4th Quarter g7 4th

4th Quarter g7 4th

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    MAGARA SCHOOL FOR PHILIPPINE CRAFSTMEN FOURTH QUARTER EXAM Grade 7  –   ICF TEST I. Direction:  fill in the blank. Write your answer on the separate sheet of paper. 1._______ User account/s user/ admin 2.______internet 3______folder 4.________delete/close 5.cut 6.redo 7. Undo 8.back 9. Forward 10.favorite 11.print 12.home 13.search 14.windows/start 15.mouse 16.control panel 17. Libraries/explorer 18. Music folder Windows disk/interrnal storae/storage device/storage/ HDD19. 20.dvd drive/dvd/hd dvd 21. Downloads folder/downloads Bomus  23. Documenta folder/my documents 24.picture folder/picture/my picture/gallery/photos Music folder/my music/music 25. 26. Videos/picture 27document/wordpad 28.danger/warning 29.dvd / blue ray disk 30. Burn disk/dvd 31.calculator 32 paint 33. history 34.save 35. Refresh
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