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ÅRE vision 2020 Concern for the environment ÅRE vision 2020 ÅRE vision 2020 is a model for the development of the destination ÅRE. The vision has been produced in a joint effort involving various stakeholders

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ÅRE vision 2020 Concern for the environment ÅRE vision 2020 ÅRE vision 2020 is a model for the development of the destination ÅRE. The vision has been produced in a joint effort involving various stakeholders in the business sector and Åre Local Authority. The overall target is to make Åre The most attractive European alpine all year destination through the development of three main areas: Unique experiences year round Concern for the environment A borderless welcoming ÅRE. The future affects us today There are presently several threats against the tourism and experience industry which may also come to affect Destination ÅRE. In case the travel pattern of the tourists changes, for reasons such as increased fuel prices, the consequence may be a larger share of visitors choosing public transport which would lead to a need to change the internal transports within Destination Åre. The climatic changes may in themselves bring out a shortening of the winter season and the growing offering of activities during the snow-free season will necessitate an increased level of concern for the environment and the ensuing impact thereon. Applying a fore-seeing adaptation to the changes, Destination ÅRE can act with responsibility for the environment while promoting the development of the tourist activities. The adaptation can apply within many areas such as activities, products, services, and support functions and provide opportunities for the creation of new and unique experiences all year round. The climatic scenarios for destination ÅRE point towards milder winters, fewer days with snow, raising of the treeline and thus reduced bare mountain areas. In a short perspective, the changes are not so drastic but under all circumstances adaptation to new conditions will be necessary. Parallel to the adaptation of the destination, it is necessary to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. Our guests are well aware and demand to a growing extent sustainable experiences and destinations. If we assume a leading position in acting for a destination adapted to sustainable development and environmental concerns, destination ÅRE will demonstrate that we act responsibly for the environment and a sustainable development of society. Concern for the environment During a workshop at the point of Åredagen on 3 December 2008 more than 110 persons came up with suggestions and ideas for the continuous work Concern for the environment within ÅRE vision The questions were: What can you, others and the destination do together to adapt to the climatic changes and stand better prepared for the future? The material from Åredagen has been used as a basis in the preparation of an environmental strategy which is intended to support the development towards ÅRE vision Responsibility for the environment in ÅRE vision 2020 is about local adaptations with clear connections to the sustainability work, on an international, national and local level. The strategy gives priority to the Swedish national environmental objectives which concern: Reducing the impact on the climate Fresh air Living lakes and waterways Grand mountain scenery In the process leading up to the strategy, it has become obvious that it is impossible to separate environmental issues from other society topics. In order to assign responsibility for the environment there will be social and financial aspects involved to diverse extents. It is important to discuss the development of destination ÅRE from a holistic perspective which comprises our natural resources (ecological), the marketing tools (financial) and the development tools (social). In most cases the actual measures included in the action plan in connection with responsibility for the environment will be affecting the other two main areas in vision ÅRE This is depicted in the image below. Destination ÅRE is an entity comprising ecological, financial and social aspects. The structure of the environmental strategy Denomination of the development area Text describing the development area. Direction (states the purpose and objective for what is to be done within a specified part of the development area). Measures (specific measures showing how the objective is to be reached, including who is responsible, the timeframe; the measures must be realistic and possible to carry out). The image shows how the development areas of the environmental strategy relate to ÅRE vision 2020 and how the development areas overlap. Environmental strategy The environmental strategy is divided into six development areas below which are the directions/ objectives and measures aimed at supporting the work on ÅRE vision 2020 and the responsibility for the environment. Development areas External influence ÅRE s local work on change and development shall be carried out in concert with the external requirements in the form of international regulations, legislation and local agreements. Innovation ÅRE shall be in the lead and develop into a climate neutral destination through encouragement of the presently undeveloped or unknown innovations and ideas awaiting accomplishment. Resource recycling all year round In ÅRE the resources shall be used more efficiently through an aim for a higher occupancy rate year round and further development of climate smart products and services. Mobility ÅRE shall promote the development of local transport solutions, making it easy to visit the destination also for guests without their own means of transport. Hostmanship & participation ÅRE shall create a climate neutral destination which is clearly distinguishable with measures that are easy for our guests, inhabitants and companies to follow. Basic level and the obvious The existing environment systems and routines that function shall be used, maintained and further developed in ÅRE. Objectives and action plan In a separate document are the objectives and directions (what to do) and the measures (how to do it) in a summary. The document is a live material which will be updated and amended as the work on developing destination ÅRE progresses. Priority is on the measures which are undertaken by various stakeholders, the responsibility of coordinating will lie on the destination company Åreföretagarna. In order to explain the main objective of a specific direction, keywords are used to describe, to categorise and clarify the purpose. The keywords are: Responsibility Accommodation Dialogue Finance Energy Public health Local resources Partnership Refuse handling Transports Experiences Education To ÅRE vision 2020 the overall objectives below have been added Presently 20% use green electricity and 3% wind generated. Objective 2020: Use of 50 % eco-labelled electricity, of which 30% wind generated. Presently 75% work proactively to reduce their power consumption. The measures are simple and everyday chores such as low-energy light bulbs, fewer travels, eco-driving, improved power supplies, sorting of waste, shopping locally, etc. Objective 2020: 100% of the companies shall work proactively to reduce their power consumption. Presently 14% use eco-cars. Objective 2020: 100% of new company cars shall be eco-friendly cars of which 50% electric as early as in Presently 30% are unable to combine their working hours with public transport. Objective 2020: 50% of the employees shall be able to travel to and from work by public transport. Objective 2020: Reduced consumption of water, maintained quality of water and tap water not bottled water. Objective 2020: The waste bins shall be replaced by miniature waste banks where the refuse can be sorted The process of producing the environmental strategy is part of the work within the projects Fjällkraft and Clim-ATIC. The projects are part-financed by the EU regional development fund. The stakeholders in the projects are: Skistar, Holiday Club, Åreföretagarna, Åre Local Authority and Peak Innovation. Contacts Lars-Börje Bulan Eriksson, MD Åreföretagarna, Jan Andersson, Head of Business Promotion office, Åre Kommun, Magnus Dahlin, Business Promotion assistant, Åre Kommun, Benckt Aspman, Environmental Strategist, Åre Kommun, Anna Grundén, ETOUR,
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