ã “Lanigerae arbores” Tessuti nel commercio tra Roma e l’India

ã “Lanigerae arbores” Tessuti nel commercio tra Roma e l’India

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     Abstract  : Textiles were important commodities in the trade between the Roman Empire and India. Different qualities of cotton and silk were shipped from India to Rome, whereas linen was shipped from Egpt to India. !otton at the time was unknown to the "est: #reek and Roman auctores fabricated fabulous stories about the plant which were further embroidered  b writers in later periods. I attempt to reconstruct cotton production in India based on $autila%s  Arthasastra , and the wall paintings of the &'anta !a(es, India. The identification as well as the preparation of different textiles ) traditionall a female 'ob ) together with the  problems of international terminolog of trade present se(eral challenges for those engaged in research on the sub'ect.  Keywords : textiles, trade, India, cotton, &rthasastra of $autila, *lin, *eriplus of the Erth+raean ea.
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