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AS Automaatio- ja (Autumn 2015) Content General Information Timetable Communication with the instructor About working in a project Deliverables Grading and credits General Personnel: Responsible

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AS Automaatio- ja (Autumn 2015) Content General Information Timetable Communication with the instructor About working in a project Deliverables Grading and credits General Personnel: Responsible teachers: Pekka Forsman, Heikki Hyyti, Kai Zenger and Ilkka Seilonen Bunch of researchers and assistants as instructors Unique and independent project works which are done in groups of several students Finnish, Swedish and English can be used in documenting the work and giving the presentations. The instructor of the project work may have some requirements or limitations Note: This is the last time of the course in the current format. New courses ELEC-E8002 (5cr.), ELEC-E8003 (5 cr.) Information Oodi, direct link from MyCourses page Please register MyCourses ( Timetable and possible changes News and results Wiki ( ), direct link from MyCourses page Instructions for projects Documenting the project and the archive of old projects Get accounts using a form on the wiki page Timetable Kick up event is held (week 37). Presentations of Project Plans are held 29.9 (week 40). Intermediate Reports are presented (week 44). Final demo A is held 1.12 (week 49) Final demo B is held 8.12 (week 50), (only held if needed) Ultimate DL for Documenting is , 23:59. (week 51) (24h rule does not apply here) Tuesdays at AS2 14:15 17:00 The reports MUST be in Wiki 24 hours prior to the event! Communication with the instructor Contact your instructor immediately Keep your instructor informed about all the changes in project For example if timetable or plan has to be changed Send reports to your instructor for comments in advance It is easier to give presentation if you know what your instructor thinks about your plan or results Your instructor acquires all the needed components and helps to use needed tools About working in a project Decide your goals, timetable, budget, quality and resource allocation Plan your (team) work and timetables for all of your team members Discuss who is the best person for each task Plan how to avoid risks Divide the work for the whole team in such a way that the work load is balanced and everyone can give their best for the project Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. ~Andrew Carnegie Deliverables Project plan (DL 28.9) + 10 min project plan presentation (29.9) Intermediate report (DL 26.10) + 10 min intermediate presentation (27.10) Final report (DL 22.12) min presentation (and demonstration) presentation in Demo A (1.12) or Demo B (8.12) You must attend all sessions. You must listen to all presentations. Exception: The final reports are held in two separate sessions A and B (if needed). It is not absolutely necessary to participate in other group s session. Grading and credits Amount of credits is estimated in the project plan Negotiate with your instructor for the extent of your work Instructor gives a statement of the project work. Final grading and amount of credits are evaluated by the responsible teachers of the course Grading is based on: Difficulty of the work Quality of the results and reporting Implementation of the project plan Co-operation with the instructor Your teamwork quality and reporting of it Questions? Please ask questions now or during the project work topics presented next After the topic presentations we are taking a short break to divide you to teams around each project topic
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