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Amurex GM Hungária Ltd. Distribution and marketing of gluten-free products EU-regulations The current legislation - Commission Regulation (EC) No 41/ lays down harmonized rules on the content and

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Amurex GM Hungária Ltd. Distribution and marketing of gluten-free products EU-regulations The current legislation - Commission Regulation (EC) No 41/ lays down harmonized rules on the content and labelling of foodstuffs suitable for people intolerant to gluten from their aspect, except the content and labelling of babyfood. The regulation specifies threshold limits for the gluten content, because it is very difficult to make entirely gluten-free foodstuffs. The possible degrees of foodstuffs for celiac disease people: Extremely low gluten content: 100 mg gluten in one kilogram foodstuff at most Gluten-free: the rate of the gluten is 20 mg/kg at most Made with oat: the rate of the gluten is 20 mg/kg at most, and the oat has not touched any wheat, rye, barley, or any of their hybrids The regulation is effective as of 1st January, 2012. We opened our 60m2 shop in Budaörs, in March 2006, which was only a rental that time, and only gluten-free products were on the shelves. We had only products from 4-5 suppliers, but still, we were a peculiarity. After 1-2 years, new suppliers appeared and our assortment has been broadened. Most products were preservable bread, pasta, corn flour and biscuits. You could feel on the products that something was left out of them, most of the bakery products were crumby, dry and unpalatable, or rubbery, and tasted like sawdust. That time, the real soft shortbread was inaccessible for people suffering from celiac disease. Gluten-free breads were nothing like the traditional ones. After a long testing period, it was ready Our first tasty gluten-free bread. Then she went for a cocoa roll for a quark-filled bun, and for a bread with seed-mix Our clients really loved our products! Clients loved the freshly made bakery products and the bread, and after a while the owner could not meet the needs alone. She baked together with her daughter, Krisztina, while Szilvia, the one who is suffering from celiac disease, served our clients in the shop. We broadened continuously our product portfolio. After 6 months, the 60m2 shop turned out to be too small. We bought and moved to a bigger (2 x 75 m2) place in the summer of 2010, just to have enough space for our gluten-free products and to have better service for our clients. In 2011, the reseller came to us, who started to distribute our products. This proceeded and new resellers came forward. When we already had 2-3 partners, we bought our first gas-shielded welding machine, and we picked our logo. In 2012, one of the shop owners of the Príma Bakery found us, and then also the Príma Bakery center. Meanwhile, the Duran partysandwich was searching for gluten-free bread. And then, one of the shop owners of the Lipóti Bakery came to us. And it went on more and more clients came to us From 2014, the husband of Szilvia joined our family company, and helped us greatly with his experience and previous business background. In the same year, more and more people were interested in our products and so we broadened our product portfolio. We made: Rustic bread Bread with seed-mix Quark-filled bun Cocoa roll Vital bread Walnut roll Bun filled with hazelnut paste Cinnamon-almond roll Pastry filled with jam Cocoa-hazelnut roll Schar roll Roll cheese crescent And many more Our present portfolio contains about 70 kinds of products: Fresh bread, bakery products: for private persons Semi-finished, frozen bakery products: for private persons, for baking at home Bread wrapped in modified atmosphere: for retail Semi-finished, frozen bakery products: for retail, for baking Fully-baked, frozen bread and bakery products for hotels and restaurants Biscuits (11 kinds): for private persons, for retail The change in the quantities of our products összes kenyér fogyás/hónap kakaós csiga fogyása/hónap összes péksütemény fogyása/hónap Turnover data: Éves forgalom (millió Ft) Éves forgalom (millió Ft) We broadened our product portfolio with 11 kinds of biscuits in 2015, then in the summer we started the distribution of frozen products. Usually distributors order our fully-baked, frozen products, who serve hotels, bistros with these products. Our partners order them in cartons, with big quantities,such as Matusz-Vadot, or Helit. Our strategic partner, the Hungarian National Trading House supports us in our goal to exort into foreign markets. In the spring of 2016, the Industrial Parks Association and the IFKA Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd. asked us to do the catering for a ceremony in the Ministry for National Economy. Certainly in a gluten-free manner We decided at the end of 2015: we open a restaurant at a popular part of Budapest, where people can enjoy gluten-free food We plan to open this new place products. in early May, 2016, in the Jókai street, close to the Nyugati Railway Station. Our planned menu: bakery products, breads, cakes, pizza, pasta, toast sandwiches, icecream, coffee and ready-made foodstuffs. Certainly in a glutenfree manner. Press: Hungarian National Trading House Budaörsi Napló: several articles * Üzleti kerekasztal a lisztérzékenységről Pest Megyei és Érd Megyei Jogú Városi Kereskedelmi és Iparkamarával Cégportré: A gluténmentes bolt 2014 March: Borbás Marcsi, Gasztroangyal tvshow 2011: Népszabadság, article: Segít az EU. Thank You for Your attention and we are ready to receive Your order! Mr Peter Szabolcs Managing Director Amurex GM Hungária Kft.
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