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Bio M and the BioTech-Region München Agenda About Bio M Tasks & Activities the Biotech Industry the Region in Figures Location Factors About Bio M Tasks & Activities the Biotech Industry the Region in

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Bio M and the BioTech-Region München Agenda About Bio M Tasks & Activities the Biotech Industry the Region in Figures Location Factors About Bio M Tasks & Activities the Biotech Industry the Region in Figures Location Factors Mission Prof. Dr. Horst Domdey Bio M is the central point of contact in the BioTech-Region München. The main aim of Bio M is to further the development of the BioTech-Region München and promote it as one of the leading life science clusters in Europe. From idea to success. Starting Point in 1996 Munich won the BMBF BioRegio competition since Bio M AG was founded in 1997, it has been the central point of contact in BioTech- Region München since 1998 Bio M is in charge of the scientific management of the IZB Bio M Shareholders private investors 8,5% pharma and chemical industry 23% banks,vc 43% Free State of Bavaria 25,5% total shares: common shares: Preferred shares Supervisory Board Prof. Dr. Dr. E.-G. Afting, GSF-National Center for Environment and Health Mr. M. Mendel, Bayerische HypoVereinsbank Dr. M. Baier, Roche Diagnostics Prof. Dr. E. Leberer, Sanofi-Aventis Prof. Dr. E. Reinhardt, Siemens Medical Solutions Prof. Dr. A. Ullrich, Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry Investment Advisory Board Prof. Dr. J. Weis, Wacker Chemie Dr. E. Maier, GPC Biotech Dr. H. Reithinger, Global Life Science Ventures Prof. Dr. E. Wintermantel, Technische Universität München About Bio M Tasks & Activities The Biotech Industry the Region in Figures Location Factors Tasks & Activities Consulting & Networking Press & Public relations Information & Events Financing Consulting and Networking central point of contact for company founders, biotech companies, political decision makers and the industry informal round table meetings for professionals, e.g. in the fields of PR, business development, clinical development member of the German Bio-Regions EU projects with other European biotechnology regions and incubators Information and Events information about and reports on the Munich biotech industry: Bio M Net News - monthly Newsletter regular seminars on various business topics scientific congresses international partnering events for biotech companies Press and Public Relations press relations work and events for journalists biotech companies open day in Martinsried and Munich more than 100 presentations every year more than 50 visitor groups every year international conferences and exhibitions Financing Lead investor as well as co-investor experience in various phases of a company s life cycle network with renowned VC-companies seed-financing: in portfolio 3.2 Mio. start-up venture capital: in portfolio 4.2 Mio. 16 Companies in Portfolio Focus Biomaterials Bio-/Chem Informatics Drug Development Preclinical Research Nanotechnology Agro Biotechnology Companies MIB 4SC, Genomatix, 4 SC, ApaNovis, BioNetworks, conogenetics, curacyte, KeyNeurotek, OncoMab, Pieris, Trigen Holdings, TeGenero, U3 Pharma Aurigon Nanion, Icon Genetics From Seed to Growth: Bio M VC Fund established in December 2001 extends Bio M s venture capital activities legally independent of the Bio M AG managed by the experienced Bio M team long term partnerships with promising biotech companies mainly co-investments with lead investor maximum investment Euro 2.5 m Portfolio Bio M VC Fund GPC Biotech Drug development Pieris Proteolab Drug development TeGenero Drug development About Bio M Tasks & Activities The Biotech Industry the Region in Figures Location Factors Biotechnology is the use of cellular and molecular processes to solve problems or create new products Health Care: diagnostics, therapeutics, vaccines Agriculture: pesticide and herbicide reduction Security: DNA-fingerprinting, paternity testing, biological defence Environment and Industry: waste reduction, nanotechnology The Biotech Industry Worldwide... companies $ 50 bn. revenues 200 drugs and vaccines approved by the FDA* 1000 products (drugs and vaccines) currently in clinical trials * the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Market Capitalization in billion US $ Source: BIO 2004 Number of Biotechnology Companies in USA, Europe and Germany USA Europe Germany Source: Ernst & Young Number of Employees in USA, Europe and Germany USA Europe Germany Source: Ernst & Young About Bio M Tasks & Activities the Biotech Industry the Region in Figures Location Factors Munich at the Heart of Europe The Munich biotech region is an advanced biotech cluster with more than 160 Life Science companies 163 Life Science Companies biotech CRO big pharma, affiliates, branch companies Source: Bio M 93 Biotechnology Companies Agro, Nutrition, Environment Bio informatics DNA & Protein Analytics Divices + Reagents Pre clinical development Therapeutics, Diagnostics Source: Bio M 2230 Employees (biotech only) Agro, Nutrition, Environment Bio informatics DNA & Protein Analytics Devices & Reagents Pre Clinical Development Therapeutics, Diagnostics Bio M Munich Biotechnology Company MediGene AG, Martinsried MediGene's core competence lies in research and development of novel approaches for the treatment of various tumor diseases. It was the first German biotech company with a drug on the market. Approved: Eligard, Prostata-Ca Phase III: Polyphenon, genital warts Phase II: actinic keratosis Phase II: liver metastases Munich Biotechnology Company IDEA AG IDEA is a product-oriented company that develops therapeutics using self-optimizing carriers for targeted and non-invasive delivery of drugs, including proteins. The Company s, clinically late stage, leading products are in the area of dermatology and pain. Phase III: IDEA-033, peripheral pain Phase III: IDEA-033, osteoarthritis of the knee Phase II: IDEA-070 skin pain / inflammation Phase II: IDEA-033, (US) peripheral pain, osteoarthritis German Drug Development Pipeline Number of Products in Munich and the rest of Germany Phase I 33 products in total Phase II 38 products in total 7 Phase III + appr. Phase 9 products in total the rest of Germany* Munich** Source: Ernst & Young, 2005 ** Source: Bio M AG Munich Drug Pipeline Number of Studies in Munich Companies approved 1 in approval 1 phase III 4 phase II 12 phase I 20 pre-clinical 39 Drugs in phase II and later stages Number of studies phase II phase III in approval approved Bavarian Nordic: smallpox Curacyte: PHP, distributive shock GPC Biotech:Satraplatin, prostate MediGene: Polyphenon, genital warts MediGene: Eligard, prostate cancer GPC Biotech: Mamma-ca IDEA: skin pain/inflammation IDEA: IDEA-033, peripheral pain IDEA: peripheral pain MediGene: actinic keratosis MediGene: liver metastases Micromet: prostate cancer Micromet: breast cancer IDEA: IDEA-033, osteoarthritis of the knee Fresenius Biotech/TRION Pharma: catumaxomab, malignant ascites (Phase II/III) Fresenius Biotech/TRION Pharma: Ovarian-Ca Wilex: metastatic renal cell cancer Wilex: Rencarex, renal cell cancer Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industry Almirall Amgen Astella Baxter Deutschland Biogen Bristol-Myers Squibb Degussa EpiCept Essex Pharma Fresenius Biotech GlaxoSmithKline HEXAL Lichtenstein Pharmazeutica Merck MSD Sharp & Dohme NIGU Novartis Novosis Pharma Nycomed Organon Roche Diagnostics Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Sankyo Pharma SERVIER Wacker Chemie Zeneus Pharma Munich Pharmaceutical Company Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Penzberg Roche Diagnostics is part of Roche, Basel, Switzerland. Roche is a world leader in diagnostics, the leading supplier of medicines for cancer and transplantation and a market leader in virology. 13 Biopharmaceutical products on the market About Bio M Tasks & Activities the biotech Industry the Region in Figures Location Factors Location factors science base technology transfer infrastructure and legal frameworks qualified personnel equity capital and exit strategies pioneers & entrepreneurs soft factors network Science Base Ludwig-Maximilians-University Technical University 2 Universities of Applied Sciences 2 University Hospitals 3 Max-Planck-Institutes National Center for Environment and Health Spin-offs Max-Planck-Institutes in Martinsried Affectis Aurigon BioMax GPC Biotech DoNatur MIB MorphoSys SIRENADE SuppreMol Octagene Proteros TopLab U3 Pharma Xantos GSF - National Center for Environment and Health Bavarian Nordic BioMax Ingenium TRIONPharma Vaecgene SIRENADE Gene Center of the Ludwig-Maximilians- University DiaVir SIRENADE MediGene TopLab MorphoSys Micromet NascaCell IP Mikrogen Technology Transfer & Assistance technology transfer offices at the universities Garching Innovation (Max-Planck-Gesellschaft) Ascenion Fraunhofer Patentstelle, PST Munich Business Plan Competition Northern Bavaria business plan competition IZB Bio M Munich Network Gründer RegioM Biotech Accelerators IZB Martinsried built in 5 phases from 1995 to 2002 more than 50 million Euro invested 8 buildings with a total of m 2 IZB Weihenstephan opened in December 2001 more than 10 million Euro invested lab facilities of m 2 Networking and Co-operation Government Departments/ Governmental Bodies Technology transfer offices Universities/ Research institutes Bio M Banks and VC-Companies Pharma and Chemical Industry Biotechnology companies Infrastructure and Legal Frameworks two biotech incubators/accelerators available office and lab space adequate regulatory framework, unbureaucratic and efficient handling of permissions international airport, good train and highway connections one stop shop Bio M Pioneers & Publicly Traded Companies successful companies as role models five publicly traded companies Munich Network Munich business plan competition IPO in year Bavarian Nordic MWG MorphoSys MediGene GPC Soft Factors highly renowned biotech cluster political center of Bavaria attractive place to live i.e. beautiful surroundings for sports and leisure rich on historical and cultural sites and events Thank you! Bio M - the Gate to the BioTech-Region München all the subscribe! information address Biotechnolgy our newsletter companies, Bio M Net News Jobs, News & Events Bio M AG - Munich BioTech Development Am Klopferspitz 19, Martinsried, Germany Tel.: +49 (0) Fax: +49 (0)
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