1. Przeczytaj reklamę parku dinozaurów. Następnie zdecyduj, czy poniższe zdania są prawdziwe (TRUE) czy fałszywe (FALSE): - PDF

1. Przeczytaj reklamę parku dinozaurów. Następnie zdecyduj, czy poniższe zdania są prawdziwe (TRUE) czy fałszywe (FALSE): DINOSAUR PARK A MONSTER DAY OUT Come face to face with life size dinosaurs both

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1. Przeczytaj reklamę parku dinozaurów. Następnie zdecyduj, czy poniższe zdania są prawdziwe (TRUE) czy fałszywe (FALSE): DINOSAUR PARK A MONSTER DAY OUT Come face to face with life size dinosaurs both great and small lurking in the woods on our Trail. Help our ranger discover how many T-Rex roam the woodland, using our radio and lookout towers to accomplish your mission. Pretending to be an archaeologist with brush in hand, enjoy unearthing the dinosaur fossil and discover which dinosaur you think it is. Have fun climbing, sliding, swinging and scrambling in our fantastic adventure play area set in parkland. There's plenty for all ages including our Tiny 'Terror'saurs for the under 5's. For a small additional charge, climb aboard and get close to our deer herd on our fascinating guided safari (subject to availability). TRUE (T) or FALSE (F)? 1. The Dinosaur Park is only for children above 5 years of age. 2. There are a lot of activities and tasks for children to accomplish. 3. There is a special area with a playground just outside the park. 4. You can go on a guided safari and see a herd of deer for free. 5. The guided safari may not be available if there are too many people signing up for this activity. 2. Przeczytaj poniższy tekst. Następnie wybierz poprawną odpowiedź a, b lub c. The world s top scientists have concluded that our climate is changing and they have issued urgent warnings about our future we can t afford to ignore. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) reports leave no room for doubt: global warming is a fact. And human activity including the burning of fossil fuels, industrial emissions, and deforestation are the main cause of climate change and its most dangerous side effects. The dramatic rise in greenhouse gases over the last 250 years, particularly carbon dioxide, has caused temperatures to rise across the globe and this warming is projected to accelerate at an alarming and dangerous pace. Science is a powerful witness. Our world is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Dangerous atmospheric changes already observed and measured will continue for decades. A fragment of A Way Forward: Facing Climate Change - a video produced by the National Geographic Society. 1. According to the article the warnings presented by top scientists: a) are exaggerated. b) should be taken seriously. c) have been misinterpreted by the media. 2. Climate change has been caused mainly by: a) people s actions. b) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. c) the existence of too many forests. 3. Increased production of greenhouse gasses has resulted in: a) disappearance of fossil fuels. b) higher temperatures all over the world. c) local changes in the amount of carbon dioxide. 4. Scientists predict that the changes in atmosphere: a) were most dangerous 250 years ago. b) will take place at a slower rate. c) will remain a major problem in years to come. 3. Przyjrzyj się obrazkowi poniżej. Uzupełnij opis prawidłowymi wyrazami a, b lub c, tak, aby tekst był gramatyczny i logiczny. In this photo there are two dogs and a girl playing. The dog [1.] the girl is white and is wearing a blue [2.]. [3.] dog is black. Neither dog [4.] standing on all four legs. The dogs are trying to get the stick the girl is holding in [5.] hand. 1. a. next b. close c. nearest 2. a. necklace b. leash c. collar 3. a. The other b. Another c. A 4. a. are b. has been c. is 5. a. the b. her c. a 4. Wstaw JEDEN wyraz w odpowiedniej formie gramatycznej, np. BIG bigger, watch watched. Nie możesz wstawić wyrazu w niezmienionej formie. 1. I try to speak English fluently and build sentences that are correct. GRAMMAR 2. The words in the dictionary are in the order. ALPHABET 3. In with Tokyo, life in Warsaw and Prague is cheap. COMPARE 4. The headmaster s speech was so long that I almost died of. BORE 5. Paula and Jack have three children. Paula also has a daughter from a previous. MARRY 6. It is in Poland to sell alcohol to people under 18. LEGAL 7. She didn t realize that films from the Internet is illegal. DOWNLOAD 8. Mark is very. He wants to be the best at everything. COMPETE 9. The last Batman movie was so you knew exactly how it was going to end. PREDICT 10. You can you tea with honey instead of sugar. SWEET 5. Wybierz prawidłową odpowiedź. 1. I ve got a. throat. I must have caught a cold. a) red b) sore c) sour d) painful 2. My father s second wife has got two daughters, so I have two. a) foster sisters b) semi-sisters c) stepsisters d) in-law sisters 3. Remember, never leave your wallet or bag.. Someone may steal it. a) open b) unattended c) obvious d) lonely 4. I m not good at taking decisions. I sometimes a coin. a) drop b) throw c) spin d) toss 5. WWW stands for.. a) World Wild Web b) Wide Worldly Web c) World Wide Web d) World Web of Words 6. This light, blouse is perfect for the summer. a) silk b) velvet c) woolen d) corduroy 7. are large birds with beautiful tail feathers with eye-like patterns. a) pigeons b) peacocks c) hedgehogs d) hares 8. Being a doctor is a. job. a) profiting b) well-paid c) good-paid d) wealthy 9. Tom and Ann don t love each other any more. They have just.. a) split off b) split with c) split up d) split on 10. Water was.. slowly from the pipe. a) filtering b) spilling c) gushing d) leaking 11. Patrick lost his job so he couldn t pay off his. That s why the bank took his house. a) mortgage b) salary c) taxes d) rates 12. When the. blew his whistle, he finally put an end to this embarrassing performance. a) fan b) referee c) judge d) trainer 13. The room in our hotel was really. It was the size of a shoebox. a) filthy b) humongous c) tiny d) moody 14. My dog is really wild, I must always keep it on a.. a) line b) cord c) rope d) lead 15. I need to see the dentist, one of my. has just fallen out. a) tooth b) fillings c) holes d) gums 6. Uzupełnij zdania poprawnymi formami czasowników podanych w nawiasach (proszę użyć pełnych form czasownika, np. does not zamiast doesn t). 1. I m used to on the left because I ve lived in England for some time. (drive) 2. She tried to be serious but she couldn t help. (laugh) 3. I wish I something to read. It s so boring sitting in this waitingroom with nothing to do. (have) 4. My parents never let me after 10. (stay out) 5. It s high time you a job. I m fed up with supporting you! (find) 6. I had great difficulty a good nanny for my two-year-old. (find) 7. What like? Is he tall? (he/look) 8. If I about the meeting, I d definitely have attended it. (inform) 9. It s time we stopped about our next move. We need to have a clear plan. (think) 10. Byron is said to on vinegar and potatoes. (live) 7. Wybierz prawidłową odpowiedź. 1. She broke her toe when she her bike. a. had fallen / down b. was falling / of c. fell / off 2. There furniture in this office, we need to remove.. a. are too many / them b. is too many / some c. is too much / it 3. I have a dentist appointment.. Can you give me? a. tomorrow in the morning / the lift b. tomorrow morning / a lift c. in tomorrow s morning / the lift 4. As long as you when you, I will meet you at the airport. a. let me know / will arrive b. will let me know / arrive c. let me know / arrive 5. I don t know this word. I look it in a dictionary. a. need / on b. need to / on c. need to / up
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