All rights reserved. 5G, the way forward! Mário Campolargo, Director NET Futures, DG CONNECT, European Commission - PDF

All rights reserved 5G, the way forward! Mário Campolargo, Director NET Futures, DG CONNECT, European Commission Scoping 5G Next generation of communication networks and services, beyond 4G. achieving

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All rights reserved 5G, the way forward! Mário Campolargo, Director NET Futures, DG CONNECT, European Commission Scoping 5G Next generation of communication networks and services, beyond 4G. achieving ubiquitous super-fast connectivity Commonly accepted time table: R&D&I timing until 2020 Optimised for technology expected to be available around 2025 (and cost effective) Operational deployment after Why does 5G matter for the EU? Powerful engine for creativity and future growth. Competitiveness/ Jobs & skills of tomorrow. The most important infrastructures of the next decade? and where the EU can make a difference to Kick-start research & innovation. Move the investment cycle forward. Smooth out fragmentation between industry players. Exercise leadership on global consensus building. Prepare for new converged industry of tomorrow. 3 5G 4+1 G Evolutionary ? not enough Exponential traffic and network complexity/costs. The Cloud changes everything! Mobile out, wireless connectivity in! New business models / governance upside-down. Energy challenge. Nobody can make more spectrum 4 Cloud Computing Paradigm Storage Processing Communication Communications as integral part of the overall processing. 5 5G requires rethinking the infrastructure Faster access (Mbps- Gbps) Ubiquitous/ immersive connectivity What is the 5G infrastructure? More capacity (1000 X?) Virtualised Network Functions More software based/ upgradable Support very widerange applications 6 Expected challenges regarding standards Deliver the right vision on time, to enable main technological options between 2015 and 2018, supported by standardisation in the period. Distinguish approaches regarding standards for: network interoperability and specific application support interfaces. Ensure fair return on investment for all players (traditional and new) while stimulating innovation. 7 Spectrum challenge Previous IMT-2000 Identified at WRC 2007 Note: simplified diagram At least additional 500MHz new spectrum by More innovative spectrum usage technologies / systems. Most probably higher frequencies above 6 GHz. 8 Food for thought today How to properly address Quality of Service in 5G driven by verticals? How does this fit with the overall Internet architecture? Should 5G offer a full alternative to Terrestrial TV broadcasting as a universal service, by 2025? 5G should embody the Privacy-by-Design approach. What will be the key generic features of it? (big data?) Security across software domains. 9 Proposed EU approach for 5G In short.. Accelerate and structure research & innovation through the 5G Public Private Partnership(5G-PPP). Industry to co-createthe vision and build global convergence by end Work jointly, stakeholders and Commission, on spectrum planning (- WRC-18), standards( ) and international cooperation 10 A 5G PPP initiative for Europe -Context Horizon 2020 Proposal Supporting PPPs, including Future Internet. Speech of EC VP. Neelie Kroes Barcelona, World Mobile Congress, Feb. 2013, call for action to industry to submit partnership proposals for an advanced 5G future network infrastructure. Part of an integrated approach to Future Internet Cloud strategy (research, legal and procurement), FI-PPP Internet as an innovation accelerator (generic enablers, platforms, new actors, entrepreneurship, innovation), FIRE (experimentation). 11 5G PPP -Rationale Strong foundation: Close cooperation with and within community. Strong and visible community (800 entities in NET!works) butnotrestrictedto. Industry oriented strategy. What the PPP brings: Long term commitment from both public/private side. Greater impact on innovation and leverage effect on complementary sources of financing. more partnership, more commitment, more leverage! 12 5G PPP Guiding principles Focus is on infrastructure, able to respond and be driven by new business models. Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda defined by 5G PPP partners. EU commits 700 million to leverage private investment in R&D&I funding for 5G between 2014 and 2020(Horizon 2020 programme). EU provides policy support for 5G development (e.g. standardisation, spectrum planning, international consensus). 13 5G PPP focus of phases Phase III ( ) Large-scale trials / Early standardisation 5G PPP 5G PPP Phase II ( ) System optimisation / Pre-standardisation Phase I( ) Basic research work / Vision building Ignition phase ( ) Project METIS 14 5G PPP -KPIs Key Performance Indicators 5G PPP will be formally monitored Providing 1000 times higher wireless area capacity and more varied service capabilities compared to Saving up to 90% of energy per service provided. Reducing the average service creation time cycle from 90 hours to 90 minutes. Creating a secure, reliable and dependable Internet with a zero perceived downtime for services provision. Facilitating very dense deployments of wireless communication links. Enabling advanced user controlled privacy. 15 Dates to keep in mind 17/12/2013: Signature ceremony for PPP Contractual Agreement 23/11/2014: Close first call proposals ( 125 million funding) Sister initiative FI-PPP (open platform, stimulating demand and the creation of ecosystems) 10/12/2013: Close last FP7 Call ( 100 million funding) 16 Thanks for your attention 17
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