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1. Sweeden<br /> 2. Outdoor sport<br />In Tornio-Haparandatherewasmuchsnow in thisseason, wecouldn’twalkbecausewedidn’tknowhowtowalkwithsnow.<br…

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  • 1. Sweeden<br />
  • 2. Outdoor sport<br />In Tornio-Haparandatherewasmuchsnow in thisseason, wecouldn’twalkbecausewedidn’tknowhowtowalkwithsnow.<br />Thereallthepeopleknowhowtoski and eachfamily has got a snowmobile so they can drive and move more comfortably<br />
  • 3. Indoorsport<br />All the people who live in Tornio-Haparanda have their own sauna at home and use it every day so their skin is clean.<br />
  • 4. Living together<br />The family was very good. I felt like a family member. My fellow Swedish was very friendly and nice.<br />Every day we went out to walk the dog. We were great together and I didn’t want to leave.<br />
  • 5. Sightseeing<br />When we were there, we went to many typical places. What I liked the most was the snow castle, there were many familiar characters made ​​of snow, which were very surprising. That snow castle was also a hotel where there were some very nice rooms.<br />
  • 6. Culture<br />One of the things we learned during our trip was a bit of culture there.A fishing competition isheld once a year. Also there was dancing zumba and I danced there. We had a great time because we were dancing until the end and we wanted more.<br />
  • 7. Relationswithenvironment<br />The environment was proper to the north pole, trees, animals ... The reindeer isan animal that lives there and we liked it a lot, but it islike if you see a cow here in our area. My partner and I walked through a forest that there was around her house and she told me that in summer everything flourished and there was no snow. The scenery was very beautiful.<br />
  • 8. Meeting and farewell<br />We met many people, students there were very gracious with us, they helped us in everything, and made us feel like we were home. When we said good bye we were all very sad and cried a lot, I would have preferred not to leave. Now we are keen to see us here in Turkey or in Spain.<br />
  • 9. Free time activities and relax<br />In ourfree time we were in MARJIORITA’s summer home and it had like 3 small houses, each one with a bedroom and the living room<br />
  • 10. By: Alba María Navarro Naranjo<br />
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