AN INVESTIGATION ON FISHES OF SAROS BAY (NORTHERN AEGEAN SEA) Hatice TORCU KOÇ 1, Zeliha AKA 1, Dilek TÜRKER ÇAKIR 2, 1 Balikesir University, Faculty of Science and Arts, Department of Biology, Balikesir,

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AN INVESTIGATION ON FISHES OF SAROS BAY (NORTHERN AEGEAN SEA) Hatice TORCU KOÇ 1, Zeliha AKA 1, Dilek TÜRKER ÇAKIR 2, 1 Balikesir University, Faculty of Science and Arts, Department of Biology, Balikesir, Turkey 2 Ege University, Faculty of Fisheries, Bornova, İzmir ABSTRACT This investigation was carried out for determination of fish species living in Saros Bay (Northern Aegean Sea). Morphometric and meristic characters of fishes caught by using trawl and various nets from the bay between the years were examined and some morphological properties, and local names of 30 determined species were given. Key Words: Fish species, Systematic, Saros Bay. SAROZ KÖRFEZİ (KUZEY EGE DENİZİ) BALIKLARI ÜZERİNE BİR ARAŞTIRMA ÖZET Bu araştırma Saroz Körfezi nde yaşayan balık türlerini belirlemek amacıyla yapılmıştır yıllarında körfezden trol ve çeşitli ağlar ile yakalanan balıkların morfometrik ve meristik karakterleri incelenmiş ve saptanan 30 türün bazı morfolojik özellikleri ve yerel isimleri verilmiştir. Anahtar kelimeler: Balık türleri, Sistematik, Saroz Körfezi 1.INTRODUCTION The deep hole passing behind the Islands of Gökceada and Limni divides Saros Bay into two parts and influences bottom fisheries negatively. But, the northern of this hole, shallow and large area behind the island of Semadirek is suitable for deep fisheries and nutrients coming from Meriç River enable the biodiversity in rich in Saros Bay (1). Studies carried out for the purpose of determinining fish fauna of the seassurrounding Turkey have been started were with foreign scientists at the begining of 20th century, and have intensified since 1940 s by the Turkish workers. Some of the publications dealing with the fishes in the Aegean Sea are those by Akşiray (2-3), Tortonese (4), Geldiay (5, 6), Whitehead et al. (7), Fischer et al. (8), Mater (9), Mater and Kaya (10), Kaya and Mater (11), Papaconstantinou and Tsimenids (12), Papaconstantinou (13), Kaya et al. (14), Anonymus (15), Mater and Meriç (16). Kara and Gurbet (17) gave the estimates of stock size and abundance of some demersal fish species in Saros Bay but not the systematic status of them. Benli et al. (18) examined the species composition of catch, species diversity and estimation of the abundance of the commercial species and the average biomass of the demersal fish stocks of the Aegean Sea. Torcu and Aka (19) determined 68 species as new records for Edremit Bay. Eryılmaz (20) reported 15 cartilaginous fishes, 77 bony fishes for north Aegean Sea, respectively. Bilecenoğlu et al. (21) gave a list of fishes of Turkey. Mater et al., (22) gave a taxonomical information on the recent status of 415 marine fishes inhabiting Turkish Seas. 4 In spite of many fish fauna investigations carried out along theturkish coasts, such an investigation has not been found in Saros Bay so far. The aim of this study by determining the fish species living in Saros Bay was to contribute to the diversity of fish in the north of Aegean Sea. 2.MATERIAL AND METHOD Pelagic and benthic samples were collected by trawl and local gears off Erikli between the years of (Fig. 1). The obtained samples were washed up with fresh water immediately; after identifications, they were kept in percentage 70% of alcohol or 4% of formaldehyde solutions and morphometric measuraments [(disc length= DL), (disc width= DW), (total length= TL), (head length= HL), (eye diameter= ED), (body depth= BD)] were taken with a dial caliper of 0.05 mm accuracy and all of meristic characters [(dorsal= D), (anal= A), (pelvic= V), (pectoral= P) fin rays and (lateral line scales=ll.)] were counted under binocular microscope. Fig. 1. Sampling area 5 3. RESULTS From the total of 30 species belonging to 21 family, 3 cartilaginous and 27 bony were identified and are listed below. Systematic categories are given according to Whitehead et al. (7). Distribution: An Atlanto-Mediterranean species (A-M), Cosmopolitan species (C), Endemic species for Mediterranean (M) (21, 22) Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Superclassis: Gnathostomata Classis: Selachii (Chondrichthyes) Ordo: Pleurotremata Fam: SQUALIDAE Squalus acanthias Linnaeus, Spur dog (C) Common synonyms: None Local name: Mahmuzlu camgöz (n: 1) TL/BD: 5.25; TL/HL: 3.68; BD/HL: 0.7 Fam: SCYLIORHINIDAE Scyliorhinus canicula (Linneaus, 1758)-Small-spotted dogfish (A-M) Common synonyms: None Local name: Kedibalığı (n: 1) TL/BD: 9.35; TL/HL: 5.24; BD/HL: 0.57; HL/ED: 4.45 Ordo: Hypotremata Fam: RAJIDAE Raja radula Delaroche, 1809-Rough ray (M) Common synonyms:raja (Raja) radula Delaroche, 1891 Raja (Raja) atra Capape&Deussoter (1979) Local name: Kelebek vatoz (n: 1) TL/DW: 1.60; DW/DL: 1.16 Class: Osteichtyes Ordo: Apodes (Anguilliformes) Fam: CONGRIDAE Conger conger (Linneaus, 1758)-Conger eel (A-M) Common synonym: None Local name: Mıgrı (n: 1) TL/BD: 19.30; TL/HL: 7.15; BD/HL: 0.40; HL/ED: 6.10 Ordo: Anacanthini (Gadiformes) Fam: MERLUCCIIDAE Merluccius merluccius (Linnaeus, 1758)- Hake (A-M) Common synonyms: Gadus merlangius Linnaeus, 1758 Local name: Berlam, Bakalyaro (n: 1) D1: 10; D2: 39; A: 37; V: 7; P: 11 6 TL/BD: 5.68; TL/HL: 3.86; BD/HL: 0.71; HL/ED: 5.75 Ordo: Percomorphi (Perciformes) Fam: SERRANIDAE Serranus scriba (Linneaus, 1758)-Painted comber (A-M) Common synonyms: None Local name: Yazılı Hani, Çizgili Hani (n: 1) D: X, 15; A: III,7; V: 1,5; P: 12 TL/BD: 3.60; TL/HL: 3.19; BD/HL: 0.88; HL/ED: 5.2 Fam: MORONIDAE Dicentrarchus labrax (Linneaus, 1758)-European seabass (A-M) Common synonym: Morone labrax Labrax lupus( Cuvier, 1828) Local name: Levrek (n: 1) D1: VIII; D2: I,13; A: III,11; Ll. 68 TL/BD: 4.49; TL/HL: 4.01; BD/HL: 0.82; HL/ED: 5.53 Fam: POMATOMIDAE Pomatomus saltatrix (Linnaeus, 1766)-Bluefish (A-M) Common synonym: Temnodon saltator Valenciennes, 1833 Local name: Lüfer (n: 1) D1: VII; D2: I,26; A: II,23; V: I,5; P: I,15; Ll. 101 TL/BD: 5.12; TL/HL: 4.10; BD/HL: 0.82; HL/ED: 5.53 Fam: CARANGIDAE Trachurus mediterraneus (Steindachner, 1868)-Mediterranean horse-mackerel (A-M) Common synonym: Trachurus mediterraneus ponticus Aleev, 1956 Trachurus furnestini (Dardignac & Vincent) Local name: Sarıkuyruk istavrit (n: 1) D1: VIII; D2: I,32; A: II+I,28; V: I,5; P: 39; LI.78 TL/BD: 5.71; TL/HL: 4.15; BD/HL: 0.72; HL/ED: 3.38 Fam: SCIAENIDAE Umbrina sirrosa (Linnaeus, 1758)-Shi-drum (A-M) Common synonym: None Local name: Minakop, kötek balığı (n: 1) D1: X; D2: I,25; A: II,7 TL/BD: 3.73; TL/HL: 3.90; BD/HL: 1.04; HL/ED: 4.8 Fam: MULLIDAE Mullus surmuletus Linnaeus, 1758-Striped red mullet (A-M) Common synonyms: None. Local name: Tekir (n: 1). D1: VII; D2: I,7; A: I,6; V: I,7; P: 16 TL/BD: 5.10; L/HL: 4.10; BD/HL: 0.82; HL/ED: Fam: MUGILIDAE Liza aurata (Risso, 1810)-Golden grey mullet (A-M) Common synonym: Mugil auratus Local name: Altınbaş Kefal, Miksinarya (n: 1) D1: IV; D2: I,8; A: II,9; V: I,6 TL/BD: 5.48; TL/HL: 5.85; BD/HL: 0.98; HL/ED: 4.66 Fam: SPARIDAE Boops boops (Linnaeus, 1758)-Boque (A-M) Common synonym: Box boops Linnaeus, 1758 Local name: Kupes, Kupa (n:1) D: XV,14; A: III,16; V: I,4; P: 15; Ll. 74 TL/BD: 5.15; TL/HL: 4.80; BD/HL: 0.9; HL/ED: 3.09 Dentex macrophthalmus (Bloch, 1791)-Large-eye dentex (A-M) Common synonyms: None. Local name: İrigözsinagrit balığı (n: 1) D: XII,11; A: III,8; Ll. 52 TL/BD: 3.47; TL/HL: 3.86; BD/HL: 1.11; HL/ED: 3.31 Diplodus vulgaris (E. Geoffrey Saint-Hilaire, 1817)-Common two-banded sea bream (A-M) Common synonyms: None. Local name: Karagöz (n: 2) D: XII,15; A: III,13; V: I,5; P: 14; Ll. 53 TL/BD: 2.77; TL/HL: 4.10; BD/HL: 1.47; HL/ED: 3.69 Lithognathus mormyrus (Linneaus, 1758)-Striped sea bream (A-M) Common synonyms: Pagellus mormyrus (Linneaus, 1758) Local name: mırmır (n: 1) D: XI,11; A: III,10; Ll. 62 TL/BD: 4.0; TL/HL: 3.75; BD/HL: 0.93; HL/ED: 7.01 Oblada melanura (Linneaus, 1758)-Saddled bream (A-M) Common synonyms:. None Local name: melanura (n: 1) D: XI,14; A: III,13; Ll. 65 TL/BD: 3.53; TL/HL: 4.60; BD/HL: 1.30; HL/ED: 3.27 Pagrus pagrus (Linneaus, 1758), Sea bream (A-M) Common synonyms:.sparus pagrus (Linneaus, 1758) Pagrus vulgaris Valenciennes, 1830 Local name: Fangri (n: 1) D: XI,10; A: III,8; Ll. 52 TL/BD: 3.7; TL/HL: 3.74; BD/HL: 1.0; HL/ED: 5.0 Sarpa salpa (Linneaus, 1758)- Salema (A-M) Common synonyms: Boops salpa 8 Local name: Salpa (n: 1) D: XI,16; A: III,14; V: I,6; P: 16; Ll. 75 TL/BD: 3.5; TL/HL: 5.1; BD/HL: 1.46; HL/ED: 4.28 Sparus aurata Linneaus, 1758-Gilt-head sea bream (A-M) Common synonyms: Chrysophrys aurata (Linneaus, 1758) (non Bloch Schneider, 1801) Local name: Çipura (n: 1) D: XI,14; A: III,11; V: III,11; P: 15; Ll. 75 TL/BD: 3.3; TL/HL: 3.9; BD/HL: 1.19; HL/ED: 4.6 Fam: LABRIDAE Coris julis (Linneaus, 1758)-Rainbow wrasse (A-M) Common synonym: None Local name: Gelin Balığı (n: 1) D: IX,12; A: III,12; V: 6; P: 13; Ll. 75 TL/BD: 5.2; TL/HL: 3.95; BD/HL: 0.75; HL/ED: 5.68 Fam: TRACHINIDAE Trachinus draco Linnaeus, 1758-Greater weever (A-M) Common synonym: None. Local name: Trakonya (n: 1) D: VI; D2: 29; A: II,29; V: I,5; Ll. 78 TL/BD: 6.1; TL/HL: 4.32; BD/HL: 0.68; HL/ED: 5.34 Fam: URANOSCOPIDAE Uranoscopus scaber Linnaeus, 1758-Stargazar (A-M) Common synonym: None. Local name: Tiryaki Balığı-Kurbağa Balığı (n: 1) D1: III; D2: 13; A: I,12; V: 5; P: 14 TL/BD: 6.38; TL/HL: 3.32; BD/HL: 0.66; HL/ED: 8.78 Fam: SCOMBRIDAE Scomber japonicus Houttuyn, 1782-Chub mackerel (C) Common synonym:pneumatophorus colias (Gmelin, 1788) Local name: Kolyoz (n: 1) D1: VIII; D2: 12; A: 11; AP: 5; DP: 5; V: 7; P: 16 TL/BD: 6.37; TL/HL: 4.20; BD/HL: 0.66; HL/ED: 4.07 Scomber scombrus Linnaeus, Atlantic mackarel (A-M) Common synonyms: None. Local name: Uskumru (n: 1) D1: XII; D2: 11; DP: 5; AP: 5; A: 12; V: 7; P: 17 TL/BD: 6.24; TL/HL: 4.2; BD/HL: 0.69; HL/ED: 4.9 Ordo: Scleroparei (Scorpaeniformes) Fam: SCORPAENIDAE Scorpaena notata Rafinesque, 1810-Petite rascasse (A-M) Common synonyms: Scorpaena ustulata Lowe, Scorpaena notata afimbria Slastenenko, 1934 Local name: Benekli iskorpit (n: 1) D: XII,9; A: III,5; V: I,5; P: 16 TL/BD: 3.62; TL/HL: 3.02; BD/HL: 0.84; HL/ED: 3.45 Scorpaena porcus Linneaus, 1758-Blackscorpion fish (A-M) Common synonyms: None Local name:iskorpit (n: 1) D: XII,9; A: III,6; V: I,5; P: 16 TL/BD: 3.4; TL/HL: 2.9; BD/HL: 0.85; HL/ED: 4.23 Fam: TRIGLIDAE Chelidonicthys lucernus (Linnaeus, 1758)-Tub gurnard (A-M) Common synonyms: Trigla lucerna Linnaeus, 1758 Trigla hirundo (nec Linnaeus): Bloch,1785 Trigla corvus Risso,1810 Trigla corax Bonaparte, 1834 Local name: Kırlangıç Balığı (n: 1) D1: VIII; D2: 16; A: 15; V: I,5 TL/BD: 5.51; TL/HL: 4.04; BD/HL: 0.73; HL/ED: 5.46 Ordo: Heterosomata (Pleuronectiformes) Fam: SCOPHTHALMIDAE Scophthalmus rhombus (Linnaeus, 1758)-Brill (A-M) Common synonym: Rhombus laevis Turton, 1802 Local name: Dişi Kalkan, Çivisiz Kalkan (n: 1) D: 75; A: 59; V: 5; P: 12 TL/BD: 2.11; TL/HL: 3.54; BD/HL: 1.67; HL/ED: 5.16 Fam: SOLEIDAE Solea nasuta (Pallas, 1814)-Snouted sole (M) Common synonym: Pegusa nasuta Local name: Dil Balığı (n: 1) D: 75; A: 57; V: 3; P: 8, Ll. 120 TL/BD: 3.24; TL/HL: 5.40; BD/HL: 1.66; HL/ED: DISCUSSION Akşiray (3) reported 443 fish species along the coasts of Turkey without indicating the seas which they live in. Mater and Meriç (16) gave 337 fish species in the Aegean Sea. Papaconstantinou (13) reported 447 fish species in Greek Seas. Mater and Kaya (10) determined 7 species belonging to 4 genus of the family Gobiidae in Izmir Bay. Torcu and Aka (19) reported 68 fish species belonging to 38 families from Edremit Bay in the northern Aegean Sea. Mater et al. (22) recorded 361 fish species in the Aegean Sea. Eryılmaz (20) determined 92 species belonging to 44 families from Bozcaada Island. S. acanthias, S. canicula and R. radula reported from Edremit Bay and Bozcaada Island (Northern Aegean 10 Sea) were also caught in Saros Bay. Their body ratios are similar to the previous reference (19, 20). From Sparidae, Mater (9) gave a list enumerating 16 species from İzmir Bay. Of these mentioned above, B. boops, D. macrophthalmus, D. vulgaris, L. mormyrus, O. melanura, P. pagrus, S. salpa, S. aurata were also caught from Saros Bay. Bilecenoğlu et al. (21) reported 388 fish species in Aegean Sea which 269 belonging to Atlanto-Mediterranean, 56 to Cosmopolitan, 44 to Mediterranean zoogeographical regions. Of the determined 30 fish species in this study, 26 are Atlanto-Mediterranean, 2 are Cosmopolitan and 2 are Mediterranean. From Soleidae, S. nasuta is synonymized under S. lascaris at a worked named A taxonomic reappraisal of the Atlanto-Mediterranean soles Solea solea, S. senegalensis and S. lascaris by Ben Tuvia (23). M. merluccius, M. surmuletus, T. trachurus, T. lyra, L. piscatorius, Z. faber, S. vulgaris, and S. canicula and were informed to be the most abundant by means of apparence frequencies in trawl catches of the gulf of Saros (northern Aegean Sea) (15), while M. merluccius, T. trachurus, T. lyra, B. boops, D. macrophtalmus, L. piscatorius, Z. faber were shown to be more common in Aegean Sea (18). In the present study, only two species, Z. faber and L. piscatorius couldn t be gathered. As Eryılmaz (20) has only given total length ranges of 92 species from Bozcaada Island, any morphometric and meristic comparisons could not be made. Our findings in all fish species confirm the previous literature (6, 7, 8, 19). But, for P. pagrus of the family Sparidae, number of dorsal fin rays has been given as by Geldiay (5). In the present study, dorsal fin rays was found to be 10. The number of anal fin rays has been given as 9-10 by Geldiay (5) while anal fin rays was found to be 8. For L. aurata of the family Mugilidae, Geldiay (6) has given the number of anal spines as 3. In the present study, anal spines were found to be 2. Geldiay (6) has given ventral fin rays as 5, while ventral fin rays were found to be 6 in the present study. It may be considered as a result of different samples size. In this investigation, any comparison of morphometric and meristic characters of fish species in Saros Bay couldn t be carried out because of no such study at the same locality in the past. In the future, it is possible that new fish species can be added to the present fish fauna in Saros Bay with better equipments and more chances. It is a hope that this investigation will lead to the further ones in Saros Bay. Acknowledgements The authors wishes to thank Fehime Cinay and local fisheries from Saroz Gulf for their helps in sample collection. 5. REFERENCES [1] Kocataş, A. ve Bilecik, N., Ege Denizi Canlı Kaynakları, Tarım ve Köy İşleri Bakanlığı, Su Ürünleri Araştırma Enstitüsü, A7, 88 sf, (1992). [2] Akşiray, F., Türkiye Deniz Balıkları Tayin Anahtarı, İstanbul, İ. Ü. Fen Fak. Hidrobiyoloji Araş. Enst. Yayınları, 277 sf, (1954). [3] Akşiray, F., Türkiye Deniz Balıkları ve Tayin Anahtarı, İstanbul, İ.Ü. Rektörlüğü Yayınları, İstanbul, 810 sf, (1987). 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[10] Mater, S. and Kaya, M., İzmir Körfezi Gobiidae familyası (Osteichthyes, Perciformes) sistematiği ve morfolojisi üzerine bir araştırma. (Systematics and morphometrics of family Gobiidae (Osteichthyes, Perciformes) of the Gulf of Izmir, DOGA Tr. J. Biol., 10 (2): , (1986). [11] Kaya, M., Mater, S., Türkiye denizleri için yeni bir kayabalığı cinsi ve üç kayabalığı türü (Pisces: Gobiidae), Tr. J. Biol., 11 (3): , (1987). [12] Papaconstantinou, C., and Tsimenidis, C., Some uncommon fishes from the Aegean Sea, Cybium, 3 e série. 7: 1-14, (1979). [13] Papaconstantinou, C., Check list of marine fishes of Greece. in Fauna Graeciae, 4, Athens, 257 pp., (1988). [14] Kaya, M., Mater, S., ve Benli, H.A., Türkiye nin Ege sahilinde ilk kez rastlanan bir balık türü Symphodus doderlini Jordan, 1981 (Pisces: Labridae), Doğa TU Zool., 13 (2): 84-87, (1989). [15] Anonymus, Final report of Demersal Fisheries Resource Survey in the Republic of Turkey. Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Directorate general of Agricultural Production and Development, Submitted by Sanyo-Techno-Marine Inc. and Spondered by Japan International Cooperation Acency (JICA), 254 pp, (1993). [16] Mater, S. ve Meriç, N., Türkiye Omurgalılar Tür Listesi (Deniz Balıkları), (Kence, A., Bilgin, C., eds), DPT/TBAG-Çev. Sek.3, , Nurol Matbaacılık A.Ş., , (1996). [17] Kara, Ö. F. and Gurbet, R., Ege Denizi endüstriyel balıkçılığı üzerine bir araştırma Tarım ve Köyişleri Bakanlığı, Tarımsal Araştırmalar Genel Müdürlüğü, Ankara, 138 sf, (1999). [18] Benli, H. A., Cihangir, B., Bizsel, K.C., Bilecik, N., Buhan, E., Ege Denizi nin demersal balıkçılık kaynakları üzerine bir araştırma, Tarım ve Köyişleri Bakanlığı, Tarımsal Araştırmalar Genel Müdürlüğü, Ankara, 90 sf., (2000). [19] Torcu, H., Aka Z., A study on the fishes of Edremit Bay (Aegean Sea), Turk J Zool, 24: 46-61, (2000). 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