und REPORT ON THE WORK OF THE GOVERNMENT Delivered at the Third Session rif the 12th National Pe o, 卢 的 吃 gress on March 5, PDF

REPORT ON THE WORK OF THE GOVERNMENT Delivered at the Third Session rif the 12th National Pe o, 卢 的 吃 gress on March 5, 2015 PA 卡 i E -m ρ 俨 L L und bb HiE ndfl 1 J i λ 函 FBE 创 C 叶 o u n c H The official

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REPORT ON THE WORK OF THE GOVERNMENT Delivered at the Third Session rif the 12th National Pe o, 卢 的 吃 gress on March 5, 2015 PA 卡 i E -m ρ 俨 L L und bb HiE ndfl 1 J i λ 函 FBE 创 C 叶 o u n c H The official version of this report 飞 Nill be released by Xinhua News Agency. FellowDepu 包 es, On behalf of the State Counc 丑, 1 will now report to you on the work of 出 e government for your deliberation and approval, and 1 invite comments on my report from the members of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Cor 由 rence (CPPCC). I. A Review of the Work in 2014 Over the past year, 也 e interna 包 onal and domestic environments faced by China in its development have been complicated and challenging. The road to global economic recovery has been rough, with many ups and downs, and the performance of the major economies has been divergent Downward press 础 nchin 必 economy has con 位 med to mount, and we have faced an array of interwoven difficulties and cha!lenges However, under 出 e fu:m leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) headed by General Secretary xi Jinping, all our people have worked together as one, surmounted difficulties, and accomplished the year's m 田 n targets for economic and social development, thereby ensuring that we got off to a good start in comprehensively deepening reform, embarked on a new journeyωfully advance the law-based governance of China, and again made solid progress in our endeavor to 也 让 sh b 山 lding a moderately prosperous society in all respects. During the past year, China has, overal 山, achieved a stable performance while at the same 位 口 e securing progress in its economic and social development The main indication of this stable performance is 出 at the economy operated within an approprrate range. 坦 The growth rate was steady. China's GDP reached 63.6 位 由 lon 归 an, an increase of 7.4% over 出 e previous year, making China one of the fastest-growing major economies in the world. 固 Employment remained robust, with million new urban jobs created, which is higher than the figure for the previous year. E Prices were stable, with the CPI rising by 2%. The underlying feature demonstrating progress is that our development is becoming better coordinated and more sustainable. 圄 The economic s 位 ucωre was upgradεd. Grain output reached 605 million metric tons; the con 红 ibution of consumption toward economic growth rose by three percentage points to 5 1.2%; 出 e value added of the service sector increased from 46.9% to 48.2% of the GDP; and there was a constant stream of new industries, new 句 pes of business, and new business models. The 1 central and western regions grew faster in economic terms than the eastern reg:ton. 盟 m The quality of development was raised. Revenue in the general public budgets grew by 8.6%. Research and development spending accounted for more than 2% of the GDP. Energy intensity was cut by 4.8%, the biggest reduction made in recent years. People lives were improved. Per capita disposable personal income increased by 8% in real terms nationwide, growing faster than the econom 瓦 and the per capita disposable income of rural residents grew by 9.2%, outpacing that of those living in urban areas. In rural areas, the number of people living in poverty was reduced by million, and over 66 million more people gained accessωsafe drinking wa 皿 The number of outbound trips made by Chinese tourists exceeded 100 million. New breakthroughs were made in reform and opening up. A series of key tasks for comprehensively deepening reform were launch 时, and the goal of the current adminis 位 a 包 on to cut 出 e number of items that require goverru 丑 ent review by one 面 rd was achieved ahead of schedule. These achievements have not come easily. They have been made possible by the painstaking efforts and hard work of all our people, and they have stre 扫 gthened our resolve and confidence to keep pushing ahead Over the past year, we have faced more difficulties and challenges than anticipated. We have risen to 由 e challenge and accomplished the following in our work. First, 但 the basis of range 扣 sed matr, 而 且 ulation, 阴 阳 ~rr:ised targeted n 嗯 la. 岳 'on to keep the econo 町.growing steadi(y. In the face of mounting downward economic pressure, we maintained s 位.ategic focus and kept our macroeconomic policy unchanged. Instead of using short-term s 出 丑 ulus measures, we continued to develop new ideas and methods for macro regt 址 础 n. We exercised targeted regulation, stimulated market activi 职 shored up our weak spots, and boosted the real economy. Wi 出 a keen understanding of 出 c appropriate range within which the economy needs to be opera 包 ng, we adopted targeted steps to address the serious issues and structural problems hindering development. We promoted reform to gain impetus for developmer 吭., made s 位 uctural adjustrnents to produce support for development, and 挝 m 叫 lp 阳!DVI 肥 ed livi 纣 lv1 曰 lu 1 宅 g吨 standards tω 0 illcrea 剖 se 由 t hεpot 忧 ε.entia 纣 1 f, Dr 岛 development. We both eαxp 严 ande 吐 d market demand and 1n l 阳 withoutc ompromising t 出 he growtl 由 1 芷 rat 优 也 ε 巳. 2 We have been effectively implemen 包 ng proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy. \1íi 电 increased targeted tax reductions, reduced fees across the board, 但 tended the coverage of tax relief policies to benefit more small and micro businesses, and expanded 出 e trials to replace business tax wi 也 VAT to cover more industries. We sped up the process of making budgetary funds available for fiscal expenditures and put surplus budgetary funds to good use. By flexibly utilizing monet 缸 y policy instruments, making targeted cutsωreq 山 red reserve ratios, c 缸 巧 Tmg out targeted re-lending, and making as 严 nmetric interest rate cuts, we stepped up support for weaker areas in economic and social development. Increases in loans made to small and micro businesses, and loans for agriculture, rural areas, and farmers, outdid the average increase in loans overall by 4.2 and 0.7 percentage points respectively. A t the same tir 丑 ε, re 伊 lation of the fmancial sector was improved and regional and systemic risks were forestalled. Second, 四 e de, 啦 饵 ed γφm 础 d opening up a, 钝 d invigorated economic and socia/ development. To address obs 位 uctions holding back development caused by certain systems and mechanisms, we comprehensively deepened reform, invigorating 出 e marketωoffset downward economic press 旧 ε. We tackled many tough issues and carried out structural reforms in 出 e ec ononuc 巳, poli 包 优 cal, cαulh 臼 tur 班 lra 叫 a W 仨 e have made solid 严 p ro 吨 εe 配 es 臼 S 讪 1 n key 目 r ef( orms. 岛 We 岛 f οrmula 乱 t 忧 ed and implement 优 ed a C 0 0 创 芷 dina 挝 ted 抖 p lan 岛 fi or dee 叩 pe 臼 ning the 芷 efi 丘 岛 0 主 m of 由 e fis 沉 C 乱 1 and tax systems. Important progress was made in the reform of 出 c budgetary management and tax systems. The number of items receiving special transfer payments was over one 出 ird less than that of 出 e previous year, and the proportion of transfer payments for general purposes was increased. Management of local government debt was s 位 eng 出 ened. The floating ranges of interest rates on deposits and exchange rates were expanded. New steps were taken in the trials to establish private banks. The Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect was launched on a trial basis. The scope for using foreign exchange reserves and insurance funds was broadened. Price reforms in energy, 位 ansport, environmental protec 包 on, and communications were accelerated. We launched reforms to the system for mana 伊 19 research and development funding, 出 e school 白, amination and enrollment systems, 也 e household registration system, and the pension system for employees of Party and government offices and public insti 阳 包 ons We have continued to ve the central stage in reform to s 位 'car 划 1!l1ng a 也 ninis 位 ation and delega 由 19 more powers to lower-level governments and to society in general while improving regulation. Over the course of the year, departments under the State Council cancelled the requirement of or delegated the power for review on 246 items. We cancelled 29 performance evaluations, inspec 包 ons on the meeting of standards, and commendations, and 149 verifications and approvals of vocational qualifications. We again revised and sigr 口 ficantly shortened the list of investment 3 projects 叫 uiring government review. We channeled great effort into the reförm of 出 e business system. The number of newly registered market entities reached 虹 让 llion, 白 白 that of ente 主 prises increasing by 45.9%, creating a f 去 sh surge of en 住 epreneurial activity. \lç 也 ile economic growth slowed down, more jobs were created, which ft 均 demonstrates both the tremendous power of reform and the endless potential of the market. We drew on fi 时 也 er opening up to boost reform and development. We expand 吐 出 e Cbina (Shangh 均 Pilot Free Trade Zone and established 曲 曲 zones 1n Guangdong, Tianji 口, and Fujian. We worked to keep exports stable and increase imports, and China's international market share in exports continued to increase. Foreign direct investment actually made in China reached $119.6 billio 口, making the coun 町 出 e world's top destination for foreign direct investment. China's outwàrd foreign direct investment reached $102.9 billion, meaning that outward investment has come to draw even with inward inves 位 nent. China's free trade zone 缸 rangements with Iceland and Switzerland were officially launched, and China completed substantive talks on free trade zones wi 也 出 e Republic of Korea and Aus 仕 'alia. Major progress was made in coop 臼 'ation with other countries in fields such as railways, electric power, 且, natural gas, and communica 包 ons. Chinese eqnipment is making significant strides 1nto 出 e international market. τ'hirc/, 脚 Z 咐 ed up s. 加 剧 ral a. 句 usfi 跚 跚 ts 如 make China} devej 呻 酣 盹,t more sus. 切 由 'able. We took proactive steps to address prominent structural problems and supported the development of certain areas while containing the development of others, focusing on urgently needed initiatives 也 at promise long-term benefits. Our goal herein has been to lay a fum foundation for economic and social development. Work was done t 他 engthen the foundations of agricultt 皿 We increased policy support to stren 屏 len agr. 叫 ture, benefit farmers 与 and raise rur 址 living standards Grain output increased for the 11 出 consecut1ve yea 飞 and the income of rural residents grew faster than that of urban residents for the fifth year r 田 ming. Overall agricultural production capacity was steadily improved. Agricultural science and technology continued to be strengthen 时, and agriculture was further mechanized. The pace of progr, 臼 Sln 出 e construction of major water conse 町 ancy projec 臼 was stepped up. Farmland under water-saving irrigation was increased by 2.23 m 血 lon hectares. An additional 230,000 kilometers of roads were built or upgraded in 口.l.tal areas. We launched a new round of efforts to return more marginal farmland to forest or grassland. The work to determine, regis 町, and cer 峙 contracted rural land-use rights proceeded as planned, and new 句 pes of agricultural businesses registered faster growth. We channeled great energy into making adjustments in the structure of indus 位 F We focused on fostering new areas of growth by encou 组 织 ng 出 e service sector to 4 develop more quickly 二 and supporting the development of strategìc emerging industries, including the mobile Internet industry, 出 e integrated circuits indus 位 y, high-end eq 山 pment manufacturing, and the new-energy vehicles indus 町 Internet 七 ased finance rose swi 缸 y to prominence. E-commercε, logistics, express delivery services and other emer; 伊 19 businesses developed rapidly. We have seen creators coming thick and fast, and the cultural and creative industries have been developing with great vitality At the same 出 丑 e, we continued to cut overcapacity. Fifteen key industries including steel and cement achieved their task for the year of shutting down outdated production facilities as scheduled. We stepped up efforts to prevent and control smog and surpassed this year's targets for removing high-emission and old vehicles from tbe roads. Progress was made in developing infrastructure and promoting coordinated development among regìons. Si 伊 ificant progress was made in coordinated development for 出 e Bei 均 J1n 鸣 g-t 卫 lan 叫 )11 Ec ono 住 芷 c Bεl t. Ar 白 1 additional 8,427 隘 凶 lomet 巳 盯 rs of ra 创 ilwa 勾 y Iines werε pu 旧 t l1ltω 0 ope 臼 ration. The length of high-speed railways that are up and running in China reaclied 16,000 kilometers, accounting for more than 60% of 出 e world's total. The length of 出 e co 田 1 位 y's expressways open to 位 affic grew to total 112,000 kilometers. Waterways, civil aviation, and pipelines were ail further developed. Steady progress was made in upgrading rural power grids. The number of btoadband Internet users exceeded 780 million. Thanks to many years of hard work, 出 e f11st phase of the middle route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project was officially put into operation, benefiting 日 咀 Iions of people along the route. We implemented 出 e stra 优 gy of innovation-driven development. We worked to commercialize research and development deliverables, expanded the scope of trial policies from the Zhongguancun National lnnovation Demonstration Zone, and ensured that scientific and technologìcal resources were openly shared. A 丑 this has been helping to constandy unleash the creativity of scientists and engineers. Breakthroughs have been made in m 勾 or research projects such as supercomputing, the lunar explora 包 on prog=, and satellite applications, and a regìonal jet developed and produced in China has bee 扫 successfully put into service Fourtb, we worked on deve 年 吨 atz 县 b 吵 脚 ven livíl 毯 standards. and sturt 步 sa, 何 net 归 secu. 陀 and i 呻 rove We continued to put people first, sustaining increases to spending in areas 出 at are important to improving standards of living. We have been working to b 山 ld up a basic safety net, ensure there is a cushion in place for those most in ne 时, ancl mal 忧 rdevant institutional arrangements. Despite a slowdown in 由 e grow 出 of government revenue 5 and increased pressure on expenditures, more than 70% of last ye 缸 budget was spent on ensuring standards of living. government We worked to sttengthen emplo 严 nent and social security. We improved the policies to stimulate emplo 严 丑 ent and initiated the scheme to help college students and graduates to start businesses, ensuring a steady increase in the employment of college graduates. We unified the basic pension systems for rural residents and non-working urban residents and increased basic pension benefits for enterprise retirees by a further 10%. Consttuction began on 7.4 口 llllion government 句 subsidized housing ur 让 ts, and 5.11 nllllion such units were basically completed. We established a nationwide temporary-assistance system, increased subsistence allowances by 9.97% for urban residents and 14.1 % for rural residents, and increased subsidies and living allo 飞.vances by more than 20% for disabled military personnel, f: 缸 由 且 由 of revolutionary martyrs, and old-age veterans We continued to make progress in securing f: 副 主 access to education. We s 位 engthened efforts to improve badly built and poorly operated schools providing compulso 巧 education in poor areas, incrεased 自 nancial 组 d to students 仕 om poor families, and si 伊 ificantly increased the 缸 nount available per eligible student for national study assistance loans. The scheme to subsidize the waiving of tuition fees at schools providing secondary vocational education was extended to cover 出 ree years of study. Policies have been inttoduced to ensure that children can rec 口 ve compulsory education at schools close to where they live without ha 飞 7ln 在 to take en 位 朋 ce ex 缸 丑 s, and 28 provincial-level a 也 ninisttative areas began to allow children who live with their migrant worker parents to take the college en 住 ance exam 1n 出 e 让 cities of residence The number of students from poor rural areas who were newly enrolled in key colleges and universities increased by more than 10% for the second ye 缸 runru 丑 恶 Tbrough hard work, government spending on education has come to reach over 4% ofgd 卫 We intensified efforts to reform and develop medical and health care. Trials of serious illness insurance for rural and non-working u 宜 han residents were extended to all provincial-level administtative areas, the framework of the system for providing assistance for emergency medical 位 ea 位 丑 ent was established, and over 95% of 也 c whole population was covered by medical ins 旧 ance. The comprehensive reform of community medical and healthcare centers was deepened, and thεnetworks of medical and healthcare services for counties, ω,wnships, and villages have been steadily improved. The number of counties and county-level cities carrying out 出 al public hospital reförms reached over 1,300. We worked actively to develop the cultural sector. Progress was made in developing major cultural initiatives designed to benefit the public. Great efforts were made to extend radio and television coverage not only to all 世 丑 ages but to all rural 6 homes. Efforts were made to ensure 出 e product:ion of more high-quality literary and art:ist:ic works, and the modern culture market was improved. Popular fituess act:ivit:ies 红 e flourishing nat:ionwide, and the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing were a great success F 动 h, 甜 e have been de, 时 峙 zng ne 即 如 rms of 皿 iaj governance, and promo, 岳 ng sotiaj harmony and stabijity. We responded effect:ively to natural disasters and eme 宜 gencies, worked to resolve social problems in a systematic way, and strengthened mechanisms to address problems at the source. These efforts have protected lives and ensured public order. Last year, when s 位 ong e 红 白 quakes hit in areas including Ludian and Jinggu counties in Yunnan Province, we launched t:imely and efficient relief efforts and made smooth progress in post-earthqu 汰 e recovery and reconstruct:ion. We worked proactively to assist Africa in 也 e fight against Ebola, and effect:ively prevented the V 监 us 仕 om entering China. We intensified efforts to ensure workplace safety and achieved reductions in the number of total accidents, serious and major accidents, and accidents in key industries. Serious efforts were made to prevent food contarninat:ion, and on the whole the situation was kept stable in food and medicine safety. In a major push to advance law-based government adrninistration, 由 St 盹 Council subrnitted proposals to the Standing Comrnittee of the Nat:ional People's Congress (NPC) on enacting or revising 15 laws including the Food Safety Law, and formulated or revised 38 sets of a 也 由 ms 位 a 包 ve 主 egula 包 ons including the Provisional Regulations on Enterprise Information Disclos 时 巳 We took thorough steps to lncrease 住 ansparency 1n government opera 包 ons, and used mult:iple means to widely solicit comments from the public on major government decisions and policies. The 出 ird nat:ional econornic censu
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