4. Insert the clear plastic ½ long x 3/8 dia. Sleeve in the 3/8 hole in the main housing, just ahead of the cooling water pump. - PDF

MODEL BC FOR 40 HP YAMAHA SERIES ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS YAMAHA MODEL 40XMH, 2 CYLINDER, 2 STROKE, 42.9 CU. IN. 1. Place the engine on the transom of your boat in the normal fashion. Disconnect the shift

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MODEL BC FOR 40 HP YAMAHA SERIES ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS YAMAHA MODEL 40XMH, 2 CYLINDER, 2 STROKE, 42.9 CU. IN. 1. Place the engine on the transom of your boat in the normal fashion. Disconnect the shift rod coupling. Remove the 5 bolts holding the gearbox to the exhaust housing and remove the gearbox assembly. 2. Remove the water pump assembly from the propeller drive, including the lower stainless steel plate and the dowel pins. 3. Install the jet driveshaft assembly into the spiral pump housing locking it in place with the four ¼-20 x ¾ bolts and lockwashers. Use grease on the threads. Tighten to 8 ft-lbs. 4. Insert the clear plastic ½ long x 3/8 dia. Sleeve in the 3/8 hole in the main housing, just ahead of the cooling water pump. Install the water pump assembly on top of the stainless steel plate, using 4 M8 x 30MM bolts and the special steel washers under the bolt heads. Be sure also, to install the water pump impeller drive key and dowel pins. Grease the threads. Before tightening the bolts, press the 2 ¾ long x ½ dia. Plastic shift rod guide into the clear plastic sleeve, through the stainless steel plate, until it bottoms. Tighten the bolts. Remove the nut and hex coupling from the gearbox and motor mid section shift rods. Thread the nut and coupling all the way onto the shift rod guide #1911, and tighten the nut against the coupling. Thread the coupling onto the motor shift rod and tighten it against the shift rod. 5. Remove the plastic water tube guide and rubber sleeve from the outlet of the cooling pump. Install the 5/8 dia. X 3/8 long plastic spacer in the outlet, followed by the rubber sleeve and the brass water tube extension. If there is a burr on the end of the motor cooling tube, file it smooth so the O ring inside the water tube extension will slide on. 6. The large ¾ adapter plate is attached to the exhaust housing to hold the jet drive. Two 6 x 16mMM dowels locate the plate, four M10 x 35MM bolts with lockwashers and one M8 x 30 MM bolt with lock washer secure it. Grease the bolt threads. 7. Next, attach the jet drive to the motor. Use two 5/16-18 x 2-1/2 bolts (front), tow 5/16-18 xxx 2-3/4 bolts (rear) from below with lockwashers, one 3/8-16 x 1-1/2 bolt and lockwasher, above rear, inside the motor mid-section and two 3/16 x ½ dowel pins. Grease the bolt threads, driveshaft spline generously, and rubber water tube pilot and guide the jet into place. Tighten the 5 bolts. 8. Next, install the impeller. Grease the shaft threads, key and impeller bore. Place the plastic sleeve inside the impeller, hold the key in the nose of the impeller with your forefinger and slide onto the driveshaft. Install the eight shim washers and nut retainer on the shaft, up against the impeller, and bring he nut up snug by hand. Place the water intake in position and secure with 2 bolts. Observe the clearance between the impeller blade edge and the intake liner. Then remove the intake. When, after use in sand and gravel, the blade clearance becomes more than about 1/32 inch between the impeller edge and the water intake liner, one or more of the stainless shim washers can be transferred from the bottom stack to the top of the impeller, which moves the impeller down into the tapered casing to reduce the clearance. Shims should not be used above the impeller on new installations, where no wear has occurred, unless the blade clearance exceeds 1/32 inch. Insufficient blade clearance will do more harm than good from any performance gains it might provide. 1 MODEL BC FOR 40 HP YAMAHA SERIES ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS YAMAHA MODEL 40XMH, 2 CYLINDER, 2 STROKE, 42.9 CU. IN. When the impeller clearance is satisfactory, bump the nut up snug with a wrench. If the ears of the retainer do not line up with the flats on the nut, spin the nut off, turn the retainer over and tighten the nut again. In one of these two positions you will have alignment and can fold the ears up against the nut to retain it. The flat in the retainer is angled to the ears to allow this. 9. Place the intake casing in position with the lower end at the rear and tighten the six ¼-20 fiber lock nuts. No lockwashers are used. Grease the threads. 10. If your jet drive was ordered for use with a steering tiller handle, see attached page 4, Shift Cable and Handle Assembly Instructions attached, # If your motor uses remote controls, attach the shift cable and cable anchor bracket to the jet drive. Slide the bracket all the way forward and lock the bolts. With the shift handle in forward and the reverse gate in forward, and with the cam roller at the end of the slot, adjust the cable and/or cable anchor position to this condition. Shift to reverse and back to forward. The roller should be at the end of the cam slot such that the gate cannot be forcibly rotated toward reverse. Pull on the gate by hand to verify this. If this forward lock condition is no met, readjust the cable positions. 12. When converting to jet drive, your motor will have to be raised to height shown in diagram on page 3, using a straight edge under the boat. Test run the boat and then raise or lower the motor 5/16 inch at a time to obtain the best results. If you raise it too much it will suck air and cavitate, either on start up or when banking on turns. When cavitating, the motor overspeeds in spurts and shakes considerably in the motor mount. This is not a normal condition and should be avoided by proper adjustment of motor height on each individual boat. If you lower it too much you will have excessive drag, therefore mount the motor as high as possible without allowing cavitation. The motor has four sets of upper mounting holes. You will use one set to begin with. Mark pencil lines on the boat transom through the other sets. Then if you wish to go up or down 5/16 inch, you can drill one alternate set of holes 5/16 inch up or down from the pencil marks. By alternating between these two sets of transom holes and the four sets of motor holes, the motor can be moved in 5/16 inch increments over almost one inch. The transom height should be about 21 inches measured vertically from the boat bottom for short shaft motors and 26 inches for long shaft. CAUTION When starting the engine for the first time, watch to see that cooling water comes out of the small hole at the rear side of engine just below the powerhead. This is to check your assembly of the cooling water pump and its connections. 2 SETTING MOTOR HEIGHT MODEL BC FOR 40 HP YAMAHA SERIES ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS YAMAHA MODEL 40XMH, 2 CYLINDER, 2 STROKE, 42.9 CU. IN. STRAIGHT EDGE CAUTION When starting the engine for the first time, watch to see that the cooling water comes out of the small hole at the rear side of the engine just below the power head. This is to check your assembly of the cooling water pump and its connections. MAINTENANCE AND LUBRICATION See last page 3 TILLER SHIFT CABLE ASSY YAMAHA MODEL BC 40 HP Cut out the paper template for the shift handle and attach it to the shift handle with masking tape. Drill through using a ¼ inch drill. After drilling through the first side, align the drill carefully to come out square and centered on the second side. 2. Install the four inch bolt with washer through the handle followed by the black handle #1906, washer and nut. Tighten the nut. 3. Clamp the cable anchor on the engine pan up against the rim. Center it with the raised rib inside the pan so that the mounting bolts will straddle the rib. Drill through the pan using a ¼ inch drill. Install two ¼-20 x 5/8 hex head bolts and fiber lock nuts. 4. Attach the shift cable to the bracket with the shim between the cable and bracket, using two x 5/8 screws and lock nuts. 5. Thread the rod end on the cable, threaded on about 3/8 inch. Slide the rod end on the shift handle bolt and install the outer lock nut, flush with the end of the bolt. Be sure this leaves about 1/16 inch slide play for the rod end between the nuts. 6. Direct the other end of the cable through the gap between the motor mount and motor mid section to the starboard side. Attach the cable anchor bracket to the jet drive, centered over the slots. Attach the cable to the anchor bracket and the reverse gate cam rod end. 7. The cable anchor brackets have the lower holes slotted so that the cable can be lined up for free cable travel. Make this adjustment at both ends of the cable and tighten the screws. 8. Place the shift handle in forward, solidly in the detent. The reverse gate cam roller must be at the end of the slot in the cam. If these conditions are not met, slide the cable anchor bracket on the jet drive and/or adjust the threaded rod end on the cable. 9. Shift to reverse and back to forward. Do not be concerned if the gate does not reach reverse. There is clearance at this position and water pressure will close the gate. 10. In forward, with the roller at the end of the cam slot, the gate cannot be forcibly rotated toward reverse. Pull on the gate by hand to verify this. 11. Lock the nuts on the cable against the rod ends to complete the adjustment. CAUTION! YOU MUST RETURN THE THROTTLE TO IDLE BEFORE SHIFTING. 4 BEARING LUBRICATION MAINTENANCE AND LUBRICATION OUTBOARD JET DRIVE A grease gun and tube of grease is supplied with your jet drive. We recommend greasing the bearing every 10 hours. Make greasing a part of your cleanup after the days use. Pump in just enough grease to fill the lube hose. Then reconnect the lube hose coupling to the zerk grease fitting. Every hours, pump in extra grease so as to purge any moisture. The texture of the grease coming out gives an indication of conditions inside the bearing housing. A gradual increase in moisture content indicates seal wear. If the grease begins to turn dark, dirty gray, the bearing and seals should be inspected and replaced if necessary. Some discoloration of the grease is normal during the break in period on new sets of seals. We have selected a water resistant grease of the proper consistency for this application. If you use a substitute grease, be sure it is water resistant and of the same consistency. IMPELLER Your jet drive is equipped with a key to protect the unit in the event of a rock jam. This can be reached by removing the water intake, and then the driveshaft nut, similar to a propeller drive. After replacing the key, pull the shaft nut up tight to remove any play between the impeller and shaft. Note the position of the impeller shim washers, and replace them in the same order. REVERSE GATE MECHANISM Occasionally check adjustment of the gate shifting linkage. In forward the gate should be firmly locked in position. Pull on the gate by hand to verify this. This will prevent wave action from accidentally shifting the gate into reverse as the boat is violently maneuvered GENERAL Check all mounting bolts, intake screws, linkage connections, etc., occasionally to be sure they are tight. SALT WATER USE Aluminum and stainless steel have been used in the construction of your jet drive. These materials have either been treated or are inherently resistant to corrosion. It is recommended, however, that when not in use the motor be tipped up so that the jet unit is out of the water. When used in salt water more than in fresh water, remove mounting hardware, grease, and reassemble once a year. Failure to do this may result in hardware that is difficult if not impossible to remove at a later date. GUARANTEE Due to inflexible government regulation, we do not have a written warranty. We have, however, a good reputation for fairness with our customers which we intend to maintain. If you think you have a warranty situation, regarding material, workmanship, call us before making repairs. Specialty Manufacturing Company Outboard Jets 2035 Edison Avenue San Leandro, CA SHIFT CABLE ASSEMBLY YAMAHA MODEL BC TILLER STEERING 1914 REF QTY PART DESCRIPTION NO CABLE 4 FT MOR 33C SUPREME CLAMP CHRYS SHIM MORSE A FIL HD SLOTTED X 5/ NYLOC BALL END 1/4X10-32 CABLE SHIFT HANDLE SHAFT ASSY BC WASHER 1/4 X SHIFT HANDLE BC YAM NYLOC 1/ BOLT HEX HD 1/4-20 X 5/ CABLE ANCHOR BC FORMED MODEL BC ANODE KIT 1693 MODEL BC YAMAHA 40XMH 2 STROKE 2 CYL 40HP, 42.9 CU. IN. REF QTY PART DESCRIPTION REF QTY PART DESCRIPTION NO. NO SHIFT ROD TUBE BC THRUST WASHER WATER TUBE EXTENSION - AJ BEARING 7205B-UA BOLT HEX HD M X 30MM TRUARC ADAPTER PLATE AJ SPACER DOWEL PIN 6 X 16 MM TRUARC N ZD WASHER SPRING LOCK M UPPER SEAL CARRIER W/ SEALS & O RINGS BOLT HEX HD M X 35MM SPIROLOX RR-150S WASHER SPRING LOCK 5/ SEAL INNER DOWEL PIN 3/16 X 1/ SEAL OUTER 6324-S BOLT HEX HD 5/16-18 X 2 1/ O RING /32X1 15/16X2 1/ BOLT HEX HD 5/16-18 X 2 3/ BEARING CARRIER W/SEALS & O RINGS BC BOLT HEX HD 3/8-16 X 1 1/ O RING /16X5/16X7/ VOLUTE WITH GATE BC WASHER SPRING LOCK 1/ VOLUTE WITH EXHAUST TUBE BC BOLT HEX HD 1/4-20 X 3/ EXHAUST TUBE ASSY MEDIUM IMPELLER 6 1/8 W/36 SLEEVE CLIP EXHAUST TUBE IMPELLER 6 1/8 W/36 SLEEVE, STAINLESS NYLOC SHAFT SLEEVE PLASTIC MEDIUM WASHER FIBER M IMPELLER TEE KEY - 1/2 ROUND BOLT HEX HD M X SHIM WASHER MEDIUM BALL END 1/4X10-32 CABLE NUTKEEPER MED/PKG 2 PER BAG LUBE HOSE ASSY SHAFT NUT 5/8-18 BRASS ZIRC FITTING 1/ INTAKE ASSY 6 1/8 FLANGED W\ GRILL & LINER GREASE GUN LINER 6 1/8 FLANGED GREASE 10 OZ TUBE 630-AA STUD - INTAKE MEDIUM REVERSE GATE, MEDIUM NYLOC 1/ NYLINER 3/8 1D X 11/ INTAKE PAINTED ONLY MED FLANGED SPRING GATE PIVOT 3/ GRILL ROD PIN GATE PIVOT 3/8 MEDIUM GRILL BAR MEDIUM SHAFT ROLLER 171 BRACKET ASSY MORSE W/CLAMP & HARDWARE NYLOC 1/ BRACKET CABLE SUPPORT ROLLER ASSY SHIM MORSE A /4 WASHER AN960C CLAMP CHRYS SHIFT CAM MEDIUM FL HD SLOTTED X 5/ NYLOC 1/ /4 WASHER AN960C BOLT HEX HD 1/4-20 X 3/ BOLT HEX HD 1/4-20 X 5/ BUSHING CAM NYLOC WASHER CAM CUSHION-SHIFT ROD GUIDE SHIM-CAM SPACER-WATER TUBE CAM ECCENTRIC DRILLED TORSIONAL DAMPER 5/ BOLT HEX HD 1/4-20 X 1 PATCH SHIFT ROD GUIDE BOLT HEX HD 1/4-20 X 3/4 PATCH SPRING GATE BUMPER GATE BUMPER FIL HD SLOTTED X 1 1/4 PATCH SHAFT ONLY, BC, 14T 26 3/8 LG 1909 SHAFT ASSY COMPLETE, BC, 14T W/1275 KEY KEY, TEE WATER PUMP SHAFT BEARING THRUST RING COLLAR BACKFIT 7205 SIZE TORQUE 1/4-20 (M6) 8-9 FT-LBS 5/16-18 (M8) 12 FT-LBS TILLER STEERING SHIFT CABLE ASSY 1914 BEARING, SEAL, SNAP & O RING KIT /8-16 (M10) 22 FT-LBS MODEL BC MODEL BC
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