Brev från Verheugen till Barroso och övriga kommissionärer 21/ PDF

Brev från Verheugen till Barroso och övriga kommissionärer 21/11-06 Verheugen vill dela sina egna tankar om hur man kan stärka uthållig miljöutveckling, säker energitillgång och konkurrenskraften i Europa,

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Brev från Verheugen till Barroso och övriga kommissionärer 21/11-06 Verheugen vill dela sina egna tankar om hur man kan stärka uthållig miljöutveckling, säker energitillgång och konkurrenskraften i Europa, i linje med Lissabon. 3 principer och 10 punkter, inget är utbytbart eller kan undvaras! Leadership Efficient instruments - Industrial policy Unilateral CO2 targets for 2020, CDM och Joint Impl., Complete internal energy market, All energy options open, Strenghten ETS, Energy Efficiency, Ambitious Industrial Policy (Innovation, CIP, ), Binding target for share of Renewable, Consumers and Citizens involved Special treatment for energi intensive industry Direkt hjälp till SME s Stöd till utveckling av idéer (IRC, EIC, EcoSMEs) Hjälp att genomföra demo (Life+, Ecosites) Finansiering (EIF, EIB, Strukturfonder-Interreg, ) Indirekt hjälp Förbättra marknaden (GPP, Miljömärkning,.) Lagstiftning och Policies (Biofuel dir., Energy declaration, ) Medvetandegöra aktörer (IEE, Manergy,.) Projekt av olika slag (Energy-Cité, ) Två stora övergripande program CIP och ETAP (CIP mer direkt och ETAP mer indirekt) CIP ( ) har tre programområden Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme 20 miljarder SEK (eco-innovation 4 miljarder) ICT Policy Support Programme (7 miljarder) Intelligent Energy-Europe Programme (7 miljarder) Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme Innovation Policy in Europe Innovation in the Framework Programmes Providing access to finance: A risk capital instrument. Private equity investors and providing co-guarantees to national guarantee schemes. (EIF). Business support networks EICs (Euro Info Centres) and IRCs (Innovation Relay Centres) - an enhanced role! Exchange of best practices between Member States and evidence (innovation studies with trendchart, scoreboard, innobarometer, ) The environmental technologies part of LIFE-Environment The Euro Info Centres provide up-to-date information on European Directives and Regulations, public sector contract opportunities, business opportunities, funding, research and development initiatives and much more. EIC arrangerade ECO-matchmaking på Svenska Mässan den 22 november företag 130 affärsmöten under en dag! 66% utländska företag Innovation Relay Centres Network The mission of the IRCs is to support innovation and transnational technological co-operation in Europe with a range of specialised business support services. Finnish company Genano Oy makes highly effective air-purification systems.. With the IRC network s help, the company has linked up with a British partner which can help it expand into a potentially lucrative new market in the UK and Ireland. Sensor for identification of oil spills from offshore installations The OSIS project has successfully developed an oil spill sensor providing 'round-the-clock' online surveillance, which has been tested and installed on fixed offshore installations, mainly oil rigs. Over a three-year period, numerous tests were conducted including missions with the Danish Environmental survey ship, as well with German and Dutch oil combat services in the North Sea. The EIF's activity is centred upon two areas, venture capital and guarantees to financial institutions that cover credits to SMEs. The European Investment Fund (EIF) has today signed guarantee agreements with Sparbanken Finn.. Under these agreements, the banks will extend environmental loans to small and mediumsized companies at preferential financial conditions during a period of two years for a total of 20 million. In 2004, the EIB met its target to devote between 30 to 35% of individual loans to environmental projects in the EU-25. Environmental projects totalled EUR 11.1 billion. In addition the Bank supported small-scale environmental schemes financed through intermediaries such as local financial institutions and municipal authorities. Intelligent Energy - Europe addresses key energy challenges of the EU how can we take advantage of market opportunities for more renewable energy? how can we increase the uptake of new technologies and of more energy intelligent habits? how can we convert EU policy on energy efficiency and renewables into action on the ground? Intelligent Energy - Europe changes systems and habits through: more than 280 European projects the setting up of more than 40 local/regional energy agencies a series of more than 60 one-of European events. New and Renewable energy sources (ALTENER) Energy efficiency, notably in buildings and industry (SAVE) Energy aspects of transport (STEER) Co-operation with developing countries (COOPENER) Integrated local approaches, monitoring and financing mechanisms (Horizontal) SAVE: Greenbuilding - Awareness raising Energy efficiency in buildings Partners: Statens Fastighetsverk Fastighets AB Brostaden City of Faenza UniCredit Real Estate SpA TGE SpA. Rotes Rathaus (Town-hall Berlin) Primary School with day care centre with passive house standard Ecosites, t.ex. Ekocentrum provides information, tools and services to develop and market green products, (IPP) An Environmental Technologies Action Plan - 28 actions to promote ETs E.g.: FP7 Technology Platforms Tech. verification Mobilising Financial instr State aid (Klimp) GPP Awareness raising and targeted training Promoting resp investments in ETs in developing countries Reflections: Lots of money coming into to Cleantech, esp. US Sweden is hardly ahead of NL, DK, UK, D, F, Valley of Death is a problem? Postpone it! Valley of Death is the problem! Resources and support is available for the early parts of the development of new products. The step to demonstration and pilot scale is to difficult! Resources needed. Maybe European joint demo-facilities? National Road maps EU-perspektiv på miljöanpassad ManagEnergy is an initiative of the European Commission Directorate-General for Energy and Transport, which aims to support the work of actors working on energy efficiency and renewable energies at the local and regional level. With over 140 members in 24 countries and representing more than 500 towns and cities, Energie-Cités is the association of European local authorities for the promotion of local sustainable energy policies. Many projects! The EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) is a management tool for companies and other organisations to evaluate, report and improve their environmental performance. 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