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Press contact: Atelier du Pont Cécile Azoulay - T. +33 (0) Press kit Restructuring & reconstruction social-housing units and offices in «le marais», Paris 3 rd PHASE 01

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Press contact: Atelier du Pont Cécile Azoulay - T. +33 (0) Press kit Restructuring & reconstruction social-housing units and offices in «le marais», Paris 3 rd PHASE 01 PHASE 02 PHASE Existing buiding 02 - Demolished building 03 - Space freed 04 - Reconstructed building from yesterday to tomorrow At just a stone s throw from the Centre Pompidou, 25 rue Michel le Comte is a building complex located within the perimeter of the Plan to Protect and Restore the Marais (PSMV). It dates from the 17th to the 20th centuries, and mixed private residences, workshops, and artist studios. It is a beautiful illustration of how the city has been built across the centuries through such subsequent additions. In addition to the rehabilitation prescribed by the program, Atelier du Pont has proposed to go on this «adventure» by reconstructing a new building within the block that reflects the current context. Having a worksite on an occupied site demands considerable dexterity, strong coordination, and the most heartfelt sense of commitment. The project illustrates the desire to go past the Marais museum image and to promote mixed usage with ambitions that live up to the site s expectations. Energy performance will be improved to respect the City of Paris Climate Plan, the number of social-housing units will be increased, and actual businesses will be preserved in the Marais area. Intervening at a heritage site is an extraordinary adventure and singular exercise that plays with the apparent contradictions invoked through this process: audacity and humility, as well as respect and imagination. What is at stake is not simply a rehabilitation, rather a reactivation that continues to write history and anticipate the future. 17 e -18 e s TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Program: Major restructuring, demolition and reconstruction of an occupied site to create 29 social-housing units and offices for creative professionals Adress: 25 rue Michel le Comte, Paris 3 rd - France (Marais area) Client: Élogie Architect: Atelier du Pont (Anne-Cécile Comar, Philippe Croisier, Stéphane Pertusier) Team: Alice Berthelon, Aline Defert, Ariane Rouveyrol Engineering: Parica General contractor: SRC Surface: 4,500 m² (net) (housing 2,600 m² - offices 1,900 m²) Cost: 9,300,000 (pre-tax) Timetable: Phase 1 completed in march 2014 (demolition, reconstruction and restructuring - 10 housing units and offices) - Phase 2 july 2015 (restructuring - 19 housing units and offices) Specificity: Perimeter of the Plan to Protect and Restore the Marais (PSMV) Phased worksite at an occupied site (serial operations) Heritage Climate Plan (80 kwh/m²/year) and Climate Plan (50 kwh/m²/year) Collective heating system and solar panels on the roof of the new building Photographs: Frédéric Delangle PHASE 01 PHASE 02 Ground floor CARTE BLANCHE to the photographe Frédéric Delangle during the construction 89 rue de Reuilly Paris - France Atelier du Pont is a multipolar agency that combines public and private projects, architecture and town planning, interiors and exteriors, and reinvents itself with each new commission and encounter, developing an individual response to each specific context. This is a creative, serious, subtle interplay using a wide variety of colours, materials and styles to create spaces that are appropriate and imaginative, both outside time and of their time, life-enhancing for their users and inspiring for their designers. Anne-Cécile Comar, Philippe Croisier and Stéphane Pertusier founded Atelier du Pont in They form a trio that is complementary, diverse and united. They work together, decide together and have the same tastes, despite being very different. There are currently about 30 staff members and the team regularly welcomes interns from all kinds of backgrounds. Atelier du Pont is member of PLAN.01 collective. Press contact: Cécile Azoulay - - T Philippe Croisier, Anne-Cécile Comar, Stéphane Pertusier, architectes associés Offices campus in Villejuif Public sports centre in Boulogne-Billancourt Housing units, Les Docks in Saint-Ouen EDC Paris Business School in Nanterre-La Défense
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