SECTION 03 PARTS FOR TV, LCD & PROJECTORS. ÐÐCRT Parts 2. ÐÐRepair Assistance & Tools 18. ÐÐTriplers 6 ÐÐLOPT High Voltage Leads 7 - PDF

SECTION 03 PARTS FOR TV, LCD & PROJECTORS SECTION CONTENTS ÐÐCRT Parts 2 ÐÐRepair Assistance & Tools 5 ÐÐTriplers 6 ÐÐLOPT High Voltage Leads 7 ÐÐRepair Assistance & Tools 8 ÐÐRear-Projection Parts 9 ÐÐLCD

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SECTION 03 PARTS FOR TV, LCD & PROJECTORS SECTION CONTENTS ÐÐCRT Parts 2 ÐÐRepair Assistance & Tools 5 ÐÐTriplers 6 ÐÐLOPT High Voltage Leads 7 ÐÐRepair Assistance & Tools 8 ÐÐRear-Projection Parts 9 ÐÐLCD TV Parts 9 ÐÐFlyback Transformers 10 ÐÐRepair Assistance & Tools TELEVISION COMPONENTS CRT Parts HIGH VOLTAGE FOCUS RESISTORS 1 WATT, 10KV-DC, 7KV-ACrms Available in 150K, 220K, 270K, 390K, 470K, 820K, 1M, 1.2M, 1.5M, 2.2M, 3.3M, 4.7M, 5.1M, 8.2M, 10M Order as follows: Wattage + FCR + Value Eg. 150K would be ordered as 1FCR150K * 1FCRxxx PHILIPS FOCUS POTENTIOMETERS 24 MegaOhms Suit Philips. Three solder terminals Original Part No FCP24 Two contact push-on type FCP23 AC POWER SWITCH POTENTIOMETERS SPDT PULL SWITCH Volume control with pull out two pole switch. as used in older TV s. Value 5K VRS105 20K VRS120 50K VRS K VRS100 LUMINANCE DELAY LINE FILTER Suits many models. DL401P ANTENNA INPUT PANELS Both have isolating capacitors. SINGLE TERMINAL J515 UHF/VHF TERMINAL PHILIPS/SHARP/etc... Two solder connections J517 ANTENNA INPUT TERMINALS METAL RF SOCKET J500 PLASTIC RF SOCKET J510 FOR OUR FULL RANGE OF PLUGS & SOCKETS FOR TV SEE SECTION SEVEN PLUGS & SOCKETS HIGH VOLTAGE FOCUS POTS Value 10M FCP10M 15M FCP15M 22M FCP22M PHILIPS DELAY LINE Popular Delay Line as used in many TV s. Equiv. DL701 SDL145 SANYO FOCUS CONTROLS Original Part No RO116XR R0128XR FCP0116 FCP0128 UNIVERSAL 75Ω VHF-UHF TUNERS RCA SOCKET 8 PIN Height Socket 38mm 10mm ECC55 PHILIPS/KRIESLER CARBON TUNING TRACKS Type 3 way CTR3 4 way CTR4 RF SOCKET 8 PIN Height 34mm ECC50 RF SOCKET 8 PIN Height 38mm ECC48 RF SOCKET 8 PIN Height Socket 38mm 12mm ECC60 RF SOCKET 9 PIN** Original Part No Height TECC0985VA14B SAMSUNG mm ECC PHILIPS PTC Popular 3 pin degauss trigger. Original Part No Voltage Current , 265V 6mA PTC , , 265V 4mA PTC , , 265V 1mA PTC PTC12 PHILIPS PTC , , , , 96009, 96018, 96022, 96209, , etc. 265V 1mA 3-Pin PTC1 See Also ABOVE! Similar Style. PTC BLOCK 270V - 15mA 2 PIN PTC22 3 PIN PTC3 SHARP Original Part No RMPTP0085CEZZ PTC85 PTC POSI-R PTC Thermistor Nichicon Posi-R ZPB53-BL200C PTC20 JVC SWITCH-MODE TRANSFORMER Suit JVC 7255, 7755 and others. CE40511 SHARP VARISTOR Original Part No RH-XV0003CEZZ VX0010 MAGNET CORE INDUCTOR Horizontal-linearity coil Popular TV part used in many models including Akai, NEC, Tempest, Goldstar, etc. 14 TV 125μH(0.125mH) L TV 102μH(0.102mH) L102 TEAC (Vestel) 11AK19 PARTS Due to design problems with this chassis, HR Diemen has made some improved replacement coil transformers to suit. This applies chassis using the following EHT: Original Part No EHT EHT8029 SMPS START-UP PTC Start-up PTC resistor Used in TV switchmode Samsung, LG, etc. P2462-J29, P190, , etc. PTC182 63V NON POLARISED (NP) BI-POLAR TV Deflection Caps High Current. High-Frequency. For more capacitors, see section 2 COMPONENTS Value Volts Size 2.2μF 63V 13x25mm 2.2BP63 3.3μF 63V 16x25mm 3.3BP63 4.7μF 63V 16x32mm 4.7BP63 6.8μF 63V 16x36mm 6.8BP63 10μF 63V 18x36mm 10BP63 15μF 63V 18x41mm 15BP63 TEAC SWITCH-MODE COIL Chassis: 11AK19 (Vestel) East/West Coil Original Part No , HR , TEAC SWITCH-MODE COIL Chassis: 11AK19 (Vestel) Correction Coil Original Part No , HR , , AT TEAC SWITCH-MODE TX Chassis: 11AK19 (Vestel) Power Transformer Original Part No , , HR , 8 WAY TUNING BLOCK 28 Pin B20K VRB810 PICTURE TUBE SOCKET 8 PIN 8 Pins including focus. CRT25 SONY TV TUNING BLOCK 8 Way 29 Pin B100K VRB820 PICTURE TUBE SOCKET 10 PIN 10 Pins including focus. CRT12 DEFLECTION YOKES Original part numbers and models are listed, however these Yokes will substitute many makes and models. Spec. is the DC resistance measurement of the Vertical and Horizontal coils. 12 WAY TV TUNING BLOCKS 29 PIN B100K VRB PIN B100K VRB PIN B20K Vertical label VRB PIN B20K Horizontal label VRB TUBE TYPES Description Suit Spec DIE1492HL or C38 Chassis P50F, H2Ω / DIE1492HL TCY120PPF (neck=30mm) P54S, CB336F/R, CTK115, 143, TE14F/R, 140E7A, 144E8A V15.5Ω ODYM1401 (neck=24mm) TE14FC, RC, RM H4Ω / V15Ω ODYM1401 DSE1422FL (neck=24mm) CB3351/A/FA/ XU, CB3373Z1A, CTK118, 147, 1430, SP34RM, TV346, TVCR344, 346, NEC N3452. H4Ω / V14.5Ω DSE1422FL 20 TUBE TYPES Description Suit Original Part No Spec ODYM2002 TE20R/ NEC H3Ω / ODYM2002 (neck=24mm) RM/RMT N4830,N4840,etc. V14.5Ω DIE1992GL (neck=29mm) CB514H, TE20F, CTK202, H2Ω / V14Ω DIE1992GL 03-4 Repair Assistance & Tools ISOLATION TRANSFORMER For safety s sake and to enable the use of instruments such as a CRO, etc. Current 1 AMP TDB AMP TDB See Section 12 AC POWER TV VARIAC Variable Mains AC Supply Auto-transformer type Mechanically adjustable Adjust from 0 to 270VAC Note: Not an isolation type transformer! The neutrals are common, Not for Live TV Chassis. Current 2A VRC2 4A VRC4 CRT DEGAUSSING WAND This powerful wand does the job right the first time, every time. Manufactured in Australia, it plugs straight into 240V. XT8150 TV ANALOGUE PATTERN GENERATOR CYPRESS COMPONENT / S-VIDEO / 4:3 NEW high grade from Cypress. Component, Composite & SVHS outputs for testing todays multisystem TVs, VCRs, etc. Moving white block for testing motion jitters, recording, etc. www. LPM55 ANALOGUE & HDMI V1.3 PATTERN GENERATOR SOPHISTICATED TEST INSTRUMENT WITH SOURCE ANALYZER This HDMI v1.3 compliant video test pattern generator is the most advance device for your audio & video signals test. With built-in 39 timings and 45 patterns, it outputs both analog and digital signals. LCD screen for easy viewing. Also check the resolution of your devices and record them, check bandwidth and phase behavior of video transmission, verify video amplifiers/color temperature/video motion plus HDCP verification, data comparison, EDID check and many more other useful functions. Professional grade instrument. HDMI 1.3, HDCP 1.1, DVI 1.0 compliant. Timings include SD, HD up to 1080p, PC up to WUXGA. Output format are digital HDMI/DVI, or analog PC/HD(component). User-friendly - LEDs, LCD display, IR remote, RS-232 remote. Deep Color supports 8 / 10 / 12 bits. Output HDMI V1.3 CPHD-3 RF CH38 PATTERN GENERATOR Battery operated RF Signal Generator for testing antenna lines and inputs to Analogue TV. CUV Video output. 1KHz audio. F Socket. Output RF CG-200R VGA ANALOGUE PATTERN GENERATOR PC/HDTV Hi-Res Component or RGB HD15 break-out lead for testing Multi-System TVs, PCs, etc. Compact metal box portable. OSD Menu/Res/Refresh display. 27 patterns. RGBVH. YPbPr. Output VGA & YUV CPA-1 DVI INTEGRATED PATTERN GENERATOR PC/HDTV DIGITAL/ANALOGUE DVI-I 29 Pin D shell connector Analogue VGA or Digital output Multi-System TVs, PCs, etc. Compact metal box portable. OSD Menu/Res/Refresh display. 27 patterns. RGBVH type DVI Output DVI-I CPA-2 HDMI VIDEO PATTERN GENERATOR Supports HDCP signal verification pattern. On-panel LED display and LED indicators. Remote control. HDMI v1.2, HDCP1.1, DVI Gbps 720p-50/60Hz & VGA 60Hz 8 Groups with 35 patterns 1 khz Stereo Audio VESA EDID v1.3 EIA/CEA 861 V3.0 Output HDMI 1.2 CPA-3 HDMI VIDEO PATTERN GENERATOR MOTION This is a wide variety of PC and HD pattern for stable test signals. Use the keypad or remote control to select patterns and timing. HDMI v1.2, HDCP1.1, DVI1.0, 1.65Gbps PC: VGA to 60Hz. HDTV: 576p to 1080p-50/60Hz. HDMI & DVI (Adaptor) 36 patterns. Motion running block 8CH Audio VESA EDID v1.3, EIA/CEA 861 V3.0 Output HDMI 1.2 CPA-4 3D MINI HDMI ANALYZER HDMI SOURCE ANALYZER Checking both source and display devices. LED can show status of both input and output device. The major purpose is to analyze input source info-frame and output sink EDID. Another purpose is to use built-in pattern to test output device. SD, HD up to 1080p, PC up to WUXGA and 3D Generates 25 timings and 6 patterns Deep color video (12bits/color) Analyze input source infoframe and output sink EDID Touch button control function OLED show Input / Output timing information. Output HDMI 3D CH-A1 03-5 Triplers PHILIPS/ERO EHT TRIPLER BG /LK/etc. TVK76, , etc. Lead 900mm Replacement type. DAICHI TRP4006 TRIPLER EUROPEAN GP Replacement for European TV Suit HRT227BP, HRT227 TVK196-27, BG2097 and more... PHILIPS EHT Original BG Part No Upp 8K6V UH 25KV MEHR 3.5mA RI 500KΩ Lead 900mm HRT209 BLAUPUNKT / GRUNDIG BG Suit M70-590/9 TRP4048 BG , TRP4043 GRUNDIG / BLAUPUNKT , , , BG G, HR906-02,03 TCI 196S6154M473 HRT906 RANK REPLACEMENT Suits all early Rank televisions TRP4041 PHILIPS TRIPLER Original Part No BG , TRP242 HRT242BP SANYO TRIPLER Z0047 GRUNDIG SIEMENS BLAUPUNKT SABA Original Part No BG , HRT , GRUNDIG TRIPLER Original Suit Part No BG ST HRT402 TELEVISION L.O.P.T TESTER This handy instrument will simulate the horizontal output of a TV (or Monitor version) to accurately test your LOPT or Diode Split Flyback Transformer. Connect the two leads to the primary, and monitoring the HV lead output, gives you a reading in Kilo-Volts. An LED will alert you to any problem and a fault code will appear on the display to confirm your diagnosis. A fully professional unit from Diemen. Type TV STVDST01 Monitor SMONDST LOPT High Voltage Leads IBM 3179 HIGH VOLTAGE LEAD Common fault in this model of IBM monitor. COD-011 with divider. IBM 3179, etc. Original Part No , HR1697, HV3179 HR 9R1, 1697 Diemen LOPT & EHT HIGH-VOLTAGE LEADS SEE NEXT PAGES FOR LOPT Please Note: Some LOPTs have detachable leads and are therefore supplied without them. You may re-use the original or you may need to replace it separately. HV LEAD SHIELDED Popular Philips type. 1M Shielded braid Snap fit LOPT end with 5mm tip HV1681 CRT Parts 12V TV POWER BLOCK V Regulator for low voltage 10 TVs eg. Tempest TE10RM AKAI, PYE, Rover, etc. BL2710 BL2711 Suggest replacing C TKR63 SAMSUNG TV TDA3654 KIT Premature Failure Of Chip In Power Supply! Problem caused by excessive heat.this kit includes instructions, Chip & heatsink to fix. Original Part No KIT-TVHSINK-1 TDA3654KIT!! Requires Silicone Heat Compound - NOT Supplied!! SAMSUNG SMR40200C OR HIS0169B Fault in Switch Mode Power Supply. When replacing one, the other will blow! Kit CTV0034A Chassis P1B Pre 8/96 Original Part No Suit KIT-TVSMPS , 3H , A TV346, 486, 516, 4861, SMR40200KIT HV LEAD GENERAL PURPOSE As used in many Asian TVs and HR-Diemens LOPTs. Solid core tip for snap-fit or soldering. SOLDER WIRE Suit Length HR COD cm. HV1663 HOZKIT SAMSUNG/AKAI Horizontal Kit A cap, resistor and inductor. Suit CB515F, Z, CTK108, 143, CTK202, 207, HOZKIT PHILIPS SMPS REPAIR KIT Power supply parts OEM, 27x OEM Parts including Surface mount components. KIT SBC7020 Suit G110 Chassis KIT489 SHARP TV X0308 POWER SUPPLY CHIP Premature Failure Of Chip In Power Supply! Changing values of the surrounding components for more reliable service. Kit includes instructions and all required parts. X0308-KIT CHIP AVAILABLE SEPARATELY Description Original X0308-O Substitute X0308-CE 03-7 Repair Assistance & Tools LCD BACK LIGHT TESTER CCFL LAMP FAULT FINDER Test and analyser for panel mounted fluoro lamps without need for dismantling the entire panel. Quick. TL1040 HIGH-VOLTAGE PROBE Measures the High Voltage circuits of TV tubes. Essential for repair. Extra safe protection 1GΩ. 40KVp-p. ±2% HV40 CRT Parts TEMPEST / PALSONIC / MASUDA KNOB SET Power knob, etc, Suit TE1400. KNB1400 DOOR LOCKS As used in TV, CD and other applications. DL1902 Repair Assistance & Tools TV DEFLECTION CIRCUITS Written by Rod Humphris of RMIT. 150 page, comprehensive reference for the repair of high voltage circuits in TV, Monitors, etc. Excellent source of information for techs new to the field or for hardened experts who need to keep up with changing technology! MANDEF TV FAULT CURES - CRT DOW CORNING SILASTIC Original silicone elastomer for high voltage insulating. Non corrosive & cure to a tough, rubbery solid, 90ml tubes. SIL738 SILICONE GREASE COMPOUND Highest quality electrical insulator, moisture repeller. Eliminate HV tracking. Lubricate joints, etc. Non-toxic MIL B. eg. Car ignition switches, HV pix tube connections, etc. SCO35SL IKON IMAGES AUSTRALIA IKONCDR Logical, concise layout with thousands of cures listed. Ideal benchtop companion. Some chassis layouts illustrated to help you find your way around. Helpful tips for component substitution possibilities and use of 3PL code numbers for quicker parts ordering and identification. Chassis / Model cross reference tables. Covers 7000 old and new model TVs. Clear descriptions and easy to search. Up to date fault & cure listing. Years of experience available at your finger tips. Improve your workshop output today! 03-8 Rear-Projection Parts NEW! REAR-PROJECTION TELEVISION & LCD/LDP PROJECTOR PARTS Samsung and other brands. More: Please Enquire! Send your New Item Suggestions to Att: Product Manager. ETHYLENE GLYCOL COOLANT OPTICAL GRADE PROJECTION TV HEAT TRANSFER FLUID 500mL Suits Sony, Philips, etc. With application syringe. A Half Litre bottle of premium grade solution. EGC500 SAMSUNG COOLANT SEAL 48mmØ Spacer Cap Rubber Synthetic Original Part No BP A SPC50 LAMP BALLAST SAMSUNG COMPLETE PCB - NO LAMP SUPPLIED Suit SP-61L2HX Original BP A Part No Equiv. BP A Spec EUC 120W P/H11, BP47-16A LAMP SONY ORIGINAL SONY OEM Original Sony OEM Part Complete Projector Lamp for a Sony Mobile Unit Suit VPL-ES2 LMPE150 LAMP LG OEM LAMP & REFLECTOR LDP & LCD Zeneth 6912B-22002C 4930V00301 DT-62SZ71DB RT- 44SZ60DB RPL2002 LAMP LG OEM LAMP & REFLECTOR Rear projector TV LDP & LCD Zeneth 6912B-22007B 3141VSNH19C 52SZ8R-TB RPL2007B LAMP BALLAST SAMSUNG COMPLETE PCB - NO LAMP SUPPLIED Suit SP-46L5HX, SP-50L2HX Original BP A Part No Equiv. BP A Spec EUC 100W P/H00, BP47-08A LAMP SAMSUNG LAMP ASSEMBLY OEM Mercury Globe and Reflector assembly Suit SP-403JHP Original AA B Part No Spec 160V 100W 1300mA AA47-01B LAMP SAMSUNG LAMP ASSEMBLY OEM Globe & reflector assembly. Suit Original Part No Spec Equiv. SP-46L5HX, 50L5HX, 61L5HX BP V 100W 1300mA BP B, C RPL271 OIL CLIP HOLDER PACK SAMSUNG REAR PROJECTION Suit Original Part No SP43J5HF AA A AHP607 SPONGE SPACER SAMSUNG DUST COVER Suit Original Part No SP42W5HP, SP43T5HP, SP43T6HFS, SP43T6HP AA B SPC72 LCD TV Parts LCD BACKLIGHT SOCKET SHARP OEM Inverter board to Back light tube connection socket Original sharp OEM OEM QSOCFA005WJZZ QSOCFA Flyback Transformers EHT TRANSFORMERS & HIGH VOLTAGE UNITS FOR CRT CATHODE RAY TUBE TELEVISION SETS AKAI KONWA See Also Samsung, Goldstar, Daewoo & Vision1g Details CTK146 CF & HR7491 EHT182 CTK206 CF A EHT183 CTK115 CTK202 (20 ) FCM2015AL EHT285 CT EHT6182 CT EHT6160 CT2568AT CT2868AT EHT8183 CT2567AT TLF70238 HR8121 EHT8121 CTK A TLF70177A (CTK280 had two chassis) EHT7920 CTK280 CT2867AT (CTK280 had two chassis) EHT8573 AIKO - DAEWOO - NEC - TEMPEST - TEAC Tempest TE10RM etc EHT180 Tempest TE34RM CF0304, EHT182 Tempest TE48RM CF0301, A EHT183 Tempest TE1400 FCV-1422L01 EHT184 Tempest TE34RM FC-1445, KFS60893 EHT188 Tempest SP48RM SP20RMT KFS60506B EHT190 Tempest SP1400R AIKO ATV3414 BSC /23V01G EHT TV, CB336, CB339K, TE14F FCM1415AL EHT280 TEMPEST SP5997RM FCR29A015 EHT301 AWA C3425 (C43M) NEC N3419 N3420 N KFS60226B EHT315 DCF1577A Suit 14 and equiv NEC N3441 Tempest TE14FC/RC EHT305 DCF1577N ** N VERSION OF DCF-1577 ** EHT304 Tempest, NEC, AIKO and others DCF-2052 EHT308 DCF2077, NEC N4845 C4823 SC2037VR TE20R/RC/RM/RMT 79TD0943 EHT310 DCF2077N, HR7481 NEC DCF-2077N EHT311 DCF2077A, HR7455 FAT30010 EHT312 NEC N4830/40/46 20 KFS60266/B 79TD0498 EHT316 NEC KFS EHT317 NEC FS EHT497 NEC FS6390 FS EHT498 NEC N EHT501 NEC C1816, C EHT5118 NEC 4710, 5123, 5125 EHT5125 NEC C2617,18,35,36,61, EHT6495 NEC ST2102, ST2103, C1817,C1901,C2026,62,63,71 EHT5180 NEC Replacement EHT7651 NEC EHT5233 NEC FS5180 EHT5402 NEC FS6391 FS6802 MSU1FVK EHT5433 AIKO ATV6800S Z EHT7645 NEC N EHT7865 TEAC 50H MV1421 MV1422, DAEWOO DTC14Q1-TX(&20,21 ) HST H HR7880 EHT7880 AWA 3402AV JF ,0218,0230, EHT7971 DCF2217J HR7644 MV4850 TEAC EHT7644 NEC EHT7678 DAEWOO DT29G EHT7927 DAEWOO GREATZ PIONEER P1TL4XT EHT8007 AWA - THORN - BAIRD AWA C660, THORN 9405, BAIRD 9201C and 334B04102 & OTHER N CHASSIS TYPES BAIRD CTS132 AT2070/70A THORN 22ND5 AWA 4850 HR7806 AWA See also AIKO EHT196 EHT6070 EHT7026 EHT7806 BLAUPUNKT HR2458 FAT EHT145 IS EHT5717 HR5702 FAT3761 MS70-78BVT FM /2 EHT EHT6304 HR6311 FAT EHT6311 HR6321 FAT EHT6321 HR EHT , /70 IS63-33/51/52 IS70-52 EHT6504 See also Grundig DIETRON KFS60676, DMQ2147 EHT Details FUJITSU GENERAL EHT6072 FGS /01 HR6163 EHT6163 FGS282TXT EHT6248 FGS211B, 251P, 281P, , EHT6271 FCV1010E02 EHT7273 MSH536 GC208 EHT C A-AA EHT7483 MSH-1FBW24A EHT7490 FG A A-AA EHT7620 MSH1BW03 MSHIFCE01 GC148 EHT7640 GENISYS B 20 C2101 EHT7432 See also GOLDSTAR & SAMSUNG GE - GENERAL ELECTRIC C2617,C2618,C2635,C2636,C2661,C Orig EHT Replacement EHT6495 FCV1410E12A 146P220A EHT TX92 Chassis 29GP480 29GS6AH EHT7360 GOLDSTAR - ESC - LG - PALSONIC - PRINCESS - TEAC - AKAI PALSONIC 3438 CF EHT182 KFS60506B EHT G E CTK2175 EHT A A 14CT9 EHT B CTM141 EHT E EHT H CTM340-MK2 EHT C CTM711S EHT H BSC KFS60282 HR7679 CTV1466,3455,3458,3488 EHT P/T BSC CF93221 HR7474 CTV4868,4878,4889 EHT B Genisys 20 C2101 EHT A-AA DFN-FC1401 ESC CTV1428 EHT C CTM314 EHT K HR7462 EHT N EHT A FG1441 EHT Z ATV6800S CTM715S EHT S CTM205 EHT C EHT B /22/23/60 MCH4175 EHT D EHT A KFS6114 CT2877 EHT J CH14A57 HR7902 EHT7902 FCK14B025 HR7782 EHT /0/2/A/B EU68ST EHT E LG CA20F80 EHT8123 KFS & 6728 EHT A-25 EU68ST/1 EHT Z-6005S CT29Q12IP EHT Z-6005U CT29Q24ET EHT8905 LCE-CF122A FAT A-AA EHT30239 LG A EHT46165 Not here? See also TEAC, SAMSUNG, AIKO, GENESIS... GRUNDIG See Also Blaupunkt IS70-70 EHT M70-490/9 FAT30086 HR EHT EHT EHT EHT EHT a IS70-35VTM EHT ST EHT6601 HANIMEX CTV10 EHT Details HITACHI EHT T67S51 EHT6114 CTP HR6190 EHT6190 CPT EHT7145 HR EHT7022 HR EHT7032 HR7041 FAT EHT7041 HR EHT7105 HR7135 FAT EHT7135 HR7136 FAT EHT7136 HR CMT2159 EHT7239 HR EHT7525 HR7518 FAT EHT7518 HR FM200 PM51-40 EHT7557 HR CL2114R EHT7730 HR EHT7778 CMT C2114T EHT7878 HITACHI FUJIAN BSC A HFC2111B BSC HMV - DECCA - FERGUSON HR FAT HMV C221, DECCA EZ1012 TX FAT TX HR7026 FAT3758 HMV-9563, 9653, FERGUSON TX HR7156 FAT FERGUSON ITT JVC AV28S4E AT AV21-TEAV CJ AJ1 CJ AJ1 CJ28069-BJ1 LOEWE EHT6550 EHT8269 D108/37 EHT COMTUR 1270 CHASSIS E3000 EHT C B Suits 5684Z EHT8421 MASUDA T109 & T EHT180 T2091, T2094, CF0301, FCM20A016, A EHT183 KFS60506B, K2001, HR7444 EHT7444 S21TXS, CF0467 EHT7918 MITSUBISHI 334B07403 EHT B07406 EHT B07409 EHT B07701 EHT B07803 EHT B07901 EHT B08108 CT2553 EHT B08105/0 334P08109/0 CT2153 EHT P15309 EHT P22101 CT29ACI EHT389 NAD Model 6380, HR5644 FAT EHT5644 EHT2105 EHT7146 EHT10 EHT3538 EHT7026 EHT /19 D EHT6113 NATIONAL - PANASONIC TLF14511 EHT200 TLF14512 EHT201 TLF14556 EHT4556 TLF14565 EHT202 TLF14650 EHT207 B Version TLF14577B EHT4577 F Version TLF14577F EHT7824 TLF14595F Replacement EHT7801 TLF14695 EHT206 TLF14673 TC1450 EHT208 TLF14610F EHT210 *2 VERSIONS* Suit Remote Types TLF14612B1 EHT211 *2 VERSIONS* Suit Non Remotes TLF14612B/F EHT Details NATIONAL - PANASONIC Continued... TLF14736 TLF14649 TLF14749 COIL ONLY SUPPLIED, Must be fitted onto existing TLF6024 ferrite Tripler is not supplied TLF6031B TLF14690F, TLF14675B TLF14658B TLF14683 TLF14699F3 TLF15518F Replacement TLF15602F TLF6606B TLF6609B TLF15562F TLF15626 TC14E1A TLF15566F TX25A3 TX28W3 TX29A3 NOKIA/ITT EHT213 EHT215 EHT216 EHT217 EHT218 EHT219 EHT221 EHT220 EHT4699 EHT7872 EHT5602 EHT222 EHT224 EHT7714 EHT8264 EHT8398 D EHT NOKIA 5550VT EHT NOKIA 638OVT EHT NOKIA C351VT EHT ,04,21 NOKIA 7163VT EHT7214 NORDMENDE - SABA - THOMPSON HR FAT PIN TYPE Nord /238/239 EHT102 HR FAT PIN TYPE Nord SPECTRA COLOUR EHT105 HR6024/6036 FAT3664 EHT6024 HR6067 FAT3816 NORD /SABA , THOMPSON EHT6067 HR6245 FAT TX0238 EHT6245 HR7032 FAT3847 NORD EHT7032 HR7041 FAT3780 THOMPSON TS EHT7041 HR7126 FAT3729 THOMPSON EHT M5105,5107,5505,5506,5512,5515,5520,5523 EHT7128 ORION HR TRIADE 8603 EHT6468 HR EHT7460 FCM20B043 EHT7779 HR ST EHT R 34BuB EHT S UVA 29DUA T2900 T7800 EHT8526 PHILCO SS2500LXD PHILIPS -PYE- KRIESLER EHT7063 HR , FAT K9, 59-01
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