Antipasti. Insalate. Prosciutto e Burrata. Pepata di Cozze. Carpaccio di Manzo. Soufflé di Melanzana. Salsiccia e Polenta. Calamari Fritti. - PDF

Antipasti Prosciutto e Burrata Pepata di Cozze Carpaccio di Manzo Imported Parma Prosciutto and Creamy Mozzarella. $15.90 Mediterranean Mussls in a Light Tomato or White Wine Sauce. $11.90 Thinly Sliced

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Antipasti Prosciutto e Burrata Pepata di Cozze Carpaccio di Manzo Imported Parma Prosciutto and Creamy Mozzarella. $15.90 Mediterranean Mussls in a Light Tomato or White Wine Sauce. $11.90 Thinly Sliced Beef Filet with Fontina Cheese Fondue and Truffle Oil. $13.90 Soufflé di Melanzana Eggplant Soufflé stuffed with fresh Mozzarella. $8.90 Salsiccia e Polenta Calamari Fritti Bruschetta Polpette di Carne Italian Chicken Sausage and Grilled Polenta in a Light Tomato Sauce. $11.90 Calamari and Vegetables,ĝ Lightly floured and fried. Served with marinara sauce. $13.90 Toasted Ciabatta Bread Topped with Fresh Tomatoes, Basil, and Garlic. $6.90 Homemade Meatballs with Peas in a Tomato Sauce. $9.90 Insalate Burrata Caprese Insalata Mista Insalata Di Cesare Insalata Di Rucola Creamy Mozzarella Served with Roasted Bell Peppers. $12.90 Fresh Imported Buffalo Mozzarella with Fresh Tomatoes and Basil. $12.90 Mixed Greens, Roasted Peppers, Goat Cheese, Toasted Pine Nuts with Balsamic Vinaigrette. Half $7.90 Full $10.90 Traditional Caesar Salad with Croutons and Shaved Parmesan Cheese. Half $7.90 Full $10.90 Wild Arugula Salad with Shaved Parmesan Cheese with Balsamic Vinaigrette. Half $8.90 Full $11.90 Insalata di Barbabietola Insalata Di Kale Baby Mixed Greens, Beets, Gorgonzola Cheese and Walnuts. Half $8.90 Full $11.90 Kale, Apples, Dried Cranberries, Toasted Almonds and Orange Vinaigrette. $11.90 Insalata Di Portobello Insalata Di Spinaci Grilled Portobello Mushrooms with Mixed Greens. $11.90 Baby Spinach, Crispy Pancetta, and Dried Ricotta Cheese. Half $8.90 Full $11.90 Nicoise Con Salmone Poached Salmon, French Green Beans, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Potatoes, and Kalamata Olives. Half $11.90 Full $14.90 Zuppe Minestrone Fresh Vegetable Soup. $8.90 Zuppa Del Giorno Soup of the Day. $8.90 Panini Casa Nostra Panino Casa Nostra Panino Di Pollo Imported Buffalo Mozzarella, Prosciutto di Parma, Lettuce, Fresh Tomato, Roasted Pepper and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. $11.90 Grilled Chicken Breast Served with Lettuce, Fresh Tomato, and Roasted Peppers. $11.90 Panino Parmigiana Breaded Chicken Breast, Topped with Tomato Sauce, Melted Mozzarella, Lettuce and Roasted Peppers. $11.90 Panino Vegetariano Grilled Portobello Mushrooms, Eggplant, Tomatoes and Zucchini, Topped with Goat Cheese and Roasted Peppers. $11.90 Panino Con Polpette Panino Di Tonno Frittata Di Spinaci Panino Di Salsiccia Homemade Italian Meatballs with Tomato Sauce, Melted Mozzarella and Roasted Peppers. $11.90 Albacore Tuna Salad, Lettuce, Tomatoes and Roasted Peppers. $11.90 Italian style Spinach and Potato Omelet. Served with Baby Mixed Greens. $11.90 Italian Sausage, Sauteed Onions, Roasted Peppers, Topped with Mozzarella Cheese. $11.90 Paste e Risotti Spaghetti Alla Bolognese Crespelle Alla Toscana Farfalle Alla Veneziana Gnocci di Spinaci Ravioli Di Vitello Tortellini Di Zucca Spaghetti with Meat Sauce. $15.90 Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Crepes with Tomato Sauce and Besciamella. $15.90 With Chicken Breast and Sun-Dried Tomatoes in a Pink Sauce. $15.90 Choice of Tomato, Pesto, Gorgonzola or Alfredo Sauce. $15.90 Veal Stuffed in a Wild Mushroom Sauce. $16.90 Pumpkin Stuffed in a Radicchio and Gorgonzola Sauce. $15.90 Lasagna Alla Bolognese Homemade Meat Lasagna. $16 Papardelle D Anatra Wide Noodles Served in a Duck Ragu. $15.90 Fusilli Gamberi E Pesto Orecchiette Alla Boscaiola Fresh Shrimp in a Homemade Pesto Sauce and Cherry Tomatoes. $20.90 Ear shaped Pasta with Italian Sausage and Porcini Mushrooms in a White Wine Sauce. $15.90 Linguini Alle Vongole Fresh Manila Clams in a White Wine Sauce. $16 Spaghetti Alla Carbonara Risotto Mari Nostri With Crispy Pancetta, Egg Yolk, and Reggiano Cheese. $16.90 Shrimp, Calamari, Clams, and Mussels in a Light Spicy Tomato Sauce. $19.90 Gluten Free Pasta and Whole Wheat Pasta Available Upon Request. $2 ADD CHICKEN $3 ADD SHRIMP. $5 Entrées Milanese Di Vitello Pounded Veal Made Milanese Style. Served with Arugula and Chopped Tomatoes. $27.90 Agnello Arrosto Roasted Colorado Lamb with Balsamic Reduction. Served with Sautéed Radicchio and Rosemary Potatoes. $28.90 Scaloppina Di Vitello Pounded Veal Made Piccata Style. Served with Sautéed Spinach. $27.90 La Nostra Tagliata Sliced Prime New York Steak Topped with Arugula and Shaved Parmesan Cheese. $25.90 Il Pollo Made Roasted, Parmigiana or Piccata. Served with Rosemary Potatoes and Sautéed Spinach. $18.90 Petto D Anatra Roasted Duck Breast with Herbs, White Wine and Orange Juice. Served with Steamed Green Beans. $23.90 Branzino alla Livornese Mediterranean Sea Bass with Cherry Tomatoes and Kalamata Olives. Served with Sautéed Spinach. $25.90 Salmon Alla Griglia Grilled Salmon with a Lemon Caper Sauce. Served with Steamed Broccoli. $25.90 Pizza Reg. 12 Lg. 16 Margherita Mozzarella, Fresh Tomatoes, Garlic and Basil. Reg. $12.00 Lg. $16.00 Prosciutto Di Parma Burrata And Pesto Salame Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella and Parma Prosciutto. Reg. $16.00 Lg. $20.00 Tomato Sauce, Pesto and Fresh Burrata. Reg. $14.00 Lg. $18.00 Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella and Italian Salame. Reg. $14.00 Lg. $18.00 Create Your Own Pizza Pizza Pomodoro & Mozzarella Reg. $12.00 Lg. $16.00 ADD-ONS#1mushrooms, onions, jalapenos, broccoli, zucchini, bell peppers, pineapple, anchovies, kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts.$1 ADD-ONS#2 chicken, sausage, ham, pepperoni, goat cheese.$2 Dolci Di Casa Nostra Tiramisu. Coffee-flavored Semifreddo. $6.90 Torta Di Formaggio. Vanilla flavored New York Style Cheesecake. $6.90 Vulcano Di Cioccolato Chocolate Cake Served with Vanilla Ice Cream and Whipped Cream. $7.90 Cannoli Siciliani Traditional Sicialian Cannoli. $6.90 Pannacotta Vanilla Infused Italian Custard Made with Cream. Served with Berries. $6.90 Torta Della Nonna Traditional Tuscan Style Grandmother s Cake. Served with Hazelnut Ice Cream. $6.90 Tartufo Di Cioccolato Gelato Covered with Dark Chocolate. $6.90 Sorbetti Choice of Lemon, Peach, Pineapple and Coconut. Served in the Fruit Shell. $6.90 Gelati Choice of Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, or Hazelnut. $5.90 Cheese Pizza $6.90 Pepperoni Pizza $7.90 Pennette Butter and Cheese. $5.90 Kids Menu Spaghetti Pomodoro Tomato Sauce. $6.90 Pollo Milanese Thinly Sliced Breaded Free-Range Chicken. Served with Broccoli and Carrots. $5.90 Spaghetti Con Polpette Di Carne In a Tomato Sauce with Meatballs. $7.90
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