9 frame analysis – destiny’s child survivor

1. 9 frame analysis – Destiny’s Child Survivor<br />0.06 seconds;<br />I chose to do my 9-frame analysis on the song by Destiny’s Child ‘Survivor’…

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  • 1. 9 frame analysis – Destiny’s Child Survivor<br />0.06 seconds;<br />I chose to do my 9-frame analysis on the song by Destiny’s Child ‘Survivor’ as it is up beat and has a narrative to it and is in the genre of r&b. This shows the surroundings of the setting of the music video to Survivor. The low angle that the shot is at lets you see all the scenery and you can see that it is going to be based near water on a beach. The bright lighting shows that it is daytime on a summer’s day maybe on an island based on the song title of survivor. The deep focus of the sea and hills around the shot sets the scene well for the video as it shows it is all peaceful and quiet.<br />0.12 seconds;<br />This next shot shows a women walking out of the sea with what seems to be with ‘rags’ on her which could suggest that she has been there on the island for a long time. With the waves gushing behind her highlights the sex appeal of the women, as she is the dominant object in the frame. As you can’t yet see who it is keeps suspense of who she could be and what she’s doing as the story of the song unfolds. The way she is stood can also show the elegance of her as only one arm is slightly placed on her left leg as she walks, which again shows her sex appeal.<br />0.24 seconds;<br />The third shot I chose is a medium close up of Beyonce lying on the beach. As she is again dominating the shot you don’t need to see much of the background behind her, as she is the main focus of the song and the video as she is the main singer in the band. The silhouette background scenery catches her well in the light as she looks as if she is lost and just woke up from being stranded on the beach. The look on her face is concerned, yet could be seen as sexual as she is looking towards something we can’t yet see. Her costume is typical bikini top that you would expect to see at a beach setting. <br />0.52 seconds;<br />This shot shows an establishing shot of the three girls together for the first time in the video. The bright lighting reflects the beach and the setting of the video and shows that they are ‘survivors’ from being on the island as they have found each other and are one again. The surroundings also show that there is no body else on the island with them and this links in with the title of the song ‘Survivor’. <br />1.13 seconds;<br />This low angle medium close up shot shows how the girls have found clothes hung up on a make shift washing line. The viewer is being blocked from seeing what is on the washing line, which reflects the line of the song as it says ‘I’m a survivor’ where this shot shows they can survive by finding rations on a beach. <br /> <br />1.32 seconds;<br />You can see here from this next shot that the girls have used what they have found on the beach to make into new clothes. The scenery has changed from the beach to which looks like some wooded area, which again relates to what they are singing about as they have survived from being on the beach and found another place to be in the woods. The camera is at a zoomed in medium close up of the girls to let you see the background of where they are but also let you see each girls costume and sexual side of them. <br /> 1.42 seconds;<br />This next establishing shot shows the three girls with Kelly being the one at the back walking into what looks to be a hidden river in the woods. As Kelly is at the back indicates that she may be the more wary one of the group about what is going to happen etc… The greenery surrounding them creates a warm and safe effect of the unknown. <br /> <br />2.33 seconds;<br />This next low angle image shows that the three girls have found a temple building and have gone into their dance routine for the song. The lighting has gone back to being quite dark as it was in the woods, and that brings the attention to focus on the three girls that are the main focus in the frame. Their military style clothing creates the effect that they mean business which reflects the title of the song again as they have survived from being on a beach to the woods and now found a temple.<br />4.21 seconds;<br />This last establishing shot shows how the helicopter has rescued the girls and by the lighting and the colour of the sky you can see that it is dusk/ nighttime. The helicopter is the silhouette and the dominant image in the shot. <br />
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