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#BeFearless An awareness campaign by Women for Women Lolë - Athletic apparel 2 Table of Content I. Introduction - Short history of Lolë II. SWOT Why Lolë needs to act now III. Be Fearless -Campaign III.I

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#BeFearless An awareness campaign by Women for Women Lolë - Athletic apparel 2 Table of Content I. Introduction - Short history of Lolë II. SWOT Why Lolë needs to act now III. Be Fearless -Campaign III.I Inspiration Board for Campaign III.II Social Media Campaign and viral video script III.III Mood Board for Video IV. How to make a video go viral V. Ultimate Aim and Goal of Campaign 3 I. Lolë A French Canadian Company with huge potential In the year 2002, Lolë was launched in Lonugeil, Quebec as a daughter company of the activewear brand Coalision Inc., creating yoga-, activewear, swimwear and outerwear. (Coalision Inc., 2016) It designs clothing for active women and their customer reviews are almost exclusively positive, claiming that Lolë s clothes have the quality and style of Lululemon and are versatile, functional and classy. (Amazon.com) One of their slogans is No one knows a woman s body like women. A brand designed by women for women. (altitudesports.com, 2015) It is quite astounding to me that the brand is not even slightly as well known as brands like Lululemon or Nike. Their slogan alone is very empowering for the female market and can definitely create big sales, in my opinion. In 2011, Lolë parted ways with its ad agency, claiming that they do not believe in standardized marketing strategies and customer demographics. They focused on word-of-mouth advertising and social media advertising. (Krashinsky, 2013) This rather risky decision made by the CEO of the company Bernard Mariette had the following rationale: Our target customer, which I would like to call the alpha girl is not swayed by ads. She focuses on social media chatter on Facebook and other platforms, where women her age are overrepresented. You will trust me a marketer the second time, but not the first. (Krashinsky, 2013) Since then, Lolë has increased their sales by 87 percent. (Krashinsky, 2013) Creating experiences for customers, instead of products, was a big success factor, as well as their distinct store design. Regarding the stores, they are comparable to the Apple stores in terms of getting rid of cashier desks. Also, creating a homey feeling in the stores with accessories, yoga mats, kitchen tables and authentic store windows, makes the company stand out (Appendix, Fig. 1). Lolë operates 12 stores worldwide and sells their clothing online. Coming back to the brand experience, Lolë set out to host a number of yoga meet-ups in big cities, like Paris and Montreal, where more than 2000 people attended. (Krashinsky, 2013) Doing this, they made sure that the ideal customers ( fitness lovers who prefer group workouts over competitive sports, Mariette 2013) are attracted by the experiencce and lifestyle that the brand stands for. (Krashinsky, 2013) My product will enhance the positive outcomes of a post modern marketing strategy, as this is something, Lolë might be interested in, as opposed to a modern, standardized strategy, which is more suitable for cluster brands, like Zeeman. My goal is to help Lolë get their message out there more successfully and making people aware of their outstanding quality and potential. Conducting the survey for my thesis gave insights into how well the brand is known and what people think of it. Researching their e- commerce store and social media platforms highlighted potential weaknesses of the brand and helped me developing a better marketing strategy for them, in order to compete with more successful brands in the activewear market. Lolë's annual reports and the creation of a SWOT analysis of the brand assisted in the creation of my final product. 4 II. Why Lolë needs to act now After researching internal and external factors in the activewear market, as well as analyzing Lolë's current position and strategies in this market, I have created SWOT analysis of the brand to visualize my data. To further explain the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, I would first like to share a little story of my own experience with Lolë. During a weekend trip to Banff 1 I got the chance to visit a Lululemon store and a Lolë store, both conveniently located across the street from one another. I figured it would be a great way to compare the two stores, especially when it comes to customer service. When entering the Lululemon store, I was greeted by all five employees that were currently on the floor, whether they were with another customer or not. Motivational music was blasting through the store and the interior was similar to all Lululemon stores. The way all the clothing and accessories were laid out, it was easy to navigate through the store and find what I was looking for. The employees were very laid back and friendly and offered to help me find the right style for my body shape. The atmosphere was very inviting and warm, I felt welcomed. I left the store with a smile on my face and even though I was not planning on purchasing anything, I left with a bag full of activewear accessories. They also did not fail to mention their Lululemon retreats, free yogacourses offered in various cities, with the goal of raising money for charities. This is the part of the Lululemon lifestyle that can be experienced in the store. busy on a computer and did not say hello to the customers entering the store. The store interior was lovely; clearly the brand has put a lot of thought into it. However, the atmosphere and the customer engagement were not comparable to the Lululemon store. Even though the quality of the clothes is outstanding and the styles are similar to Lululemon, I did not feel the need to purchase anything. The employees did not offer any help and did not engage in a conversation at all. I left the store feeling like I did not gain anything out of this visit. I did not end up purchasing any Lolë products. Like I mentioned earlier, Lole is also offering free yoga meet-ups and other exciting things that make the brand stand out as a lifestyle experience, however, the employees did not give me any further information on it and simply told me to look it up online. All I could think was that I will definitely put this part into my advise report: Lole needs to communicate their social media campaign, as well as other complimentary lifestyle opportunities, in the store, where the customer experience begins. It became clear to me, where the success of brands like Nike and Lululemon starts: It starts in the store, with the employees working on the sales floor. A company can have great social media skills, but it has to have brand connectivity throughout all the departments as well. 5 I do believe that Lolë has to start with a new social media strategy to gain followers and customers, but it does have to echo throughout all the stores as well to increase market share. Starting with an awareness campaign marketed at empowering women will definitely have a huge impact and will get people curious about the brand. Companies like Dove and Kellogg s have already successfully implemented this strategy (Appendix, Fig. 11) and it has worked to their advantage. The feminism movement is really popular these days and Lolë has the means to join the team of women that empower each other and make a difference on the activewear market. Again, I urge the company to make the social media campaign in this report part of their stores as well. They can hang banners with the Be Fearless Hash Tag on the walls and make customers aware of their opportunity to share their experiences on social media and be part of the Lolëcommunity. People crave love and support, so the company needs to engage with them and encourage them to be part of it. It is, after all, free and easy to do online. However, it all starts in the store. 1. Banff is a resort town and one of Canada's most popular tourist destinations,. It is located within one of Canada s biggest National Parks in the Rockie Mountains. 6 III. Be Fearless (#BeFearless) This advice report will be an exact explanation of Lolë's new social media awareness campaign, a script for their viral video and the goal of this campaign. Tips on how to make this video go viral, as well as an explanation of steps following the campaign, will give Lolë a new direction to work towards. It is very significant to mention that this is not an advertising campaign. It is marketed towards women and the goal is to raise awareness of the brand by getting personal with every viewer. The Campaign Some people may have heard of Lolë, some people may not have. The goal of this campaign is for Lolë to get attention. What will most likely happen is that people will see the video, which will trigger an emotional response in them and in turn, will make them curious about the brand. They will probably start to google the brand to find out, what it is all about. Ideally, by that time, the brand will have updated their website and social media platforms with more inspirational content, similar to what I have described in my thesis, Nike and Lululemon are doing. The hash tag of this campaign will encourage women to share their own experiences with their struggles to find the right pieces of clothing that make them feel good and motivate them to strive in their everyday lives. one another. Lolë will also engage with them, but the initiative will come from the viewers. Lolë will simply react to their stories and put out inspiring content. Ideally, women will create a healthy, fit, active and fashionable community, where they share one another s struggles and support each other. All Lole employees in store need to be made aware of the campaign an they need to communicate Lole s message in the stores, not only by incorporating visuals on their walls, but also through talking and engaging with the customers in store. The Motto of the Campaign The motto of the campaign is to stop focusing on the shape of your body and rather focusing on the way you feel in certain clothes, on how your body performs in these clothes and how this makes you feel strong and fearless. Lolë's activewear apparel is designed to help them feel better and have a positive attitude. Women know each other best, so their design team and founders are women only. 7 III.1 Inspiration Board 8 III.2 Video Script and Social Brief Media What is the goal of this video and who are we making it for? The goal of this video is to create inspirational content that every viewer can easily relate to. It is supposed to trigger a strong emotional response and the desire to share the content with as many people as possible. The video is made primarily for women, of any age and fitness level, that are trying to better their attitude and confidence every day and may be struggling to feel noticed in their career, or everyday life. The ultimate goal is to create high brand awareness for Lolë and to push sales in the long run. What is out narrow video topic? The topic of this video will be about self awareness and how certain clothes make us feel fearless, strong and like we can take on the world. Women share, which piece of clothing makes them feel this way and what the story behind it is. They share what being fearless means to them in every aspect of their lives. A lot of women struggle with their body shapes, and have their story of overcoming their insecurities. Clothes can help, as well as our perspective. What is the takeaway of this video?/what do viewers learn from watching it? First and foremost, the viewer knows that she is not alone in this and that everyone feels this way. The takeaway is that our focus, when trying to pursue our goals, should be our inner attitude. Feeling strong, fearless and confident is more important than looks. Finally, Lolë's clothes help women feel better and perform better in all aspects of their lives. What is our call to action? What do we want viewers to do after they finish watching the video? Women are being encouraged to share their own story of their magic piece of clothing and what activities or stories push them to be fearless. We would love for them to interact with each other, creating a community of women that empower each other. 9 Script (Yellow background the color of Lolë - with sentence in black throughout the screen; the background music will be an instrumental song in a minor key, which sounds dramatic as opposed to a happy song in a major key) Do you have a piece of clothing that makes you feel like you can take on the world? (Next shot: One woman at a time, in front of camera, interviewstyle) Woman 1: My favorite piece of clothing and why (looks away, thinking) I m going to have to say it is probably my black bomber jacket. (laughs) I bought it when I went through a very rough patch in my life and it helped me feel better about myself. I love wearing it, because it reminds me for some reason that things will always fall into place in the end. Sentence (yellow background, bold letters): Which piece of clothing makes you feel fearless and beautiful? Woman 3: Let me think. (pause) I have always had thick thighs and I used to hate them, trying to cover them up constantly. Then I found powerlifting and it really saved me. Now I am proud of my thighs and they have never been more muscular. I can honestly say I love wearing yoga pants, because they hug my curves and make me feel strong and powerful. (camera shows woman exercising rigorously) Sentence (white background, bold letters): What is the story behind your favorite piece of clothing? Woman 5: I think sometimes it is not about the clothing piece itself, but about the memories it brings back. I bought this deconstructed, oversized shirt a few years ago on a trip to New York and I still wear it all the time. It just makes me feel the way I felt when I was there: Confident, feminine, free It makes me feel free. (Yellow background again, black sentence and music turning louder) Sentence: How do you want activewear clothing to make you feel? Woman 6: I want the clothes I wear to mirror my hard work in the gym. (shows woman banging a sledge hammer on a wheel) I work very hard to be a better person in every aspect of my life. I want my clothes to underline it. I want to feel strong and independent and self-confident. Sentence (yellow background, bold letters): What does being fearless mean to you? Woman 7: (thinks) It means Being brave, taking risks and living. It really means living. Every person has a story and honestly, I have never met a strong person with an easy past. Woman 8: (talks very passionately) Being fearless is something you have to work tirelessly towards every. Single. Day. Life is about overcoming obstacles, not about being perfect. Do not fear change, life begins outside your comfort zone. Sentence: (yellow background, black letters) Strive to #BeFearless every day. Share your story and help us spread the word. Be strong, feel powerful, #BeFearless 10 III.3 Mood Board #BeFearless 11 4. How to make a video go viral It is important to note that there is no guarantee that this video would go viral. However, there are several steps that Lolë can implement, which increase the chances of it going viral by a significant amount. I would like to encourage the brand to go forward with each and every one of the following steps. 1. The marketing aspect Before the video goes live, the brand should post about the video, always using the hash tag #BeFearless. They should tweet about it, post a sneak peak on their Instagram account, post about the video and the challenge on Facebook and create a buzz around the release of the video. Like I mentioned during my thesis, instead of trying to push the content out, they should respond to tweets that other people have made about fitness related content and they should directly tweet at them, saying something like: Great work. You will love our new campaign, make sure you don t miss it. #BeFearless. This is something I imagine brands like Nike or Lululemon might do. It is more effective, because it is personal and authentic. Skipping this step would result in less traffic on Lolë's platforms and would result in less overall views of the video. (Cheng, 2013) 2. Submit the video to social news sites Sites like Buzzfeed, Reddit, Chive and Hackernews are great ways to get millions of views, giving the chance that they decide to share it. (Couts, 2012) Again, there is no guarantee that any of these sites will feature the video, but it is crucial to send it in to as many as possible. Lolë will only need one site to share it, in order to get thousands of clicks and views. (Cheng, 2013) Additionally, every employee should share the link with their friends and followers and should ask them to share it, too. They should also talk about it to customers in the store and make it less about the product and more about the brand experience. Given the content of the video, it is likely that it will get many shares. As long as the content triggers an emotion, people will feel the need to share it. Given the fact that the message of the video is positive, the chance of it being shared increases by 50 percent. (Pozin, 2014) 3. Timing Most people watch YouTube videos at work. (Cheng, 2013) The timing of the release can make or break Lolë s video 12 I highly suggest they release it on a Monday, or preferably on a Tuesday, as people usually spend time catching up with their workloads on Mondays. (Pozin, 2014) 4. Get the media involved If Lolë s video gets enough views, the media will probably want to get involved. (Cheng, 2013) Sites like Huffington Post or even health magazines like Women s Health might want to get in touch. It is important to have people that are ready to give interviews or talk about the campaign with the journalists. 5. What to do if it goes viral Engagement is the number one rule. (Pozin, 2014) Viewers will comment on the video, whether it is positive or negative comments. Lolë s marketing team needs to carve out time to answer as many s, tweets and Facebook comments as possible. They can always redirect the viewers to their social media platforms, by adding the links to the video credits. It also is of great importance that the company follows up on the next steps after the campaign. They need to communicate this. Viral videos have a very short shelf life (Couts, 2012), so Lolë needs to act fast, in order to achieve high responses and further engagement of as many women as possible. Further Steps Like I mentioned in the fifth step, the steps after the release of the video are very significant to the success of the campaign. Right after the release, Lolë needs to communicate with viewers and customers in store. They need to encourage people to share their personal stories of overcoming struggles of getting dressed for their body shape and being fearless. However, Lolë will not act on the offense, it will let the viewers engage with each other and simply watch and talk to them on social media. This campaign is not about pushing Lolë s products down people s throats. It is simply about raising brand awareness with something that everyone can relate to. The piece of clothing is connected to everyone s story. Clothes are a part of who we are, so they are always connected to our experiences. Ideally, again, by the time of the release, Lolë will have updated their social media platforms with more inspiring content, so people will have a reason to engage with the brand and with each other. All employees should remember to talk to the customers in the store about it and communicate Lolë's message of creating a strong, fit and healthy community. 13 5. Ultimate aim and goal This campaign is to be considered a first step into a new direction for Lolë. A direction that is inspired by leading activewear brands Nike and Lululemon and how these brands have decided to inspire people to lead happier lives and to be more active. By doing this, they have changed the looks of a lot of catwalk shows and of street style. The
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