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As TIC e a Saúde no Portugal de de fevereiro de 2014 Centro Hospitalar Psiquiátrico de Lisboa Patrocinadores Bronze Apoios Patrocinadores Globais 1 As TIC e a Saúde no Portugal de 213 Mesa Redonda

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As TIC e a Saúde no Portugal de de fevereiro de 2014 Centro Hospitalar Psiquiátrico de Lisboa Patrocinadores Bronze Apoios Patrocinadores Globais 1 As TIC e a Saúde no Portugal de 213 Mesa Redonda de Debate Tendências do Mercado das Tecnologias da Saúde Filipe Freitas Lead Account Manager, Oracle Portugal Convergence Between and Life Sciences Driving to Personalized Personalized DNA chemistry and advanced technology Targeted Therapies Translational Medicine Patient Care and Disease Mgmt Retrospective and Prospective Analytics Precision Evidence Based Increased regulation and efficacy standards Blockbusters and mass-production of novel drugs Paper based Records Pharmacovigilance and Risk Mgmt Electronic Data Capture Safety at Point of Care Electronic Medical Records Paper based Systems Managed Trial and Error Life Sciences HEALTHCARE 3 Alerts The Oracle Health Sciences Network (HSN) Secure, Cloud-Based Collaboration for Clinical R&D Confidence: Secure, near real-time network Regulatory-compliant (e.g., HIPAA) cloud Bi-directional data flow and collaboration Data de-identified using a secure broker system enabling closed loop processes that permit appropriate re-identification Scale and Specificity: Global reach across therapeutic areas, patient populations representing global demographics and multiple data types (financial, clinical, omics) Control: Participants control service policies and govern access control Single-tenant Federated model Life Sciences Participants Global Collaboration with Confidence and Control De-Identified Data Near Real-Time Clinical Data Protocols Protocol Feasibility / Validation and Patient Recruitment Provider Participants 4 Plataforma Completa para HIE/EHR Guideline: suporte aos standards de mercado 2 opções de Repositório Estruturado de Dados Clínicos Oracle HDR implementação do HL7 RIM (Reference Information Model) Marand Think!EHR repositório baseado nas especificações openehr Master Patient Index, Health Record Locator Services e Cross Community Gateway Segurança e Consent Management de fino detalhe Plataforma SOA com camada específica de suporte para standards da saúde Interoperabilidade de acordo com os IHE Integration Profiles IHE (Integrating the Enterprise) iniciativa da indústria no sentido de garantir a integração entre os sistemas clínicos (dentro do hospital, entre hospitais, ou entre diferentes comunidades) e que está a ganhar adopção massiva internacionalmente Oracle s IHE Integration Statement Web Page 5 Australia Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) PCEHR System concept 1 PCEHR Expected Results 1 Improved continuity of care for individuals accessing multiple healthcare providers by enabling key health information to be available where and when it is needed to ensure safe ongoing care Access to consolidated information about an individual s medicines, leading to safer and more effective medication management and reductions in avoidable medication-related adverse events Enabling individuals to participate more actively in their healthcare by improved access to their health information Improved diagnostic and treatment capabilities through enhanced access to health information Improved care coordination for individuals with chronic or complex conditions by enabling the individual s healthcare team to make better informed decisions at the point of care 1 From the PCEHR Draft Concept of Operations prepared by NEHTA (National E-Health Transition Authority 6 7 8
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