UdiIN. The ecological interior insulation system for listed buildings and other beautiful façades SYSTEM. The Original 1 - PDF

UdiIN The ecological interior insulation system for listed buildings and other beautiful façades The Original 1 Tried and tested since UdiIN Die aktive Innendämmung aus Holzweichfaser

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UdiIN The ecological interior insulation system for listed buildings and other beautiful façades The Original 1 Tried and tested since UdiIN Die aktive Innendämmung aus Holzweichfaser in Sandwichbauweise für alle Außenwände UdiIN UdiIN is the solution of choice for existing buildings which can not or should not be insulated externally e.g. listed buildings, those abutting property boundaries or simply to retain the current optical look. The health-promoting and building physics benefits of the product make it the right insulation system choice for the demanding developer. The tried and tested interior insulation system has a new face UdiIN. It is a solid, void-free construction employing special high-efficiency wood-fibre sandwich elements combined with a water vapour regulating render and a finishing coat e.g. loam/loam, which is available in a wide range of tones and textures. The UdiIN deliberately does not employ water vapour barriers thereby ensuring that the walls can breathe allowing a natural moisture exchange between the interior and exterior airflows. The UdiIN blocks the radiation of the cold from the external walls and ensures that the interior walls remain warm, thereby creating a healthy and comfortable room climate. In addition to the environmentally-friendly aspects, the UdiIN provides a sophisticated combination of thermal insulation and moisture diffusion in one. The result is an optimal interior insulation system that means you don t have to make compromises. How to reduce your heating bill Page 4 Grants and subsidies Page 5 Helping you to save money Page 5 Increase the value of your property Page 6 Protecting your property and your health Page 7 System benefits Page 8 Our guarantee package Page 9 Keeps working for a lifetime Page 10 Terms and conditions of the guarantee Page 11 2 UdiIN The superior alternative to vapour impermeable insulation materials Ecological and health-promoting manufactured from softwood fibres exclusively from renewable sources tested and recommended by the leading German ecological consumer magazine Öko-Test as the best in class thermal insulation system kind to the skin both to the touch and when installing Top coat in natural lime or loam/loam in combination with the range of UdiNatural paints Cost savings save up to 79 % on your current heating costs a typical amortisation (return on investment) period of 5 years take advantage of possible grants and subsidies available Tested and certified by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) in Berlin, for both timberframed and masonry constructions tested for its fire safety standards, weather resistance, durability/life expectancy and insulating properties over 100,000 square metres of insulation have already been successfully installed Universal spectrum for all types of masonry e.g. (Limestone, fired-loam bricks, concrete or natural stone) for all types of timber and timber-framed buildings applicable to special construction types i.e. half-timbered buildings applicable for interior use in all existing buildings (exceptions: areas below ground level, rising damp) suitable for insulation layers up to 20 cm and wall thicknesses up to 36.5 cm without a building physics calculation certificate guaranteed Mould-free Warp-free Crack-free Free choice of surface render materials without restriction top class water vapour diffusion The UdiIN deliberately does not employ water vapour barriers thereby ensuring that the natural moisture exchange between the interior and exterior airflows are not inhibited, creating a healthy room climate. The patented mineral based vapour regulating render in combination with our highly efficient wood-fibre sandwich-layer insulation boards prevents rooms from smelling musty. acoustic insulation The combination of the special sandwich-layer design and a void-free, solid construction means that top-levels of sound proofing are possible The Original Tried and tested since UdiIN Immediately reduces your heating bills considerably The Energy-Pass is here With the introduction of the energy pass, it is now possible for potential buyers or tenants to more accurately estimate the expected energy and heating costs of a property. By insulating your property with the UdiIN you can improve the energy rating on your energy pass and make your property more attractive to interested parties. Energy-conscious renovations In buildings in which certain rooms are only occasionally used, such as church halls, public buildings and also some private homes, the UdiIN enables the speedy and efficient heating of those areas where the heat is needed quickly. Through the installation of a UdiIN, the comfort of the rooms and the heat retention can be improved considerably. This is especially noticeable on cold and wintry days. The benefit for you is that only those rooms which are regularly used and need to be heated can be insulated. The thermal insulation value is maintained due our own specially developed water vapour regulating render UdiMULTIGRUND Base Coat. The UdiIN is an active vapour diffusion system with a combined capillary effect in which the wood fibres naturally regulate the humidity level of the rooms. Contrary to foam or mineral-fibre insulation boards, the condensation which develops within the UdiIN is absorbed and through the natural drying of the wood fibres is transported back into the room air or transported to the exterior via the capillary effect. Other insulation materials exhibit much higher µ-values and densities and are therefore not particularly suited to the regulation of the room climate. Insulating the interior of your home using the UdiIN allows you to dispense with the use of a vapour barrier on the external walls this means that not only you but also your house can both breathe easily. We re sure you know how much fuel your car uses but do you know how much energy your house uses? Unger-Diffutherm GmbH can tell you exactly how high your house s heating energy consumption will be when you install a UdiIN. For further information please contact UNGER-DIFFUTHERM GmbH directly. Thermography Energy losses can be made visible by the use of a thermal imaging camera. The red and light coloured areas are costing you real money! 4 Blowerdoor-Test (Pressure Differential test method) This method checks for possible energy leaks in the building by flow measurements and the use of artificially produced fog. UdiIN Helping you to save money Subsidies and grants Due to increasing energy costs and greater environmental awareness, more money is being made available by the government and other institutions to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. These measures range from subsidies and grants to low-interest loans and refunds of purchase taxes. Now is the time to take advantage of these benefits. Please contact your local authority and/or other relevant institutions to learn more about the financial support available. Government subsidies reduce the cost of building Ein-Geld-zurück-Beispiel By means of the example of a typical 1930 s brick built house you can easily see how quickly the UdiIN pays for itself. The sooner you decide on the UdiIN, the sooner you can start saving! cost in Euro (for energy consumption) possible pay-back (amortisation) point If you are considering building a new property, we recommend that you install the UdiIN from the very beginning as the installation is easier than a subsequent application. When modernising existing buildings, the UdiIN provides far more advantages than simply repairing cracks and other damage to the existing render. Apart from the roof, the highest levels of energy loss in a building are through the exterior walls. These contribute about 30% of the total energy loss. By using the UdiIN with a 60 mm insulation layer you can reduce these losses by up to 65% and with a 100 mm insulation layer by up to 79% without UdiIN (based upon an annual price increase of 5%) with UdiIN years Living area: 204 m 2 Energy consumption: Uninsulated 26,085 kwh/a Insulated with UdiIN 6,689 kwh/a Based upon: 25 m 2 The children s room will be insulated with UdiIN 80 mm Energy consumption: Uninsulated 3,196 kwh/a Insulated with UdiIN 819,40 Kwh/a The Original Tried and tested since UdiIN Helps to keep you warm and increases the value of your property Protects the substance of your property and increases its value You will notice and appreciate the positive thermal effects of the UdiIN, above all on cold days. The temperature differences of the external walls caused by wind, weather and seasonal differences can be drastically reduced. The temperature of the external walls is maintained at approximately the same temperature the whole year round. The UdiIN protects the building from mould growth caused by water vapour. The damage resulting from such mould growth will be a thing of the past and the cold radiating from the external walls will disappear permanently. Noise from outside will hardly be noticeable and in summer you will really feel the benefits of the additional heat shield. In short: The UdiIN helps to increase the value of your property as soon as it is installed. Lower heating costs and a noticeable improvement in the comfort of the room climate are convincing arguments when selling or renting your property. For buildings with façades that are worth keeping in their original form, the UdiIN is the only alternative in order to achieve an optimum level of heat insulation. Your decorating is made easier by the wide range of structured finishes and colours for interior walls available with the UdiIN. The classic textured interior render/plaster: simple to apply and beautiful to look at Our water vapour regulating render offers you an almost unlimited choice of decorative finishes for all surfaces smooth, textured or structured. As a finishing coat, our top-quality interior paints are available in a wide range of beautiful colours. The special formulation offers a high level of colour brilliance with a very low soiling tendency. The harmonious fine loam plaster: Climate regulating and beautiful As a finishing coat, our top-quality loam plaster is available in an unlimited number of combinations from our colour spectrum for beautiful wall surfaces. In addition to its climate regulating properties and the ability to absorb harmful substances, the special formulation offers a high level of colour brilliance. Natural wood panelling: for a cosy atmosphere The UdiIN can also be panelled with natural wood. This provides an attractive optical impression. Structured render: The long-lasting alternative for interior walls Our system of structured renders/plasters offer you the choice between sgraffito (scratched surface texture) or other decorative finishes in a range of granularities for an especially durable and high quality finishing coat. The special formulation offers a high level of colour brilliance with a very low soiling tendency. The special light refraction on the surface provides an especially attractive interior optical effect. 6 UdiIN Prevents the development of health-damaging mould on walls Poorly ventilated? Too much moisture produced? Only rooms that are properly ventilated and without increased levels of humidity, whether these are living rooms, bedrooms, offices or in public buildings (e.g. schools and nurseries), offer you hygienic air that lets you breathe easily. As you know, mould is a natural phenomena that can be found everywhere in the environment and is normally harmless. However, if the concentration of mould spores exceeds a certain limit, this can lead to severe health problems. The effects are continuously discussed and are not to be taken lightly. Clear links between exposure to mould spores and respiratory problems and allergies have been confirmed in a whole range of studies on the subject. Häufigkeit in Prozent 100 % 90 % 80 % 70 % 60 % 50 % 40 % 30 % 20 % 10 % 0 extreme Müdigkeit, schwere kognitive Störungen Neurokognitive Probleme Chronische Halsentzündungen Muskelschmerzen und/oder -schwäche Häufige Infektionen der oberen Lungenwege The incidence of allergies and Symptome related illnesses has increased continually over many years. Although numerous studies have been conducted and some improvements achieved, the trend remains unbroken. The number of allergy-related illnesses doubles every 10 to 15 years. Alone, in Germany, the number of allergy sufferers has risen to over 30 million, of which circa 30 % are victims of mould allergies. With the UdiIN you don t need to worry about these illnesses any more because it reduces the temperature fluctuations in the walls caused by the wind, weather and seasonal differences. The UdiIN gives you the choice of insulating the rooms where you want to improve your comfort levels- without the problems of changes to the exterior façade, roof space or in the cellar. The UdiIN automatically absorbs the moisture generated when the room is occupied and disperses it again either externally or internally into the air (active capillary effect). Mould growth development on interior walls is eliminated completely. The excellent insulation values remain stable in the colder months through the active capillary effect of the UdiIN even during long periods of high humidity. Your walls will feel warm continuously. The clever tongue and groove system ensures that there are no gaps in the insulating skin (thermal bridges) which lead to severe heat losses and that the excellent thermal conductivity value of W/(mK) is guaranteed. The Original Tried and tested since UdiIN Protects your house and your health The UdiIN keeps your house looking good the whole year round. Think about your future health even when building and renovating More than five thousand contented UNGER- DIFFUTHERM customers have chosen to insulate the interior of their buildings using the UdiIN without any health-related complaints. This has been possible due to the system s intelligent design and the careful selection of products which harmonise perfectly. The UdiIN has been scientifically tested and is subject to continuous strict quality controls. The UdiIN is an active insulation system. It provides continuous water vapour diffusion for a comfortable room climate without any mould growth. It is far too often the case, that older and listed buildings have insufficient or no protection against energy losses. The UdiIN offers an effective insulation alternative to that of covering the exterior of the building, thereby retaining the optically attractive external character of the building. The proven health promoting effects of the UdiIN Kind to the skin with no itching or irritations when handling or installing Environmentally neutral manufacture from softwood derived from renewable sources tested and recommended as the best thermal insulation system by the leading German ecological consumer magazine Öko-Test The room moisture level is kept in balance the moisture is stored and dispersed naturally using the natural capillary effect No mould development on the walls The UdiIN retains the heat longer on cold days Through its excellent heat storage capacity of 2100 kjm 3 Impressive insulation values with an insulating layer of only 6 cm Radiates the stored warmth reducing the need to heat continuously Saves energy and the cost of installing additional ventilation systems UdiIN In Summer refreshingly cool The density of the insulation boards with a weight of 220 kg/m 3 functions as an excellent heat-shield against the effects of the sun The exterior walls remain comfortably cool for longer Energy saving as additional air conditioning is no longer required 8 UdiIN Guaranteed quality permanently Dämmen mit Garantiepaket The UdiIN has been tried and tested over many years and has established itself in the top class. We are so convinced of the quality of our products that we offer a comprehensive guarantee package. All building system components and their method of installation must correspond with our licensing specifications and be carried out by a UdiCertified installer. UdiMould-free-GUARANTEE unique freedom from mould growth guarantee lifelong health-promoting insulation system for you, your family and your children UdiWarp-free-GUARANTEE unique guarantee that the UdiIN insulation boards will remain warp-free storm-proof façade up to wind speeds of 185 mph The UdiIN surface always remain smooth warp-free even under thermal stresses i.e. temperature extremes UdiCrack-free-GUARANTEE unique crack-free guarantee for rendered façades the UdiIN ensures that the substance of the building remains dry over 2 million square metres have been installed since 1989 without any cracks developing! UdiColour choice-guarantee your individual dream colours for the exterior render are available in the complete colour spectrumh This factory guarantee is valid for 15 years from the date of the completed installation and the UdiGUARANTEE CERTIFICATE is supplied by the UdiCertified installer. Please see our guarantee conditions on page 11. Let us advise you on the correct choice Before you start your insulation project, we advise you to consult a UdiCertified installer or UdiLicensed distributor. We also advise you to employ the services of a qualified building energy advisor. They will be able to show you where the energy is being lost in your home and how you can maximise the benefits offered by the UdiIN. The Original Tried and tested since UdiIN Keeps working for a lifetime Functionality Attention to detail is decisive in ensuring the longlasting functionality of the UdiIN. We can pro- vide you with well thought out and proven solutions for all areas of your property from the cellar to the roof. These include the choice of the correct accessories and information on professionally trained and certified installers. Don t take any risks demand the UdiIN from a UdiCertified installer. UdiUNGER-DIFFUTHERM UdiMONTAGE Fixing UdiMULTIGRUND Base coat UdiSTRENGTHENING MESH Gewebe UdiLOAM Fine plaster UdiPERL Interior structured plaster UdiLOAM Paint Substructure (Timber construction, masonry etc.) The UdiIN in detail Mounting and fixing the insulation boards Our insulation boards are permanently fixed to the surface using special anchors/fixings. Any voids are compensated for by our UdiLOAM Foundation plaster with its natural capillary properties which avoids the build up of condensation. Water vapour regulating strengthening foundation The next layer is comprised of a water vapour regulating foundation render with a strengthening mesh. This coat should have a minimum thickness of 8mm. This is the base for a durable, permanently dry, crack-free and ready-to-paint top layer of finishing render. Surface design Once the foundation render is dry, a final textured finishing render coat is applied. Alternatively, you can decide upon the UdiLOAM.This is coloured according to your individually selected colour preference. The Unger-Diffutherm trained installer will then give the finishing coat the surface structure/texture you desire. Choose between UdiLOAM Loam plaster, Loam paint, Structured interior plaster or simply wallpaper. You will feel the difference made by the UdiIN although you will only see the new rendered surface. Ideal complimentary products UdiPROTECT-E-SMOG SHIELDING provides effective electro-smog protection Attractive brick-style cladding layer also available 10 TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE GUARANTEE This guarantee is applicable to the façade insulation system UdiIN incorporating UdiORIGINAL UNGER-DIFFUTHERM INSULATION ELEMENTS insulation elements I. Guarantee Unger-Diffutherm GmbH, Blankenburgstraße 81, Chemnitz, Germany, agree to provide an extended warranty of 15 years for the insulation system UdiIN in the following insulation layer thicknesses of 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 und 200 mm, and providing that this insulation layer has been professiona
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