3rd Annual Conference of the DFG International Graduate Research Program IGK Berlin - New York - Toronto:»The World in the City: Metropolitanism and - PDF

3rd Annual Conference of the DFG International Graduate Research Program IGK Berlin - New York - Toronto:»The World in the City: Metropolitanism and Globalization from the Nineteenth-Century to the Present«(DFG/IGK

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3rd Annual Conference of the DFG International Graduate Research Program IGK Berlin - New York - Toronto:»The World in the City: Metropolitanism and Globalization from the Nineteenth-Century to the Present«(DFG/IGK 1705) Center for Metropolitan Studies TU Berlin Hardenbergstraße Berlin Thursday, Nov 20 th 2014 Welcome Dorothee Brantz (IGK Berlin, Germany) 12:30 13:45 Keynote Mustafa Dikeç (Paris, France) Temporal Infrastructures: Modernity, Time and the City 14:15 15:45 Panel I: Questioning the Temporalities of Metropolitan Memory Eray Cayli (London, UK): Negotiating Temporality through Architectural Memorialization in Turkey and Beyond David Hugill (IGK Toronto, Canada) The Urban Politics of Colonial Time in Contemporary Minneapolis Pascaline Thiolliere (Grenoble, France) Urban Memorials: Settings for Gestures Embodying the Relationship between the Living and the Dead Discussant: Karen Till (Maynooth, Ireland) Moderator: Samuel Merrill (IGK Berlin, Germany) 14:15 15:45 Panel II: Reconciling Temporalities of Transformation Azam Khatam (IGK Toronto, Canada) Beyond the Occupied Moments: Enqelab Street the Contested Space of Politics in Tehran Marc Pradel (Barcelona, Spain) Strategic Planning Tempos and the Unexpected: the Case of Barcelona Meisen Wong (IGK Berlin, Germany) The Haunting of a Global Future: Temporal Contradictions in New Ordos, China Discussant: Jennifer Jenkins (IGK Toronto, Canada) Moderator: Afia Afenah (IGK Berlin, Germany) 16:30 17:30 Faculty-Student Meetings + Poster Presentations 18:00 Reception FrIDAY, Nov 21 st 2014 Panel III: Everyday Life, Informality and the Experience of Permanent Temporariness Lucas Elsner, Dirk Heinrichs, Mirko Goletz (Berlin, Germany) Providing Public Transportation Services under Conditions of Permanent Temporariness : Strategies within Bogotá s Informal Bicitaxi Sector to Deal with Uncertainty Mara Ferreri (London, UK), Alex Vasudevan (Nottingham, UK), Gloria Dawson (Leeds, UK) Flexible, Adventurous, Precarious: Everyday Experiences of Temporary Property Guardians Melanie Lombard (Manchester, UK) Struggling, Suffering, Hoping, Waiting: Perceptions of Temporality in Two Informal Neighbourhoods in Xalapa, Mexico Discussant: Talja Blokland (IGK Berlin, Germany) Moderator: Christian Haid (IGK Berlin, Germany) Panel IV: Cultural Representations of Urban Rhythm Matthias Grotkopp (Berlin, Germany) Doing a Job : Crime, Urbanity and the Art of Work Talel Ben Jemia (Berlin, Germany) Just another Lost Angel : John Rechy s City of Night as a Song of the City Johanna Rohlf (IGK Berlin, Germany) As Time Goes by. Jazz and Urban Rhythm in the 1920s Discussant: Daniel Morat (Berlin, Germany) Moderator: Berit Hummel (IGK Berlin, Germany) Panel V: Histories of the Future Metropolis Owen Gutfreund (IGK New York, USA) Planning the Utopian Metropolis of the Future - NY in 1939, Toronto in 1959, and Shanghai in 2010 Florian Hutterer (Berlin, Germany), Angela Million (Uttke) (IGK Berlin, Germany) 150 Years of James Hobrecht Plan for Berlin. Reception, Rejection and Acceptance of a Master Plan Rosemary Wakeman (IGK New York, USA) Colonial Cities as Future Metropolis: L Urbanisme aux Colonies et dans les Pays Tropicaux Discussant: Dorothee Brantz (IGK Berlin, Germany) Moderator: Stefan Höhne (Berlin, Germany) FRIDAY, Nov 21 st 2014 Panel VI: Political Time in Urban Settings Roger Keil, (IGK Toronto, Canada) Stuck in the Middle: Rolling with Neoliberalism in the Toronto Urban Region Henrik Lebuhn (Berlin, Germany) Shifting Politics in Post-Wall Berlin: From Global City Dreams to Neoliberalism Light John Mollenkopf (IGK New York, USA) The Fall of the Koch Coalition in New York and the Challenges of a Left-oriented Governing Majority, Discussant: Kanishka Goonewardena (IGK Toronto, Canada) Moderator: Lisa Vollmer (IGK Berlin, Germany) Lunch Break 15:00 16:30 Plenary Debate Dorothee Brantz (IGK Berlin, Germany) Mustafa Dikeç (Paris, France) Dietrich Henckel (IGK Berlin, Germany) Karen Till (Maynooth, Ireland) Moderator: Rosemary Wakeman (IGK New York, USA) 17:00 18:30 Faculty-Student Meetings and Book Presentation Conference Dinner Saturday, Nov 22 nd 2014 Panel VII: Colonizing Time? The Impact of Globalization on Urban Rhythms Martin Danyluk (IGK Toronto, Canada) Supply-Chain Urbanism: Coordinating Flows in Planetary Space-Time Hans-Liudger Dienel (IGK Berlin, Germany): Multilocals as Time-Pioneers of New Urban Rhythms Carola Hein (Delft, Netherlands): On-time Urbanity and Spatiotemporal Boundaries in Global Port Cities Discussant: Dietrich Henckel (IGK Berlin, Germany) Moderator: Jeanne Haffner (Cambridge, USA) Saturday, Nov 22 nd 2014 Panel VIII: Time, Land and Rent Philip Ashton (Chicago, USA) Reconceiving Law s Temporality: Rent, Mortgage Contracts and the Adjudication of the US Mortgage Crisis Benjamin Teresa (New Brunswick, USA) Timing Rent Gaps: Speculation in Rent- Regulated Housing in New York City Thorben Wieditz (IGK Toronto, Canada) Relationship Between Industrial Lands in the City of Toronto and Urban Containment Policies Discussant: Kathe Newman (New Brunswick, USA) Moderator: Ute Lehrer (IGK Toronto, Canada) Coffee break Panel IX: Everyday Temporalities and Contemporaneity in Urban Streets Brian Ladd (Albany, USA) Speed and Conflict in Pre-Automotive Streets in London, Paris, and Berlin Annika Levels (IGK Berlin, Germany) Urban Streets in Transition - Sustainability, Time, and Space in Contemporary Berlin and New York Beate Löffler (Duisburg, Germany) Hamlet or Metropolis? Dimensions of Time and Space in Tokyo s Backstreets Discussant: Dirk Heinrichs (Berlin, Germany) Moderator: Anna Steigemann (IGK Berlin, Germany) Panel X: Urban Mobility, Social Acceleration and Time Regimes Maren Boersma (Utrecht, Netherlands, and Hong Kong) Fast Life, Low Incomes? Time in Everyday Lives of Low Income Service Sector Workers Sebastian Dorsch (Erfurt, Germany) São Paulo, Mobility, Urban Time Regimes, and Spatial Arrangements in the Yankee City of Brazil Simon Gunn (Leicester, UK) Lived Time and the Industrial City: England, c Discussant: Christoph Bernhardt (IGK Berlin, Germany) Moderator: Alexander Nützenadel (IGK Berlin, Germany) 15:30 Excursions in Berlin Conference Venue Center for Metropolitan Studies Technische Universität Berlin Hardenbergstraße 16-18, Berlin Interested participants are welcome. Please register by November 12th at For further information on the conference please go to
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