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   Seasonal Sides Soaked almonds 8,500Lupin beans 7,000Carrots with lemon 7,000Carrots with lemon & cumin 7,000Green fava beans 7,500Green peas 7,500Green almonds 8,500Green pistachios 8,500Sour plums 7,500 Served on an authentic tray with country style bread and fresh vegetables Mini mezza (2 pers.) 22,000 hommos, carrot tahini, beetroot tahini and eggplant with pomegranate molasses Labneh & cheese (2 pers.) 34,000 country style labneh, our labneh mix, Khalil’s cheese, thyme & oil,goat labneh and olive mix     C  o  m   b  o  s  Hot Mezze Foul medammas 10,000 with a side order of veggies Balila 8,250 Balila mixed with veggies 9,750 Grilled halloum steak 15,500 served with figs dipped in sugar syrup Country style kishk 11,500 Kishk with awarma meat 16,500 Hommos fatteh 14,500 Shrimps fatteh 22,500 Kafta with tahini in a clay dish 18,500 Mante in yoghurt with summac 17,500 Kbaibiyét with yogurt 19,000 fried kebbé in yogurt with coriander, garlic and pine nuts Sausages in pomegranate molasses 14,250 Sujuk with tomatoes 14,250 Sautéed diced meat 16,500 Sautéed diced chicken 16,000 Shrimp osmalieh (10 pcs)   19,500 with coriander and garlic Sizzling birds 6pcs   20,000 grilled or fried in sumac and 12pcs   36,500 pomegranate molasses Fried Hot Appetizers   Cheese rolls (4 pcs)   9,000 grilled or fried Breaded seabass fingers (5 pcs)   15,500 Seafood rolls (4 pcs)   11,000 Fried kebbé (4 pcs)   8,750 Spicy potatoes 10,750 Sumac potatoes 10,750 Patatas bravas 11,500 magical, fried and crispy potatoes French fries 9,000 Hommos 9,000 Hommos with meat & pine nuts 14,500 Hommos Hachim style 10,750 hommos and balila with a Jordanian spicy mix and pine nuts Carrot tahina 7,250 Beetroot tahina 7,250 Pomegranate eggplant 9,000 grilled eggplant with pomegranate molasses and olive oil Seasoned eggplant 9,000Labneh, eggplants and tomatoes 10,750 Country style labneh 9,500 Our labneh mix 10,750 Goat labneh with green thyme 10,750 Chanklish 9,750 Khalil’s cheese 15,000 Green beans in oil 9,500 Epic seasoned black-eyed beans 9,500 Chard with beans & burghul 9,500 Chard tahina 9,500 Vine leaves in oil & sour grape juice 9,750 Seasonal pickles 6,250 Seasonal makdous 9,250 Olive mix 4,750 Spicy olives 5,250 Vegetable platter with olives 9,250 Side plate of veggies 4,750  Cold Mezze    T   h  e  s  e  p  r   i  c  e  s  a  r  e   i  n   L .   B .   P .  a  n   d   i  n  c   l  u   d  e  s  e  r  v   i  c  e  a  n   d   V .   A .   T .  Salads Al Falamanki’s tabbouleh (2 pers.) 9,500 tabbouleh with special sour grape dressing My mother Souad’s fattouch (2 pers.) 9,500 fattouch with grilled bread & pomegranate molasses dressing Field salad (4 pers.) 20, 000 variety of greens and vegetables from the fields Khalil’s salad 16,000 rocket leaves, purslane, mint, green onions, cherry tomatoes, eggplants, Khalil’s cheese, walnuts, lemon and olive oil Kale with quinoa and chanklish 19,500 with lemon and olive oil Seasonal salad 9,000 tomatoes, cucumbers & lettuce Greek salad 14,000 tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, onions, olives and feta cheese Rocket, summer purslane& feta salad  16,000 rocket leaves, summer purslane, cherry tomatoes and feta mixed with balsamic dressing topped with pine nuts Rocket, thyme & summer purslane salad 10,500 rocket leaves, thyme, summer purslane with sumac, onions, lemon and olive oil Wild thyme salad (seasonal) 10,500 wild thyme with spring onions, lemon and olive oil Crab salad 18,500 with rocket leaves, summer purslane & moutarde à l’ancienne Thyme & Chahine botargo salad 25,500 Premium Egyptian Chahine botargo with thyme, spring onions, lemon & olive oil Laylake saj bread 2,500  Seasonal soup  11,000
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