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Assistance Publique -Hôpitaux de Paris University Medical Center PUBLIC SERVICE MISSIONS 92,000 professionals dedicated to patients and their families 22,000 physicians 51,000 paramedical professionals

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Assistance Publique -Hôpitaux de Paris University Medical Center PUBLIC SERVICE MISSIONS 92,000 professionals dedicated to patients and their families 22,000 physicians 51,000 paramedical professionals The Paris area s leading employer Providing to the best medical care to all Every year: 7 million patients 38,000 births Over 200,000 surgical procedures 20% of patients are over 75 years old 30% of patients suffering from cancer in the Paris area are treated at AP-HP 22 free medical care centres (PASS) for the most vulnerable patients Prevention Specialized structures to inform and support our fellow citizens 8 health information units Screening 38 consultation units providing free anonymous screening for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and hepatitis. AP-HP also provides all types of screening: for cancer (especially breast cancer), foetal abnormalities, memory disorders, genetic predispositions or diseases, etc. Therapeutic education Teaching patients how to better manage their treatment, how to prevent specific complications, and improve their quality of living Out of the 670 programmes approved in the Paris area, 300 were developed by AP-HP. Meeting the local population s needs 95% of patients come from the Paris area Over one million patients receive emergency room care each year In-home hospitalization providing for medical needs before and after hospitalization THE AP-HP The Paris area s UMC 1 emergency every 30 seconds 10% of hospital admissions in France Partner in 60 city-hospital networks 37 hospitals ENABLING MEDICAL STRIDES Teaching 7 faculties of medicine, 2 of pharmacy and 2 of dentistry associated with AP-HP 27 nursing training institutes and specialized schools (paramedical healthcare managers, operating room nurses, nurse-anaesthetists, midwives, etc.) 3,000 interns and 13,000 students in medicine and paramedical healthcare 800 foreign doctors trained each year at AP-HP Orphan drugs The AP-HP General Agency for Health Equipment and Products (AGEPS) of AP-HP works to formulate new drugs known as orphan drugs, designed to manage rare pathologies not yet treated or inadequately treated by other laboratories. Research AP-HP actively participates in national medical and paramedical research projects. Over 20,000 patients included each year in the 800 AP-HP research programs 2,800 ongoing research projects Nearly 1,500 professionals specifically dedicated to research 40% of French hospital publications 3 university hospital institutes (IHU) 16 university hospital departments (DHU) A university hospital cancer hub (PHU PACRI) 442 international portfolios of active registered patents 1,250 transplants a year 1 st biomedical research centre in Europe 69 rare disease reference centres QUALITY AND SAFETY OF CARE A process of continuous improvement in the quality and safety of care AP-HP subject to regular assessment by the healthcare authorities New campaign for V2010 certification by the French National Authority for Health Policy for secure drug circulation and administration Quality of service to patients Since 2001, the AP-HP has conducted satisfaction surveys with patients in all of its short-stay hospitals (SAPHORA survey 2010). 77% of patients state that they are satisfied with the care received (human relations, medical information, pain management, availability of teams). Cutting-edge equipment and technology Patients are provided care by teaching hospital teams with the benefit of top-flight medical and technological facilities. 34 MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) 42 scanners 8 PET (positron emission tomography) 36 gamma cameras 3 surgical robots 83% of cancer care services organise multidisciplinary consultative meetings 1 st UMC in Europe 87% of AP-HP hospitals rated 1 st in the fight against nosocomial infections Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) is the Paris area s University Medical Center (UMC) and the leading UMC in Europe. Our 92,000 professionals are proud of their public service missions and committed to providing 24-hour, high-quality medical care to all. With 37 hospitals, divided into 12 hospital groups and one federation for multiple disabilities, AP-HP works with the other regional healthcare players. Our ambition is to provide a quality medical offering in line with the needs of the local population. AP-HP also mobilizes its full expertise and innovative capabilities to the benefit of patients with complex pathologies. The combination of medical care, teaching and research allows the 7 million people treated annually to benefit from the most effective treatment available in all medical disciplines. Hospitalisation at home Hospital of the hospital group located outside the Île-de-France or in a department not shown on the map NORTH PARIS SEINE VALLEY PARIS SEINE-SAINT-DENIS PARIS CENTRE SOUTH PARIS ROBERT-DEBRÉ UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL EAST PARIS WEST PARIS PITIÉ SALPÊTRIÈRE - CHARLES-FOIX NECKER-SICK CHILDREN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL PARIS ÎLE-DE-FRANCE WEST HENRI-MONDOR SAINT-LOUIS - LARIBOISIÈRE - FERNAND-WIDAL THE 12 HOSPITAL GROUPS Communications Office - Juillet Photo credits AP-HP : François Marin, Patricia Simon - PHANIE - Made by : Peter Pen - Printed by SMS
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