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  Residential Structural Design GuideB-1 Appendix BUnit Conversions The following list provides the conversion relationship between U.S. customary units and the International System(SI) units. A complete guide to the SI system and its use can be found in ASTM E 380, Metric Practice. To convert fromtomultiply byLength inch (in.)meter( µ )25,400inch (in.)centimeter 2.54inch (in.)meter(m) 0.0254foot (ft)meter(m)0.3048yard (yd)meter(m)0.9144mile (mi)kilometer(km)1.6 Area square foot (sq ft)square meter(sq m)0.09290304square inch (sq in)square centimeter(sq cm)6.452square inch (sq in.)square meter(sq m)0.00064516square yard (sq yd)square meter(sq m)0.8391274square mile (sq mi)square kilometer(sq km)2.6 Volume cubic inch (cu in.)cubic centimeter(cu cm)16.387064cubic inch (cu in.)cubic meter(cu m) 0.00001639cubic foot (cu ft) cubic meter(cu m)0.02831685cubic yard (cu yd)cubic meter(cu m)0.7645549gallon (gal) Can. liquidliter4.546gallon (gal) Can. liquidcubic meter(cu m)0.004546gallon (gal) U.S. liquid*liter3.7854118gallon (gal) U.S. liquidcubic meter(cu m)0.00378541fluid ounce (fl oz)milliliters(ml)29.57353fluid ounce (fl oz)cubic meter(cu m)0.00002957 Force kip (1000 lb)kilogram (kg) 453.6kip (1000 lb)Newton (N) 4,448.222pound (lb)kilogram (kg) 0.4535924pound (lb)Newton (N) 4.448222 Stress or pressure kip/sq inch (ksi)megapascal (Mpa)6.894757kip/sq inch (ksi)kilogram/square 70.31 centimeter (kg/sq cm)  Appendix B - Unit ConversionsResidential Structural Design GuideB-2To convert fromtomultiply by pound/sq inch (psi)kilogram/square 0.07031centimeter (kg/sq cm)pound/sq inch (psi)pascal (Pa) *6,894.757pound/sq inch (psi) megapascal (Mpa) 0.00689476pound/sq foot (psf) kilogram/square 4.8824meter (kg/sq m)pound/sq foot (psf) pascal (Pa)47.88 Mass (weight) pound (lb) avoirdupoiskilogram (kg)0.4535924ton, 2000 lbkilogram (kg)907.1848grainkilogram (kg)0.0000648 Mass (weight) per length) kip per linear foot (klf)kilogram per 0.001488meter (kg/m)pound per linear foot (plf)kilogram per 1.488meter (kg/m) Moment 1 foot-pound (ft-lb)Newton-meter 1.356(N-m) Mass per volume (density) pound per cubic foot (pcf)kilogram per16.01846cubic meter (kg/cu m)pound per cubic yardkilogram per0.5933 (lb/cu yd)cubic meter (kg/cu m) Velocity mile per hour (mph)kilometer per hour1.60934(km/hr)mile per hour (mph)kilometer per second 0.44704(km/sec) Temperature degree Fahrenheit ( ° F) degree Celsius ( ° C) t C  = (t F -32)/1.8degree Fahrenheit ( ° F) degree Kelvin ( ° K) t K = (t F + 459.7)/1.8degree Kelvin ( ° F)degree Celsius ( ° C) t C  = (t K -32)/1.8*One U.S. gallon equals 0.8327 Canadian gallon**A pascal equals 1000 Newton per square meter.The prefixes and symbols below are commonly used to form names and symbols of the decimal multiples andsubmultiples of the SI units.Multiplication FactorPrefixSymbol1,000,000,000 = 10 9 gigaG 1,000,000 = 10 6 megaM 1,000 = 10 3 kilok  0.01 = 10 -2 centic 0.001 = 10 -3 millim 0.000001 = 10 -6 micro  µ  0.000000001 = 10 -9 nanon
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