2005 PhD Bi-national doctorate in Social Anthropology (Cotutelle) at the Ludwig Maximilian Universität München and Università degli studi di Firenze - PDF

Dr. Elisabeth Tauber Free University of Bolzano Faculty of education Center of Competences on Social Policy Qualification 2005 PhD Bi-national doctorate in Social Anthropology (Cotutelle) at the Ludwig

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Dr. Elisabeth Tauber Free University of Bolzano Faculty of education Center of Competences on Social Policy Qualification 2005 PhD Bi-national doctorate in Social Anthropology (Cotutelle) at the Ludwig Maximilian Universität München and Università degli studi di Firenze Topic: Du wirst keinen Ehemann nehmen! Fluchtheirat und die Bedeutung der Toten bei den Sinti Estraixaria. Tu non prenderai marito! La fuga e il significato dei morti fra i Sinti estrauixaria. (You will not take a husband! Flight marriage and significance of the dead among Sinti Estraixaria) First reviewers: Prof. Dr. Frank Heidemann and Prof. Dr. Leonardo Piasere Second reviewers: Prof. Dr. Thomas Hauschild and Prof. Dr. Alessandro Simonicca Grade thesis: Summa cum laude Grade thesis defense: Summa cum laude 1999, 26.April Equipollenza alla laurea italiana in Sociologia / decreto legislativo 16 aprile 1994, n Master of Arts (Magister Artium, M.A.) in Ethnology, Philosophy and Modern History, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany Topic: Analyse der Zigeunerforschung in Deutschland nach 1945 anhand der Theorie der Hierarchie von Louis Dumont (Analysis of Gypsy-Research in Germany after 1945 with Reference to the Theory of Hierarchy by Louis Dumont) Supervisor /reviewer: Prof. Dr. Georg Pfeffer Grade: A (very good) Current Focus on Research Romanies in Europe / Ethnography and Theory Anthropology of Institutions and Anthropology of the State History Research and Cultural Anthropology Applied Anthropology Current Projects The integrated Exclusion. Processes of integration and exclusion of ethnically defined, marginalized groups in South Tyrol in view of national and European discourses of Integration. Ethnography of institutions Sehen und gesehen werden (See and to be seen.) Participatory photography with refugees of Central and West Africa. Project Sponsor: Benno-Barth-Stiftung Lecturing Since Lecturer at the Institut für Ethnologie und Afrikanistik, Munich Since Visiting Teacher at the Central European University CEU, Budapest Lecturer at the Fakultät für Bildungswissenschaften Freie Universität Bozen Lecturer for Cultural Anthropology at the Fachhochschule für Gesundheitsberufe Claudiana, Bozen Cultrice della materia (extern evaluator), Social Anthropology at the Universitá di Firenze. Field Studies 2008 Field studies on processes of Traditionalization and gender construction using the example of the Südtiroler Schützen (South Tyrol Marksmen) (5 months) /2007 Ethnographical research for the Social Services Department Bozen (6 months) Ethnography of political self-presentation of Romanies (2 months) Field Studies on Italian schools with attention to concepts of childhood and interpretation of School by Sinti in North Italy (10 months) Participating field studies in a Gypsy trailer park of Sinti Estraixaria in North Italy (36 months) 1992/1993 Field research with Hungarian Gabor Roma in Clui Napoca (RO), (4 months) Archive Research Archive research on Adriano Colocci Vespucci; Fascist Researcher on Gypsies (Jesi city archives, Italy) Archival research on begging and nomadism of North-Italian Sinti (Österreichisches Staatsarchiv, Wien; Stadtarchiv Villach; Südtiroler Landesarchiv, Bozen) Memberships, Workgroups, Editorial Work Since 2011 Member of European Academic Network in Romani Studies (EU) Since 2008 Member of EASA (European Association of Social Anthropologists) 2008 Workgroup Women in Traditional Associations Südtiroler Landesarchiv und Institut für Geschichtswissenschaft, Innsbruck Representative of Prof. Frank Heidemann (LMU Munich) at CEU Budapest in the context of Marie Curie Research Program, Multi Disciplinary and Cross National Approaches to Romany Studies a Model for Europe. Since Member of the editorial board Romani Studies , Manchester (GB) Since Member of the Gypsy Lore Society (USA) Since Member of the Working Group History and Religion, Bozen (I) Member of Seminario avanzato di studi culturali rom , University of Florence Scholarships and Funding/grants 2008 Research representative of the Südtiroler Landesarchiv (South Tyrol Regional Archive) on Frauen in Traditionsvereinen Südtirols Schützen und ihre Marketenderinnen (Women in traditional associations South Tyrol s Marksmen and their camp followers), (12 months) 2007 Scholarship of the Thyssen-Stiftung, Köln, ref. Integration als kulturelle Konstruktion. Eine ethnographische Untersuchung institutioneller Integrationskonzepte und ihrer Praxis am Beispiel der Roma und Sinti in einer öffentlichen Institution (Integration as a form of cultural construction. An ethnographic study of institutional integration concepts and their practice using the example of Roma and Sinti in public institutions), (12 months) Grant by Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse für Adriano Colocci Zigeunerforscher und italienischer Faschist. (Adriano Colocci; Researcher on Gypsies and Italian fascist) Research assignment at the Fakultät für Bildungswissenschaft zu: Romanies in Bozen. Politische Organisation und Partizipation (Romanies in Bolzano. Political organization and participation), Supervision: Prof. Dr. Walter Lorenz, (3 months) 2005 Funding by Autonome Provinz Bozen, Amt für Kultur for Sinti und Roma. Eine Spurensuche. ARUNDA 67 (Sinti and Roma A search for traces) PhD bursary of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Berlin (30 months) Research assignment to the Università di Firenze on The Education of the Gypsy Childhood in Europe. , (24 months) 1999 Grant by Fondazione San Carlo, Modena for Specializzazione in studi culturali (Specialization in cultural studies.), (9 months) 1992 ERASMUS-Scholarship for the University of Edinburgh, (9 months) Conferences 2011 «Tsiganes», «Nomades» : un malentendu européen. Colloque Paris: Title: Time and territory - these are the others. Ethnographic reflections on philosophical constructions Conference of the Gypsy Lore Society, Graz (A): Title: Field research, participation and ethics of research in the context of Romanies European Parliament, Brussels: Bringing academy and policy together to benefit Romany communities in Europe. Open Session of the EPP Working Group on Roma Inclusion. Title: Building sustainable communities from the inside out. Universität Innsbruck: Lecture series and conference Literatur- als Kulturwissenschaft: Romani und Traveller Studies. Identitäten im Wandel. (Literary studies as cultural science: Romani and traveller studies. Identity in change) Title: Gender im Alltag und Neutralität des Geschlechts im Sinnstiftungsprozess der Sinti von Südtirol aus ethnographischer Perspektive. (Gender in daily life and gender neutrality in the finding process of meaning of South Tyrol Sinti from an ethnographic perspective) Association heimat Brixen, Bressanone, Persenon, Südtiroler Landesarchiv und Fakultät für Bildungswissenschaften, Brixen. Title: Frauen als Zierde Die Schützenmarketenderin zwischen Diskurs und Repräsentation zu Tradition und Geschlecht. (Women as ornament. Camp followers between discourse and representation towards tradition and gender) Frauenmuseum Hittisau (A), Symposium: Reinheit und Reinigung. (Women s Museum Hittisau(A), symposium: Purity and Purification) Title: Sie wird zurückgesetzt und er wird zur Frau. Postnatale rituelle Handlungen im Kontext der Sinti und mögliche Interpretationsansätze. (She gets set apart and he becomes a woman. Postnatal rituals in context of Sinti and an approach to interpretation) University College London. Seminar. Title: Marriage structures and death relations. A cultural discourse EASA Conference Ljubljana. Organization of panel: Almut Schneider: Ethnographies on adaptation and switching. Modern institutions in a cross-cultural perspective Deutsche Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde (German Society of Ethnology) Conference in Halle (D) Title: Konzepte der Unsichtbarkeit und Stille aus historisch-ethnographischer Perspektive (Concepts of invisibility and silence from a historical and ethnographical perspective) 2007 Freie Universität Bozen Fakultät für Bildungswissenschaften. Conference: Prozesse der Konstruktion autochthoner Identitäten in Südtirol Beispiele deutscher, italienischer, ladinischer, jüdischer und sinti Identitätskonzepte in historischer und ethnologischer Perspektive. (Processes of autochtonous identity contruction in South Tyrol Examples of German, Italian, Ladin, Jewish and Sinti identity concepts in historical and ethnological perspective) Title: Ich bin nicht groß. Multiple kulturellen Identitäten am Beispiel der Gründung eines Sinti-Vereines. (I am not big. Multiple cultural identity by taking the example of the foundation of a Sinti association) 2007 Cusanus Akademie Brixen/Verein heimat Brixen, Bressanone, Persenon Title: Die Vorstellung vom Haus der Romanies. Architektur im interkulturellen Vergleich. (The idea of a Romani house. Architecture in intercultural comparison) Conference at the Freie Universität Bozen in cooperation with RAI, the chamber of journalists, social services department: Soziales kommunizieren. (social communication / communicating social issues???) Workshop: Der Herausgeber einer Kulturzeitschrift und eine Ethnologin dokumentieren die Entstehung von ARUNDA 67. (The editor of a culture magazine and an Ethnologist document the initiative and development of ARUNDA 67) 2005 EHESS Paris/British Academy: European Roma. Resistance, Marginality and Integration. Title: Photography in a Sinti context. Representation of the self and images of the other EURAC, Bozen. Runder Tisch zu Sinti und Roma in Österreich und Italien. (Roundtable for Sinti and Roma in Austria and Italy) Title: Erbschaft und Besitz versus Respekt vor den Verstorbenen. Zwei kulturelle Konstruktionen im Alpenraum. (Heritage and property versus respect for the deceased. Two cultural constructs in the Alps.) 2004 EHESS, Paris. Groupe de travail d anthropologie sociale comparative . Title: Flight marriage as a result of respect for the dead Post-graduate program Travelling Cultures of the Universität München and the International University in Venice: Title: Nomadic routes and its narration. Sinti in North Italy Universität Münster: Anthropologie und soziale Praxis (Anthropology and social practice) Title: Welche Rolle spielt die Anthropologie in der Kommunikation zwischen öffentlichen Institutionen und Romanies? (The role of Anthropology in communication between public institutions and Romani) 2001 Università del Piemonte, Vercelli. The Anthropology of Western societies. A closer look. Title: Sinti children in the school of the Gadze Università di Firenze. Research Group: Anthropologia Romaní. Title: How to understand the flight marriage of the Sinti? 2001 Universitè Paris V. Project Opreroma: Annual meeting of the research group. Title: Telling a fragmented story or how to interpret invisibility? 2001 University of Brunel/GB Lunchtime seminar of Adam Kuper. Title: Farting a physical act of creating symbolic difference Goethe Forum, München. Sinti, Roma, Gypsies. Geschichte und Gegenwart , (Sinti, Roma Gypsies. Past and Present) Title: Die Lehrerin Sabina. Ein pädagogisch improvisiertes Modell führt zu gelungener kultureller Integration im Klassenzimmer. (The teacher Sabina. An improvised educational model leads to successful cultural integration in the classroom) 2000 Università di Firenze: Research group Antropologia Romaní. Title: Nomadic structures of the South Tyrol Sinti Universidad de Castellion: Annual meeting of the research group OPREROMA, Title: A project on Gypsy childhood and school. Which are the underlying values? 1999 Annual meeting of the Gypsy Lore Society, Florence. Title: When we are really playing...! An ethnographic approach to Sinti music. Post Graduate Training, Supervision and Councelling of Public Institutions and NGOs in Italy and Abroad Since 1999 Referee and scientific consultant with special focus on intercultural competences, Romani studies, Anthropology of child and adult education, interdisciplinary and intercultural connections. International Consulting, Publications and Project Participation Since 1999 Various consulting assignments with public and non-profit institutions on questions of the socio-economic integration of ethnically defined groups. Conferences and publications, for example on Women and professional care, Autonomous living, discrimination, integration of Roma and Sinti with regard to a new job perspective. Designing a documentation center Romanies in Europe, project supervision and publication of Roma and Sinti traditional professions and their revitalization. Languages German: mother tongue Italian: fluent in speech and writing, bilingualism certificate A (2005) English: fluent in speech and writing, First Certificate (1988) Romanès: fluent in speech and writing corresponding to the Giulio Soravia Writing- Standard Dialect versions of Sinti Estraixaria, Sinti Eftavagaria and Sinti Teitsch French: Urdu: good knowledge basic knowledge, three term language certificate of a non-european language for Ethnology main studies in Berlin, language examination 1992.
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