Aperitif. Cesar Florido Cream ʻCruz del Marʼ. (17.5%) Vanilla, spices and wood with a smooth medium sweet finish. - PDF

Drinks List Aperitif Cesar Florido Cream ʻCruz del Marʼ. (17.5%) Vanilla, spices and wood with a smooth medium sweet finish. Chipiona, Spain. 70ml 4.80 Eternal Plum ʻShizukuʼ Ginsen. (14.5%) Akita Prefecture,

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Drinks List Aperitif Cesar Florido Cream ʻCruz del Marʼ. (17.5%) Vanilla, spices and wood with a smooth medium sweet finish. Chipiona, Spain. 70ml 4.80 Eternal Plum ʻShizukuʼ Ginsen. (14.5%) Akita Prefecture, Japan. Sweet liqueur made by infusing plums with sake, served cold over ice. 70ml 6.50 Cocktails Cola Cube Rum Aprciot Brandy Sherry Citrus 8.50 Cider With Rosie Calvados Rosé Pontypridd Cider Cranberry Bitters Sugar Cube 8.50 Sage Advice Tequila Grapefruit Sage Pepper 8.50 Beetnik Beetroot Gin Lemon Ginger 8.50 Beetlejuice Rum Vodka Lime Coconut Almond Milk Chai 8.50 Mocktail Let us know what you like and we will mix something for you Fizz In association with: NV Roger Manceaux Brut. Champagne, France. 45% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay, 25% Pinot Meunier Nicolas Maillart. Champagne, France 60% Chardonnay 40% Pinot Noir Gin 25ml measure served over ice with Fevertree tonic Jensenʼs (43%) Distilled by a Danish ex-pat in Bermondsey Sacred (43.8%) Distilled in Highgate, London and infused with Cardamom Burleighs (40%) Distilled in Leicestershire. Botanicals include dandelion and burdock Beckettʼs (40%) Distilled in Surrey. English juniper and mint, creamy Elemental (42%) Organic Distilled in Cornwall. Peppery coriander notes Quinine (45.8%) Distilled in London. In association with Malaria No More UK Old Tom (41.6%) Distilled in Sunderland, by Poetic License with rose petals and juinper Eden Hop (46%) Distilled in St Andrews. Made with Aussie Galaxy hops Forest (42%) Distilled in Macclesfield Forest, foraged botanicals including moss Monkey 47 (47%) Distilled in Schwarzwald, Germany. Woody and complex Anty (42.0%) Distilled in Cambridge, in conjunction with Nordic Food Lab White Wine NV Airen, Viña Mariposa (13.5%) Galicia, Spain Muscat, De Martino (11.5%). Itata Valley, Chile Chenin Blanc, Vinum (13%). Stellenbosch, South Africa. Organic Vouvray, La Dilettante (12%) Loire Valley, France Viogner, Le Versant (13%) Arzens, France Würzer, Seifried (13.5%). Nelson, New Zealand Gutsriesling, Dr H Thanisch (11.5%) Mosel, Germany Sauignon Blanc/Sémillion, Man Oʼ War (13.5%) Waikeke Island, New Zealand Rose 2014 Bolney Rose, Bolney Estates (11.5%) West Sussex, England Red Wine 2014 Madregale Rosso, Cantina Di Tollo (12%) Abruzzo, Italy ʻDonkeyjoteʼ Garnacha, Zorzal (13.5%) Navarra, Spain Touriga, ʻMeio Queijoʼ, Churchill Estate (13.5%) Douro, Portugal Pinot Noir/Cabernet Savingnon, Binz&Bratt (12.5%) Pflaz, Germany Gamay/Pinot Noir, ʻLes Volcansʼ (13%) Côtes d'auvergne, France ʻTacchettoʼ Bardolino, Guerrieri Rizzardi (13%) Bardolino, Italy ʻFreestyle Rougeʼ GSMC, Domaine Gayda (13.5%) Languedoc, France Primivito Riserva, Fatalone. Puglia, Italy Syrah, Radford Dale (12%) Voor Paardeberg, South Africa Beer Cider Isastegi, Bitter Cider (6%) Isastegi, Italy Krampus, Dunkelweizen (7.3%) Mad Hatter, Liverpool Hundelufterbajer, Session IPA (5%) To Øl, Sweden Lucky Jack, American Pale Ale (4.7%) Lervig, Norway Rye Pale Ale (5.6%) Liverpool Craft Beer Co, Liverpool Hoppy Joe, Red Ale (4.7%). Lervig, Norway Pale Ale (6.0%) Nøgne Ø, Norway Fresh (5.5%) Wild Beer Co, Somerset J Bomb, Jarrylo Pale (4.7%) Arbor ALes, Bristol. 500ml 5.50 Calypso, Berlinerweisse (4%) Siren, Wokingham Siberia, Rhubarb Saison (5.9%) The Ilkley Brewery Co., Ilkley Bergamot HopfenWeisse (6%) Cloudwater Brew Co, Manchester Hallstatt Deity, Farmhouse Fruit Saison (6.6%) The Celt Experience, Caerphilly Tuatara, Aotearoa Pale Ale (5.8%) Tuatara Brewery, New Zealand Nitro Stout (6.0%) Left Hand Brewing, Colorado Willamette & Centennial, Porter (6.4%) Brew By Numbers, London Life and Death, IPA (6.5%). Vocation, Hebden Bridge Dazed and Confused, Milk Stout (5.5%) Bad Co. Brewing, Yorkshire Black Perle, Milk Coffeee Stout (4.2%) Weird Beard, London Black Malts and Body Salts, Imperial IPA (9.9%) To Øl, Sweden Yorkshire Fruit Cordials (Still/Sparkling) Elderflower Lemon Soft Drinks Orange Lemon 2.00 Ginger Beer Root Beer 2.25 Harrogate Spa Water (Still/Sparkling) 330ml 1.50 After Dinner NV Reserve Port, Churchillʼs (20%) Douro, Portugal. Youthful but well structured, blueberry and eucalyptus Grüner Veltliner Eiswein (9%) Kremstal, Austria. Lemon, mandarin, forest honey and fresh acidity JMK Fortified Shiraz, Kalleske (20%) Barossa Valley, Australia. Deep ruby colour. Notes of fruit cake, cinnamon and chocolate Egri Kardaka Late Harvest, Grof Buttler. (15.5%) Eger, Hungary. Balanced sweetness and acidity, red liquorice and rose ʻMezes-Malyʼ Zeta Late Harvest, Balassa. (9.5%) Tokaj, Hungary. Intense and rich, honey and marmalade. Cognac ʻEleganceʼ, Maxime Trijol (40%) St Martial Sur Né, France. Fruity and spicy nose, well balanced with nutmeg and orange caramel on the finish. Caol Ila, Islay. (43%) ʻBursting with powerful flavour, Caol Ila Scotch does justice to its Islay homeʼ Nikka Whisky From The Barrel, Japan. (51.4%) ʻFloral nose, a touch of orange peel and apricot. Spicy, ripe fruit, a tickle of fire and oak at the finishʼ The Dalmore ʻThe 18ʼ, Highlands. (43%) ʻProvocative and intense taste experience with an enduring aftertaste of cinnamon and nutmegʼ Coffee + Tea Served with sweet bites 25ml ml Espresso Flat White (5.4oz) Cappuccino (6oz) Americano (8oz) 2.95 Espresso Martini Hazelnut Vodka Espresso Espresso Macchiato Latte (8oz) 7.00 Loose Leaf Teas (12oz Pot) Breakfast Blend Earl Grey Blue Lady Spicy Chai Egyptian Mint Russian Caravan Harmony Green Kombucha Liquorice Rooibos Mango Delight Decaf Ceylon
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