Aporte de La Fase 2-Del Momento 2 Lenin Carrascal 3


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  RESTAURANTE GOURMET NombresSueldo BasicoDias LaboradosBasicosHoras ExtrasAdministrador 1,000,00030 Dias1,000,00000000000000 TOTALES 1,000,000301,000,000 Contabilizaciòn de nominaCodigo NombreDebitoCredito 510506Sueldos1,000,000510527AUX trasporte72,000237005Salud 40,000238030cesanas40,000250506Salario x paar!!2,000 SUAS ! UALES# $%&'(%&&& # $%&'(%&&& CONTAB!L!)AC*N DE +A, COD! O 51053051053651053!51053351056!51055!  51056851057251057551057826102526102026101526101025056!25055!250568250572250575250578 SUA ! UALES #S$AU A%$# &'U (#$ NombresSueldo BasicoDias laboradosBasicoHoras extras . recargos Ad)inistrador1,000,00015500,000*aola Saen+1,800,00015!00,000$aa oles800,00015400,000 en- &on+ales800,00015400,000*a)ela Duartes700,00015350,000Daniel (endes 700,00015350,000Andres .orredor700,00015350,000 TOTALES 6,500,0001053,250,000 Contabilizaciòn de nominaCodigoNombreDebito Credito 510506Sueldo3,250,000510527Aux $rasporte216,000237005Salud137,200238030.esana146,250250506Salario x paar3,182,550   CONTAB!L!)AC*N DE +A,A -!SCALESCOD! OCUENTADEB!TOC,ED!TO 510530.esanas270,725510536 *ri)as de ser/i 270,72551053!acasiones135,525510533 nteres de cesa 270751056!Salud260,00051055!*ension365,625510568 ieso pro A * 16,!65510572130,000510575.!7,500510578S#%A65,000261025.esanas270,725261020 *ri)as de ser/icio 270,725261015acasiones135,525261010 nteres de cesa 270725056!Salud260,00025055!*ension365,625250568 ieso pro A * 16,!65250572130,000250575.!7,500250578S#%A65,000 SUA ! UALES$%/$0%''($%/$0%''( 1456. aa co)p a)i . aa co)p a)i  NOMINA PARA PAGO DE PERIODO DE PAGO: DEL 01 AL 30 DE M ComisiònAuxilio De Tras1orteTotal De2engadoSalud+ension 72,0001,072,00040,00040,0000000000000000000000072,0001,072,00040,00040,000 A* '*A.'%#S COD! OConce1to3alor 510530.esanas83,300510536 *ri)as de ser/icio 83,30051053!acasiones41,700510533 nteres de cesana 83351056!Salud80,00051055!*ension112,500510568 ieso proesi A * 5220510572 .aa co)p a)iliar 40,000510575.30,000510578S#%A20,000 TOTAL A +,O+!A 4!6,853 ,ANTOTAL 1,488,853  -!SCALESCUENTADEB!TOC,ED!TO .esanas83,300 *ri)as de ser/i 83,300acasiones41,700 nteres de cesa 833Salud80,000*ension112,500
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