Все оригинальные аксессуары к вашей технике на одной странице - PDF

Все оригинальные аксессуары к вашей технике на одной странице Viotech Setup Manual FCC Information and Copyright This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits of a Class B digital

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Все оригинальные аксессуары к вашей технике на одной странице Viotech Setup Manual FCC Information and Copyright This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits of a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. There is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. The vendor makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents here and specially disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any purpose. Further the vendor reserves the right to revise this publication and to make changes to the contents here without obligation to notify any party beforehand. Duplication of this publication, in part or in whole, is not allowed without first obtaining the vendor s approval in writing. The content of this user s manual is subject to be changed without notice and we will not be responsible for any mistakes found in this user s manual. All the brand and product names are trademarks of their respective companies. Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction Before You Start Package Checklist Motherboard Features Rear Panel Connectors Motherboard Layout... 4 Chapter 2: Hardware Installation Installing Central Processing Unit (CPU) FAN Headers Installing System Memory Connectors and Slots... 8 Chapter 3: Headers & Jumpers Setup How to Setup Jumpers Detail Settings Chapter 4: Useful Help Driver Installation Note Extra Information Troubleshooting Appendix: SPEC In Other Languages German French Italian Spanish Portuguese Polish Russian Arabic Japanese... 34 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Viotech BEFORE YOU START Thank you for choosing our product. Before you start installing the motherboard, please make sure you follow the instructions below: Prepare a dry and stable working environment with sufficient lighting. Always disconnect the computer from power outlet before operation. Before you take the motherboard out from anti-static bag, ground yourself properly by touching any safely grounded appliance, or use grounded wrist strap to remove the static charge. Avoid touching the components on motherboard or the rear side of the board unless necessary. Hold the board on the edge, do not try to bend or flex the board. Do not leave any unfastened small parts inside the case after installation. Loose parts will cause short circuits which may damage the equipment. Keep the computer from dangerous area, such as heat source, humid air and water. Do not squeeze or touch CPU Cooler (Fan/Heatsink) The operating temperatures of the computer should be 0 to 45 degrees Celsius. 1.2 PACKAGE CHECKLIST Rear I/O Panel Shield X 1 Fully Setup Driver CD X 1 (full version manual files inside) Serial ATA Cable X 2 Quick Installation Guide X 1 1 Motherboard Manual 1.3 MOTHERBOARD FEATURES SPEC CPU FSB Chipset Graphics VIA C7-D 1.8G Processor VIA V4 BUS 800MHz VX900 Chrome9 HD NanoBGA2 VIA CPU On-board Execute Disable Bit Max Shared Video Memory is 512MB Support DirectX 9.0 and Pixel Shader (SM2.0) Low Pin Count Interface Super I/O ITE 8728 Environment Control H/W Monitor Main Memory SATA DDR3 Slots x 2 Integrated Serial ATA Controller Fan Speed Controller Each DIMM supports 512MB/1GB/2GB/4GB DDR3 Max Memory Capacity 8GB Supports DDR3 800 / 1066 Single Channel Mode DDR3 memory module Registered DIMM and ECC DIMM is not supported Data transfer rates up to 3.0 Gb/s. SATA Version 2.0 specification compliant. LAN Realtek RTL8103EL 10 / 100 Mb/s auto negotiation Sound Codec VIA VT1708S 5.1 channels audio out High-Definition Audio support Slot On Board Connector PCI slot Supports PCI expansion card PCI Express Gen2 x 16 slot Supports PCI-E 6 expansion card (x8-lane only) SATA Connector x2 Each connector supports 1 SATA devices Front Panel Connector Supports front panel facilities Front Audio Connector Supports front panel audio function CPU Fan Header CPU Fan power supply System Fan Header System Fan Power supply 2 Viotech SPEC Clear CMOS Header Restore CMOS data to factory default USB Connector x2 Each connector supports 2 front panel USB ports Printer Port Connector Each connector supports 1 Printer port Serial Port Connector Connects to RS-232 Port Power Connector (24pin) Connects to Power supply Power Connector (4pin) Connects to Power supply PS/2 Keyboard Connects to PS/2 Keyboard PS/2 Mouse Connects to PS/2 Mouse Real Panel VGA Port Connects to monitor I/O LAN Port Connects to RJ-45 ethernet cable USB Port x4 Connects to USB devices Audio Jack x3 Provide Audio-In/Out and microphone connection Board Size 170 (W) x 220 (L) mm OS Support Windows XP / Vista / 7 Biostar reserves the right to add or remove support for any OS with or without notice. 1.4 REAR PANEL CONNECTORS PS/2 Mouse LAN Line In/ Surround Line Out Mic In 1/ Bass/ Center PS/2 Keyboard VGA USBX2 USBX2 Since the audio chip supports High Definition Audio Specification, the function of each audio jack can be defined by software. The input / output function of each audio jack listed above represents the default setting. However, when connecting external microphone to the audio port, please use the Mic In (Pink) audio jack. 3 Motherboard Manual 1.5 MOTHERBOARD LAYOUT KBMS1 ATXPWR2 VGA1 CPU_FAN1 VIA C7-D 1.8G CPU1 DIMMA1 DIMMA2 USB3 JUSBV2 VIA VX900 ATXPWR1 RJ45USB1 AUDIO1 SATA2 F_USB2 JUSBV1 SATA1 F_USB1 LAN PEX16_1 Codec BAT1 Super I/O BIOS PCI1 JCMOS1 F_AUDIO1 J_COM1 J_PRINT1 SYS_FAN1 PANEL1 Note: represents the 1 st pin. 4 Viotech CHAPTER 2: HARDWARE INSTALLATION 2.1 INSTALLING CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT (CPU) The motherboard includes an embedded VIA C7-D or Nano processor, and a heatsink has been installed to provide sufficient cooling. 2.2 FAN HEADERS These fan headers support cooling-fans built in the computer. The fan cable and connector may be different according to the fan manufacturer. Connect the fan cable to the connector while matching the black wire to pin#1. CPU_FAN1: CPU Fan Header 4 1 Pin Assignment 1 Ground 2 Power 3 FAN RPM rate sense 4 Smart Fan Control SYS_FAN1: System Fan Header Pin Assignment 1 Ground 2 +12V 3 FAN RPM rate sense 1 3 Note: CPU_FAN1 supports 4-pin head connector; SYS_FAN1, 3-pin head one. When connecting with wires onto connectors, please note that the red wire is the positive and should be connected to pin#2, and the black wire is Ground and should be connected to GND. 5 Motherboard Manual 2.3 INSTALLING SYSTEM MEMORY A. DDR3 Module DIMMA1 DIMMA2 1. Unlock a DIMM slot by pressing the retaining clips outward. Align a DIMM on the slot such that the notch on the DIMM matches the break on the Slot. 2. Insert the DIMM vertically and firmly into the slot until the retaining chip snap back in place and the DIMM is properly seated. 6 B. Memory Capacity DIMM Socket Location DIMMA1 DIMMA2 DDR3 Module 512MB/1GB/2GB/4GB 512MB/1GB/2GB/4GB Viotech Total Memory Size Max is 8GB. 7 Motherboard Manual 2.4 CONNECTORS AND SLOTS SATA1/SATA2: Serial ATA Connectors The motherboard has a PCI to SATA Controller with 2 channels SATA interface, it satisfies the SATA 2.0 spec and with transfer rate of 3Gb/s. SATA2 SATA Pin Assignment 1 Ground 2 TX+ 3 TX- 4 Ground 5 RX- 6 RX+ 7 Ground ATXPWR2: ATX Power Source Connector This connector provides +12V to CPU power circuit. Please make sure this connector has been plugged in perfectly Pin Assignment 1 +12V 2 +12V 3 Ground 4 Ground 8 ATXPWR1: ATX Power Source Connector Viotech This connector allows user to connect 24-pin power connector on the ATX power supply Pin Assignment Pin Assignment V V 14-12V V 15 Ground 3 Ground 16 PS_ON 4 +5V 17 Ground 5 Ground 18 Ground 6 +5V 19 Ground 7 Ground 20 NC 8 PW_OK 21 +5V 9 Standby Voltage+5V 22 +5V V 23 +5V V 24 Ground V PCI1: Peripheral Component Interconnect Slot The motherboard is equipped with 1 standard PCI slot. PCI stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect, and it is a bus standard for expansion cards. This PCI slot is designated as 32 bits. PCI1 9 Motherboard Manual PEX16_1: PCI-Express 6 Slot - PCI-Express 2.0 compliant (x8-lane only). - Maximum theoretical realized bandwidth of 4GB/s simultaneously per direction, for an aggregate of 8GB/s totally. PEX16_1 10 CHAPTER 3: HEADERS & JUMPERS SETUP Viotech HOW TO SETUP JUMPERS The illustration shows how to set up jumpers. When the jumper cap is placed on pins, the jumper is close, if not, that means the jumper is open. Pin opened Pin closed Pin1-2 closed 3.2 DETAIL SETTINGS PANEL1: Front Panel Header This 16-pin connector includes Power-on, Reset, HDD LED, Power LED, and speaker connections. It allows user to connect the PC case s front panel switch functions SPK PWR_LED ON/OFF RST HLED 16 8 Pin Assignment Function Pin Assignment Function 1 +5V 9 N/A 2 N/A Speaker 10 N/A N/A 3 N/A Connector 11 N/A N/A 4 Speaker 12 Power LED (+) 5 HDD LED (+) Hard drive 13 Power LED (+) Power LED 6 HDD LED (-) LED 14 Power LED (-) 7 Ground 15 Power button Reset button 8 Reset control 16 Ground Power-on button 11 Motherboard Manual F_USB1/F_USB2: Headers for USB 2.0 Ports at Front Panel This motherboard provides 2 USB 2.0 headers, providing user to connect additional USB cable on the PC front panel, and also can be connected with internal USB devices, like USB card reader. F_USB2 F_USB Pin Assignment 1 +5V (fused) 2 +5V (fused) 3 USB- 4 USB- 5 USB+ 6 USB+ 7 Ground 8 Ground 9 Key 10 NC JUSBV1/JUSBV2: Power Source Headers for USB Ports Pin 1-2 Close: JUSBV1: +5V for USB ports at front panel (F_USB1/F_USB2). JUSBV2: +5V for USB ports at USB3/RJ45USB1. Pin 2-3 Close: JUSBV1: +5V STB for USB ports at front panel (F_USB1/F_USB2). JUSBV2: +5V STB for USB ports at USB3/RJ45USB1. 1 JUSBV2 1 3 JUSBV1 3 Pin 1-2 close 1 3 Pin 2-3 close Note: In order to support this function Power-On system via USB device, user should place JUSBV1/ JUSBV2 jumper cap on Pin 2-3 individually. 12 F_AUDIO1: Front Panel Audio Header Viotech This header allows user to connect the front audio output cable with the PC front panel Pin Assignment 1 Mic Left in 2 Ground 3 Mic Right in 4 GPIO 5 Right line in 6 Jack Sense 7 Front Sense 8 Key 9 Left line in 10 Jack Sense 1 9 JCMOS1: Clear CMOS Header Placing the jumper on pin2-3 allows user to restore the BIOS safe setting and the CMOS data. Please carefully follow the procedures to avoid damaging the motherboard. 1 3 Pin 1-2 Close: Normal Operation (Default) Pin 2-3 Close: Clear CMOS data. Clear CMOS Procedures: 1. Remove AC power line. 2. Set the jumper to Pin 2-3 close. 3. Wait for five seconds. 4. Set the jumper to Pin 1-2 close. 5. Power on the AC. 6. Load Optimal Defaults and save settings in CMOS. 13 Motherboard Manual J_COM1: Serial port Connector The motherboard has a Serial Port Connector for connecting RS-232 Port J_PRINT1: Printer Port Connector This header allows you to connector printer on the PC. Pin Assignment 1 Carrier detect 2 Received data 3 Transmitted data 4 Data terminal ready 5 Signal ground 6 Data set ready 7 Request to send 8 Clear to send 9 Ring indicator 10 NC Pin Assignment Pin Assignment 1 -Strobe 14 Ground 2 -ALF 15 Data 6 3 Data 0 16 Ground 4 -Error 17 Data 7 5 Data 1 18 Ground 6 -Init 19 -ACK 7 Data 2 20 Ground 8 -Scltin 21 Busy 9 Data 3 22 Ground 10 Ground 23 PE 11 Data 4 24 Ground 12 Ground 25 SCLT 13 Data 5 26 Key 14 CHAPTER 4: USEFUL HELP Viotech DRIVER INSTALLATION NOTE After you installed your operating system, please insert the Fully Setup Driver CD into your optical drive and install the driver for better system performance. You will see the following window after you insert the CD The setup guide will auto detect your motherboard and operating system. Note: If this window didn t show up after you insert the Driver CD, please use file browser to locate and execute the file SETUP.EXE under your optical drive. A. Driver Installation To install the driver, please click on the Driver icon. The setup guide will list the compatible driver for your motherboard and operating system. Click on each device driver to launch the installation program. B. Software Installation To install the software, please click on the Software icon. The setup guide will list the software available for your system, click on each software title to launch the installation program. C. Manual Aside from the paperback manual, we also provide manual in the Driver CD. Click on the Manual icon to browse for available manual. Note: You will need Acrobat Reader to open the manual file. Please download the latest version of Acrobat Reader software from 15 Motherboard Manual 5.2 EXTRA INFORMATION CPU Overheated If the system shutdown automatically after power on system for minutes, that means the CPU protection function has been activated. When the CPU is over heated, the motherboard will shutdown automatically to avoid a damage of the CPU, and the system may not power on again. In this case, please double check: 1. The CPU cooler surface is placed evenly with the CPU surface. 2. CPU fan is rotated normally. 3. CPU fan speed is fulfilling with the CPU speed. After confirmed, please follow steps below to relief the CPU 0protection function. 1. Remove the power cord from power supply for seconds. 2. Wait for seconds. 3. Plug in the power cord and boot up the system. Or you can: 1. Clear the CMOS data. (See Close CMOS Header: JCMOS1 section) 2. Wait for seconds. 3. Power on the system again. 16 5.3 TROUBLESHOOTING Probable 1. There is no power in the system. Power LED does not shine; the fan of the power supply does not work 2. Indicator light on keyboard does not shine. System is inoperative. Keyboard lights are on, power indicator lights are lit, and hard drives are running. System does not boot from a hard disk drive, but can be booted from optical drive. System only boots from an optical drive. Hard disks can be read, applications can be used, but system fails to boot from a hard disk. Screen message shows Invalid Configuration or CMOS Failure. System cannot boot after user installs a second hard drive. Solution Viotech Make sure power cable is securely plugged in. (Both ATXPWR1 and ATXPWR2 power connecters are plugged in, perfectly.) 2. Replace cable. 3. Contact technical support. Using even pressure on both ends of the DIMM, press down firmly until the module snaps into place. 1. Check cable running from disk to disk controller board. Make sure both ends are securely plugged in; check the drive type in the standard CMOS setup. 2. Backing up the hard drive is extremely important. All hard disks are capable of breaking down at any time. 1. Back up data and applications files. 2. Reformat the hard drive. Re-install applications and data using backup disks. Review system s equipment. Make sure correct information is in setup. 1. Set master/slave jumpers correctly. 2. Run SETUP program and select correct drive types. Call the drive manufacturers for compatibility with other drives. 17 Motherboard Manual APPENDIX: SPEC IN OTHER LANGUAGES GERMAN Spezifikationen NanoBGA2 CPU FSB Chipsatz VIA C7-D 1.8G CPU VIA V4 BUS 800MHz VX900 VIA CPU On-board Execute Disable Bit Grafik Chrome9 HD Max. 512MB gemeinsam benutzter Videospeicher Low Pin Count-Schnittstelle Super E/A ITE 8728 Umgebungskontrolle Hardware-Überwachung Lüfterdrehzahl-Controller Arbeitsspeich er DDR3 DIMM-Steckplätze x 2 Jeder DIMM unterstützt 512MB/ 1GB/2GB/4GB DDR3 Max. 8GB Arbeitsspeicher Unterstützt DDR3 800 / 1066 Ein-Kanal DDR3 Speichermodul registrierte DIMMs. ECC DIMMs werden nicht unterstützt. SATA Integrierter Serial ATA-Controller Datentransferrate bis zu 3Gb/s Konform mit der SATA-Spezifikation Version 2.0 LAN Realtek RTL8103EL 10 / 100 Mb/s Auto-Negotiation Audio-Codec VIA VT1708S 5.1-Kanal-Audioausgabe Unterstützt High-Definition Audio Steckplätze PCI-Steckplatz PCI Express Gen2 6 Steckplatz Onboard-Ans SATA-Anschluss x2 Jeder Anschluss unterstützt 1 SATA-Laufwerk chluss Fronttafelanschluss Unterstützt die Fronttafelfunktionen Front-Audioanschluss Unterstützt die Fronttafel-Audioanschlussfunktion CPU-Lüfter-Sockel CPU-Lüfterstromversorgungsanschluss 18 Viotech Spezifikationen System-Lüfter-Sockel System-Lüfter-Stromversorgungsanschluss CMOS löschen -sockel USB-Anschluss x2 Jeder Anschluss unterstützt 2 Fronttafel-USB-Anschlüsse Druckeranschluss Anschluss Jeder Anschluss unterstützt 1 Druckeranschluss Rückseiten-E /A Serieller Anschluss Stromanschluss (24-polig) Stromanschluss (4-polig) PS/2-Tastatur PS/2-Maus VGA-Anschluss LAN-Anschluss USB-Anschluss Audioanschluss x4 x3 Platinengröße 170 mm (B) X 220 mm (L) OS-Unterstüt Windows XP / Vista / 7 zung Biostar behält sich das Recht vor, ohne Ankündigung die Unterstützung für ein Betriebssystem hinzuzufügen oder zu entfernen. 19 Motherboard Manual FRENCH UC VIA C7-D 1.8G CPU SPEC NanoBGA2 VIA CPU On-board d'exécution de bit de désactivation Bus frontal VIA V4 BUS 800MHz Chipset VX900 Graphiques Chrome9 HD Mémoire vidéo partagée maximale de 512 Mo Interface à faible compte de broches Super E/S ITE 8728 Initiatives de contrôle environnementales Moniteur de matériel Mémoire principale Fentes DDR3 DIMM x 2 Contrôleur de vitesse de ventilateur Chaque DIMM prend en charge des DDR3 de 512Mo/1Go/2Go/4Go Capacité mémoire maximale de 8 Go Prend en charge la DDR3 800 / 1066 Module de mémoire DDR3 à mode à simple voie Les DIMM à registres et DIMM avec code correcteurs d'erreurs ne sont pas prises en charge SATA Contrôleur Serial ATA intégré : Taux de transfert jusqu'à 3 Go/s. Conforme à la spécification SATA Version 2.0 LAN Realtek RTL8103EL 10 / 100 Mb/s négociation automatique Codec audio VIA VT1708S Sortie audio à 5.1 voies Prise en charge de l'audio haute définition Fentes Fente PCI Fente PCI Express Gen2 6 Connecteur embarqué Connecteur SATA x2 Chaque connecteur prend en charge 1 périphérique SATA Connecteur du panneau avant Prend en charge les équipements du panneau avant 20 Viotech SPEC Connecteur Audio du panneau avant Prend en charge la fonction audio du panneau avant Embase de ventilateur UC Alimentation électrique du ventilateur UC Embase de ventilateur système Alimentation électrique du ventilateur système Embase d'effacement CMOS Connecteur USB x2 Chaque connecteur prend en charge 2 ports USB de panneau avant Connecteur de Port d'imprimante Chaque connector prend en charge 1 Port d'imprimante Port série Connecteur d'alimentation (24 broches) Connecteur d'alimentation (4 broches) E/S du panneau arrière Dimensions de la carte Clavier PS/2 Souris PS/2 Port VGA Port LAN Port USB Fiche audio 170mm (l) X 220 mm (H) x4 x3 Support SE Windows XP / Vista / 7 Biostar se réserve le droit d'ajouter ou de supprimer le support de SE avec ou sans préavis. 21 Motherboard Manual ITALIAN CPU FSB Chipset VIA C7-D 1.8G CPU VIA V4 BUS 800MHz VX900 SPECIFICA NanoBGA2 VIA CPU On-board Execute Disable Bit Grafica Chrome9 HD La memoria video condivisa massima è di 512MB Interfaccia LPC (Low Pin Count) Super I/O ITE 8728 Funzioni di controllo dell ambiente: Monitoraggio hardware Memoria principale SATA Alloggi DIMM DDR3 x 2 Controller Serial ATA integrato Controller velocità ventolina Ciascun DIMM supporta DDR3 512MB/1GB/2GB/4GB Capacità massima della memoria 8GB Supporto di DDR3 800 / 1066 Modulo di memoria DDR3 a canale singolo DIMM registrati e DIMM ECC non sono supportati Velocità di trasferimento dei dati fino a 3 Gb/s. Compatibile specifiche SATA Versione 2.0. LAN Realtek RTL8103EL Negoziazione automatica 10 / 100 Mb/s Codec audio Alloggi VIA VT1708S Alloggio PCI Alloggio PCI Express Gen2 6 Uscita audio 5.1 canali Supporto audio High-Definition (HD) Connettori Connettore SATA x2 Ciascun connettore supporta 1 unità SATA su scheda Connettore pannello
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