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Baden-Württemberg Scholarship Programme for Refugees from Syria Teaser Programme goal Bachelor s and master s degree scholarships for refugees from Syria in Baden-Württemberg The Ministry of Science, Research

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Baden-Württemberg Scholarship Programme for Refugees from Syria Teaser Programme goal Bachelor s and master s degree scholarships for refugees from Syria in Baden-Württemberg The Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg has allocated funding to provide academically qualified refugees from Syria a new perspective and ensure that their potential does not go untapped. The goal is to offer refugees from Syria residing in Baden-Württemberg the opportunity to enrol in or continue a degree programme at a university in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The scholarship programme is administered by the DAAD on behalf of the state of Baden-Württemberg. The scholarships are intended to help the chosen students actively shape their future. During their studies, the universities and other organisations will offer academic support and counselling. Scholarship holders may also enrol in an optional supplementary programme, e.g. in the field of Social and Political Studies, which can be completed alongside their degree programme in a blended-learning process. Who can apply? To be eligible to apply, individuals must be Syrian nationals or individuals who continuously resided in Syria prior to 2011, who were forced to flee from Syria due to the civil war there. Furthermore, they must now reside in Baden- Württemberg and possess a valid residence permit (Aufenthaltstitel), temporary residence permit (Aufenthaltsgestattung) or tolerance status (Duldung). Applicants to the scholarship must also meet the admission requirements for the respective bachelor s or master s degree programme at Baden- Württemberg s institutions of higher education. If the applicant does not yet hold a higher education entrance qualification for a bachelor s degree programme at the planned date of enrolment, this programme can finance participation in a university preparatory programme, (Studienkolleg). As a rule, the applicant s higher education entrance qualification respectively the most recent academic degree must have been obtained within the past six years. Female applicants are especially encouraged to apply. What is funded? This programme grants scholarships to students who wish to enrol in a bachelor s or master s degree programme in Baden Württemberg in any discipline. Applicants interested in studying Human Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Art, Music and Law, may apply for funding if they have already gained admission to the respective subject at a university in Baden- Württemberg or are currently enrolled in the respective programme in Baden- Württemberg. Duration of funding Most of the selected scholarship recipients will begin their German language course in July 2015 and provided they meet the programme s language requirements will commence their studies (or Studienkolleg, if applicable) at a university in Baden-Württemberg in the winter semester 2015/2016. The duration of funding is based on the standard period of study of the chosen degree programme and the DAAD funding regulations. The regular funding period for bachelor s students is three years and two years for master s students (if applicable, an additional year for a language course and, for bachelor-candidates, one more year for attending the Studienkolleg, if required). Scholarship benefits Selection process The scholarship covers the following expenses: German language course prior to enrolment in the degree programme Preparatory programme at a Studienkolleg and/or additional university preparatory measures (if necessary) Monthly scholarship instalments throughout the degree programme of 650 euros (bachelor s students) and 750 euros (master s students) Costs for the optional supplementary programme (if applicable) Health, accident and personal liability insurance Annual study and research allowance Under certain conditions, scholarship holders may receive the following additional benefits: Monthly rent subsidy Monthly allowance for family members Applicants are selected on the basis of the submitted application documents. Preselected candidates will be invited to a personal interview in Stuttgart around the end of May Important: Invited candidates must be able to converse at the interview in either German or English! The final selection will be based on how well the candidate is suited for his/her desired degree programme in Baden-Württemberg. This evaluation is determined by his/her previously attained academic achievement in secondary school and university, language ability and general motivation. Preselected candidates must present the originals of all previously submitted documents at the interview! Travel expenses to the place of the interview will be covered up to the amount of a Baden-Württemberg-ticket. Application For those applying for a scholarship to complete a bachelor s degree: requirements General secondary education certificate with above-average marks. Candidates holding a secondary school certificate from Syria with at least 70% of the maximum number of points may apply directly for university admission. Those who achieved between 60% and 69% of the maximum number of points must have already studied for at least one year at an acknowledged university For candidates who obtained less than 70% but more than 60% in their final examination may be allowed to attend a Studienkolleg and take the subsequent university qualification assessment examination (Feststellungsprüfung) Candidates who received a final examination grade below 60% are not eligible to apply to this programme For those applying for a scholarship to complete a master s degree: Bachelor s degree with above-average marks from a recognised institution of higher education The following apply to both groups: Good knowledge of German or English (see below) The candidate s most recent academic degree should be no older than six years at the time of application Candidates must reside in Baden-Württemberg at the time of application and possess a valid residence permit (Aufenthaltstitel, Aufenthaltsgestattung or Duldung) Important: Please note that you are responsible yourself for ensuring that you apply for admission at the university by the due date. If notification of admission is not yet available at the time of application for this scholarship programme, it must be subsequently submitted before you begin your studies. Language requirements Candidates must present proof that they meet the language requirements of their desired degree programme no later than the date of enrolment at a university in Baden-Württemberg. Candidates planning to enrol in a degree programme taught in German: Candidates may apply before they have gained the necessary language proficiency in German. In this case, they will have to be able to converse in English during the selection interview. If the candidate is awarded a scholarship, he or she must achieve the German language proficiency required for study during a one-year language course (usually substantiated by a DSH or TestDaF certificate). Candidates planning to enrol in a degree programme taught in English: Candidates are not required to have German language skills, but must be able to converse in English at the selection interview and provide proof of English language proficiency no later than the date of enrolment in their degree programme. As a rule, proficiency is substantiated with a TOEFL score of 550 paper-based, 213 computer-based, 80 internet-based or equivalently the IELTS band scale 6. The required level of proficiency varies, however, depending on the degree programme, and candidates are asked to find out the required level in advance from the website of their desired degree programme. Application documents Candidates are required to apply online via the DAAD application portal: Applications can be submitted in either German or English. Please note that the tab function Submit application in the scholarship database is only shown for the duration of the application period. Following the submission deadline, the portal cannot be accessed. Please submit the following documents via the online portal: Application form (downloadable from the portal) Complete Curriculum vitae (CV; max. 3 pages) Letter of motivation (1-3 pages) Scanned internet printout about the desired degree programme (max. 4 pages) Copy of secondary school leaving certificate (showing all individual grades) For those applying for admission to a master s degree programme: copy of bachelor s degree and academic achievements listing all final examinations with individual final grade(s), including an explanation of the grading system For those applying for admission to a scholarship for completing a degree programme in Human Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Art, Music or Law: proof of admission / enrolment in the respective degree programme at an institution of higher education in Baden-Württemberg Proof of German and/or English language proficiency (preferably DSH or TestDaF certificate for German, and TOEFL or IELTS certificate for English; in some cases, other certificates may be recognised) If available: Letter of admission to the desired study programme in Baden-Württemberg or a proof that you have applied for admission at a university in Baden-Württemberg Other documents which could be important for your application (e.g. proof of completed internships, work certificates, references etc.) Copy of your passport (if available) including proof of current residence status (visa, residence permit etc.) and proof of residence in Baden-Württemberg (Meldebescheinigung) German or English translation of all foreign-language documents If you are granted a scholarship, you will also be asked to submit a recent health certificate. Submission deadline Application address 17 th April 2015 Applications may only be submitted via the DAAD application portal: It is not possible to submit applications to any other address. Contact/ Advising If you have any questions, please contact us via at:
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