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MARQUE DÉPOSÉE EMBALLAGE BREVETÉ UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER Behållare för kliniskt riskavfall Helt kompatibel med perforeringsstandard EN ISO * Plastbehållare för smittförande avfall UN-godkända

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MARQUE DÉPOSÉE EMBALLAGE BREVETÉ UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER Behållare för kliniskt riskavfall Helt kompatibel med perforeringsstandard EN ISO * Plastbehållare för smittförande avfall UN-godkända för transport av farligt gods på väg, järnväg & hav. UN nr ADR/ADR-S Klass 6.2 I3 Kliniskt avfall (ADR, RID & IMDG). Tillverkningskontroller certifierade av BVT säkerställer tillverkning i enlighet med godkännande och certifikat (ADR ). Kompatibel med perforeringsstandard EN ISO (IBE-BVI) Det uppstår inga giftiga utsläpp vid förbränning av Pacazur. Sterilisering testats vid 134 C. Certifikat och godkännanden kan skickas med offert ( : SÄKRA OCH ENKLA ATT ANVÄNDA Tillverkad i mycket högkvalitativ polypropylen (mycket kemikaliebeständig), behållarna är konstruerade för säker insamling av smittsamma avfall inklusive kanyler, skalpeller och andra vassa föremål. Pacazur finns i tre storlekar 30, 50 och 60 liter. Både det gångjärnsförsedda locket (identiska för hela sortimentet) och den permanenta förseglade stängningen säkerställer att den är fullständig läckagesäker och förenklad vid användning. Säker hantering : 2 handtag på sidan + 1fram (oberoende från locket) Gångjärnsförsedda lock: enkel positionering för permanent stängning (patenterat system) Enkel permanent stängning: 11 clips, låses med endast 2 fingrar Bra stabilitet i behållarna både vid stapling och vid bruk Ställning i rostfritt stål som möjliggör locköppning med fotpedal finns tillgänglig till Pacazur behållare Spårbarhetssystem: behållare identifieras med ett unikt nummer vid tillverkning (streckkod) Användarvänlig design, ergonomisk form Färger, märkning och förpackning kan anpassas på begäran VIEW VIDEO FOR USE Tekniska specifikationer 30L 50L 60L Standardlock (PP) PP30 PP50 PP60 Lock i lock (PO) PO30 PO50 PO60 Yttermått (DxBxH/mm) 400x330x x330x x330x680 Vikt PP - PO (Kg) UN-godkännande 3H2/Y20/S/- -/F/BVT 31918/PLAZUR 3H2/Y25/S/- -/F/BVT 31918/PLAZUR 3H2/Y30/S/- -/F/BVT 31918/PLAZUR Nominal kapacitet 20 Kg 25 Kg 30 Kg Märkning med fara etiketten för smittförande ämnen i enlighet Märkning med gällande föreskrifter. UN Nr, fyllnadsgrad, maximal bruttovikt m.m. Packning vid leverans Packas på pall med locket Antal per pall Pall dimensioner (DxBxH/cm) 100x120x200 Pall vikt (kg) : LOCK I LOCK (Ø 130mm) Läckagesäkra med tillfällig och permanent stängning Säkra och enkla att använda (genom skruvlock) Patenterat system Version May Partial or total reproduction is forbidden without previous & express authorisation - All rights reserved PLAZUR S.A. Distributor: PRESERVING THE ESSENTIAL DESIGNED & MANUFACTURED IN FRANCE Registered Trade Mark. Patented Design Swede Rehandling Systems AB Box Karlstad Tel: +46 (0) Fax: +46 (0) PACAZUR TRACY CONTAINERS IDENTIFIED BY A BAR CODE v I ] Traceability by identification of the container How? We have decided to identify every container by a number with 10 figures, which is printed on each product. This value is also edited as a bar code (type Code128) in order to enable its lecture by a bar code reader. To lock on the lecture of the identification number of the container, we use the prefix «/XV» with V as a numerical value representing the volume of the vat (3, 5 or 6 respectively for the 30, 50 or 60 liters). We also print the article reference of each container (type Code128), which enables a lecture of the nominal capacity (from the 4 th character onwards, in litres). Fast access to this information is particularly useful when a systematic recording of capacity of used containers is required. In order to bolt the lecture of this capacity, the «BAC» prefix is used. These markings are jet-printed on the upper part of the container following a special treatment of the printing zone. They are waterproof and resist to various solvents. The reading of the information or the use of bar code scanner remains possible in most cases even when the markings have been altered by scratches. Why? to guarantee the quality of our products : this marking makes it possible to follow the flow of our production, from their manufacturing to their sale. The identification number of a container enables to find again the parameters of its manufacture as well as those of its marketing (invoice, delivery, client, order ). If a defect is found out a posteriori by an end user, it is possible to find all the clients who may be concerned by this defect. This feedback is essential to establish our quality programm. To answer the quality needs of the collectors, eliminators and producers of infectious goods : systematically identified, our containers can be directly used in the framework of traceability systems, whatever it is about collecting, eliminating or producing infectious wastes. the flow of the containers can replace the flow of the infectious wastes. In that field, it is easier to identify the container than the content. Delivery of packaging Waste production Manufacturer Distributor Hospital X Service Y Flow containers Collection Treatment II ] Traceability by identification of the pallets. How? All the numbers used to identify the containers contained on a pallet are linked to an identification number of this parcel The identification number of the container is made up of 5 figures representing the number of the production and 5 other figures representing the number of the container in the production. The identification number of the pallet is formed by 5 figures representing the number of the production, one separating character and 5 figures representing the number of the pallet in the production. On the pallet with 200 containers, we will find the containers , , until On the pallet with 200 containers, we will find the containers , , à The follow-up of the identification number of the pallet can replace the following of the identification numbers of the containers consigned on this pallet. Why? As long as a parcel is not depalletized, the traceability of the containers can be managed with the identification numbers of the pallets. This method is by far faster. In this way, the distributors can recognise all the identification numbers that they have sold while managing only the identification numbers of the pallets. Caution : the marking functions only on the yellow containers For any further information, please contact Vincent CHARLES Tel : Fax : PLAZUR SA 60J, avenue du 14 Juillet CHENOVE GOOD USE OF MEDICAL WASTE CONTAINERS Polypropylene containers themselves as well as their treatment are expensive for your structure: they are strictly dedicated to solid infectious waste, which represent a limited risk for the community. They can receive sharp objects and preconditioned liquids. Please refer to your internal instructions for a right segregation of medical waste. The security level ensured by regulations and standards may be perceptibly deteriorated in case of a misuse, especially if the permanent closure system is not correctly activated. RECOMMENDATIONS PRIOR TO USAGE: Read the instructions for use; Respect the mounting instructions and precautions for use; Use the containers solely when ready to use: once the hinge has been inserted for standard lids or once the lid has been closed for the aperture lids; Identify the handling zone (handles) and the filling limit; Indicate the assembly date; Use the packaging to collect only waste items which are intended to be eliminated specifically in the healthcare waste streams. RECOMMENDATIONS DURING USAGE: Keep out of reach of children; Make sure to have used the provisory closure system after each use; Never force to introduce waste items and never introduce your hands inside the packaging; Make sure to re-open the provisory closure before each usage; Make sure to store your packaging in fresh and ventilated premises; Respect the filling limit: as soon as it has been reached, close permanently the box. RECOMMENDATIONS AFTER USAGE: Verify the permanent closure in accordance to instructions for use; Never re-open; Raise and handle the boxes by the transport handles, which are independent from the lid; Indicate the closure date and the name of the waste producer. AUTOCLAVE : The containers can be autoclaved during one hour at 134 C. NEVER AUTOCLAVE THE LIDS. BUPACAZUR /1 KEY SELLING POINTS PACAZUR BOXES PLAZUR Unique Selling points PACAZUR TABLE OF CONTENTS I. A EUROPEAN BRAND... 3 II. STRONG POINTS OF THE PACAZUR RANGE... 3 III. CHARACTERISTICS AND TECHNICAL ADVANTAGES... 3 A. HINGED LID ENCOURAGING TEMPORARY CLOSURE Temporary closure and advantages of the hinge Provisory closure of the aperture lid... 4 B. SAFE AND EFFORTLESS PERMANENT CLOSURE WITH HOT-MELT JOINT... 5 C. EASY HANDLING THANKS TO 3 TRANSPORT HANDLES ON THE VAT handles on the vat Aids for the handling and prevention of musculo-skeletal disorders... 5 D. GREAT STABILITY Stability during usage (lid open) Stacking stability... 6 E. THICKNESS OF THE PACKAGING, RIGIDITY AND RESISTANCE TO PERFORATION Resistance to penetration Rigidity... 7 F. OPTIMISED FILLING VOLUMES WITHOUT RISK OF COMPACTING THE WASTE The filling limit should be determined from the total volume of the Container... 7 G. HIGHEST MAXIMUM GROSS WEIGHT ON THE MARKET... 8 H. LARGE CHOICE OF COLOURS... 8 I. AUTOCLAVING... 8 IV. COMPLIANCE TO STANDARDS AND REGULATIONS... 8 A. CERTIFICATES... 8 B. COMPLIANCE TO MARKING REQUIREMENTS (REGULATIONS AND STANDARDS) Labelling Ink-jet marking... 9 C. UN-APPROVAL... 9 D. ADR MANUFACTURING CONTROLS... 9 V. ACCESSORIES A. CHARINOX B. SUPPACA Drafted on : 26/01/2017 PLAZUR S.A.S Edited on : 23/02/ J avenue du 14 Juillet FR CHENÔVE page 2 / 11 Tel : mail : PLAZUR Unique Selling points PACAZUR I. A EUROPEAN BRAND Our factories are based in the centre East of France. Our market share in France is estimated at 45% We sold around 2 millions boxes PACAZUR in Half have been sold in the rest of Europe. If we are still stand alongside you, it is surely because our products have technical advantages and a good quality-price ratio. ALL OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE TAKEN TIME TO ASK THEMSELVES THE RIGHT QUESTIONS AND WE THANK YOU TO OFFER US THE OPPORTUNITY TO PRESENT THE ADVANTAGES OF OUR PRODUCTS THROUGH THIS DOCUMENT. II. STRONG POINTS OF THE PACAZUR RANGE PACKAGING DESIGNED FOR A USE IN COMPLIANCE WITH GOOD PRACTICES AND WITH THE PREVENTION OF MUSCULO- SKELETAL TROUBLES Four specific characteristics of the PACAZUR range : temporary closure system thanks to the hinged lid qui which enables to open and closed temporarily the packaging between 2 usages, with one hand and in less than 2 seconds. The lid is permanently joined to the container and immediately available once the first waste item has been thrown away. Like a sharp box, our containers are to be used with the assembled temporary closure device. Users spend more time opening and closing temporarily the boxes than definitively. Some users end up in escaping this obligation and leave the box open whereas they would never do that with their own dustbin. 3 carrying handles on the vats. The necessary gestures to activate our definitive closure system protect users from musculoskeletal disorders. Activated by pinching, the back is not used for definitive closure. Our system is available to any member of staff including women. The lid is designed to avoid the compaction risks: the lid does not enter the volume of the vat when closed. The capacity of the vat is not modified depending on opening or closure of the vat. III. CHARACTERISTICS AND TECHNICAL ADVANTAGES A. HINGED LID ENCOURAGING TEMPORARY CLOSURE 1. TEMPORARY CLOSURE AND ADVANTAGES OF THE HINGE Our hinged lid forms a system of temporarily closure device which is compliant with EN ISO23907 ( closure feature that is integrally attached ) and with additional French standard NF X ( containers must be equipped with a temporary closure ). The lid which is shut down can then easily be introduced in the border of the vat to be maintained. The contrast between the white lid ant he yellow border of the vat enables to check the definitive closure has not been inserted. The temporary closure is useful as it can be re-open with just one hand and the second hand does not have to be used to hold the vat. The internal face of the open lid does not enter in contact with the border or the external face of the vat. Drafted on : 26/01/2017 PLAZUR S.A.S Edited on : 23/02/ J avenue du 14 Juillet FR CHENÔVE page 3 / 11 Tel : mail : PLAZUR Unique Selling points PACAZUR STANDARDS RECOMMAND THAT THE CLOSURE FEATURE REMAINS INTEGRALLY ATTACHED TO THE VAT FROM THE BEGINNING AND TO CLOSE THE BOX BETWEEN 2 USAGES THE HINGED LID IS A FEATURE WHICH MEETS THOSE NEEDS. a) EN ISO standard The standard NF EN ISO23907, which has been published in 2012 makes it compulsory to have systems to link the lid with the vat of the box (paragraph and of the standard) Extract of the standard ISO23907 : 4.2.3Aperture and Closure Single-use sharp containers shall be provided with a closure feature which is integrally attached. Definition 3.8 integrally attached: Tethered or joined to the container by a permanent means; b) Requirements of additional French standard NF X Temporary closure Closure feature integrally attached to the package which, once activated for closure, can be reopened, with one hand, without being damaged Requirements for the closure feature Additional to of NF EN ISO23907:2012, all containers including pocket collectors, shall be equipped with a temporary closure (3.3) and a permanent closure. Guidelines for use [NF X ] and [NF X ] Take care to activate the temporary closure after each use. The treatment of these questions in a standard reflects the need for prevention of infectious risks. c) Advantages of the hinge lids PACAZUR The PACAZUR range is the only one, which offers hinge lids including for the version with aperture. Our instructions of use mention a sentence regarding the assembly of the packages: the aim is that users understand that the boxes have to be assembled prior to use before being filled. The PACAZUR boxes can be temporarily open and closed: 1 to 2 second are sufficient; only one hand is necessary ; it does not mobilize users attention. Those low handling constraints enable to support the instructions for closing temporarily the packages between 2 usages. 2. PROVISORY CLOSURE OF THE APERTURE LID The aperture lid version is equipped with a hinge compliant with standards NF EN ISO ( closure feature that is integrally attached ) and NF X ( all containers shall be equipped with a temporary closure ). THIS CLOSURE WITHOUT GLUE AND OBTAINED BY SCREWING IS THE ONLY LEAKPROOF TEMPORARY AND PERMANENT CLOSURE DEVICE AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET The bung s handle position shows easily that the permanent closure has not been activated. Drafted on : 26/01/2017 PLAZUR S.A.S Edited on : 23/02/ J avenue du 14 Juillet FR CHENÔVE page 4 / 11 Tel : mail : PLAZUR Unique Selling points PACAZUR B. SAFE AND EFFORTLESS PERMANENT CLOSURE WITH HOT-MELT JOINT The easy closure by pinching between 2 fingers each of the 11 clips enables to protect users from back injuries. Contrary to many other systems, it is not necessary to bend the back and to push strongly on the lid to close it. Our system favours a sure use, which protects from musculoskeletal disorders. Our system does not require any special force and is thus accessible to any member of staff including women, who are well represented in the medical industry. On our new moulds, the border of the vat is sharper to facilitate the insertion of the lid in the edge. The honeycomb structure inside the lid reinforces its rigidity. The modification of the clips zones on the lids ( PRESS indicators) improves the tactile and visual identification. The leak-proofness of our permanent closure is warranted by a hot-melt joint (synthetic material, acrylate type polymer made of carbon and hydrogen): the package can not be re-open manually without any deterioration trace. Unlike foam joint, the glue is a real barrier against germs contained in the waste. C. EASY HANDLING THANKS TO 3 TRANSPORT HANDLES ON THE VAT 1. 3 HANDLES ON THE VAT Our box is the only one to offer 3 carrying handles independent from the lid: there is no risk to handle it by a handle on the lid. The third handle available at the back of the box enables to avoid the spillage risks due to its handling by a handle on the lid: this is the most widespread accident linked to the use the box if the lid is badly closed or not closed at all. These accidents can be avoided with the use of our products. We have developed this handle in the middle of the 90s by taking into account those cases of spillages of infectious waste, which used to occur when users were holding the box by a handle on the lid of a badly closed box. Alternative features are handling systems of the lids, which could not be assimilated to lifting handles in the sense of the formerly applicable standards (NF X which was revoked in 2016 and BS 7320:1990 revoked in 2013) Those 2 standards clearly questioned the carrying handles on the lids. BS (British standard revoked in 2013and replaced by BS EN ISO 23907) : Sharps containers shall be provide with a handle(s) that is not part of the closure device. ( ) The position of the handle should not interfere with normal use of container. NF X in the definitions (effectively revoked in 2016): Carrying handle: Lifting device linked to the package ready for use and not being part of the temporary or permanent closure device 2. AIDS FOR THE HANDLING AND PREVENTION OF MUSCULO-SKELETAL DISORDERS A third central handle on the vat allows to lift one box in each hand in respecting the prevention against back injuries. Indeed, it is important to take into account the risks and thus the costs for the organisation linked to the handling of the boxes: if the package can be caught promptly by a handle on the lid, how to force yourself to stop, bend your knees, take a chance to check the proper activation of the permanent closure, and get up with the power of Drafted on : 26/01/2017 PLAZUR S.A.S Edited on : 23/02/ J avenue du 14 Juillet FR CHENÔVE page 5 / 11 Tel : mail : PLAZUR Unique Selling points PACAZUR your legs? A package weighting 20 Kg should be lifted with 2 hands and the design of the package should encourage users to do so. For some manipulations, the back handle allows a handling with 2 hands of piles of empty containers (distribution without turning lids inside upside down) and proves to be very practical to pull one box out of another one when they are piled. This handle also allows a better gripping to stack and remove closed packages. It is easier to lift the package at a significant height or to lift it at arm s length by using this handle. D. GREAT STABILITY 1. STABILITY DURING USAGE (LID OPEN) Section of the vat in 33 x 40 cm is one of the largest. It allows us to offer significant volumes without limiting the height of our packages. The stability of the vat with the lid open is an important technical specification. The standard EN ISO requires a stability test with the filled container and assembled lid in open position with a minimal inclination angle of 15. Test method according to ISO: Fill the container to the fill line with material of a density of (0.20±0.01) Kg/l. Do not lock or close the aperture closure Place the container in the most adverse position for toppling on a surface with a minimum inclination angle of 15. Ensure that the container does not slide before toppling. Check for compliance with (The container shall not topple over when tested in accordance with 5.1) The closure feature, which must be integrally attached or tethered to container prior to use must not be closed or locked. The test consists in checking that this device can not threaten the stability of the container. We remind you that the revoked French standard NF X al
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