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Allgäu Foot-Notes* The Allgäu, where you spend most of your time on your feet, is the right environment to discover something new every day starts with the first step *Every discovery...and

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Allgäu Foot-Notes* The Allgäu, where you spend most of your time on your feet, is the right environment to discover something new every day starts with the first step *Every discovery...and gets more exciting with the next. Alpine climbing Bicycling Paragliding Summer sledging Hiking Unique walking areas: 60 km of mountain paths with panorama views. Swimming Wild park Golf Highest golfing tee in Germany. Sailing Mountain railways Climbing Lake Constance Allgäu-Skyline Park Trekking Bicycle racing Wind surfing Rope climbing Canoeing Ballooning Lake Constance-Königssee cycle track Horse riding Nordic walking Lakes for swimming Fishing Camel trekking Waterskiing Land of adventure Allgäu Family fun for big and small discoverers. Canyoning Rafting Mountain biking Hut treks Breitach gorge Eistobel There is always something to discover... wander through the unique landscape in your walking boots. Carefully touch a climbing ladder with your foot. Let your legs hang down during a snack. Explore the well signed trails on your mountain bike, or reach your limits while canyoning. Enjoyable cross-border walks: relax in the Kleinwalsertal broaden your horizons. At the end of the day you will have gained a new experience. And, it doesn t make any difference whether your kick is a sportive one, or if you find relaxation in nature. *Fresh tracks in the snow are the beginning of a perfect winter day. The Allgäu, where winter is still winter, is the right place to experience breathtaking moments and unforgettable days in the snow Ice skating Mountain paths Curling Ski jumping Sledging Alpine skiing For the ADAC the Allgäu is one of the top skiing areas. Two-country skiing area Wild parks Snowshoe walking Ski tours Snowtubing Ice hockey Winter walking Half a year winter and snow-secure areas with especially long periods of sunshine. Skating Horse sleigh rides Après-Ski Carving area Ice climbing Dog sleigh races Snow biking Recreational and adventure pools Ski trails Ballooning Nordic skiing With over 1000 km of cross-country ski trails (several 100 km s skating), the Allgäu is absolutely the best cross-country skiing area. Skijoring Snow golf Mountain railways Building igloos Horned sleigh races Snowboard fun parks put one foot in front of the other in the glistening snow. A turn right, a turn left. This is your first attempt at snowboarding and the snow is spraying in your face. Happiness is often the little things in life: the sun that reflects off the white surface, the cup of tea that warms you up. Explore the landscape on your big feet snowshoes provide grip and security when exploring the animal world. Ice crystals and icicles in the most different shapes decorate the way. High over the mountains, feeling completely weightless and then return with a suntan. Glide across the white landscape. Hear and feel the crunching of the snow with every step you take. The snow melts but the memory remains... In the Allgäu, where the air is clearer and the landscape is healthier than elsewhere, body and mind can switch off and relax get new energy *Shed some ballast,...and relax from top to toe. Spa region Allgäu Health region: home of the Schrothand the Kneipp cure. Light cuisine Walking Bio hotels Allgäu flower mountains Sauna landscapes Ayurveda Hot and cold baths Medicinal herbs Yoga Beauty and aesthetics Meditation Nordic fitness Massage Hay baths Healthy climate Pollen free mountain air - ideal for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Gymnastics Rehabilitation clinics Traditional Chinese medicine Pools Wellness in hotels, health farms in nature. Climatic health resorts Energy places Recreational pools with wellness areas Fasting Tai Chi Stimulating climate Not a new person, but a feeling of being reborn... feeling well, getting lots of sleep, relaxing. Breathe in deeply, experience nature with all your senses and finally having the time to do so. In the trail of reverend Kneipp. Being healthy means more than not feeling ill. New energy, wrinkles that are smoothed away, your soul can relax. A loyal companion from morning till night: a good mood smiling is the best medicine. No hectic, no appointments and still active. Getting an unexpected compliment. The landscape and the air are salutary I feel healthy and strong. Where people get exceptionally old, is a good place to feel years younger. The Gunzesrieder Tal, Tannheimer Tal or Hintersteiner Tal: breathing in wellness in the Allgäu valleys. Tensions are being eased. Let yourself go, relax. Looking forward to new experiences. *Put your feet up and have a good time enjoy genuine hospitality to the most. In the Allgäu, where hospitality comes from the heart, every encounter is an intense experience Farm markets Family friendliness Culinary delights Special beers and the unparalleled Allgäu cheese are part of it, just like the Allgäu cheese noodles. Tradition Holiday homes Camping sites Country guesthouses The German Alpine Road Cheese trail Parties Holiday without the car Private rooms Buying from the farm Arrangements Restaurants Hut holidays Set meals Specialities Hotels The majority of 5-star hotels in Bavaria. Allgäu-Walser-Card Fresh milk Authenticity Camping Guest houses Health farms Holiday program Holiday on a farm Pure diversity: herbal farms 5-star farms, family holidays and so on......gormandise to your heart s content and allow yourself something good. Spoil yourself and let your feelings go. Being comfortable a feeling like being at home. Being welcomed with the whole family and letting the kids jump around without having a bad conscience. The start of a friendship? Friendly people with a warm smile on their faces. Coming with a good feeling and wanting to come back. A way of life, delicious and different, peculiar but still with a feeling of belonging to it. One thing is certain: the guest is at the centre of attention and everyday life is quickly forgotten People and the landscape what remains is a feeling of alliance... The Allgäu, where the past is alive and history was written, is the right place to be curious *So much to experience - be amazed, discover and explore wherever you are. Fortresses and castles World famous: the Neuschwanstein castle in the Königswinkel. Museums Carnival Alemannische Fasnet Jazz Bonfires Funkenfeuer Dividing the cattle Viehscheid Important music festivals Theatre Romantic towns Historical towns with extensive cultural and musical programmes. Baroque Churches, chapels and monasteries Natural history Tradition Stories Local dialect Traditional costumes Shopping experiences Cultural trails Romantic and baroque streets that invite you for a relaxing drive. Farm museums Events Christmas markets Festivities Open-air events Open-air theatres Knight games Concerts Pilgrim roads, Pilgrimages Historical celebrations Defined by impressions that keep haunting you... stories of kings, artists and hedonists. Famous buildings make you freeze in amazement. Small pieces of art at the side of the road. Tradition that is being lived, enchanting. Explore the landscape wide-eyed. Enjoy music, accept what is different join the parties and dance. Collect impressions. Dialect. The way of life. Customs and rituals. It is more different than you think. Experience a special culture. Original but still modern. Open-air atmosphere in a clear mountain air, classic melodies under mountain tops. Schubert, Mozart, Rachmaninoff. Alp-horn players in the early morning. Without any doubt: enchantment, inspiration and art at the highest level. Your guest information, tourist office and health resort administration in the Allgäu Altstädten Telephone 00 49/8321/ Altusried Telephone 00 49/8373/ Argenbühl Telephone 00 49/75 66/ Babenhausen Telephone 00 49/8333/ Bad Grönenbach Telephone 00 49/8334/ Bad Hindelang Telephone 00 49/8324/ Bad Wörishofen Telephone 00 49/8247/ Fischen Telephone 00 49/8326/ Füssen Telephone 00 49/8362/ Görisried Telephone 00 49/8302/ Halblech Telephone 00 49/8368/ Heimenkirch Telephone 00 49/8381/ Hopfen am See Telephone 00 49/8362/ Hopferau Telephone 00 49/8364/ Immenstadt Telephone 00 49/8323/ Isny Telephone 00 49/75 62/ Marktoberdorf Telephone 00 49/83 42/ Markt Wald Telephone 00 49/8262/ Memmingen Telephone 00 49/8331/ Mindelheim Telephone 00 49/8261/ Missen-Wilhams Telephone 00 49/8320/ Nesselwang Telephone 00 49/8361/ Nonnenhorn Telephone 00 49/8382/ Obergünzburg Telephone 00 49/8372/ Obermaiselstein Telephone 00 49/8326/ Roßhaupten Telephone 00 49/8367/ Rückholz Telephone 00 49/8369/ Scheidegg Telephone 00 49/83 81/ Schwangau Telephone 00 49/8362 / Seeg Telephone 00 49/8364/ Sonthofen Telephone 00 49/8321/ Stiefenhofen Telephone 00 49/8383/ Sulzberg Telephone 00 49/8376/ A-6675 Tannheimer Tal Telephone 00 43/5675/ Impressum Publisher Allgäu Marketing GmbH Allgäuer Str. 1 D Kempten Design DACHCOM Agentur für Werbung und Kommunikation Ankergässele 2 D Kempten Pictures Allgäuer Touristinformationen, Allgäu Marketing, Bad Wörishofen, DACHCOM, Michael Kaufmann, Kleinwalsertal Tourismus,Pfronten Tourismus, Andreas Riedmiller, Hermann Rupp, Tourismusverband Südliches Allgäu Copyright The complete contents of this publication is legally protected, all rights are reserved. No form of reproduction, as well as the reproduction on radio or television or presentations, is allowed without the written authorisation of Allgäu Marketing. All information is given to our best knowledge, but without any guarantees. No liability can be taken Bad Wurzach Telephone 00 49/75 64/ Jungholz Telephone 00 43/5676/ Oberreute Telephone 00 49/8387/ Wald Telephone 00 49/8302/ Balderschwang Telephone 00 49/8328/ Kaufbeuren Telephone 00 49/83 41/ Oberstaufen Telephone 00 49/8386/ Waldburg Telephone 00 49/7529/ Blaichach Telephone 00 49/8321/ Kempten Telephone 00 49/8 31/ Oberstdorf Telephone 00 49/8322/ Wangen Telephone 00 49/7522/ Bolsterlang Telephone 00 49/8326/ Kißlegg Telephone 00 49/75 63/ Ofterschwang Telephone 00 49/8321/ Wasserburg Telephone 00 49/8382/ Buchenberg Telephone 00 49/8378/ Kleinwalsertal Telephone 00 43/55 17/ Ottobeuren Telephone 00 49/8332/ Weiler Telephone 00 49/8387/ Burgberg Telephone 00 49/8321/ Lechbruck Telephone 00 49/88 62/ Oy-Mittelberg Telephone 00 49/8366/ Weissensee Telephone 00 49/8362/ Buxheim Telephone 00 49/8331/ Leutkirch Telephone 00 49/75 61/ Pfronten Telephone 00 49/8363/ Weitnau Telephone 00 49/8375/ Dietmannsried Telephone 00 49/8374/ Lindenberg Telephone 00 49/8381/ Rettenberg Telephone 00 49/8327/ Wertach Telephone 00 49/8365/ Eisenberg Telephone 00 49/8364/ Maierhöfen Telephone 00 49/8383/ Rieden am Forggensee Telephone 00 49/8362/ Wolfegg Telephone 00 49/7527/ Often it is only a small step to big moments... Would you like to have more information about a place? Here you will obtain information material for free. We are partners: Your 24 hour information service On the internet you can constantly get all the latest information about the Allgäu. Fantastic offers and quizzes make your visit to more attractive. 2005/5 Erlebe das Original. Your reliable contact We want to keep proving that we do everything to make your holiday perfect and that we fulfil almost every desire you wish. We are there for all your questions 7 days a week from 8.00 until 20.00: Tel /(0) 83 21/ Fax 00 49/(0) 83 21/ Your loyal companion Always carry your Allgäu-Walser-Card with you. This free electronic guest card offers you many benefits and attractions: available from your host or from the tourist information office. Your hosts The Allgäuer hotel-, guesthouse- and holiday home owners would like to wish you a warm welcome. In the Allgäu hotel register you can find the most beautiful holiday accommodations. Holiday-Hotline 0049/(0)8321/ Prospectservice Allgäu Postfach D Augsburg EUROPEAN COMMUNITY Sponsored by the European Funds for Regional Development
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