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5. ULUSLARARASI DOĞALGAZ SEMPOZYUMU 5 th INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON NATURAL GAS / SEMPOZYUM PROGRAMI SYMPOSIUM PROGRAMME PROGRAMME 29 May 2013, Wednesday 09:00-10:00 Registration 10:00-12:00 Opening Session - Opening Speeches Bilal ASLAN General Manager, İGDAŞ Ömer Cihad VARDAN Chairman of the Board, DOSİDER Yaşar ARSLAN Chairman of the Board, GAZBİR Ali ALTINTAŞ Deputy Secretary General in İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mahmut Mücahit FINDIKLI Member of Parliament, President of the Committee on Industry, Trade, Energy and Technology Taner YILDIZ T.R. Minister of Energy and Natural Resources 12:00-13:30 Lunch 13:30-15:00 Session 1: Global Energy Policies and Natural Gas Chairman: Mel YDEROS - Union Gas Limited, Vice President, CANADA 1111: Natural Gas Market From Perspective of Regulators Alparslan BAYRAKTAR - EMRA, Member of Board 1112: Can Iraqi Gas Compete with Azeri Gas for Gas Supply to Turkey and Europe? Olgu OKUMUŞ - Sciences Po University Paris, Lecturer, FRANCE 1113: Global Gas Vision Mel YDREOS - Union Gas Limited, Vice President, CANADA 1114: World Natural Gas Outlook and Turkey Kuddusi ATALAY - İGDAŞ, Sectoral Analyses and Benchmarking Chief 1115: The Natural Gas System, Supporting the Implementation of Sustainable Electricity Onno FLORISSON - DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability, Senior Consultant, HOLLAND 15 PROGRAMME 29 May 2013, Wednesday 13:30-15:00 Session 3: Sustainable Energy and Natural Gas Chairman: Prof. Dr. İlhan OR - Boğaziçi University Institute of Graduate Studies in Science and Engineering, Manager 15:00-15:15 Coffee Break 15:15-16: : The Effect of the Use of Natural Gas on CO2 Emmisions in Turkey Prof. Dr. Gürkan KUMBAROĞLU - Boğaziçi University Department of Industrial Engineering, Lecturer 2132: The Use and Life Cycle Assessment of Natural Gas Dr. Aslı İŞLER - Boğaziçi University Prof. Dr. Filiz KARAOSMANOĞLU - Boğaziçi University 2133: Natural Gas and CO2 Emmisions Caused by Gas Powered Electricity Production Doç. Dr. Yıldız ARIKAN - Bahçeşehir University, Department of Energy Systems Engineering 2134: Synthetic Gas Production with Advanced Thermal Technologies and Sustainability Dr. Oğuz CAN - RECDIA GROUP, General Manager 2135: Corporate Risk Management in Natural Gas Distribution M. Akif DEMİRTAŞ - İGDAŞ, Strategic Planning and Management Systems Manager Session 2: Geopolitics of Natural Gas and Supply Security Chairman: Fatih DÖNMEZ - EMRA, Member of Board 1121: Geopolitics of East Mediterannian Natural Gas Prof. Dr. Mert BİLGİN - Bahçeşehir University Political Sciences and International Affairs Department, President 1122: Development of Application/Use of Natural Gas in Macedonia Prof. Dr. Konstantin DIMITROV - The Macedonian Center for Energy Efficiency (MACEF), Manager, MACEDONIA 1123: The Natural Gas / Pipeline Geopolitics of Turkey Asst. Prof. Dr. Süleyman ELİK - İstanbul Medeniyet University, Faculty of Political Science 16 PROGRAMME 29 May 2013, Wednesday 15:15-16: : Importance of Supply Security in Natural Gas Distribution Ersan ÇEVLİK - İGDAŞ, Specialist Dr.Veysel TÜRKEL - İGDAŞ, International Projects Director 1125: An Analytical Assessment of Natural Gas Supply Security in Turkey Barış ŞANLI - General Management of Energy Affairs, Vice General President Nadim EKİZ - İGDAŞ, Management Consultant 1126: Evaluation of Feedings İstanbul European Side Natural Gas Distribution Network from TPAO Silivri Underground Storage Facilities During Peak Demands Fatih ÜNLÜUYSAL - İGDAŞ, Distribution Network Project Chief Session 4: Safe and Efficient Use of Natural Gas Chairman: Prof. Dr. Mustafa ERDİK - Boğaziçi University Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute, Manager 2141: Emergency Response System of BURSAGAZ Melih ÇETİNKAYA - BURSAGAZ, Department Manager 2142: Study on Geology of İstanbul on Natural Gaslines Adil YİĞİT - İGDAŞ, Chief of Technical Works 2143: Earthquake and Natural Gas Abdurrahman ATABEY - DİYARGAZ, Vice General Manager Ahmet YETİK - GAZMER, Certification Director 2144: Demand Response and Smart Home: Proven Benefits and Trends Dr. Philip E. LEWIS - Vaasaett Global Energy THINK-TANK, European Smart Energy Demand Coalition, CEO-Founder and Board Member, FINLAND 2145: Pipeline Safety and Possible Dangers Ömer A. ENGİN - İGDAŞ, Welding Control Chief Dr. Cevat ÖZARPA - İGDAŞ, Technical Works and Maintanance Manager 2146: Safe and Efficient Use of Natural Gas Nusret ALKAN - İGDAŞ, Internal Installation Coordinating Chief 2147: İGDAŞ Sismic Risk Mitigation System Hikmet BIYIKOĞLU - İGDAŞ, Disaster Coordination Chief 17 PROGRAMME 30 May 2013, Thursday 09:00-10:30 Session 5: New Technologies in Natural Gas Sector 1 Chairman: Prof. Ümit Doğay ARINÇ - UGETAM, Chairman of the Board 09:00-10: : Shale Gas Mel YDREOS - Union Gas Limited, Vice President, CANADA 1252: Importance of Reliable Measurement Infrastructure Innatural Gas Distribution and Transmission Systems Ali TEM - UGETAM, Technological Services and Certification Chief 1253: Development and Testing of a New Gas Properties Transmitter Terry WILLIAMS - GERG (ORBITAL UK), Chairman and Principal Consultant, UNITED KINGDOM 1254: Sandblasting and Painting Process in Naturagas Steel Lines Osman BOZKURT - BURSAGAZ, Maintanance Engineer Adnan ERDOĞAN - BURSAGAZ, Maintanance Engineer Session 9: R&D and Innovation Chairman: Serkan KELEŞER - UGETAM, General Manager 2291: Innovation Development Strategies in Natural Gas Industry Dr. Muzaffer ERTÜRK - İGDAŞ, Internal Auditor 2292: Innovation Management and Innovation Management System in İGDAŞ Nuriye SEZER - İGDAŞ, Project and Strategy Development Chief 2293: Investigation of Resources Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection Systems in Butt Fusion of HDPE Pipe M. Serhat ELHAN - UGETAM, Auditing and Inspection Chief 2294: Gas Detector Selection Scott KLEPPE - J&N SENSIT TECHNOLOGIES, President, USA 2295: Meeting of Experience and Dynamism (Technical Exchange Germany-Turkey) Samet ARSLAN - BURSAGAZ, Planning Research Engineer 18 PROGRAMME 30 May 2013, Thursday 10:30-10:45 Coffee Break 10:45-12:15 Session 6: Corporate Management Models in Natural Gas Distribution Sector Chairman: Bilal ASLAN - İGDAŞ, General Manager 1261: Quality Approach in Management Akın ALIKÇIOĞLU - KALDER, Secretary General 1262: Total Quality Modelling of Natural Gas Distribution Sector Erdal KAYA - Zorlu Energy, Management Systems Manager 1263: Efficiency Analysis of Natural Gas Distribution Companies in Turkey Mustafa DÜZGÜN - EMRA, Vice Energy Expert 1264: What Makes Energy Utilities Customers Happy and Loyal? - Results From 16 Years of Global Experience and Analysis Dr. Philip E. LEWIS - Vaasaett Global Energy THINK-TANK, European Smart Energy Demand Coalition, CEO-Founder and Board Member, FINLAND 1265: Cooparate Management Model of İGDAŞ M. Akif DEMİRTAŞ - İGDAŞ, Strategic Planning and Management Systems Manager 10:45-12:15 Session 10: Intellectuel Capital and Talent Management in Natural Gas Chairman: Prof. Dr. Konstantin DIMITROV - The Macedonian Center for Energy Efficiency (MACEF), MACEDONIA 22101: Natural Gas Vocational Standards and Importance of Personal Certification Serkan KELEŞER - UGETAM, General Manager 22102: A New Approach to Training in Natural Gas Sector, İGDAŞ Academy Ahmet HANÇER - Enocta, General Manager S. Murad Ş. ŞERALİOĞLU - İGDAŞ, Training Manager 22104: Vocational Qualifications Autorithy Activities in Energy Sector Murat ÇİFTÇİ - MYK, Assistant Expert 22105: Accreditation of Personnel in Natural Gas Industry Ahmet GÖZÜKÜÇÜK - TÜRKAK, Assistant Secretary General 19 PROGRAMME 30 May 2013, Thursday 12:15-13:30 Lunch 13:30-15:00 Session 7: New Technologies in Natural Gas Sector 2 Chairman: Aslan UZUN - ENERGAZ, General Manager 13:30-15: : Electricity Generation from Natural Gas Differantial Pressure Halit YILMAZ - BURSAGAZ Planning Research Department, Manager Umut GÜRSAN - BURSAGAZ Planning Research Department, Engineer 1272: Innovative Technologies to Detect Leaks Timothy G. BROWN - Heath Consultants Incorporated, Director Of International Services, USA 1273: Innovations in Leak Detection Introduced by VTA Mobile Detector Software Erol POLAT - NOVEL LLC, General Manager Adem BÜYÜKGÜÇLÜ - NOVEL LLC, R&D, IT Manager 1274: İGDAŞ Call Center Data Analysis with Data Mining Methods and Process Improvement Study with Quality Function Deployment Method Nilay KURŞUNOĞLU - PWC, Manager 1275: Modelling of Gas Pipelines Discharge Using Modified Numerical Methodmeeting E. NOUROLLAHİ - NIGC (National Iranian Gas Company), IRAN Session 11: GIS in Natural Gas Distribution Chairman: Dr. Erdoğan TOZAN - İGDAŞ, Vice General Manager 22111: Corporate GIS Solutions in Natural Gas Distribution Sector Figen TORUN PAPARACI - GAZDAŞ, GIS Manager 22112: GIS in Asset Management Mustafa YALÇINKAYA - İGDAŞ, Infrastructure Information Systems Manager 22113: The Role of Distribution Companies in Establishing National Energy Database and National Network Data System M. Tuğrul URAL - AKSA, GIS Manager 22114: İZGAZ Infrastructure Information Management System Serkan YEĞNİDEMİR - İZGAZ, Construction Project Manager Alparslan KARAKUZU - İZGAZ, GIS Chief 22115: GIS Applications in KAYSERİGAZ, Integration of SAP and CRM Murat AKDAĞ - KAYSERİGAZ, Project Manager 20 PROGRAMME 30 May 2013, Thursday 15:00-15:15 Coffee Break 15:15-16:45 Session 8: Alternative Uses of Natural Gas Chairman: İbrahim Halil KIRŞAN - BAŞKENTGAZ, General Manager 1281: CNG Vehicle Use in BURSAGAZ Melih ÇETİNKAYA - BURSAGAZ, Operations Manager 1282: Promoting the Use of CNG in İstanbul Hüseyin KARAGÖZOĞLU - İGDAŞ, Marketing Manager 1283: Development of a Mixing Device for Hydrogen-Natural Gas Blends as Fuel for Internal Combustion Engines Biagio MORRONE - Seconda Universita Di Napoli, Department Industrial and Information Technology Engineering, Associate Professor Doctor, ITALY 1284: Conversion of Internal Combustion Engines to Usage of Natural Gas and Performance Parameters Analyses of Converted Engines Prof. Dr. Veli ÇELİK - Kırıkkale University, Lecturer Ass. Prof. Dr. Kemal BİLEN - Yıldırım Beyazıt University, Lecturer 15:15-16:45 Session 12: Natural Gas Delivery and Trade Management and SCADA Applications Chairman: Nuri BAŞ- AKSAGAZ, General Manager 22121: BURSAGAZ SCADA Emergency Management Mustafa ÖZDEMİR - BURSAGAZ, Network Control Engineer 22122: GAZDAŞ SCADA System and Operations Ahmet AYAZ - GAZDAŞ, SCADA Manager 22123: Online Simulation for Operational Control, Supervision and Billing Walter VERHOEVEN - PSI, Division Manager, GERMANY 22124: SCADA Applications in Gas Distribution Network Selami BULUT - İGDAŞ, Technical Safety and SCADA Manager Rıfat KARA - İGDAŞ, SCADA Chief 22125: Contributions of Smart Grid Applications to Natural Gas Operations Şinasi GÖLBAŞI - AKSA, Shipment Control Center Manager PS / 1161: Meeting Room 1 - Day 1 - Session 6-1st Presentation 21 Sponsorlar / Sponsors Medya Sponsorlar / Media Sponsors Destekleyen Kurulufllar / Supporters
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