagabend nahmen wir zusammen an einer Abschiedsparty teil. Die ganze Woche fühlten wir uns wohl und wir konnten die deutsche Sprache üben. Am letzten Tag wurde ein Sportprogramm für uns organisiert, und wir besuchten die Unterrichtsstunden unserer Austauschsschüler. Danach fuhren wir leider nach Hause. Die Reise dauerte ziemlich lang, aber es hat sich die Mühe gelohnt, weil wir neue Kultur und interessante Menschen kennen lernten. Wir kamen mit vielen wunderschönen Erlebnissen zu Hause an. Deutschland Quiz 1. Welches Gebirge grenzt Deutschland im Süden zu seinen Nachbarländern ab? das Erzgebirge der Harz die Alpen 2. In welcher Stadt liegt der größte Hafen Deutschlands? in Hamburg in Bielefeld in Wismar 3. Welches Land grenzt nicht an Deutschland? Polen Slowenien Tschechien 4. Der längste Fluss Deutschlands ist der Rhein. der Neckar. die Elbe. 5. Die Hauptstadt der Bundesrepublik Deutschland von 1949 bis 1991 war München. Hamburg. Bonn. 6. Das größte deutsche Bundesland (Fläche) ist Thüring
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