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vmx Francisco Sánchez Iberia SE October AGENDA 2 1 vmx Product Overview 2 Physical or Virtual MX 3 Use Cases and Deployment Models 4 Summary 5 Q&A What is network functions virtualization Network

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vmx Francisco Sánchez Iberia SE October AGENDA 2 1 vmx Product Overview 2 Physical or Virtual MX 3 Use Cases and Deployment Models 4 Summary 5 Q&A What is network functions virtualization Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) falls within the realm of Software Defined Networks (SDN), so can be implemented on top of an SDN network, or other architecture, and has similar goals: Increased flexibility of the network Reduction in time-to-market of new services Optimization of capex and opex Network functions virtualization (NFV) virtualizes network node functions so they can be put together as building blocks. The idea of NFV emerged from the telecommunications industry in More than 38 telecoms players have signed up to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute Network Functions Virtualization Industry Specific Group (ETSI NFV ISG). 3 Product overview 4 THE UNIVERSAL EDGE ROUTER 64 Tbps ONE TRIO CHIPSET ONE UNIVERSAL EDGE 32 Tbps 10 Tbps 6 Tbps 2 Tbps 80 Gbps MX Gbps MX 104 MX 240 MX 480 MX 960 MX 2010 PORTFOLIO FOR ALL SIZES & CAPACITIES MX 2020 Software MX Virtualization Strategy Enterprise Edge/Mobile Edge Aggregation/Metro/Metro core Applications Service Provider Edge/Core and EPC Data center/central Office Control Plane and OS: Virtual JUNOS, Forwarding Plane: Virtualized Trio Virtual Routing Engine, Virtual Route Reflector Virtual PE, Virtual BNG/LNS, Hardware Virtualization VCPE, Enterprise Router MX SDN Gateway Cell Site Router Core Branch Office HQ Aggregation Router/ Metro Core Carrier Ethernet Switch DC/CO Edge Router Service Edge Router vbng, vpe, vcpe Mobile & Packet GWs Leverage R&D effort and JUNOS feature velocity across all physical & virtualization initiatives 6 What is vmx? Virtualized Juniper MX platform with complete control, forwarding and management plane. Aiming for complete feature parity and function consistency between physical and virtual MX, to ease deployment and operation processes. Carrier grade routing feature support, plus superior new feature delivery method through release synchronization between physical & virtual. 7 vmx Product Overview - Components Virtual Virtual Control Control Plane Plane (VCP) (VCP) Virtual Virtual JUNOS JUNOS hosted hosted in in a a VM. VM. Offers Offers all all the the capabilities capabilities available available in in JUNOS JUNOS Guest VM (Linux) VCP VirtIO PCI Pass through SR-IOV Management Management remains remains the the same same as as physical physical MX MX Follows Follows standard standard JUNOS JUNOS release release cycles cycles Software Software licenses licenses for for different different applications applications and and throughputs throughputs Virtual Virtual Forwarding Forwarding Plane Plane (VFP) (VFP) Virtualized Virtualized Trio Trio software software forwarding forwarding plane. plane. Feature Feature parity parity with with physical physical MX. MX. Utilizes Utilizes Intel Intel DPDK DPDK libraries libraries Guest VM (FreeBSD) VFP Hypervisor: KVM, ESXi Multi-threaded Multi-threaded SMP SMP implementation implementation allows allows for for elasticity elasticity VirtIO VirtIO and and SR-IOV SR-IOV capable capable for for high high throughput throughput Can Can be be hosted hosted in in VM VM or or bare-metal bare-metal Bridge / vswitch Physical layer Cores Orchestration Orchestration vmx vmx instance instance can can be be orchestrated orchestrated through through OpenStack OpenStack Kilo Kilo HEAT HEAT templates templates Memory Physical NICs 8 Management traffic Package Package comes comes with with scripts scripts to to launch launch vmx vmx instance instance VMX system architecture - I/O Virtualization 1. OpenStack/scripts for VM management and provisioning of infrastructure network connections SCRIPTS 2. vswitch for VFP to VCP communication (internal host path) Guest VM (Linux + DPDK) Guest VM (FreeBSD) VFP Guest VM (Linux + DPDK) VCP VFP VirtIO Drivers VCP Hypervisor KVM vswitch vswitch Memory Physical layer PCI pass-through SR-IOV Device driver Device emulation Hypervisor KVM vswitch Memory Cores Physical NICs 9 Guest VM (FreeBSD) VirtIO Physical layer Cores Physical NICs 3. Physical NIC can be assigned to the VM. Optimized data path from physical NIC to vnic via SR-IOV (Single Root IO Virtualization). SR-IOV Physical and Virtual MX Virtual Physical CONTROL PLANE Microcode crosscompiled DATA PLANE ASIC/HARD WARE PFE TRIO UCODE VFP X86 instructions Cross compilation creates high leverage of features between Virtual and Physical with minimal re-work 10 Virtual TRIO Packet Flow VCP VCP rpd vre0 em1: chasd VMXT = microkernel fxp0: any address vre1 br-int br-ext vpfe0 eth0 : VFP VFP vtrio DPDK any address vpfe1 eth1 : any address Virtual nics Physical nics 11 Virtual TRIO Packet Flow rpd mgd Kernel HOST I F vmxt Microcode download Control packet handling RIOT DPDK RX RX WORKER WORKER WORKER TX TX HOST OS Poll mode RX Pre classification Flow hashing 12 Packet Processing powered by TRI O Microcode Burst Mode TX QoS scheduling VMX QoS model LEVEL-1 LEVEL-3 LEVEL-2 VLAN 1 S I X PORT VLAN 2 VLAN n 13 Q U E U E S Q0 High Q1 Medium Q2 Q3 Low Q4 Q5 Port: Shaping-rate VLAN: Shaping-rate 4k per IFD Queues: 6 queues 3 priorities 1 High 1 medium 4 low Priority groups scheduling follows strict priority for a given VLAN Queues of the same priority for a given VLAN use WRR High and medium queues are capped at transmit-rate Physical or virtual MX 14 Virtualization 15...very sexy technology Physical or non-virtualized technology 16 vmx is a new tool vmx is a new tool offered to the market Before we draw conclusion on where and how to use the tools or even thinking of replace another tool, let s understand their characteristics & capabilities first 17 Key Benefit of vmx Consistency Exact same control plane features of JUNOS & forwarding feature set of Trio, and managed same way as physical router Same release timeline as the JunOS releases 18 Agility Quick service enablement by leveraging virtualization technology Service separation with different routers Scalability Easy scale-out option for network platforms Perfect choice of control plane function scaling Physical vs. Virtual Physical 19 Virtual High throughput, high density Flexibility to reach higher scale in control plane and service plane Guarantee of SLA Agile, quick to start Low power consumption per throughput Low power consumption per control plan and service Scale up Scale out Higher entry cost in $ and time Lower entry cost in $ and time Distributed or centralized model Optimal in centralized cloud-centric deployment Well development network mgmt system, OSS/BSS Same platform mgmt as Physical, plus same VM mgmt as a SW on server in the cloud Variety of network interfaces for flexibility Cloud centric, Ethernet-only Physical vs virtual Physical MX the Cloud CERTAINTY + 20 Up to 1Tbps/slot. 40Tbps Deterministic performance High speed interfaces (100G) Very space & power efficient Very good when there is certainty (on the demand) Requires hardware deployment. Large entry costs UNCERTAINTY vmx Easy deployment of a VM Flexibility Low entry cost Very good when there is uncertainty (on the demand) Allows new business models. Requires a DC & Cloud infrastructure Requires Orchestration. Space & power inneficient. Lower scalability. Lower scale interfaces Cost perspective HW vs. SW TCO $$$ SW ME E PL M I N IO T A NT KA A ( V ED Z I AL U IRT ) ENTATION M E L P IM W H The cross point will shift left or right as technology evolves CAPACITY 21 Organizational Implications Business processes must be re-engineered, organizations must adopt and support a more software-like environment Organizational Impacts Roles, Skills & Process Impacts CIO organization increasingly takes on Network Ops Chief Software Architect a new role under the CIO, that manages SDN service creation teams CTO responsibilities become future focused CMO organization becomes more technical and feature focused Sales organizations evolve to sell solutions regardless of network type or user equipment 22 Source: Juniper, incode, external SMEs, analysts SDN Engineering & NFV support roles added to IT organization Agile methodology is used for software and service development, and realized via DevOps implementation Shift from capacity planning to utilization management Cultural Impacts Culture transitions from traditional silo-ed service provider functions to that of an ITSP Services Company in terms of: - Solution Sales - Customer Orientation - Innovation - Experimentation - Accountability - Talent acquisition and Development Wait! there is another dimension!! Deployment in COs, requires hardware prepared for certain environmental conditions (temperature, humidity,...nebs). So, it is not just x86 vs. ASICs, but CO compliancy. Usually ASICs based devices are CO compliant. x86 servers may or may not be compliant. But this must be taken into account: A CO located x86 Cloud should be compliant. A Data Center located Cloud could be non compliant. This must be considered when deciding which functions can be centralized on a DC (latency acceptable) and which cannot, and must be deployed on a CO/PoP. 23 Physical or virtual, which one?? 24 Physical or virtual, which one? The answer is, why choose? The ultimate choice is up to the needs of the customer, and Juniper provide both. Beyond simple function mapping, why not think differently, and build the network differently to truly embrace the best of both worlds? 25 Use-Cases vmx behaves the same way as the physical MX 26 vmx Use-Case: Virtual PE vmx L3VPN vmx VPLS vmx VPLS vmx L3VPN Use-case Use-case Central Office, Hub Site National/Regional Data Centers vmx CO Gateway CO Gateway Metro Network CPE Enterprise L2 switch L2 switch Provider MPLS Network L3 PE L3 PE CPE CPE Enterprise vmx Scale-out Scale-out deployment deployment scenarios scenarios Low Low bandwidth, bandwidth, high high control control plane plane scale scale customers customers Dedicated Dedicated PE PE per per customer customer Small Small PE PE in in a a new new market market segment segment or or geography geography with with ability to support secure transport ability to support secure transport vmx vmx value value proposition proposition vmx vmx is is a a virtual virtual extension extension of of a a physical physical MX MX PE PE with with all all the capabilities of a carrier class PE router the capabilities of a carrier class PE router vmx vmx offers offers IPSec IPSec and and IPSec IPSec VPN VPN capability capability Orchestration Orchestration and and management management capabilities capabilities inherent inherent to to any virtualized application apply any virtualized application apply Enterprise L3 VPN L2VPN/VPLS/L2Circuit 27 vmx Use-Case: Data Center Gateway Use-case Use-case VPN Cust A Non Virtualized Servers MPLS Cloud ToR VPN Cust B Service Service Providers Providers need need a a gateway gateway router router to to connect connect the the virtual networks to the physical network virtual networks to the physical network Small Small hosting hosting providers providers need need a a gateway gateway route route to to connect connect to the internet to the internet Gateway Gateway should should be be capable capable of of supporting supporting different different DC DC overlay, DC Interconnect and L2 technologies in the overlay, DC Interconnect and L2 technologies in the DC DC such as GRE, VXLAN, VPLS and EVPN such as GRE, VXLAN, VPLS and EVPN vmx VXLAN GW (VTEP), L3VPN GW, Internet GW ToR VTEP VTEP VM VM VM VM vmx vmx value value proposition proposition Internet VM VM Virtual Network A Virtual Network B VMX VMX supports supports all all the the overlay, overlay, DCI DCI and and L2 L2 technologies technologies available on MX available on MX Scale-out Scale-out control control plane plane to to scale scale up up VRF VRF instances instances and and number of VPN routes number of VPN routes Virtualized Server 28 vmx Use-Case: Enterprise WAN Router Use-case Use-case Large Large Enterprises Enterprises and and Government Government institutions institutions want want to to build their own overlay network over a Service Providers build their own overlay network over a Service Providers MPLS MPLS or or Layer Layer 2 2 network network Transport Transport for for overlay overlay network network can can be be using using encapsulation encapsulation technologies such as MPLSoGRE, VXLAN and technologies such as MPLSoGRE, VXLAN and IPSec IPSec for for secure transport secure transport Enterprise vmx CPE Overlay: Group VPN, MPLSoGRE, VXLAN vmx vmx value value proposition proposition Provider MPLS network vmx CPE vmx CPE Enterprise 29 Enterprise vmx vmx will will offer offer IPSec IPSec VPNs VPNs using using Group Group VPN VPN technology technology for secure overlay transport for secure overlay transport All All existing existing routing routing functionality functionality available available on on vmx vmx makes makes it a robust Enterprise WAN router it a robust Enterprise WAN router vmx Use-Case: Virtual Private Cloud Gateway VPC instance Use-case Use-case VPC instance vmx VPC GW vmx VPC GW AWS Region AWS Region Amazon Direct Connect PE Provider MPLS Network Virtual Virtual Private Private Cloud Cloud (VPC) (VPC) customers customers need need a a gateway gateway router in the cloud to router in the cloud to i. i. ii. ii. Route Route Route Route between between subnets subnets in in a a VPC VPC instance instance between between VPC VPC instances instances across across geographies geographies iii. iii. Secure Secure transport transport from from a a public public or or private private network without scaling restrictions network without scaling restrictions imposed imposed by by CSP CSP Cloud Cloud Service Service Providers Providers don t don t want want to to create create specialized specialized product offerings to meet these needs product offerings to meet these needs Internet vmx vmx value value proposition proposition PE PE CE 30 Enterprise Enterprise vmx vmx as as a a VPC VPC GW GW router router can can offer offer i. Ability i. Ability for for VPC VPC customers customers to to terminate terminate IPSec IPSec tunnels with the scale & capacity they need tunnels with the scale & capacity they need ii. ii. CE HQ with local Data Center Create Create overlay overlay topologies topologies using using IPSec IPSec and and MPLS MPLS VPN technologies for Hybrid Cloud integration VPN technologies for Hybrid Cloud integration into into the the enterprise enterprise HQ with local Data Center vmx Use-Case:Distributed vlns & vbng Market Market Requirement Requirement vmx vmx ++ Porter Porter Solution Solution vbng vbng and and vlac vlac connect connect broadband broadband subscribers subscribers via via L2 L2 from from aggregation aggregation network, network, then then assign assign IP IP and and policies policies for for L3 L3 hand hand to to the core or retail ISP the core or retail ISP vlns vlns deploys deploys customized customized configurations configurations for for one one or or more more retails retails ISPs ISPs or or Business Business VPNs VPNs per per instance instance ADSL VDSL GE Ethernet Aggregatio n vbng vbng and and vlac vlac allow allow just just in in time time provisioning provisioning in in small small COs COs ( 8K ( 8K subscribers subscribers and and 20 20 Gb/s) Gb/s) close close to to the the access access node node vlns vlns deploys deploys optimized optimized instances instances for for each each Business Business VPN VPN or or Retail ISP with dynamic capacity management Retail ISP with dynamic capacity management vlac AAA & DHCP Servers vlns Retail ISP PPPoE Access GE ISP Z Core Fiber ISP X DHCP-Based Access vbng VPN1 vlns Business VPN GE VPN2 Metro 31 Edge Core Retailer Reflection from physical to virtual world Proof of concept lab validation or SW certification Virtual Physical deployment Perfect mirroring effect between carrier grade physical platform & virtual router Can provide reflection effect of an actual deployment in virtual environment Ideal to support Proof of Concept lab New service configuration/operation preparation SW release validation for an actual deployment Training lab for operational team Troubleshoot environment for a real network issue CAPEX or OPEX reduction for lab Quick turn around when lab network scale is required 32 Service Agility: Bring up a new service in a POP 1. Install a new vmx to start offering a new service without impact to existing platform 4. Integrated the new service into existing PE when the service is mature 2. Scale out the service with vmx quickly if traffic profile fits the requirements POP vmx PE L3 CPE 33 vmx SP Network for VPN service MX 3. Add service directly to the physical MX GW or add more physical MX if service is successful and there is more demand with significant traffic growth PE L3 CPE Key takeways Virtualized technology: the gate to new revenue (new services, new locations, expanded footprint). non-virtualized technology: the gate to scalability and efficiency. What is more sexy? You need both. Benefits of virtualization are way beyond what it seems at first sight: Flexibility, agility, lower entry barrier for new services and capabilities. Virtualization requires a transformation of the organization. 34 FINAL DISCLAIMER 1. We have discussed here about virtualization over x86. Virtualization is a broader term with many other technical manifestations and applications. 2.Virtualization: YES. Juniper fully supports it and embraces it. 3. Juniper portfolio of Virtualized Network Functions IS the industry BROADEST: vcpe, vpe, vbng, vlns, vrr, vcgnat, vcdn, vfirewall, vips,vutm, vre, Contrail network virtualization, NFVO. 4. We believe it is important to CAREFULLY analyze why, where and how virtualization is used. It is a tool and can be as positive as harmful if not properly applied. 5. The analysis must be done on the SPECIFIC CONTEXT of the customer. 35 Gracias! Q&A
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