ЖВЩДНБИЗОБ ПЕВВРЕБ, 2006, 40, 2, Н Д Дapple ъfl ЗВАВЩ ЙЩЖЩГЙ АВ ЕЙКЩИРЕИВАОЗЗЛ КВА ВИВА Е РЩЗВЖО ҐЩХНГҐО Л ИЩК ЕЕГ Й. О. Д, В. И. Пapple, А. А. Рapple*,. О. Дappleapple Е flapple ъ

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ЖВЩДНБИЗОБ ПЕВВРЕБ, 2006, 40, 2, Н Д Дapple ъfl ЗВАВЩ ЙЩЖЩГЙ АВ ЕЙКЩИРЕИВАОЗЗЛ КВА ВИВА Е РЩЗВЖО ҐЩХНГҐО Л ИЩК ЕЕГ Й. О. Д, В. И. Пapple, А. А. Рapple*,. О. Дappleapple Е flapple ъ И, Ж, К apple Д : SINE, appleapple, apple. A NEW FAMILY OF INTERSPERSED REPEATS FROM SQUAMATE REPTILES, by S. A. Kosushkin, O. R. Borodulina, V. V. Grechko*, D. A. Kramerov (Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, * * appleapple apple SINE (Short Interspersed Elements) fl. Ч ъ - appleъ, appleapple apple ъ - appleapple appleapple SINEs. З 5'- - fl, apple, apple- -ъ ИЗД, apple, apple ъ - apple apple LINE [1]. З - SINE fl ъ apple applefl - apple, ъ (О)--, apple ъ,, fl fl ъapple appleapple apple- fl ЗД- [2, 3]. apple SINEs apple (flapple, apple. Squamata) -. В apple flapple Podarcis sicula (. Lacertidae), 5'-ъ apple ИЗД, -apple c LINE-ъ - [4]. В apple apple - fl fl apple apple- appleappleapple ЗД apple apple. * Ч. : А appleъ - appleapple apple SINE flapple apple Darevskia (Squamat: Lacertidae) Darevskia praticola D. raddei, applefl - fl apple apple apple applefl apple (apple). Кapple ъapple- apple apple К И-apple - ЗД D. raddei ( apple [5, 6]). А appleapple -, apple, apple- A-ъ appleapple fl ИЗД-apple III (О-К И). Йapple apple fl fl apple ЗД, apple - SINE, fl ъ A ( apple, 5'-TRGCTCAGTGG-). З apple- appleapple ъapple appleapple (ъ- apple, 5'-GCTCTCYAG- GRTTTCA-), apple К И apple, apple- 5'- SINE. Дapple, appleapple apple apple - D. praticola -. Ч appleapple О1 2 apple apple SINE (apple ъ). О fl (apple ), fl appleapple, appleapple fl К SINE Squam-2 flapple. Lacertidae (Dra Darevskia raddei, Dpr Darevskia praticola). Аapple fl К И appleapple ъ A (ъ ), - apple ъapple appleapple ( ). З appleapple - applefl apple apple. trna-ala ИЗД Оla(CGC) - (fl ъapple apple apple ). ъ Аapple SINE, ИЗД Оla(CGC) : Squam-2 flapple, Das-1 ъapple [6, 14], Vic-1 [13] ID-Rno apple [12]. А apple- appleapple О1, О2, 1 2. Йfl appleapple Squam-2 fl apple apple apple -, ъ appleapple ИЗД-apple III (ъ A ъ B). 378 ЗВАВЩ ЙЩЖЩГЙ АВ ЕЙКЩИРЕИВАОЗЗЛ КВА ВИВА ъ 5' П О П А ' 5' 5' appleapple О1 appleapple О2 appleapple T1 appleapple 2 380 Д apple. SINE. 5'- ъ - ИЗД Оla(CGC) - (apple ), apple applefl - apple appleapple fl ИЗД-apple III ъ A B. apple ИЗД 100.., fl apple - applefl. ИЗД-apple apple (85..) fl ъ apple-, apple apple fl , apple ъ- ИЗД. apple, ъ - appleъ. apple - apple. ъapple, apple apple 15., apple- fl apple. А, ИЗД-apple apple - ИЗД. А applefl, ъapple apple ъ- apple, SINE appleъ [1, 7, 8]., ъapple (О)-, applefl apple apple --. SINE, apple (О)-- ( tailless retroposons), ъ- apple ъ, -, apple fl ъapple appleapple- apple appleapple [9]. Дapple, apple- fl ъapple apple applefl apple apple, applefl ъ - -, apple,, apple apple SINE. Ч fl apple apple, applefl appleapple - fl Ж apple,, apple apple SINE (apple- apple, MIR [10]), ъapple - applefl, fl appleapple,, apple apple -- apple applefl apple. Оapple, fl, appleapple SINE apple fl apple- SINE, ъflfl fl appleapple. Ґъ apple, fl SINE ЗД apple, -ъ-ъapple - ЗД apple 12 flapple apple. Squamata, apple- : apple, apple, ъ (apple- flfl fl), ( - ) apple applefl (ъ). Ръapple- fl -, apple, apple- apple О1 О2, apple ъ apple (ИЗД-apple) - apple, apple, apple appleapple 1 2, ИЗД-apple SINE, fl apple. Й ъapple ЗД ъ - ъ apple apple, ЗД, (fl Iguania), (Boa constrictor Elaphe dione) ъapplefl ъ ъ (ъ). ЗД, fl apple. Squamata, ъapple- appleapple, ъ ъapple appleapple, - fl ИЗД. Вfl, apple fl ъapple apple- apple apple Squam-2. А ЗД, fl - ъ ъ apple ъapple, ИЗД Ala(CGC). Й ИЗД- apple apple apple ъ. Ч ъ ъ- apple apple - SINE ID, apple- ИЗД. Дapple, ИЗД- applefl fl - ъ ъ apple ИЗД, - ъapple ИЗД-apple, ЗД apple Squam-2. И ъapple apple -, apple ЗД fl apple К И appleapple О1 2. Кapple apple, - appleapple apple SINE, ъapple ЗД apple apple applefl,., flapple К И-apple,, -ъ- applefl ЗД ъ ъ (ъ- ). Ч apple appleъ - fl. Въapple ъfl, apple, ъ ъ, fl apple Squam-2 flapple: Boa constrictor apple apple ъ, Elaphe dione, apple, ъ apple- fl. А apple -, SINE flfl apple apple, fl - applefl, [11]. К flfl SINEs, -, appleappleapple apple appleapple apple apple apple. ЗВАВЩ ЙЩЖЩГЙ АВ ЕЙКЩИРЕИВАОЗЗЛ КВА ВИВА 381 Иappleapple Squam-2 apple- ъapple К И Mammalia: Eutheria Mammalia: Marsupialia Ръapplefl К И О1-О2 1-2 Hominidae 1 с с Rodentia 2 с Macropodidae 3 Aves Strigidae 4 Falconidae 5 Passeridae 6 Amphibia: Anura Ranidae 7 + Squamata Testudines Crocodylia Chamaeleonidae 8 + с Agamidae Iguanidae Lacertidae Lacertidae Cordylidae Scincidae Varanidae Anguidae Teiidae с Helodermatidae Eublepharidae Gekkonidae Colubridae 21 с с с Boidae 22 с + + Testudinidae 23 Crocodylidae 24 Кapple. ЗД ъapple, appleapple О1 + О (. apple). + ъapple applefl apple К И; ъapple apple К И; с ъ ъapple ъfl apple К И. Е, ъ- ъ apple: 1, Homo sapiens; 2, Mus musculus; 3 apple apple, Dendrolagus bennettianus; 4 fl, Asio otus; 5, Falco tinnunculus; 6 appleъ, Passer domesticus; 7 applefl- fl fl, Rana temporaria; 8, Chamaeleo calyptratus; 9 fl flapple, Chlamidosaurus kingii; 10 ъfl, Iguana iguana; 11 flapple, Darevskia raddei/praticola; 12 - applefl flapple, Gallotia sp.; 13 fl, Cordylus giganteus; 14 fl, Tiliqua sp.; 15 apple apple, Varanus prasinus; 16 fl apple-, Anguis fragilis; 17, Tupinambis teguixin; 18 -, Heloderma suspectum; 19 fl ъapple, Eublepharis macularius; 20, Gekko gecko; 21 apple -, Elaphe dione; 22 ъ, Boa constrictor; 23 appleapplefl apple, Testudo graeca; 24 - apple, Crocodylus niloticus. Кapple, SINE (ИЗД-apple), Genbank apple- apple BLAST ъapple. Й ъ ИЗД fl SINE -,,, applefl ИЗД, ID apple [12], Vic-1 [13] Das1 [6, 14] ъapple (apple- ъ). Аapplefl, ИЗД apple- -- SINEs, apple apple appleapple. ъapple, ЗД apple applefl Squamata appleapple apple SINE Squam-2. В fl applefl apple, apple ИЗД Ala(CGC), -, ъ, apple appleapple, - fl appleapple apple apple apple. Е- apple apple appleapple ИЗД-apple ъ-,, -ъ apple- -, appleapple fl. Вapple ъapple apple apple SINE (Squam-1), apple. Пapple.П. А Е.Й. apple apple ъapple apple apple. Иъ apple И- ( ; ). ЙКЕЙВД Е ЩИО НИ 1. Ohshima K., Hamada M., Terai Y. et al The ends of trna-derived short interspersed repetitive elements are derived from the ends of long interspersed repetitive elements. Mol. Cell. Biol. 16, Okada N SINEs. Curr. Opin. Genet. Dev. 1, Schmid C.W Alu: structure, origin, evolution, significance and function of one-tenth of human DNA. Prog. Nucleic Acid Res. Mol. Biol. 53, Fantaccione S., Russo C., Palomba P. et al A new pair of CR1-like LINE and trna-derived SINE elements in Podarcis sicula genome. Gene. 339, Borodulina O.R., Kramerov D.A Wide distribution of short interspersed elements among eukaryotic genomes. FEBS Lett. 457, Borodulina O.R., Kramerov D.A PCR-based approach to SINE isolation: simple and complex SINEs. Gene. 349, Kajikawa M., Okada N LINEs mobilize SINEs in the eel through a shared sequence. Cell. 111, 382 Д apple. 8. Ohshima K., Okada N SINEs and LINEs: symbionts of eukaryotic genomes with a common tail. Cytogenet. Genome Res. 110, Schmitz J., Churakov G., Zischler H. et al A novel class of mammalian-specific tailless retropseudogenes. Genome Res. 14, Jurka J., Zietkiewicz E., Labuda D Ubiquitous mammalian-wide interspersed repeats (MIRs) are molecular fossils from the mesozoic era. Nucleic Acids Res. 23, Carroll R.L Vertebrate Paleontology and Evolution. N.Y.: W.H. Freeman and Company. 12. Kim J., Martignetti J.A., Shen M.R. et al Rodent BC1 RNA gene as a master gene for ID element amplification. Prc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 91, Lin Z., Nomura O., Hayashi T. et al Characterization of a SINE species from vicuna and its distribution in animal species including the family Camelidae. Mamm. Genome. 12, Churakov G., Smit A.F., Brosius J. et al A novel abundant family of retroposed elements (DAS-SINEs) in the nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus). Mol. Biol. Evol. 22,
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