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[Studyplan] LIC AAO Administrative Officer 2013: Topicwise booklist, Free studymaterial, previous years paper, cut offs Overview of LIC AAO 2013 Exam How is LIC AAO 2013 different from previous exams Approach: Reasoning for LIC AAO 2013 #1: Chart based #2: Analogy, Odd man out #3: Math ops #4: syllogism #5: coding n series Peripheral Tip on Computer based Tests Approach: Maths, Quantative aptitude for LIC How is LIC maths different from SSC CGL? How is LIC maths different from IBPS/SBI PO? Book

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  [Studyplan] LIC AAO Administrative Officer 2013: Topicwise booklist, Free studymaterial, previousyears paper, cut offs Overview of LIC AAO 2013 ExamHow is LIC AAO 2013 different from previous exams Approach: Reasoning for LIC AAO 2013#1: Chart based#2: Analogy, Odd man out#3: Math ops#4: syllogism#5: coding n seriesPeripheralTip on Computer based Tests Approach: Maths, Quantative aptitude for LICHow is LIC maths different from SSC CGL?How is LIC maths different from IBPS/SBI PO?Book for Quantitative aptitude? Approach: General knowledge and current affairsCurrent Affairs (2012-13)Insurance related GK Economy, polityOthers Approach: Computer Approach: English grammar, comprehensionJob Profile: LIC AAO (Administrative Officer)Job Profile: Bank PO vs LIC AAOJob Profile: LIC ADO (Development officer)Negative Factors (ADO)   HOMEHOMESTUDYPLANSTUDYPLANAPRIL 5TH, 2013APRIL 5TH, 2013   452 COMMENTS452 COMMENTS  Positive Factors(ADO)Sectional Cutoffs for LIC AAO 2011Conclusion Appendix: Free download links, Studymaterial for LIC AAO Overview of LIC AAO 2013 Exam Computer based: yes Negative marking: yesSectional cut-off: yes. Bond  System: yes, 1 lakh Rupees (4 years) Vacancies: around 750SectionNo.of QsMarks per QsTotalReasoning30390Maths30390GK30260Computers30260English402.5100Total160-400How is 2013 different from previous years’ LIC AAO exams? How is LIC AAO 2013 different from previous exams Earlier LIC AAO 2011 examNow LIC AAO 2013Pen and Paper basedComputer basedHad only four sections1. Reasoning2. Maths3. GK 4. EnglishHas five sections1. Reasoning2. Maths3. GK 4. Computer awareness5. English grammar, comprehension and Vocab  Had descriptive English paper (précis and comprehension)There is no descriptive English paper.Did not have negative markingHas -25% negative marking.Fees was Rs.400Rs.500 (inflation everywhere)Anyways, lets’ start with each section Approach: Reasoning for LIC AAO 2013 The reasoning questions in LIC exam, run almost parallel to that of SSC CGL and Bank PO.So, the Recommended Book is as usual: RS Aggarwal’s Modern Approach to verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Then the question is,how to prepare reasoning in systematic manner in the given time? Do it in following manner: #1: Chart based This includes: Direction sense test, Sitting arrangement (rectangle, circular, building, lecture schedules etc.)and blood relations.I club them together because in all of them you’ve to make rough diagram / chart / table to solve it.Here is the order in which they should be prepared:Sr.NoTopicRS AggarwalChapter No.1.Direction Sense Test.82.Sitting arrangement: circular63.Sitting arrangement: rectangle64.Sitting arrangement: “table” based e.g. lecture schedules, job-car-clothcolor, building-car-newspaper etc.65.Blood relations5,6Sr. No. 2 to 5 are more important because if they’re asked, it is usually a set of 3-5 questions based on onecase.These topics don’t have any straight-forward theory or formula as such, therefore only way to gain speed and proficiency= viamaximum practice. Otherwise you’ll be stuck in just one set for 15-20 minutes and yet get wrong answers. #2: Analogy, Odd man out  They usually ask a set of 3-5 questions.Sr.NoTopicRS Aggarwal Chapter No.1.Analogy22.Oddmen out3 (chapter title is “Classification”)Analogy and odd men can be of two types:1. Word based.2. Number based.If it is word based, you don’t need pen and paper, you can solve it in your head and proceed.If it is number based, then depending on your proficiency (and luck) it may be very easy question for example1. Find odd man: 13,17,21,23. (ans. 21 because it is not a prime number). So this is quick and easy.But at times it can be difficult and may require lot of trial and error for example2. 182::?::210::380. Find “?”.^in this case, you may not not be able to see the pattern immediately. It may take you five seconds, it may take 5 minutes. Therefore,My advice is that during the computer test, whenever you come across such questions, you click the “Mark/review” button, proceed toother questions and then solve these marked questions at the end of the exam. #3: Math ops  Sr.NoTopicRS Aggarwal Chapter No.1.Math ops132.Ranking123.Dictionary based arrangement10I club these together, because in each of them you’re given some instructions and if you follow those instruction carefully thenyou can get answer without mistake. It doesn’t require any trial and error (unlike the coding-decoding type).Math ops are important because it is usually a set of 3-5 questions. #4: syllogism
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