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Educate Inspire Grow 6 th Annual Awards Call for nominations Presented by Page 2 Overview Award Benefits CardNotPresent.com is proud to present the 6 th Annual CNP Awards, the only awards honoring the

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Educate Inspire Grow 6 th Annual Awards Call for nominations Presented by Page 2 Overview Award Benefits CardNotPresent.com is proud to present the 6 th Annual CNP Awards, the only awards honoring the companies, programs and solutions that have distinguished themselves in the card-not-present space during the past year. This coming spring, in conjunction with the 2017 CNP Expo, to be held in Orlando May 22-25, CardNotPresent.com will name two winners in each of the categories (listed on pg. 4). We will present two Best-in-Category Awards: the Judges Choice Award and Customer Choice Award. The Judges Choice winners will be selected by a panel of independent experts chosen for their deep experience and unimpeachable reputations in payments and the card-not-present industry. The Customer Choice Award will be given in each category based on the input from your customers. It will be up to you the nominee to encourage support from your users to vote for you in your nominated category. Nominees should consider adding a link to their website sending customers to CNPAwards.com. Customers can vote for their choice there. Full instructions will be provided after nomination forms have been received. We look forward to seeing you at the 2017 CNP Awards! In an increasingly competitive environment, CNP Award winners will be able to tout their accomplishment all year long. All winners will be given a specially designed 2017 CNP Awards logo to use in their promotions in addition to special coverage from CardNotPresent.com. All winners may publicize their accomplishments in appropriate ways such as issuing press releases, posting information on their websites and using the 2017 CNP Awards insignia in advertising and on other communications. CardNotPresent.com will publicize the 2017 CNP Awards winners through its various publications. Nominate Yourself or a business partner You may nominate your own organization, program or product in the 2017 CNP Awards competition. Or, nominate a business partner or another organization you think has done a great job in one of the updated award categories. To submit a nomination visit Page 3 How To Enter Nominations will open December 5, 2016 and close on January 30, 2017 at To submit a nomination, be prepared to: choose the category or categories in which you wish to compete enter basic identifying information about the program you are nominating and your company explain your program or solution for our judges in 1,000 words or less (including an overview, the secret sauce that makes it special and relevant metrics detailing performance). enter all your information online at CNPAwards.com That s it. You can enter in more than one category, but each category will require an entry fee. You can enter different categories with the same submission, or, if you feel each category needs a separate 1,000-word description, complete separate entries for each category. The entry fee is $250 per nomination and must be paid by credit or debit card at the time of entry. Two awards will be presented in each category. The Judges Choice Award will be selected by our panel of expert judges comprising several top retailers and card-not-present industry veterans. The Customer Choice Award will be selected by an online vote of customers and users of the various products and solutions. Check back for an opportunity to vote for the Customer Choice Awards early in entry fee: $250 per nomination Payment by credit/debit card must accompany each completed nomination form. Winners will receive a 2017 CNP Awards trophy and will be given a 2017 CNP Awards logo to use in their promotions in addition to special coverage from CardNotPresent.com. Any questions please contact DJ Murphy at Page 4 CNP Award Categories Best Alternative Payment Solution Provider or solution that most effectively facilitates CNP transactions without requiring the consumer to directly use a bank-issued credit or debit card. Best Antifraud Solution Provider or solution that best identifies and prevents fraudulent activity through fraud case management, rules engines or big data analysis while enabling merchants to accept as many transactions as possible. Best Call Center Solution The provider whose technology most effectively supports secure payment via phone in call-center environments through masking payment details, outsourcing, secure payment storage, etc. Best Chargeback Management Program Program that most effectively prevents chargebacks or reduced time and cost to merchants associated with processing them, whether via technology that automates the process, consultative services educating merchants on how to minimize chargebacks or other methods. Best E-Commerce Platform / Gateway E-Commerce application service provider that most effectively and safely connects consumers with merchants and merchants with acquirers, processors and issuers during purchase and authorization. Best Identity Verification and Authentication Solution Provider or solution that most effectively authenticates and verifies the identity of cardholders in a CNP environment through directory services, two-factor authentication, 3DSecure or other means. Best International CNP Program Payment provider located outside the U.S. that most effectively meets the specific needs of merchants that accept CNP payments. Best Mobile Solution Solution that most effectively enables consumers to make CNP purchases using a mobile device. Includes any method that facilitates mobile commerce including open and closed wallets, apps, direct-carrier billing, etc. Best Payment Service Provider (PSP) Company or solution leveraging the PSP or aggregator model that provides e-commerce and m-commerce merchants with the best merchant services and/or payment processing. Best PCI Compliance Provider Provider that most effectively assists merchants in their efforts to remain compliant with PCI standards through scanning, assessing, investigating or assisting in the storage of sensitive payment information. Best Processor Payments processor that most effectively responds to the special requirements of merchants operating in the CNP space. Company is not required to serve CNP merchants exclusively, but its solution specifically must address their needs. Best Subscription/Recurring Billing Program Provider that offers the best solution to enable automatic recurring billing while most effectively optimizing authorizations and reducing declines. Page 5 CNP Award Judges Completed entries will be judged by a five-person panel, with CardNotPresent.com Editor-in- Chief D.J. Murphy serving as facilitator. The judges will be determining the Best-in-Category winners. The Customer Choice winner will be chosen by merchants casting their votes at CNPAwards.com, and will be based on a majority vote. In making their decisions, the judges will rely exclusively on the information presented in the nomination submission forms. Depending on category, the criteria the judges may apply to evaluating the information provided in the nomination submission forms include, but are not limited to: unique or interesting strategic approach, excellence in execution, scope of problem solved/challenge overcome, benefit to merchants, consumers and/or sponsoring organizations. Decisions of the judges are final. Caleb Williams: Senior Chargeback/Fraud Analyst, Getaroom.com Caleb Williams is the Lead Chargeback Analyst, and Sr. Fraud Analyst for Getaroom.com. With an obsession for analysis, Caleb has assisted in developing the Getaroom.com s fraud/chargeback operations and processes. Outside of primary Getaroom.com duties, he is an independent Risk Consultant, providing analysis and process development for a hand-full of independent companies, ranging from music festivals, brick and mortar retail stores, and small e-commerce startups. Prior, Caleb learned the issuer side of the payments industry in 3 years as a sales and service banker at Wells Fargo Bank, NA. Julie Conroy: Research Director, Aite Group Julie Conroy is research director for Aite Group s Retail Banking practice and covers fraud, data security, anti-money laundering, and compliance issues. She has more than a decade of hands-on product management experience working with financial institutions, payments processors, and risk management companies. Julie has served in senior roles with Golden Gateway Financial and Early Warning Services, where she managed a suite of fraud-prevention services that provided clients with more than $1 billion per year in loss avoidance. She was a key member of the team that facilitated the spin-off of Early Warning Services from First Data Corporation to Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and BB&T. Page 6 CNP Award Judges (Continued) Greg Coles: Director, E-Commerce Operations, The Source With almost 25 years of experience in the Consumer Electronics business and over 10 years in E-Commerce Operations, Greg has an unparalleled knowledge of the online payment and risk assessment industry. Greg has spoken across North America at a variety of conferences pertaining to the CNP landscape, that coupled with participation in live webinars has allowed him to share his knowledge with thousands of retailers across the globe. Jaclyn Holmes: Senior Manager, Auriemma Consulting Group Jaclyn is a Senior Manager in the ACG Payment Insights practice. Jaclyn directs ACG s four syndicated research publications (US Cardbeat, UK Cardbeat, The Payments Report, Mobile Pay Tracker), and is responsible for designing and analyzing research spanning a variety of topics, including consumer payment, borrowing, and investing behaviors, use of mobile payments, alternative payment providers and individual card products. She also manages custom projects and handles day-to-day management of research engagements. Jaclyn has extensive experience utilizing quantitative and qualitative methods to translate complex business questions into actionable knowledge. Sean Bennett: Director of Loss Prevention, Tory Burch Sean Bennett is the Director of Loss Prevention for Tory Burch. He has been with the company since In his role, he is responsible for the global loss prevention efforts for the company, while also leading the company s RFID program. To submit a nomination visit
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