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  CARDANMotor - marcaMotor - modeloDesplazamiento, ltr (Inches³)Revoluciones, rpmPotencia, ! (hp) n#ine $or%ue, Nm (l&'  )Carrier Rollers - ach *ide$rac Rollers - ach *ideAnchura zapata est+ndar , mm (inches)DIM N*IN *Altura de la ca&ina, mm (in)Ancho total, mm (in)verall $rac en#th, mm (in)ar#. de las cadenas en el suelo , mm (iRadio de #iro de la trasera , mm (in)/round Clearance, mm (in)Anchura estructura superior, mm (in)Rotaci0n, 1Ca& evellin# $ilt - 2or3ard, 1Ca& evellin# $ilt - Rear, 1Ca& evellin# $ilt - *ide, 4 1CAPACIDAD *Capacidad del tan%ue de com&us5&le, ltr (Num&er o' Alternators*alida del alternador, Amp26NCINAMI N$7elocidad de #iro, rpm$ravel *peed, ph (mph)Re'erence 8arves5n# 8ead2ellin# Diameter, mm (inches)Delim&in# Diameter, mm (inches)Delim&in# 2eed Rate, msec (sec)Cu9n# Radius - Ma:imum, mm (in)Cu9n# Radius - Minimum, mm (in)Cu9n# *3ath 8orizontal, mm (in)*;stem 7olta#e, 7$ipo de &om&asCaudal h;dr+ulico, ltmin (#allons (6*)  P **Peso ma:., # (l&s)!ei#ht - !ith Re'erence 8ead, # (l&s)!ei#ht - !ithout Re'erence 8ead, # (l&s)   <ohn Deere =>?M8 Cosechadora con Cadenas John Deere6090H9 (549)2000213 (286)1270 (937)29610 (24)3920 (12 f 10 in)3330 (10 f 11 in)4900 (16 f 1 in)3830 (12 f 7 in)1940 (6 f 4 in)725 (2 f 5 in)3150 (10 f 4 in)3602677870 (230)11006.73.6 (2.2)Waratah HTH622B750 (29.5)640 (25.2)5.7 (18.7)8840 (29 f )2710 (8 f 11 in)6130 (20 f 1 in)24Var. piton494 (131)37450 (82580)37450 (82580)35260 (77750)
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