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Alcatel-Lucent LAN és WiFi újdonságok Young Partner Nap 2012 Luky Gábor 2012 Május A tartalomból 1. Adatközponti megoldások Kihívások Alcatel-Lucent Mesh architektúra 2. Vezeték nélküli megoldások kis-

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Alcatel-Lucent LAN és WiFi újdonságok Young Partner Nap 2012 Luky Gábor 2012 Május A tartalomból 1. Adatközponti megoldások Kihívások Alcatel-Lucent Mesh architektúra 2. Vezeték nélküli megoldások kis- és közepes vállalatok számára Virtuális központi vezérlő - Instant AP megoldás 2 PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT IP address, data center, network, security and performance management SWITCHING WLAN Switching LAN and Data Center switching MPLS Switching SECURITY Embedded security Host Integrity Check Unified Threat Management 3 COPYRIGHT ALCATEL-LUCENT ENTERPRISE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Challenges Virtualization changes everything Explosion of applications & devices Raw bandwidth no longer enough Network under unprecedented stress 4 OmniSwitch GigE Top of Rack Data Center Switch Ethernet management port, Serial and USB ports OmniSwitch OS6900-X40 (front / back views) Architecture Optional Module #1 Optional Module #2 Hot swappable fan tray 3+1 fan redundancy, Front to Back cooling Redundant slide-in power supplies (AC or DC) 1U OmniSwitch OS6900-X20 (front) 40 GigE Module Raw Performance and Flexibility up to 1.28Tbps of capacity, sub-microsecond latency, 128K MAC addresses 20 and 40 port models for different types of rack configuration Optional module for utmost flexibility and future proofing Power Efficient: 3.5W per 10GbE port 5 OmniSwitch TM 10K Core and End of Row Data Center Switch Architecture Leader in Raw Performance 256 ports of 10GigE wire rate, non blocking Layer2, Layer3, uni-cast, multi-cast Verified by Independent Tests (Lippis / Ixia) 5.12 Tb/s current switching capacity Platform to Evolve to 40GigE, 100GigE 16 Port 10 GigE 8 Port 40 GigE Ready for Lossless Ethernet (FCoE) Platform support for Latest IEEE standards Enhanced Transmission Selection (802.1Qaz), Priority Flow Control (802.1Qbb) 40 GigE Line Cards 4 x 40GigE 8 x 40GigE 10 GigE Line Cards 8 +8 x 10GigE 16 x 10GigE 6 COPYRIGHT ALCATEL-LUCENT ENTERPRISE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Mesh Architektúra Architecture A Mesh architektúra három fő elemből épül fel: POD: A ToR switchek összekapcsolása (MC-LAG és Virtual Chasse, később Shortest Path Bridging, VC) SuperPOD: Több POD összekapcsolása Core: Több SuperPOD összekapcsolása Az összekapcsolás lehet 10GE és/vagy 40GE 7 POD Architecture A POD N darab OS6900 switch összekapcsolása 10G vagy 40 G kapcsolatok segítségével A 6 elemű POD közvetlen kapcsolatot biztosít minden egyes eszköz között Shortest path Az egész struktúra végpont-végpont közötti késleltetése 2 microszekundum Mini Pod POD us μs Latency Akár (240) 10G szerver port Optimized for East-West Traffic A POS minden eleme egy hop távolságra van egymástól 8 Super POD (A Pod-ok POD-ja) Architecture Több POD összekapcsolásával egy Super POD jön létre Super POD A példán 5 POD összekapcsolása 40GE kapcsolatok segítségével Akár (1200) 10G server port POD POD POD POD A POD közötti East-West forgalomra POD-onként 4x40GbE port segítségével egy SuperPOD Mesh jön létre POD 4us Latency Optimized for East-West Traffic 9 COPYRIGHT ALCATEL-LUCENT ENTERPRISE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Core Architecture Összekapcsolás Super POD WAN OS10K Mesh OS10K DC - DC A full-mesh architektúra egy skálázható megoldást biztosít néhány száz elemtől akár több ezer elemig. Pod #10G Server Ports Supported: 14,400 Nincs egyedi meghibásodási pont 5 us Aggregate Latency 10 COPYRIGHT ALCATEL-LUCENT ENTERPRISE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. A Step-by-Step DC Network Evolution MC-LAG OS10K OS10K 6850E 6850E 6850E 6850E 6850E E 6850E 6850E Up to 120 Server ports Up to 384 Server ports Ready For The Future 40/100 GigE Loss-Less Ethernet Fiber Channel Over Ethernet (FCoE) Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) 11 COPYRIGHT ALCATEL-LUCENT ENTERPRISE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Applications Managed as a Service Control The Network Understands Each Application Provisioning requirements Security profile Expected quality of service levels Priority of the application for the corporation Latency and jitter requirements The Network Automatically Manages Applications Automated binding of vnp to virtual machine Automatic discovery of virtual machine location Automatic provisioning of applications Network configuration follows virtual machine moves Dynamic tuning of QoS parameters Network requested VM moves to minimize latency Virtual Network Profile Network Provisioning Quality of Service Application vnp Data Center Fabric Security Requirements Priority 12 OmniVista 2500 Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) Operation Mesh Automatically Adapts with VM Movement Visibility Provides a unified dashboard of switches, ports, hypervisors and virtual machines Live and historical data tracking and logging Provisioning Definition of bindings between VM and vnp Movement Creation and deployment of vnp Security & QoS parameters, VLAN configuration Add, migrate, remove OmniVista 2500 VMM Integration vcenter, Hyper-V, XENServer and KVM 13 OmniAccess Wirelless 14 OmniAccess Wireless One Network With the same system: Remote access - VPN Firewall Wireless IPS ARM User based acces control Captive portal Architecture 15 OmniAccess Wireless Instant Access Points (IAP) Overview OAW-IAP134/135: Dual radio external/internal antennas OAW-IAP105: Dual radio, integrated antennas OAW-IAP92/93: Single radio external/integrated antennas 16 IAPs per group Virtual Controller Technology Adaptive Radio Management Stateful firewall & rogue AP protection Stateful QoS for voice & video 3-minute WLAN Install Over the air provisioning Single screen user interface Optional Cloud-based Management Network operations by OmniVista 3600 Air Manager Software Upgradable to Join Controller-based WLAN 16 OmniAccess Wireless Instant Virtual Controller AP setup -WLAN Networks -Firewall/Radius -Guest Access - Spectrum analysis Adaptive Virtual Controller 17 OmniAccess Wireless Enterprise grade Wireless LAN solution in a box No additional wireless switch or controller required No software licenses need to be bought Can work stand alone or can be deployed up to 16 IAPs in a group to provide mobility Excellent solution for: Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) Branch office deployment Distributed geographic locations Autonomous WLAN deployment Optional centralized management using OV OmniAccess Wireless Offers one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for an enterprise grade wireless solution Low CAPEX List Price OAW-IAP92/93: ~300 OAW-IAP105: ~500 OAW-IAP134/135: ~1000 Low OPEX Easy to deploy takes less than 3 minutes to set up basic wireless LAN connectivity. Automatic software upgrade provisions Automatic notification for software bugs/new feature releases 19 ?
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