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OSZ - OUT EDMONTON 560 Ottewell Drycleaning & Laundromat Ave Ave Ottewell E St Ottewell Foods Groc Ave Ottewell Garnet Osztovits Max

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OSZ - OUT EDMONTON 560 Ottewell Drycleaning & Laundromat Ave Ave Ottewell E St Ottewell Foods Groc Ave Ottewell Garnet Osztovits Max 124GranleaCr Oszust John St Oszust M ns Ave Oszust M Ave Oszust Paul J SI Range Rd 224 Ardsn Oszust R IS Princeton Cr St Alb Ottewell Garnet S RR1 Sh Pk ^ Otto Volker Ave Otto W Ave OTTO OR W F Psychtrsl St Otto William SI Otto William Ave Otto William F ProfessionalCorporation St Oszust Richard Wye Rd Ottewell George S Highway Ottoman Enterprises (Edm) Ltd Oszust W A Ave Ottewell Grooming Parlour Ave Oszylko Morris J St Ave Ave Oszytko N St Ave Otto-MaticSales Ave Osz^o S St Ottewell GulfService Ave OTTO'S WINDOW&JANITOR SERVICE Osz^ko Stan St Ottewell Junior HighSchool St.: LTD SI Otawa K SI Ottewell L R Ave OttosenC2207Mlllbourne RdW Other Agency Casting Ltd The OTTEWELL LODGE Ave Ottosen H St SL Matron Ottow J108-t St St OTTEWELL MEAT & DELICATESSEN Ottowicz J SI Other Books Ave Otway D Tli SiT.! ! Capilano MallShopgCntr Othitis George 136 Londonderry Square SI! !! Ottewell Physiotherapy Clinic Tij Ltd OtwayDaye20l Ave ED7Garrison Cr ShPk! Othman Othman S S2AAve St Otway Graham W Othman T St S 46Huntington Hill Giencoe Blvd 5h Pk da7 1qai OTIS CANADA INC Ottewell Service &Supply Sl Ou Sarath Sherwood Park.^. OTIS ENGINEERING CO LTD OilWellServ Ottewell TC St Ouch Mol SI OTTEWELL TEXACO SERVICE Ouch Sarin dd COMPLETION - PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT & Ave Ouchar G Ave 475 nlss SERVICES 0ttewellUniledChurch66ll93AAve OudK SI 4Ri S?2? OFFlCESfCall Long Distance) ^ ^ Oudenaarden A ? ?iSi CANADIAN DIVISION &CALGARY DISTRICT n.! Oudel B443 HuHman Cr 478 ABAft CALGARYSALES DEPT (Call Long Distance) OPERARNG DISTRICTS 24 HOUR SERVICE Packers & Wireline Whitecourt (Call Long Distance) s«'saf l8lrcrs.aib::::;3^i: ^^^ Ottie Albert F19Burlingio;, a ^Gr osds Brian 26''E^TcT r'^ SISiZ Ottie Ben Chur?h Rd Gr Oudnai GreS OIl!fClM-rDrSpGr._.^.^..^ %2-i! OjOe David ZOCCalllngviroodCii!.! ;:;.;; Oudman j3li-to'im'iis Ave 8i Red Deer (Call Long Distance) Otis John Jaspr Ave Ottie Henry 252CalllngwoodTwo...._ n..hl x!,-iil.1 ' SI Oi^shMrn Ave OtisLin Ave Ottiel Ave Oudshimrn ;q'; tpj-o-rd/ Otis Reproductions Ltd BluPrinig Ottie L ^9571 OudshZn T Ave Ottley D ^-7924 OudlhS L ' Ave OttleyH ER SI ^ OudftS B PressDiv Ave Ottley V Ave... ^ K.. Aini, Ave Ottman Harvey 14OatwaySISpGr %2-30M Otke Dr Paul G SI Ottmeier Helmut Rd % OnJ L OtobeM too Ave Otto A Ave ^481-%?? S!l OTooe Brian St Otto A Ave 4^W61 ^ 2 ' OT;oo ec Ave Otto Albert SI 4^ OTooleJamesSl Raven DrShPk Otto Allan A Ave S7 ' 'tjessg OToo e K OTTO &ASSOCIATI^ &ASSOCIATFS INSURAN Ikiei'iDau?? n,..iim i oa, OToole Lewis AveBeaumont (1982)LTDSouthside98(S f^ OuNle{M S5~!!K ,^rRee:.:...:... :r.r .:.:. .i: SIKI;^?. I'IY. 46^1442 0'Tmle Otto B isSt.!.'!.' gyoln^ Onlltil M*'? ' ^ -'-'- ' Otto Marcel O-Toole-sRoadhouseRe^-rant «oBob^T-'^^^rsrA've otte Bi.Mitl^''i5'6's'L!!!!!!!!!!!:!:::;: S !!!!! ^ll'ips-^'m^ssil!!!!!!:!:!!::::;; 4I Slony Plain Rd Otto Bruce 110 Allison PI Oire IIE -' Ave SII OtrA20s!flwii A J? V«c; ' Otto C C03B SI ^ 437-im SlI nil!l!l2 ist ^^ 132AAve ttJaif ;dg;5^64'si!!!!!!!! 475:???^ OttEi4.nL?n?,l l. ' « op St!!!!!! n I 11??.' P' 'SI Ott OttPln'?^4r5l!^^S.!!!! Peter402S ' OHnF,.nvnknn... OttoE Ave oii 0 Pomisi'pTuNvC^lmrus:!!! ^rf^i I' OtlWel u!i Otto F913566Ave isrsl?! S ' 413GofdonCrSIAIb OtteKen?3?^ '^S'^^=^'«8SlAlb. Olt WC39&II*'r1i^ ' ''' ^Fastening Systems Ave Ltd oil AD HI'a?. ' 424^7143 Otlem Mart 1 ^' 9 ''''ShPI FredW Fred D Ave Ave ''4%ma9 gjj.laif 9 n., ^ 48 Range Rd 231 Sh Pk, OtenSlH M f J0''5'Ave » GBruce « gue etearmand Ave!..! nllllhll lu!^^^ '^''' Range Rd 220 ShPk nil III 9 '^' 7 ' Or Sh Pk ftnaraih-' A^ Beaumont ^^ $ ^ ^ B Sl 9P ri izt 46i^77ft7 2iZ? niiaiirt*^'«b Otter Albm and Christine Otto ^rdonc41 eagledrshpk Am!!* I '^^aiirst ri ^«i7l Ojto (^rdon W13014 si...!!!!!! 455:59^ Sllli'lll! 108 Otter n« rv, Ave 44ol4^ '^' '' '' SI...! 455l?9^ nil III S *' I Otto H S1 46ll%i? SlI II! Ave Otter R fi-innii; 1tA O. Jrr7 Atfn UaKkavt mo tazynn. ava wji Ouellette Rri4 17Q I A yi-t-t OXOl ) OTTERBEIN OTTPD be?i, '- GEORGE A ^ l 488ll370 ^3/0 0t!ol536K6-UnivCamp 2 ''''* li'o'si!!!..!!!!!!!!!!! 433!!^ 425IM47 9 !! '9 oil!! II 9 Ave Greenwood Acres!!!! erlr-Toronto ler, V (0eloitteHasldn9& Dominion Tower Sells) 6ttoJ,rG'S ^;.&SpG',' 0 IteCNFa)n7o735XA!!!!!!::435-!w^ Otto Kevin SI 473-Sn7 X!! Claude 1697 LakewoodRdS I -.en-e 4«a rr., u- EOhionlon Centre Leonard J Ave... 43^51^ 2ll HI 2 -'0'29163SI lI ''5!''9 ''9 Al Ave ' 481-^9 Otto M Ave M nil Ih R 9 : ' ^ ^ Ojlfdot ARiisiasoAv ^? OttO Mark SI ATyJIi? Ouellette n ' * Daniel Winlerbum Otterdahl PL Ave Otto Maurice 0t;errnanj7i2li;;t^^,^^^-- ^^ ^ Range Rd215 Ardsn 922-3S41 OttersonFB-ii^S,^'^ OTTO MOBILES esmonton 09M) OtteSOn Clifford qj a?o'c^2 Otteson , J ^ ^''02582Ave... iis no 11 ' 1I ( 8441 CoronetRd' '''08219 Argyll Rd OttesonJ Roger ASt.. gll * Otto P Ave 451.A70ft 9lI!On P 9er952069ASI.... 4M isoa Otto Paul RR Otte»nJim SeskDr!!!!!!!!!!! 432:«?R Otto Paul A8Greenwood Cr SpGr. % f^ave!!!!!:;:; gllllfja Ot^Paul R St! arrv ^aixo Otteson RII R '' 'SI Ave... dtq 462 7SH6 OTTO R INDUSTRIAL LTD 07?? Otteson T Ave ih'il.l 9'l' 2Ave Ave Otto RL136 Thomcliff Pi .' Otto Ralph Ave Otto R^ph 74 Meadowview OrSh Pk...' Otto Rick 58 Weslridge Rd Otto Robert Si gll R ^ Ave!.!!!!!!!!!! OTTEWELL ANIMAL CUNIC ^^-5248 ottewell Community League'' ^' OTTEWELL CURLING CLUb'^'^ Ave Ottewell D n 9Ave Ottewell David J Range Rd224 Ardsn %9 OttewellDaycare&After SchoolCareCentre Ltd Sow A Ave OttewellDaycareCentre570897AAve OU nil Ron 2 /* Cl1307 ' Ave OU S Ave OttoS St Otto S Hauck Professional Corporation., Jaspr Ave Otto VD SI Ouellette Danny Ave Ouellette Donna2ll-221l lisst Ouellette Guy ASI Ouellette H36Goodrldge DrStAlb Ouellette Henri Ave Ouellette J M 1370 Knollwood Rd E Ouellette L12-i si Ouellette L si Ouellette Louis i Ave Beaumont Ouellette Lucien E si Ouellette M Ouellette M Ouellette M L Ave Ouellette Marcel Ave Ouellette N W 20 Curlew Cr Sh Pk Ouellette Normand F 22 Grant Ave Sh Pk Ouellette P Ave OUELLETTE PACKERS LTD, J I Ouellette Paul I68II 80 Ave Ouellette Pauline F Bsmt-18 Maple Dr St Alb Ouellette R5 Brookwood CrSp Gr Ouellette R Ouellette Rene L Ave Children's Phone Ouellette Rene LB75S 67Ave 468-4^ Ouellette Robert St 483-l()52 Ouellette Roland 11 WaverlyDrSIAlo Ouellette RonaldA9135 i54st Ouellette Roy Ave Ouellette S SI 478-6^ OuelletteS St OuelletteS Ave Ouellette S 3C St Ouellette S O6SI Ouellette S J 1CO Jaspr Ave OuelletteT DNamao 97^3207 Ouellette V Si OuelletteWJ 78 Belleville SlSp Gr % OuelletteYvon R355361St OueslatiAhmed ASt Ough J B Ave ^ OulmetAll Ave Ouimet SI OulmetBRR2 StAlb % Ouimet C711990Ave 469-2S4S OuimetC Ave Oulmet DM Ouimet DM OuimetDan St OuimetE Ave OuimetF SI OuimetF M Ave ' OuimetG Si SS OuimetGeorge SI OuimetH5 Flamingo DrShPk Ouimet HA SI S5-%U Ouimet Harold 5 Hamingo Dr ShPk Ouimet J 30Lamberl CrStAlb OuimetJ st 77-17w Ouimet L Ave Ouimet Laurler6 Lorraine CrStAlb Oulmet Lucien si 4^-0314 OuimetM AAva Oulmet Paul 30Lambert Cr SI Alb 458-0^ OulmetPaulSt Albert OulmetPaulG22Amtier CrSIAlb Ouimet RRR1 St Alb OulmetR5323 IO6BSI 34-6S01 OuimetR618 Lakewood RdN OuimetVictor Ave Ouimet W361842A Ava OuimetYves SI OuinnMark st Ould Kenneth P St 475-3^ Ould Michael A Ave Ould Richard A Ave Oullett Gulldo Lancaster PkNamao Oulton AWinlertHjrii Oulton Bryon Ava 61-639 Oulton Byron Si Oulton Dale Avo 83-390; Oulton H9443 Ottewell Rd 66-3^1 OultonTodd215 Church RdSpGr Oumett Thomas Ave Oumly Ly SI Our House Edmonton Ltd Addicilon Rac OurLadyOfFatlma Catholic Elementary School Our Lady of Fatlma (Portuguese) SI Our Lady ofmercy Mission Winlerbum 487-4^ Our Lady OfPeaceCatholic ElementarySchool Avo Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church 13 Brower DrShPk. 467-S47n Our Lady of Perpetual HelpSchool CorFirSI&Spruce Ave ShPk OurLadyOfThe PrairiesCatholic Elementary School Ave OurLadyOfVictoriesCatholic Elementary Sdnol SI Our Place 3815 Calgary Tr 43^748 Our Place Drop-In Society SI, Our Place Restaurant & Club Si Our Savior Lutheran Church BAve OUR WORLD RESORTS 3Flr St S21 Oussoren J 908 ErinPI OussorenM Ave 1 4e9-0%2 Ouston R SI OUTDOOR ALBERTA MAGAZINE Pubn SI 4S Outdoor Alternatives Ltd Mtr Home OUTDOORS UNLITTERED ^ Outhet D Ave Outhet Lansdowne Dr Outhit Stephen St 482-OW Outline DisplayCanada Ltd Desgnr Edmonton S49 Desgnr St Outlook Motel & Trailer Park 1850 Yellowhead Tr OUTPOST 4 50Londonderry Mall Outpost Plumbing Heating&GasFitting 37Laydcn Dr SIAlb Outran) Eric St vn-byil OuttrimAR S Ouwendyl C405-i500445Ave Ouwens C114 LaRose DrSt Alb Ouwerkcrk ARR2Sh Pk Ouwtrktrk Frank Ranse Rd 232 Sh Pk Ouwerkerk John Ave OirwerkerkPSherwood Park OuyangWeiChou 2B-9015il2St Ou/ganeL isask Or Ovans Btll SI OwlSOtlD Sl OvelsonGordon2ill 38S OwlsonKessWoodbrldgeWayShPk., *endenN Si Ovens willfam 9 Laydon DrSIAlb OverEric52244 RangeRd225 ShPk OyerackerEHl24l0 85Sl Overacker Ave OverackerV Ava Overand David Ave Overand K si Ovtrbo H1Bramplon SISpGr % OvtrboJohann 34Balmoral OrSpGr... % Overbo K JasprAve OverlioLl SI ValleyviewDr OVERBOARD LOUNGETHE ^ Overbooffl Hank H RivercresICr SIAlb Overeaters Anonymous Edmonton owr^sw'bbdr EDMONTON Ave OverJeroSerjioL613-85i01ll SI Overtand The Reslml 12960SIAlb Tr OveitadC281 Grand Meadow Cr Overland Dispatch Ltd SI Overland G Ave Oveitod Howard6UroseDrSlAlb.!''!! Overtand Roger Ave Overtand Stan SI Oretod Wiliiam 180O4 84 Ave! ]!! ]!!!1' Ovetoder Lodge &Mountain Park Properties -.. OverlanderJasper E Ovetoders Elementary School,v _. ... ' 150HermllageRd Overman Gerald Ave Overman John R si ' 48) OvermarsG B Ave Overmars Garry Contracting Ltd SI Owen Richard Ava W-7853 Overmars Tony 2420 USAAve 475-0%l Owen Richard Ave ^-7^2 Ovem C ASI Owen Richard 14839C Rivetberkl Rd OvernDuane Ave OwenRick SI Overn LP si Owen Robert 49 AU5il98Ave Beaveibr^ Cr Sl Alb OvernP7MoralClosoSpGr % * ''1P^'' S Owen Robert LRR OVERfe'a^lTn^r^ OVEWASS SHELL Overseas European Trading ^ io7 av«.' 42L1121 u. n SI Overseas Monitor Corp Ltd Vancouver Edmonlon Customers Only Call Long DWance (No Toll Charge) & _. Ask For.. ZEnith Call Long Distance (No Toll Charge) & ^ ^, AskFor..ZEnith Overton AJ 46Sheridan DrSIAJb Overton BR55WimWelon CrSIAlb Overton DN SI Overton Jeff186 Londonderry Square Overton John «.... u.y Qainsborough Ave SIAlb Overton M SI Overton M si Overton R A Ave Overton DrTR Ave Overwater Tom SI Overweel MA si Ovesen Paul Jaspr Ave Oveson Brian Ave Oviatt Barrle C678Aider Ave ShPk Oviatt RC241 Spruce Bend ShPk Oviatt Wlliiam 123 Greyslone Dr SpGr.. % Ovics Abraham SI OviCS Joseph236GariepyCr Ovre Lawrence SI OvseilikSilvo586LakewoodRdN OwerholtDerek Saddleback Rd Ovvchar Gary462 Klikpaliick Cr Owchar Julius 147O883 Si Owchar Drest si Owchar P SI Owchar Waiter SI wcharukAl Si Owcharuk A Sl Owcharuk Wiiliam Si Owczarczykj Ave wc7arekA3l2DuniuceRd Owed Jamal SI Owedesian Boris14ACailingwood cn Owcis Guy 803Hooka Rd OwlisNasser1989 HookeRd OwenA Ave OwenA H AAve Owen A J SI OwenB E DovercrlCr Owen CA Ave Owen C E SI Owen Crag Ave Owen D ASI Owen D Ave OwenD Si Owen D7808 JasprAve Owen DGarrison Ave Owen D L Si Owen D L Si « OwenDaniel SI Owen David 2210 SILancaster Pk Namao Owen DavidW Ave Owen Debathe Ltd u Ave Owen Don212 McPherson AveSpGr % Owen Douglas 23070Township Rd521Sh Pk Owen Ed SI ^ Owen MrsG4Lazarle PI SpGr...: %2-Z8^ Owen G SI Owen Glynn 8Rnch CrSI Alb 458-^4 Owen Gordon AIOOC Brlaiwynd Courts TO5 Owen H Wlnlerburn Road 447-3^ Owen Hugh SI JM-l^ Owen J 243DIcklnsfield Cri Owen Rivert»nd Rd 435-WlZ Owen J J SI SfoStqA Owen James N17WlndennereDrSpGr.. %Z-535b Owen Jim SI «5-Z2Z9 OwenJoel27i5 94Si 975-WW Owen K SI 93VWV/ Owen Kerry Ave 45^0fg Owen L S1 971-^^ Owen LC Ave 425-W^ Owen LG SI Owen M SI W Owen M Sl Owen M SI Owen M Ave 9Bi-iy/y Owen Oliver 45WlndarmereDrSpGr %«09o Owen Percy Rlverbend Rd 9^41// Owen Peter A Ave Owen Peter J Sl...^ ^ 1931 Owen PeterM SI Owen PeterMQCLawyr aeq qnot 20Flr-Oxlord Tower ^ Owen RZBunerflekJCrSlAJb 458-^ Owen R O6ASI ^^3 Owen Randy Si 9^^7 Owen S St ilft )-74fe3 Owen Mrs SM A Ave OWEN^HOMASRL^r^,^3^^3^ o^es wc'i7ov-^iniosv::;.;.:.: Owen WCornish P '« i' ' '9^3j','^ ^ Owen WJ SI OWL DRUG MART No St , MAveT M17 82 AW. '^^ NO Ave 2 wo No SI No Hiverbend Rd Kb-yHJl Owram D St Owre AS St Owre Don10AlderPISI Alb Owre E SI Owre Industries Ltd Aw Nisku OwreIrvinaD-l3l20l25Sl OwreJames Li St Owre Lester St Owren8 E si OwsiankikA l01ll Aw Owusu E K1A S Owusu-John Aw Owusu-AnlwiE St Owusu-koranteng J i37kaskitayocrt Oxamitny B SI Oxamitny K30OakRidge Driw Oxamitny L RangeRd225Sh Pk Oxamitny P Aw Oxamitny R L St Oxamitny Ray St OxfordArt Services Aw Oxford Consulting 48 Henry Aw Oxford D H St Oxford Dental Laboratory Ltd Jaspr Aw OXFORD DEVELOPMENT GROUP LTD Executiw Otfices 700 Royal Trust Tower Edmonlon Centre Control Centre OxfordFraming PlotFrms Aw Oxford House Publishing House Ltd Aw Aw OXFORD INSURANCE AGENCIES LTD 311 Kingsway Garden Mall Oxford J Aw OXFORD MACHINE & WELDING LTD AW Alter Hrs Ed Pomt3er1...i OXFORD TRAVEL LTD Ave Aw Oxholm FED B St Oxiea Investments Ltd 2300 Edmonton Centre Oxiey A HertiertRRl Wlnterbum % Oxiey David Aw OxIeyGordon loowolfwillowcr xleyJ7603 l5ost OXLEY REALTY INCORPORATED Real Est Bikrs Ave OxieyRick Aw Oxiey S Aw OxieyW P a SI Oxner Richard Si Oxtoby Rodger St OxygenProducts Ltd 5210 ea St SI OyarzunCtalberto9324i07AAw OyarzunJ 75AStirling Rd Oyanun Jorge 19Madison AwShPk S'en Barneyll609 94St YENDRDBOntsi Jasper Ave Oyen DB Aw Owen WL A Ave 96^^i Owen Wally F si Oyen David BProfessional Corporation JasperAw Owens Bernard J14Gatelh Place S1 Alb «9-4b8/ Owens Chad Si «fow5 Oygen Vladimir 17918^AW Owens Chris 34Hummingbird Rd ShPk...W 81/1 Ojitrekwalter AW^^... W Fergus M St 9W-33W (^trykdavld ASIBeaumont Owens J SI 9^-51M Ozanne RH St Owens J R Sl Ozano Douglas Sl % Owens Jack 27i 9117 Si 9M-/3i/ Ozano K SI Owens Owens Jim K J P St SI 9^;3344 Ozano L AAVO Ozano Wayne St Owens L638HE-Univ Campus ^ Owens Patrick Ave Ozarko Ozar Ronald cam M 3827 il2ast... SI Ozarko G StAlb Tr qqqq Owens Paul Sask Dr R Aw Ozdan John P17 Austin CrSt Alb 2 9- o RM Ave 952 lasu OzdobaM l06e3capllanosl Owens Robert Wo Q, ^,cr,shpk..464-^ OzechowskI Dennis St ^4^ Ozechowski Gary Harrow Circle Owens S658 Lakewood Rd N OzechowskI joj Ozechowski Glen Harry Aw Aw 45^M% H Ozechowski John AW 47^M% OwensT St mo? Owens WD Aw 42^1^ OzechowskI Randy Aw Owens WR jaspr Ave «^55W Ozechowski Walter St % Ozechowski William Sl 47^8372 OwensWnt G Avg oherkoe Owerko A Ave St 982-m2 924-W95 Ozee Robert H Aw Ozegovic Dragomir St Ozerkevich Steven D /ica ncn-a Owerko G Ave ^ Alpine PISIAlb OzeroJohn loaaaw % Ozeroff DavidLi6BrooksideCrSpGr... %2-W08 Ozeroff Edward 23 Glenooe Blvd Sli Pk M25 Ozey Albert 1O Ave 478-M EDMONTON OUT -P D Ozlmek Lech Aw Ozimko M Aw OzipkoCraig Si Ozipko J A Sl Ozipko John SI % Ozipko Kenneth E B Aw Ozipko Korneil J 106O8136 Aw Ozipko M33-135^ 102 Sl , OzipkoDr PJ Aw Ozipko Steve si Ozipko Wm Aw Oziuba E Blerslle Ozment S Ken A Aw Ozo Fresh(arpet & Upholstery(are Cing T St OzolJohn too Aw Ozollns A Aw Ozols K 101 Caernarvon Cri Ozon Steven Sl Ozoray Gyorgy RFI4 Sherwood Pk Ozorlo C M 9252 Ottewell Rd Ozouf Lyie N St Ozsu M Tamer AAw Ozturk Ahmet Ave Ozturk Idris Bl Aw Ozubko A Ave Ozubko C H St Ozubko Joe St Ozubko Marvin A Aw Ozubko Maurice8012 l35aave Ozubko Maurice AAw Ozubko Milton J Aw Ozubko Pi ' Ozubko Peter St Ozubko Ruben J Aw Ozubko Steve SI Ozum 8 66 Royal Rd P A Douglas & Associates Inc Aw SW PAPS Autobody Si P & A Painting Sl P A ROYAL & ASSOCIATES Social Work Jasper Aw Jasper Aw PAS AAW PA SHOP Musiclnstmt St RentalShop St P B C Business Centers Inc 11810Klngswey lloiokingsvwy P B C Word Processing Inc 2Flr Kingsway P 8 Construction Services Ltd Edmonton P 8 M TOOL LTD St 43B-7290 P CI DevelopmentCorp Ltd Contrs Aw P C L Associates Ltd Engr SI P C L CONSTRUCTION GROUP INC ^ HEAD OFFICE SI P C L CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT INC St P C L CONSTRUCTION RESOURCES INC SI EQUIPMENT SHOP St Nisku... %5-75% P C L CONSTRUCTORS WESTERN INC EDMONTON DISTRICT St AFTER HOURS G 0 Russell Res P C L ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION LTD SI P C L INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTORS INC St AFTER HOURS HNevrt Yeomans P C L INDUSTRIALFABRICATION FACILITY 2887 Parsons Rd Warehouse2887ParsonsBd^.. - P C L ROADCONSTRUCTORSINC St AFTER HOURS nqar EHGartard Res PCL-MAXAM A JOINT VENTURE SL PCM Light Oil Field HaulingHauig Edmonton P C 0-PIED PIPER Extrmntrs St P C Perm-A-Cut Ltd Stny Pin Rd, PCS Building Systems Ltd Aw 466-%19 P & D AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIAL WORKS (1985) LTD Ave OzgaP HermitaoeRd PDOMechamcalLtdMeohContre Ozga Walter B Ave 3191O6 Ave P D - PAG EDMONTON 562 P & D Welding Ltd St P Dickson Trucking Ltd (See Brazeau West) P F Collier & Son Limited 55 York Toronto Ont No Charge Dial P F Glass & Mirror Range Rd 213 Ardsn P F MANUFACTURING LTD Cabnts St P F Signs RR P G Builders (1980) Ltd St P & G Catering Catrer AAve P & G EXCAVATING EDMONTON LTD Sherwood Pk P G Plastic & Glass Ltd St PG VAN & TRUCK 58 Alberta Ave Sp Gr P H & I Sales PIbgRxt Ave P & H Inspection Services Ltd 598 Sage Cr Sh Pk P H MUD 24 HrAnswering Service Sherwood Park Warehse Ave Nisku P I C COMPRESSOR SERVICES LTD WInterburn P1 Gold& Silver Exchange ICFIr-CanadianCommercial Bank BIdg P I R St P I R ADVERTISING LIMITED Ave S W Calgary P & J Ceramics Ltd si P J Faucet Plumbing & Heating Ltd Ave P J Hannah Equipment Sales Corporation 8720A51 Ave A51Ave P J Masonry Ltd Conirs St PK ASSOCIATES Advtg Ave P K CONSTRUCTION LTD St Alter Mrs P K G Real Estate Ltd 27 FairwayOr P&KGrocery1145t 101St P K Mechanical Contractors (1980) Sherwood Park P L RConstruction CabntMkr St P&MConstruction Ltd St o U LW contr St P MGlass &Mirror Ltd St p3fj2,93st ' tetnattonal Preventative Maintenance Sales P MM.,1 /. '-t'l 10S02A169 St P&MService 1ih 0 NIsku GLASS DIVISION AAw AUTO GLASS Ave. COATINGS 4REsiiisGTOuP dialerautomotive REFINISHES ^.J, t 103 Ave PPL1 Hold^sTtd P&PMechln^S^^^L^^ PRArentalsaTO^LTd''- PRBUSINESS MACWNE^sV^viCES ^' PRCCWitecSjikV P RFLO HOSE PROTUCTSINC PROHIc. Services 47 Ave PRPSeals 2935 ilfs?!:^.^' PSCConsulting LtdComptr Coneltnts, P &S Diamond Jewellers LtdJewlr lobmillbourneshopocnu » O P S Ifluid powerltd Hydric Eqp P S LContracting Ltd Ave P S LInspection (See OMProfetslonal Senrlces Lid) P S WCondominium Management Ltd Ja^r Ave P T F CONSTRUCTION LTD 53105Hwy 21Sh Pk., PAT INTERNATIONAL FORWARDING LTD Ave P T L A PRECISION FOUNDRY LTD Ave PT M Construction Ltd Ave P T S ELECTRICAL A MECHANICAL LTD St P V U Inc SI P Y D ENGINEERING LTD Jaspr Ave P Yan Professional Corporation Meadowiatk Rd Pa Peterson's Ice Cream Ave Paajanen Jaakko si Paananen N SaskDr Paananen Victor RR Paape Walker Rd PAAR INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS LTD SI Paasche Fred Ave Paasche K I St Paauwe Don Royal Rd Pabst H Ave Pabst N Ave Pabustan L MillWoods Rd PACInternational Trading Company Ltd A Ave PacSeal 3261 ParsonsRd PACAL BLADES OF CANADA LTD Conirs Ave Pacarynuk S St Paccagnan J St Paccagnan Lome 1 Beauvista OrSh Pk Paccagnan Russell 508 Saddleback Rd Paccar FInanclaJ Services Ltd SIny Pin Rd PacciorettI Dan Ave PACE Psycolgst10322A 121 SI Pace Alden 9537 Donnell Rd Pace Bru no SI Pace Catering Ltd AveNisku Pace Family Centre Bsml AAve Pace G SI PACE INDUSTRIAL REFRIGERATION LTDRelrgtn Setv 7807,127 Ave PaceJim Range Rd 215Ardsn PaceOtello 184Dunluco Rd Pace Pacific AirCargo Express Inc Calgary(NoCharge)Dial PaceRobert G StSW PaceRosario A Ave Pace Technologies Inc Ave PACEMAKER TUBS LTD Ave PACEMAKER VANS si Pacesetter Sports Ltd 15230StnyPinRd Pacey si 434.5^5, Pacey ME SI 484-14R2 Pacey N Ave ; 481.MM PaceyNorrls Ave ' oc Pacey p st Pacey RRF Pachal A A Ave PachaiAC15Lamarline CrSIAlb PachalC Si ;] PachalDerek H St Pachal Doug8304 1S2CAve Pachal E St ; I2 PachalGJ st Pachal Mrs M87Grosvenor Bivd StAlb Pachal V Ave Pachan M987 Hooke Rd Pachatx Josef Ave Pache M SI Pacheco Alfredo SI Pacheco Antonia St PachecoJoe St n PachecoJose Ave ? Pacheco Jo
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