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Technical Information RIA452 Panel meter Digital process meter in panel mounted housing for monitoring and displaying analog measured values with pump control and batch functions Application Water/wastewater

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Technical Information RIA452 Panel meter Digital process meter in panel mounted housing for monitoring and displaying analog measured values with pump control and batch functions Application Water/wastewater sector Power industry Raw materials Chemicals industry Food industry 4 â Ó Your benefits 7-digit 14-segment LC display Multicolored Large bar graph with overrange and underrange Intrinsically safe input with transmitter power supply Digital status inputs for pump monitoring Universal input Up to eight relays Min/Max value saved Pump control functions Batch functions Flow measurement for open channels and weirs Linearization table with 32 support points Analog output Pulse output with totalizer Jog-shuttle operation Freely programmable units Configuration via interface and operating software ReadWin 2000 Tank linearization via ReadWin 2000 TI113R/09/en Function and system design Measuring principle Example of an application of the process display unit The single-channel process meter RIA452 monitors and displays analog measured values. Pumps can be monitored with the digital status inputs. The measured value is displayed using the seven-digit 14-segment LC display. Numbers and units are displayed in white, the bar graph in yellow, overrange and underrange in red and the limit value flags and digital status inputs in green and yellow. The RIA452 can provide power directly to two-wire transmitters connected. You have the option of selecting the input and the transmitter power supply as intrinsically safe for Ex applications. Up to eight freely programmable relays monitor the measured value for limit value overshoot and undershoot. Other operating modes for the relays include sensor or device malfunction, batch and pump control functions (e.g. alternating pump control). Furthermore, the RIA452 can be used as a preset counter and for measuring flow at open channels and measuring weirs. The scalable analog output offers many different ways of forwarding the input signal: zoom function, linearization, offset, inversion and signal conversion (input/output conversion). The optional pulse output gives the user the option of outputting integrated process values. Measuring system Microcontroller controlled meter in panel mounted housing with multicolored, illuminated LC display. The analog measured value acquisition takes place via an analog/digital converter. The digital status inputs are scanned cyclically. Power can be supplied directly to two-wire sensors with the transmitter power supply integrated as standard. The current input is optionally available as an intrinsically safe version for Ex applications. Here, the RIA452 has a second, intrinsically safe transmitter power supply. The freely scalable analog output is output via a digital/analog conversion. The digital pulse output is output directly. Up to eight relays are available in the device for monitoring limit values, pump control and batch functions. The device can be operated on site, using the jog/shuttle dial or via the PC with the ReadWin 2000 operating software. Operation can be locked using the hardware key or software code. 2 Endress+Hauser Linearization The following flow curves are stored for open channels and weirs: Khafagi-Vernturi channel ISO-Venturi channel BST 1) -Venturi channel Parshall channel Palmer-Bowlus channel Rectangular weir Rectangular weir with constriction NFX 2) rectangular weir NFX 2) rectangular weir with constriction Trapezoidal weir Triangular ( V ) weir BST 1) triangular weir NFX 2) triangular weir 1) BST: British Standard 2) NFX: French Standard NFX Flow formula can be freely configured The parameters α, β, γ and C can be entered freely. Linearization function Up to 32 freely definable support points are available in the device to linearize the input, e.g. for tank linearization. The linearization table for standard tanks and customer-specific tanks can be generated with the ReadWin 2000 operating software. Endress+Hauser 3 Input Measured variable Measuring ranges Galvanic isolation Current (standard) Digital inputs (standard) Current/voltage, resistance, resistance thermometer, thermocouples (universal input option) Current input: 0/4 to 20 ma +10% overrange, 0 to 5 ma Short-circuit current: max. 150 ma Input impedance: 5 Ω Reaction time: 100 ms Universal input: Current: 0/4 to 20 ma +10% overrange, 0 to 5 ma Short-circuit current: max. 100 ma Input impedance: 50 Ω Voltage: ±150 mv, ±1 V, ±10 V, ±30 V, 0 to 100 mv, 0 to 200 mv, 0 to 1 V, 0 to 10 V Input impedance: 100 kω Resistance: 30 to 3,000 Ω in 3/4-wire technology Resistance thermometer: Pt100/500/1000, Cu50/100, Pt50 in 3/4-wire technology Measuring current for Pt100/500/1000 = 250 μa Thermocouple types: J, K, T, N, B, S, R as per IEC584 D, C as per ASTME998 U, L as per DIN43710/GOST Reaction time: 100 ms Digital input: Voltage level -3 to 5 V low, 12 to 30 V high (as per DIN19240) Input voltage max V Input current typ. 3 ma with overload and reverse polarity protection Sampling frequency max. 10 Hz Towards all other circuits 4 Endress+Hauser Output Output signal Signal on alarm Current/voltage output Pulse output (open collector) Relay, transmitter power supply (standard) Current, voltage, pulse, intrinsically safe transmitter power supply (option) No measured value visible on the LC display, no background illumination, no sensor power supply, no output signals, relays behave in safety-oriented manner. Span: 0/4 to 20 ma (active), 0 to 10 V (active) Load: 600 Ω (current output) Max. loop current 22 ma (voltage output) Signal characterization: Signal freely scalable Galvanic isolation towards all other circuits Frequency range to 12.5 khz I max = 200 ma U max = 28 V U low/max = 2 V at 200 ma Pulse width = 0.04 to 2000 ms Relay! Note! Signal characterization: Binary, switches when the limit value is reached Switch function: limit relay switches for the operating modes: Minimum/maximum safety Alternating pump control function Batch function Time control Window function Gradient Device malfunction Sensor malfunction Switching threshold: Freely programmable Hysteresis: 0 to 99% Signal source: Analog input signal Integrated value Digital input Number: 4 in basic unit (can be extended to 8 relays, option) Electrical specifications: Relay type: changeover Relay switching capacity: 250 V AC / 30 V DC, 3 A Switch cycles: typically 10 5 Switching frequency: max. 5 Hz Minimum switching load: 10 ma / 5 V DC Galvanic isolation towards all other circuits Assignment: Mixed assignment of low and extra-low voltage circuits is not permitted for neighboring relays. Endress+Hauser 5 Transmitter power supply Transmitter power supply 1, terminal 81/82 (optionally intrinsically safe): Electrical specifications: Output voltage: 24 V ± 15% Output current: max. 22 ma (at U out 16 V, sustained short-circuit proof) Impedance: 345 Ω Approvals: ATEX FM CSA Transmitter power supply 2, terminal 91/92: Electrical specifications: Output voltage: 24 V ± 15% Output current: max. 250 ma (sustained short-circuit proof) Transmitter power supply unit 1 and 2: Galvanic isolation: Towards all other circuits HART : No HART signal influence Power supply Electrical connection Terminal layout of process meter 6 Endress+Hauser Option universal input Instead of the current input, the device can be equipped with a universal input as an option. Terminal layout universal input Supply voltage Power consumption Connection data interface Power unit 90 to 250 V AC 50/60 Hz Low voltage power unit: 20 to 36 V DC or 20 to 28 V AC 50/60 Hz max. 24 VA RS232 Connection: jack socket 3.5 mm, rear of device Transmission protocol: ReadWin 2000 Transmission rate: 38,400 Baud Endress+Hauser 7 Performance characteristics Reference operating conditions Maximum measured error Power supply: 230 V AC ±10%, 50 Hz ±0.5 Hz Warm-up period: 90 min Ambient temperature: 25 C (77 F) Current input: Accuracy Resolution Temperature drift 0.1% of full scale 13 bit 0.4%/10 K ( 0.4%/18 F) Universal input: Accuracy Input: Range: Maximum measured error of measuring range (omr): Current 0 to 20 ma, 0 to 5 ma, 4 to 20 ma; overrange: to 22 ma ± 0.10% Voltage 1 V 0 to 10 V, ± 10 V, ± 30 V ± 0.10% Voltage 1 V ± 1 V, 0 to 1 V, 0 to 200 mv, 0 to 100 mv, ± 150 mv ± 0.10% Resistance thermometer Pt100, -200 to 600 C (-328 to 1112 F) (IEC751, JIS1604, GOST) Pt500, -200 to 600 C (-328 to 1112 F) (IEC751, JIS1604) Pt1000, -200 to 600 C (-328 to 1112 F) (IEC751, JIS1604) Cu100, -200 to 200 C (-328 to 392 F) (GOST) Cu50, -200 to 200 C (-328 to 392 F) (GOST) Pt50, -200 to 600 C (-328 to 1112 F) (GOST) 4-wire: ± (0.10% omr K (0.54 F)) 3-wire: ± (0.15% omr K (1.44 F)) 4-wire: ± (0.20% omr K (0.54 F)) 3-wire: ± (0.20% omr K (1.44 F)) Resistance measurement 30 to 3000 Ω 4-wire: ± (0.20% omr K (0.54 F)) 3-wire: ± (0.20% omr K (1.44 F)) Thermocouples Type J (Fe-CuNi), -210 to C (-346 to 1382 F) (IEC584) ± (0.15% omr +0.5 K (0.9 F)) as of -100 C (-148 F) Type K (NiCr-Ni), -200 to 1372 C (-328 to 2502 F) (IEC584) ± (0.15% omr +0.5 K (0.9 F)) as of -130 C (-234 F) Type T (Cu-CuNi), -270 to 400 C (-454 to 752 F) (IEC584) ± (0.15% omr +0.5 K (0.9 F)) as of -200 C (-328 F) Type N (NiCrSi-NiSi), -270 to 1300 C (-454 to 2372 F) (IEC584) ± (0.15% omr +0.5 K (0.9 F)) as of -100 C (-148 F) Type B (Pt30Rh-Pt6Rh), 0 to 1820 C (32 to 3308 F) (IEC584) ± (0.15% omr +1.5 K (2.7 F)) as of 600 C (1112 F) Type D (W3Re/W25Re), 0 to 2315 C (32 to 4199 F) (ASTME998) ± (0.15% omr +1.5 K (2.7 F)) as of 500 C (932 F) Type C (W5Re/W26Re), 0 to 2315 C (32 to 4199 F) (ASTME998) ± (0.15% omr +1.5 K (2.7 F)) as of 500 C (as of 932 F) Type L (Fe-CuNi), -200 to 900 C (-328 to 1652 F) (DIN43710, GOST) ± (0.15% omr +0.5 K (0.9 F)) as of -100 C (-148 F) Type U (Cu-CuNi), -200 to 600 C (-328 to 1112 F) (DIN 43710) ± (0.15% omr +0.5 K (0.9 F)) as of -100 C (-148 F) Type S (Pt10Rh-Pt), 0 to 1768 C (32 to 3214 F) (IEC584) Type R (Pt13Rh-Pt), -50 to 1768 C (-58 to 4199 F) (IEC584) ± (0.15% omr +3.5 K (6.3 F)) for 0 to 100 C (32 to 212 F) ± (0.15% omr +1.5 K (2.7 F)) for 100 to 1768 C (232 to 3214 F) ± (0.15% omr +3.5 K (6.3 F)) for 0 to 100 C (32 to 212 F) ± (0.15% omr +1.5 K (2.7 F)) for 100 to 1768 C (232 to 3214 F) Resolution Temperature drift 16 bit Temperature drift: 0.1%/10 K (0.1%/18 F) 8 Endress+Hauser Current output: Linearity Resolution Temperature drift Output ripple 0.1% of full scale 13 bit 0.1%/10K (0.1%/18 F) 10 mv at 500 Ω for frequencies 50 khz Voltage output Linearity Resolution Temperature drift 0.1% of full scale 13 bit 0.1%/10K (0.1%/18 F) Installation Installation instructions Mounting location Panel, cutout 92 x 92 mm (3.62x3.62 inch) (see 'Mechanical construction'). Orientation Horizontal +/- 45 in every direction Environment Ambient temperature range -20 to +60 C (-4 to 140 F)) Storage temperature -30 to +70 C (-22 to 158 F) Operating height 3000 m above MSL (9800 ft) Climate class As per IEC , Class B2 Degree of protection Front IP 65 / NEMA 4 Device casing IP 20 Condensation Front: permitted Device casing: not permitted Shock and vibration resistance 2(+3/-0) Hz Hz: ±1.0 mm 13.2 Hz Hz: 0.7 g Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Interference immunity: To IEC industrial environments / NAMUR NE 21 Interference emissions: To IEC Class A Electrical protection class IEC (IP code) / NEMA 250 Endress+Hauser 9 Mechanical construction Design, dimensions Dimensions of RIA452 Panel cutout Weight Material Terminals Approx. 500 g (17.64 oz) Housing front: ABS plastic, galvanized Housing casing: plastic PC10GF Pluggable screw terminals, core size 1.5 mm 2 (16 AWG) solid, 1.0 mm 2 (18 AWG) strand with wire ferrule 10 Endress+Hauser Human interface Display elements LC display of process meter Item 1: Device status LEDs: green - device ready for operation; red - device or sensor malfunction Item 2: Bar graph with overrange and underrange Item 3: 7-digit 14-segment display Item 4: Unit and text field 9x77 dot matrix Item 5: Relay status display: if power is supplied to a relay, the symbol is displayed Item 6: Status display, digital inputs Item 7: Symbol for 'device operation blocked' Display range to for measured values 0 to for counter values Signaling Relay activation Measuring range overshoot/undershoot Operating elements Remote operation Jog/shuttle dial Configuration The device can be configured with the PC software ReadWin Interface CDI interface at device; connection to PC via USB box (see 'Accessories') RS232 interface at device; connection with serial interface cable (see 'Accessories') Endress+Hauser 11 Certificates and approvals CE mark Ex approval Other standards and guidelines The device meets the legal requirements of the EU directives. Endress+Hauser confirms that the device has been tested successfully by affixing the CE mark. Information about currently available Ex versions (ATEX, FM, CSA, etc.) can be supplied by your E+H Sales Center on request. All explosion protection data are given in a separate documentation which is available upon request. IEC 60529: Degrees of protection by housing (IP code) IEC : Protection measures for electrical equipment for measurement, control, regulation and laboratory procedures CSA Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use - General requirements FM 3610 Intrinsically safe apparatus and associated apparatus for use in class 1, 2 and 3, division 1 hazardous (classified) locations CSA C Intrinsically safe & non-incendive equipment for use in hazardous locations CSA E79-11 Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres - intrinsic safety i EN Electrical apparatus for hazardous areas - intrinsic safety I 12 Endress+Hauser Ordering information Product structure RIA452 1 channel, scalable Panel mounting 96x96mm MUS = transmitter power supply, bar graph 7-digit display RS232 interface Min/Max value memory Jog/shuttle operation, 4 digital inputs UL listed, marine approval GL, CSA-GP Pump control functions Approval A Non-hazardous area B ATEX II(1)GD(EEx ia)iic C FM AIS I,II,III/1/ABCDEFG D CSA (Ex ia) I,II,III/1/ABCDEFG E TIIS (Ex ia) IIC F NEPSI (Ex ia) IIC Power supply V AC 50/60 Hz V DC, V AC 50/60 Hz Measuring signal 1 0/4-20 ma 2 Universal. U, I, R, RTD, TC Output 1 4x relay SPDT limit 2 4x relay SPDT limit + 1x analog U,I 3 8x relay SPDT limit + 1x pulse + totalizer + linearization for open channel 4 8x relay SPDT limit + 1x analog + 1x pulse + totalizer+ linearization for open channel 5 4x relay SPDT limit + 1x pulse + totalizer+ linearization for open channel 6 8x relay SPDT limit + 1x analog U,I Communication A Standard B Standard + Readwin + RS232 cable Housing 1 96x96 Panel mounting, front IP65 2 Field, IP65/NEMA 4x, 204x155x215mm Additional option 1 Basic version 2 Works calib. certif., 5-point Version A Standard version (de, en, fr) J Standard version, Japan RIA452- Order code Endress+Hauser 13 Accessories ReadWin 2000 PC operating software Field housing IP 65 Order code Interface cable Order code RIA452A-VK Designation ReadWin 2000 PC configuration software and serial cable with jack connector 3.5 mm for RS232 port. RIA452A-VM RS232 cable, North American region, software Readwin 2000 TXU10-AA ReadWin 2000 PC configuration software plus serial configuration cable for USB port with CDI plug. Documentation System Components - Field- and panel mounted indicators, energy managers, power supplies and barriers, process transmitters and surge arresters: FA016K/09 Brief operating instructions Process meter RIA452 : KA264R/09 Operating manual Process meter RIA452 : BA265R/09 Additional Ex-documentations: ATEX II(1)GD: XA053R/09/a3 14 Endress+Hauser Instruments International Endress+Hauser Instruments International AG Kaegenstrasse Reinach Switzerland Tel Fax TI113R/09/en/ FM+SGML6.0 ProMoDo
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