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Betty Clipman Betty, director of The Woodlands Show Chorus, Region #10, is a past international president; past chair of the Education Direction Committee; and past judge specialists moderator. A Sweet

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Betty Clipman Betty, director of The Woodlands Show Chorus, Region #10, is a past international president; past chair of the Education Direction Committee; and past judge specialists moderator. A Sweet Adeline since 1965, she is a certified judge in both sound and expression, and is master faculty and a master chorus director. Betty sang bass in 1980 International Champion Quartet, PENNA-FORES; was director of the 1988 International Champion Chorus, Vienna-Falls; and received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl Britt-Heléne is a founder and director of the 2017 International Champion, Rönninge Show Chorus, Region #32, which she has directed since She is also a regional and international faculty member and two-time champion director and Master Director 700, focusing on coaching and teaching vocal, communication and mental skills. Cammi MacKinlay Cammi is a 2017 IES co-chair and a 31-year lifetime Sweet Adeline, as well as a member of Canadian Maple Leaf Region #26 s Lions Gate Chorus and FANDANGO. She is a current member of the international board of directors, which she led as president from She is a member of the Editorial Review Board; chair of the Regional Leadership Committee; a panel secretary; certified director; an international faculty member; and a 2016 international convention webcaster. Carole Persinger A member since 1960 and Master Director 700 of Pacific Sound Chorus, Region #13, Carole is a full-time coach and faculty member, as well as a judge specialist and certified judge in expression. She is the 2016 International Lifetime Achievement Award honoree. Dale Syverson Master Director 700 of the five-time International Champion Chorus, Rich-Tone, Dale has been a Sweet Adeline since She has been active on the Region #25 Educational Steering Committee and acts as regional faculty. The 2004 Lifetime Achievement Award honoree, Dale is a certified expression judge; certified sound judge; and a former member of the international board of directors and the Education Direction Committee. She sang with two International Champion Quartets: TIFFANYS (1973) and RUMORS (1999). 1 Darlene Rogers Master director of Texas Harmony Chorus, Region #10, Darlene is a certified member of the international faculty program; a regional faculty member; and part of the Region #10 and Region #25 Education Steering Committee. A Sweet Adeline since 1968, she is a partner in Sing, Baby, Sing!, a vocal production series created with Dale Syverson and Peggy Gram. Jana Gutenson Jana Gutenson, co-chair of IES 2017, and recipient of the 2016 Educator Award from the National Association for Music Educators (NAfME), has been a Sweet Adeline since She is a former regional education coordinator for Region #21 and former member of the Regional Leadership Committee. She is a certified music judge; certified director; and associate director of the 2015 International Champion Chorus, Scottsdale. Jeanne d Arc (JD) Crowe A Sweet Adeline since 1996, JD is visual leader of Canadian Showtime Chorus, Region #16. She served on the Policy Book Task Force, the Young Singers Foundation Task Force and was the rules and bylaws specialist for two years. She is a member of the international board of directors; treasurer of the executive committee; and serves as worldwide moderator. Jean Flinn A Sweet Adeline since 1974, Jean is the master director of the Greater Cleveland Chorus, Region #17, where she is part of the music education team. Jean is a certified music arranger and works as the music arrangements coordinator for SWEET ADELINES INTERNATIONAL. Jen Cooke Jen, a Sweet Adeline since 2000, is a master director with Scenic City Chorus and sings with Metro Nashville Chorus. She is an active Young Women in Harmony clinician and currently serves on the international board of directors and the Regional Leadership Committee. She is a member of Region #4 faculty and creates learning tracks for multiple a cappella groups. 2 Jim Arns Master Director 700 of Melodeers Chorus, Region #3, Jim has been with Sweet Adelines since 1988 as regional clinician, music arranger and vocal coach. Since he began directing the Melodeers, the chorus has captured the international championship title seven times. Jim also serves as guest faculty at many regional and international events. Joan Boutilier A Sweet Adeline since 1989, Joan is secretary of the international board of directors and a member of both the Education Direction Committee and the Editorial Review Board. Joan is a certified sound judge and is master director of River City Sound Chorus, Region #3. She sang tenor with FOUR BETTYS (2008) and most recently placed sixth with SPRITZER during the 2016 international convention in Las Vegas. Joey Bertsch As manager of information technology at international headquarters, Joey oversees all IT projects and functions; provides daily support to all workstations; and assists with membership database, website, multimedia projects and graphic media. Joey Minshall A 42-year member of Sweet Adelines, Joey is master director of the 2012 Harmony Classic Division AA champion, Westcoast Harmony Chorus. A certified music arranger in the International Music Arrangers Program, Joey serves as director's coordinator on the Region #26 management team. Judy Pozsgay Judy sings bass with the 2017 International Champion Quartet and Most Entertaining Quartet Award recipient, FRENZY. Judy is a certified director and showmanship judge, as well as a vocal/visual performance coach and choreographer. She is a member of a cappella Joy Chorus, Region #13 and a Region #26 Chapter-at-Large member. 3 Kim Vaughn Kim is a certified sound judge; a member of the Education Direction Committee; an international faculty coordinator; and Master Director 700 of former international champions, San Diego Chorus (2001). She is the first three-time international champion quartet member, having won with HIGH SOCIETY (1976), SAVVY (1988) and A CAPPELLA GOLD (2001). A Sweet Adeline since 1974, she was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award in Kim Wonders Kim has been an active member of Metro Nashville Chorus, Region #4, since As director, she led the chorus to three Harmony Achievement Awards: the 2006 Division A Harmony Classic Chorus Competition, and the 2008 and 2011 Division AA Harmony Classic Chorus Competition. In 2005, she received the National Association for Music Educators (NAfME) Educator of the Year Award, and still travels the world as an educator, coach and clinician. Kim is currently serving as the Region #4 directors coordinator. Lauren Stark As marketing and public relations coordinator at international headquarters, Lauren coordinates advertising for The Pitch Pipe; manages the Sweet Adelines website; manages convention webcast and advertising; logo licensing; social media content; coordination of PR opportunities; executes marketing plans and assists members with marketing and communication requests and questions. Lori Lyford Lori Lyford, director of the Scottsdale Chorus since 1993, has sung lead in regional champion or wildcard quartets five times, placing as high as ninth in international competition. Under her direction, Scottsdale won the international champion title in 2006, 2011 and She is choir teacher at Chandler High School in Chandler, Ariz. Her chorus, The Treblemakers, won the 2016 YWIH Video Chorus Contest and were guest performers at the 2016 international convention in Las Vegas. Lori has been honored as one of Arizona s top five educators of the year for Lynne Smith Lynne Smith, a Sweet Adeline since 1974, is a full-time international showmanship coach, choreographer and educator, as well as a certified member of the international faculty program. She is a member of the 2004 and 2017 International Champion Chorus, Harborlites, Region #21. 4 Marcia Pinvidic A member and previous director of Region #26 s City of Gardens Chorus, Immediate Past International President Marcia Pinvidic has been a Sweet Adeline since Marcia, a certified director, has previously been the judge specialist moderator and currently chairs the Education Direction Committee. Marj Stealey Marj is a high school principal and highly respected as an educator in her area, as well as in her region. She is a member of Region #14 s Virginia Coast Chorus. Molli McDaniel As education coordinator at international headquarters, Molli manages content for distance learning resources, including vodcasts, podcasts, newsletters and the member-only education center. She assists the Young Women in Harmony program and assists with continuing education units to support Sweet Adelines' educational initiatives. Nancy Field Since joining Sweet Adelines in 1966, Nancy has served in many international and regional roles. She is a current member of the Regional Leadership Committee; the Regional Governance Pilot Project Task Force; and is Region #14 education coordinator. She is a certified expression judge and directs Greenville in Harmony Chorus, a 2015 international chorus semi-finalist. Patty Cobb Baker Patty, a Sweet Adeline since 1983, is international president-elect and tenor of the 2013 International Champion Quartet, TOUCHÉ. A current member of Region #21 s Harborlites Chorus, Patti is a certified director and creator of the Vocal Gold Workshop, which she has presented across the globe. 5 Paula Davis A Sweet Adeline since 1984, Paula is currently international president and a six-year board member. She is the certified director of Song of Seattle Chorus, Region #13, and sings with TOUCHSTONE. A certified expression judge who has previously served on the Judge Specialist Committee, Paula has also chaired the Regional Leadership Committee and worked on the regional governance model task force. Peggy Gram A member since 1965, Peggy recently retired as master level director of Top of the Rock Chorus, Region #25, where she had been active Peggy is a coach, certified showmanship judge and serves on the judge specialist committee, as well as the international board of directors. She was international president from and sang bass in the 1999 International Champion Quartet, RUMORS. Renée Porzel Since Renée joined Melodeers Chorus, Region #3, in 1990, the group has won the international champion title seven times. A former international president ( ), Renée is the moderator of the judge specialists; a certified showmanship judge; and member of the international board of directors. Richard Huenefeld Richard is responsible for the overall management of SWEET ADELINES INTERNATIONAL S investments and finances supervises accounting functions. He facilitates all financial reporting; prepares the organization s budget; assists members with tax and related inquiries; and serves on the headquarters executive team. Sharon Babb A Sweet Adeline since 1969, Sharon is a master director, certified sound and music judge specialist and a master international faculty who now travels the world as a chorus and quartet coach. A past member of the international board of directors, Sharon directed High Country Chorus when they were named international champions in Suzy Lobaugh A certified music arranger and moderator of the current International Music Arrangers Program Coordinators, Suzy has been a member of Sweet Adelines since 1964 and was certified as a director in Suzy directs Song of the Pines Chorus, Region #21, where she also serves as coach and faculty. Tamatha Goad As senior director of marketing and communications at international headquarters, Tamatha serves as primary communications contact for corporate communications; oversees the Sweet Adelines website, marketing center, education center, social media, marketing, PR and membership functions. She is editor-in-chief of The Pitch Pipe; maintains relationships with committees, the IBOD and membership; writes and implements marketing and PR plans for all events; and serves on the headquarters executive team. Thérèse Antonini A relatively new Sweet Adeline, Thérèse joined Region #16 in 2004 to sing with North Metro Chorus. She is a member of the international board of directors, the Regional Leadership Committee/ILS and a task force specialist. She is also on the regional governance task force; diversity task force; and frequently serves as a panel secretary at both regional and international contests. Vickie Maybury Vickie is Master Director 700 of Skyline Chorus, Region #8, which placed fourth in international chorus competition in Las Vegas in She is a certified international faculty member; certified expression judge; and serves as the international judge specialist in the same category. 7
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