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  AABBCCDDEE4 43 32 21 1 PageTitle of schematic pageRev.Date0102030405060708091011121314151617181920212223242526272831293032Page ListBlock Diagram Change ListHSW MCP(MEMORY/GND)HSW MCP(CFG/PwrMGT)HSW MCP(POWER)HSW PCH(RTC/HDA/SATA)HSW PCH(PCIE/USB)HSW PCH(CLK/LPC/SPI/SMB)HSW PCH(GPIO/LPIO/MISC)HSW PCH(POWER)DDR3 DIMM0-STD (5.2H)DDR3 DIMM1-RSV (5.2H)LVDS/CAMERA LAN (RTL8111GS) WPCE985L & FLASH WLAN/KB-BLHDD/ODD/G-SENSOR/TP/FANUSBHDMI/THERMALPOWER +VCC_CORE (NCP81101)POWER 3VPCU&RVCC5(TPS51427)POWER 1.35VSUS/VTT_MEM POWER +1.05V(G5602R41U)POWER(BAT IN / ADA IN/ UL)POWER VGA_CORE/1.0(RT8812A)POWER VCC1.5/ThermalPOWER VGA_CORE( RT8812A) Audio ALC233-CG1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A  1 33CARD READER(RTS5227E)1A LED/PS/DMICPOWER CHARGER (ISL88731C) * : No mountL@ : For LVDS outputD@ : For eDP outputE@ : For DIS GFXI@ : For UMA HSW MCP(DISPLAY/Sideband)HOLE/EMI/KBPOWER VCC1.5_VRAM/1.05V  NVIDIA N14 GB2-64 PCIE 1/4 NVIDIA N14 GB2-64 TMDS 2/4 NVIDIA N14 GB2-64 VRAM 3/43435 NVIDIA N14 GB2-64 VRAM 4/4363738391A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A PageTitle of schematic pageRev.Date401A 1A 1A IO PORT LIST1A  AUDIO Woofer  5544332211D DC CB BA A AzaliaSATA3USB 2.0SATA0 HKC Haswell ULT BLOCKDIAGRAM DDR3L-1600 : 1.35V Dual Channel P14~P15     i    G    F    X    I   n    t   e   r    f   a   c   e   s PCI-EX16     D    D    R    S    Y    S    T    E    M    M    E    M    O    R    Y SATA Gen2 HDAUSBSPI intel Shark Bay P8~P13 BGA1168 (40mm X 24mm)    L   P   C SPI ROM P9 ODD P23 EC P16 HDD P23 SATA Gen3 02 P17 CameraWiMax/BT  P22P20P20P20P20P24P24 Audio CODEC    D   M   I   C   S   P   K P24P24P24    M   I   C   J  a  c   k   H   P   J  a  c   k Nvidia PCIE3 5GT/s   P36 ~ P39 8MB NPCE985LSATA LEDSleep LEDBattery LEDCAPSLED NUMLED ASSIST#Power SW  Button Touch Pad P23 Keyboard P42 VRAM PORT10PORT9PORT3PORT1PORT2PORT0 USB I/OUSB I/OUSB I/OUSB I/O Power LED 1GB / 2GB P38~P39 USB 3.0 6Gb/s3Gb/s NFC I2CN14P-GV2  ALC233-CG TOUCHSCREEN PORT8 P17 Haswell ULT+Lynx Point-LP P17 eDPHDMI P19 PCI-Express Gen2 5GT/s     P   C   I   E   3 Giga-LAN P21 WLAN/BT  P21    P   C   I   E   1 P21    P   C   I   E   4 RTL8111GS     R    J    4    5 Card Reader P18    S   D  -   X   C RTS5227E  5544332211D DC CB BA A 03 Change List Change List  1AThursday, January 24, 2013 HKC 3 40Size Document Number RevDate: Sheet of Quanta Computer Inc. PROJECT :  5544332211D DC CB BA A 1.Level 1 Environment-related Substances Should Never be Used.2.Recycled Resin and Coated Wire should be procured from Green Partners. Haswell ULT (DISPLAY) +3V +3V +3V +3V +3V  4 EDP_BKLCTL: abnormal 2V when power on. +3V +3V +3V +3V  INT. HDMI HSW MCP(Display/eDP)  1AThursday, January 31, 2013 HKC 4 40Size Document Number RevDate: Sheet of Quanta Computer Inc. PROJECT : XDP_TDI_CPUXDP_TMS_CPUXDP_TCK0XDP_TRST_CPU_NXDP_TDO_CPUEDP_COMPCPU_PROCHOT#H_CPUPWRGDSM_RCOMP_0SM_RCOMP_1SM_RCOMP_2XDP_TCK0XDP_TMS_CPUXDP_TRST_CPU_NXDP_TDI_CPUXDP_TDO_CPUEC_A20GATEEC_EXT_SMI#GPIO79GPIO80GPIO52GPIO54GPIO53EC_A20GATEEC_EXT_SMI#GPIO55GPIO51HDMI_TXCP_CHDMI_TXDN2_CHDMI_TXCN_CHDMI_TXDP0_CHDMI_TXDP2_CHDMI_TXDN1_CHDMI_TXDN0_CHDMI_TXDP1_C EDP_TX1# (17)EDP_AUX# (17)EDP_TX0 (17)EDP_TX1 (17)EDP_AUX (17)EDP_TX0# (17)EC_PECI(16)H_PROCHOT#(26,30)PROCHOT(16)SM_DRAMRST#(14)DDR_PG_CTRL(13)INT_LVDS_VDDEN(17)INT_LVDS_BLON(16)INT_LVDS_BRIGHT(17)EC_EXT_SMI#(16)EDP_HPD (17)EC_A20GATE(16)INT_HDMI_TXDN2(19)INT_HDMI_TXDN1(19)INT_HDMI_TXDN0(19)INT_HDMI_TXDP0(19)INT_HDMI_TXCP(19)INT_HDMI_TXCN(19)INT_HDMI_TXDP2(19)INT_HDMI_TXDP1(19)INT_HDMI_HPD_Q (19)INT_HDMI_SCL (19)INT_HDMI_SDA (19)+1.05V+VCCIOA_OUT+1.05V+3V+3V+3V+3V+3V+3V+3V+3VR3 *51_4R5 51_4R1 51/F_4R4 51/F_4R2 *51_4R6 24.9/F_4TP1TP3TP2R9 56_4R10 10K_4Q12N7002W(SOT323)     3 2     1 R8 62_412R13 100/F_41 2R11 200/F_4R12 120/F_4 EDPDDI U1AC54C55B58C58B55A55A57B57C51C50C53B54C49B50A53B53C45B46A47B47C47C46A49B49A45B45D20A43DDI1_TXN0DDI1_TXP0DDI1_TXN1DDI1_TXP1DDI1_TXN2DDI1_TXP2DDI1_TXN3DDI1_TXP3DDI2_TXN0DDI2_TXP0DDI2_TXN1DDI2_TXP1DDI2_TXN2DDI2_TXP2DDI2_TXN3DDI2_TXP3EDP_TXN0EDP_TXP0EDP_TXN1EDP_TXP1EDP_TXN2EDP_TXP2EDP_TXN3EDP_TXP3EDP_AUXNEDP_AUXPEDP_RCOMPEDP_DISP_UTIL DDR3LMISCTHERMALPWRJTAG DSW U1BD61K61N62K63C61AU60AV60AU61AV15AV61J62K62E60E61E59F63F62J60H60H61H62K59H63K60J61PROC_DETECTCATERRPECIPROCHOTPROCPWRGDSM_RCOMP0SM_RCOMP1SM_RCOMP2SM_DRAMRSTSM_PG_CNTL1PRDYPREQPROC_TCKPROC_TMSPROC_TRSTPROC_TDIPROC_TDOBPM#0BPM#1BPM#2BPM#3BPM#4BPM#5BPM#6BPM#7 eDPSIDEBANDPCIEDISPLAY U1IB8A9C6U6P4N4N2AD4U7L1L3R5L4B9C9D9D11C5B6B5A6C8A8D6EDP_BKLCTLEDP_BKLENEDP_VDDENPIRQA/GPIO77PIRQB/GPIO78PIRQC/GPIO79PIRQD/GPIO80PMEGPIO55GPIO52GPIO54GPIO51GPIO53DDPB_CTRLCLKDDPB_CTRLDATADDPC_CTRLCLKDDPC_CTRLDATADDPB_AUXNDDPC_AUXNDDPB_AUXPDDPC_AUXPDDPB_HPDDDPC_HPDEDP_HPDR14 10K_4R15 10K_4R273 10K_4R274 10K_4R275 10K_4R276 10K_4R277 10K_4R271 10   K_4R272 10K_4C1 0.1U/10V/X5R_4C2 0.1U/10V/X5R_4C3 0.1U/10V/X5R_4C4 0.1U/10V/X5R_4C5 0.1U/10V/X5R_4C6 0.1U/10V/X5R_4C7 0.1U/10V/X5R_4C8 0.1U/10V/X5R_4C312 47P/50V/NPO_4
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