ŠKODA MACHINE TOOL HORIZONTAL MILLING AND BORING MACHINES ŠKODA HCW KODA HCW TRADITION AND EXPERIENCE The ŠKODA machine tools of different types and design have been present in the world market since the

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ŠKODA MACHINE TOOL HORIZONTAL MILLING AND BORING MACHINES ŠKODA HCW KODA HCW TRADITION AND EXPERIENCE The ŠKODA machine tools of different types and design have been present in the world market since the 1920s. Škoda Works actually started this product line in Among the machine tools designed and manufactured by the Works are many machines of unique concept, high precision and outstanding operational reliability. The present ŠKODA HCW type-series machines represent the most sophisticated and technically advanced boring machines of the ŠKODA brand. The customers use them in applications where their high technology and labour productivity bring the best benefits. In consideration of the high installed power and work precision the HCW machines are best suited for milling, drilling and boring operations on heavy workpieces of large dimensions. If incorporated into special workstations, the machines can be used for machining of turbine and generator rotor shafts, heavy crankshafts and other large workpieces of complex shape. DESCRIPTION MACHINE FRAME All frame component parts are stiff grey-iron castings with precision-machined guideways facilitating precise movement of machine parts and retention of all forces originating during the machining process. Inseparable part of the machine frame is rigid concrete foundation block onto which the machine bed is anchored by means of anchoring bolts. The pre-stressed hydrostatic guideways for the carriage on the machine bed, the headstock on the column and quill in the headstock are characterised by high rigidity and low passive friction resistance ensuring perfect guidance of all moving machine parts. High-quality stiff and clearance-free feed mechanisms in combination with direct linear position measuring in all machine axes ensure precise and smooth machine part movements. Among the other machine features are telescopic guideway covers, operator cabin including a machine control panel and access platforms. HEADSTOCK The headstock body is a rigid closed casing incorporating the following subassemblies: Complete ram with spindle seating Drive box including the main drive motor and emergency brake Ram and spindle feed mechanisms Mechanism facilitating headstock traverse along the machine column Combined guideways on the column Hydraulic and electric ram accessories SPINDLE SEATING The spindle is seated in special angular-contact bearing needing very little lubrication oil. This solution allows for long periods of spindle run at maximum speed with low bearing temperature rise. The bearing temperatures are continuously measured and displayed on the machine control panel. The spindle seating is maintenance-free throughout the machine lifetime. TECHNICAL ADVANTAGES High geometric precision High positioning precision High operational reliability Excellent machine dimension stability even in transient temperature conditions Ram extension straightness compensation Axial power connections to the ram head Patent-protected equipment for automated clamping of technological accessories Design solution with main drive motor attached to the spindlestock body KODA HCW HYDRAULIC ACCESSORIES The hydraulic accessories of the machine include: High-pressure hydraulic system for auxiliary machine functions Medium-pressure hydraulic system for hydro-static guideways Low-pressure hydraulic system for lubrication circuits Cooling system for temperature stabilisation of the machine Tool cooling equipment Pressure-air distribution system The hydraulic systems installed on the machine are supplied by leading companies in the respective fields of technology. The same applies to the tool-cooling system incorporating the cooling fluid filtration and regeneration devices. CONTROL SYSTEM Machine control systems All control and indication elements necessary for the machine operation control are installed within the main control panel located on the operator platform. The overall machine control system has been designed to facilitate easy and efficient machine control in both automated and manual modes of operation, taking into account the requirements concerning labour safety. Apart from the main control panel, there is a portable remote-control panel intended for the machine setting and servicing operations. Machines equipped with automatic tool changer have an additional control panel located near the tool changer by means of which the operator controls the tool loading and unloading into the tool magazine with all tool management data readily available. Main control panel SIEMENS Sinumerik 840D Main control panel GE FANUC 31i ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT The electrical equipment accessories on the ŠKODA horizontal machines are made of components supplied by leading world manufacturers. In its basic configuration, the machine is equipped with a Siemens SINUMERIK NC system and digital Siemens drives power units controlling movements in all machine axes and spindle auxiliary functions. The system software allows for easy control of all technological operations and extensive diagnostics of internal machine functions including remote error diagnostics (Teleservice) by the machine manufacturer. On request, the machines can be equipped with control systems by other suppliers (e.g. GE Fanuc or Heidenhain). The electric accessories of the machine comply with international standards IEC and EN with the power supply network 3x400 V, 50 Hz, TN. On customer s request, the machine can be modified to work at other supply voltages and frequencies and to meet non-european standards such as CSA or others. AUTOMATIC TOOL CHANGE Horizontal machines of the ŠKODA HCW type series can be supplied with automatic tool changer.the systems makes tool change in the machine spindle and in the milling heads with the spindle axis either in the vertical or in the horizontal position. The number of tools in the tool magazine can be delivered to meet the customer requirements or those of the machining technology implemented. Standard specifications of automatic tool change for ŠKODA HCW machines Tool magazine capacity (number of tools) Spindle taper Sk 50, 60 Tool shank diameter (mm) 360, 420 Tool length (mm) 500, 600 Tool weight (kg) 50, 60 AUTOMATED CLAMPING OF TECHNOLOGICAL ACCESSORIES The patent-protected proprietary design of the equipment for automated clamping of technological accessories onto the face part of the machine ram provides for supply of all types of energy for operation and control of the milling or boring head installed; with some types of milling heads, the systems provides for cooling-liquid supply too. The replacement heads are parked on palettes or in special pick-up magazine holders from where they can be automatically collected and clamped onto the ram. KODA HCW SINGLE-PURPOSE WORKSTATIONS The company specialists are prepared to assist you in designing and setting up special workstations with respect to your specifications or the technological requirements associated with the machining of particular workpieces. Extensive experience of the company project designers is the best guaranty for finding the optimum solution for most complex technological problems and ensuring high labour productivity with acceptable investment costs. The ŠKODA horizontal machines can be the core component part of workstations ranging in complexity from the basic machine configuration and clamping-plate area to universal machining centre equipped with clamping plates or singlepurpose workstation utilising special machining processes. Examples of customised workstations including horizontal milling and boring machines as operated by various customers all over the world are listed below. Workstation including a rotary table Special movable horizon Workstation equipped with special milling accessory to machine turbogenerator rotor slots. tal workstation Workstation intended for machining of large crankshaft forgings. Workstation equipped with rotary manipulator for machining of steam-turbine rotor shafts. Workstation including a special headstock and manipulator for milling of turbogenerator rotor slots. Workstation for machining of large workpieces clamped onto a clamping-plate area. KODA HCW WORKSTATION EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGICAL ACCESSORIES With their machines, the company ŠKODA Machine Tool supplies a wide range of technological accessories extending the machining capabilities of the standard machines. Different types and sizes of milling and boring heads will meet the requirements of a greater part of the company customers. In the cases of special machine application, we are prepared to design and manufacture technological accessories tailor-made to your particular requirements. Basic information on selected types of standard heads is shown below. IFVW 206 Output kw 25 Torque Nm 1000 Rated speed min Maximum speed min Speed ratio i 1 : 1 Spindle taper ISO 50 Tool shank DIN Turning of 1. axis Turning of 2. axis Weight kg 765 IFVW 112 Output kw 25 Torque Nm 600 Rated speed min Maximum speed min Speed ratio i 1 : 2 Spindle taper ISO 40, 50 Tool shank DIN Head turning Weight kg 990 IFVW 102 Output kw 55 Torque Nm Rated speed min Maximum speed min Speed ratio i 1 : 1 Spindle taper ISO 50 Tool shank DIN Head turning Weight kg 650 UFK 1000 NC Output kw 42 Torque Nm Rated speed min Maximum speed min Speed ratio i 1 : 1 Spindle taper ISO 50 Tool shank DIN Turning of 1. axis Turning of 2. axis Ī 95 Weight kg IWD 700 Head body diameter mm 700 Transmission betw. W feed and slide i 1 : 1 Maximum speed min Slide stroke mm 150 Maximum torque Nm Maximum cutting force by boring N Maximum cutting force by facing N Feed of slide mm/min 0, Number of tool holders 6 Machining ranges mm Weight (incl. of tool holders) kg IFVW 203 Output kw 30 Torque Nm Rated speed min Maximum speed min Speed ratio i 1 : 2 Spindle taper ISO 50 Tool shank DIN Turning of 1. axis Turning of 2. axis Weight kg 800 IFVW 206 UFK 1000 NC IFVW 112 IWD 700 IFVW 102 IFVW 203 WORKPLACE ARRANGEMENT TRAVELLING PLATFORM In the standard configuration, the machine is provided with a platform attached to the machine headstock. A travelling platform with independent drive can be supplied on special request. The position of such platform is independent of the actual headstock elevation and permits the operator to assume the best position with respect to the workpiece or, if necessary, to easily and safely leave or board the control platform at any time. This advantage will be appreciated in the cases of machines with long headstock traverse length. The front part of the platform is occupied by a semienclosed operator cabin with control panel. The cabin can be extended towards the ram where it protects the operator against chips and cooling liquid and makes possible simple operations to be performed on the workpiece (measurements) or the tool (setting) in the testing mode of the machine operation. TURNTABLES Most frequently selected tables used at workstations including ŠKODA horizontal machines are those of rated loading between 25 and 250 tons. ROTARY AND TRAVERSABLE TABLES (TYPE TDV) TYPE TDV 4 TDV 5 TDV 6 TDV 7 TDV 8 TDV 9 TDV 10 V = Traverse in spindle direction mm incr.500 incr.500 incr.500 incr.500 incr.500 incr.500 Feed range (mm/min) B = Lowest increment in rotary table axis (degrees/r.p.m.) 0,0001/3,3 0,0001/2,5 0,0001/1,66 0,0001/1,77 0,0001/1,77 0,0001/1,00 0,0001/1,00 Clamping area (mm) x x x x x x x Size of T - slots (mm) (36) 36 (28) 36 (42) 36 (42) 36 (42) Maximum load kg CLAMPING PLATES Basic workstation equipment includes a clamping area of customised dimensions to be assembled from modular ŠKODA clamping plates. TYPE DESIGNATION D 18/40 D 18/56 D 18/64 D 18/80 Plate length mm Plate width mm Plate thickness mm Number of T - slots Size of T - slots mm Load capacity kn/m KODA HCW SECIFICATIONS OF ŠKODA HCW MACHINES Designation HCW 1 HCW 2 HCW 3 HCW 4 Spindle diameter mm 150/ /180/20 200/225/250/ /280/300 Taper ISO 50 50/60 60/50 60 Ram cross-section mm 400 x x x x 680 Bed guideways width mm Column guideways width mm Max. power S1 (S2) kw I 71 (114) 100 (140) 100 (140) 129 (180) S1-100 %, S 2-30 min II 129 (180) 147 (205) A Max. spindle speed rpm B C IA (11 000) (20 000) (24 000) (36 000) Max. torque Nm IB IC (19 000) (19 000) (36 000) (15 000) II A (24 000) (36 000) Spindle gear ranges Column travel X axis mm from from from from Headstock travel Y axis mm Spindle travel W axis mm Ram travel Z axis mm Spindle + ram travel W + Z axes mm Feed rate X and Y axes mm/min Z and W axes mm/min Feed forces X, Y, Z kn Feed force W kn Machine weight of standard version kg ŠKODA MACHINE TOOL Tylova 57, Plzeň CZECH REPUBLIC Tel.: Fax: http: //www. cz-smt.cz
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