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2016 PRESS KIT PRESS CONFERENCE ON 6 JANUARY, LILLE, ÉCOLE SUPÉRIEURE DE JOURNALISME - CONTENTS TRAFFIC 2 INVESTMENTS & FORECAST HIGHLIGHTS 4 ABOUT THE PORT 5 PORT MAP 2 2016 TRAFFIC PRESS RELEASE Wednesday 6 January TRAFFIC: A SATISFACTORY YEAR The annual traffic in 2015 reached 46.6 MT, slightly down compared with 2014 (-1%). - General cargoes were 15% up overall with a tonnage of 20.6 MT. - Cross-Channel traffic made a new record at 16.2 MT, with an increase of 16%. The number of trucks and trailers rose by 21% to 700,000 freight units. Passenger numbers were up 23% to 3.1 million, and tourist vehicles increased by 19% to 800, Containers ended the year making a new record at 316,000 TEU (+1%), totalling nearly 3 million tonnes (+4%). Full containers alone rose by 12% to 197,000 TEU, thanks to the start of a new shipping line which focuses on import more than export. Although the beginning of 2015 was marked by alterations to the Asia service, these changes contributed to the success of Dunkirk's container terminal whose competitiveness is now recognised, boosted by the works on the swing circle which began this year. - Conventional general cargoes were up 33% with a tonnage of 1.4 MT. - For solid bulks, 2015 was a more difficult year because of two economic factors which reduced activity by 8% to 21.8 MT. Firstly, the ArcelorMittal factory at Dunkirk shut down its Blast Furnace 2 (BF2) for maintenance over the last five months of the year, and, secondly, the storm in December 2014 caused damage to the reloading machine of the Western Bulk Terminal which required lengthy and large-scale repair works. This meant that ore traffic fell significantly by 18% compared with 2014 to 11.1 MT. Coal traffic withstood these difficulties better because the drop in volume caused by the shutdown of BF2 was offset by the increase in coal charge traffic to the Lorraine region. The tonnage was stable at 5.1 MT. - Grain confirmed the record of the grain campaign (3.05 MT) with a new traffic record of 3.1 MT for the calendar year, an increase of 35%. - The traffic in small solid bulks showed a slight drop of 3% at 2.5 MT. - Liquid bulks fell sharply by 25% to 4.2 MT, following slowdowns in activity at the different sites. Dunkerque-Port is more than ever determined to develop these traffics, as demonstrated by its ambitious pricing policy. 3 INVESTMENTS 2015 BALANCE SHEET FORECAST 2015 was marked by the final adoption of the Port's Strategic Plan by the Board of Trustees, setting out an investment programme of 242 M over the period. The investment programme in 2015 was 37 M, lower than the budget originally planned, mainly because of delays in investment decisions on some private projects in the industrial port area, as well as positive results of invitations to tender. The investment programme for 2016, which has been increased to 47 M, reflects the Port's intention to pursue a policy of developing and adapting its infrastructures, in accordance with the guidelines set out in its strategic plan. In particular, 2016 will see the commissioning of the redeveloped Cross- Channel Terminal, which will greatly enhance the quality of services to England, as well as the project to improve access for shipping in the Western Port that will ensure optimum conditions of safety for berthing large ships at the Western Bulk and Container Terminals BALANCE SHEET The main investments made or begun in 2015 concerned: Completion of the compensatory environmental measures carried out for the LNG Terminal with Dunkerque-Port as contracting authority. Continuation of the necessary studies for the start of development operations in the Western Port: improved access for shipping by the widening of the swing circle and the access channel to the Atlantic Dock, optimisation of the Container Terminal by the building of an extension to the Flanders Quay. Completion of works on the border inspection post and improved road links in the Western Port. Investments for major maintenance of the harbour infrastructures, including renovation of the Watier Lock, safety works on the De Gaulle Lock road bridge, and renovation of the Ship Repair Yard infrastructures. Continuation of works to renovate the building and access roads of Dunkerque-Port headquarters. In 2015, following the call for expressions of interest that was won in 2014 by a consortium consisting of Dunkerque LNG, Exmar and Air Liquide, the Port also continued with the necessary studies for the development of an LNG supply chain for ships and overland transport. 4 INVESTMENTS 2015 BALANCE SHEET FORECAST To fund these investments of 37.M, Dunkerque-Port received 4.2 M in support from its partners, including the State (1.4 M ), the European Union (0.8 M ), the Nord-Pas de Calais Region (0.5 M ), Dunkirk Urban Community (0.8 M ), the Water Agency (0.1 M ) and Dunkerque LNG under the funding agreement (0.6 M ) FORECAST The 2016 investment budget, approved by the Board of Trustees on 27 November 2015, is up 27% compared with 2015 at 47 M will focus mainly on continued implementation of the large-scale development projects in the Western Port: Improved access for shipping in the Western Port Start of extension works at the Flanders Quay (Container Terminal) Development of infrastructures to allow the hosting of logistics businesses working in the offshore windpower industry Start of development works on the Dunkerque Logistique Internationale Sud logistics park Dunkerque-Port will also continue with the studies and administrative formalities to obtain the necessary permits for execution of the projects forming part of the strategic plan (north wharf at the Bulk Terminal and extension of the Flanders Quay), preventive archaeological surveys in the Grandes Industries area and the creation of small-scale LNG distribution services for the maritime, highway and industrial markets with the consortium selected in Finally, Dunkerque-Port is continuing with its efforts to maintain its assets in operational condition, with a major maintenance programme for its structures (quays, locks, waterway structures and compliance of buildings). It is also continuing operations for recycling of non-dumpable dredging sediment. Rail access to the Central Port, and in particular the Grain Terminal, will be improved to support the strong growth of pre-routing services. To implement this investment programme Dunkerque-Port will rely on the support of its partners, in particular the State and the Nord-Pas de Calais Region under the State-Region Projects Contract, the European Union under the Connecting Europe Facility, and Dunkirk Urban Community under the DUC-Port Agreement 5 HIGHLIGHTS JANUARY 2015 On 13 January Christian Eckert, Secretary of State for the Budget, visited Dunkirk where he launched the new measure of reverse charging of VAT at import. 1 2 A trade mission from Dunkerque-Port visited Ivory Coast and Senegal from 20 to 24 January traffic: Dunkerque-Port announced tonnage of MT in 2014 (up 8% over 2013). 3 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) supply, call for expressions of interest: the bids were analysed to identify the most attractive proposal, and the Dunkerque LNG Air Liquide Exmar Marine NV consortium was named the winner of the CEI. 2 Monday 23 January 2015 saw the signing of the Partnership Charter for the Welfare of Seafarers. 3 4 FEBRUARY François Lambert appointed new Purchasing/Finance Director (General Services) at Dunkerque-Port. 4 5 MARCH Repairs to Darse 6 Bridge, lasting two months. 5 On Saturday 14 March the research vessel Marion Dufresne II arrived at Dunkerque-Port's ship repair yard for an upgrade of its scientific instruments and a major overhaul of its hull and engines. The works lasted four months. 6 6 Announcing a 49% share of alternative transport modes, an increase of 1% compared with 2013, Dunkerque-Port confirmed its identity as a multimodal port. Waterway traffic exceeded 3 Mt for the first time in 2014, marking Dunkirk more than ever as the foremost inland waterway port of the Nord-Pas de Calais Region. 7 The European Union decided to give 550,000 in funding for the technical design 7 6 HIGHLIGHTS 2015 studies of the project to improve access for shipping in the Western Port of Dunkirk, in order to provide optimum conditions for berthing the world's largest container carriers and Capesize ore carriers. Launch of the Transbo-Express: non-stop sea-to-waterway transport for clients in the Nord-Pas de Calais Region. Shanghai-Dourges and Shanghai-Lille in 30 days, via Dunkirk and the Nord Port Shuttle (NPS) multimodal service. 8 APRIL Dunkirk: Grain gateway of northern France. After the historic records of the grain campaign (2.4 Mt) and the 2014 calendar year (2.3 Mt), the port of Dunkirk saw the advantages offered by its operator and infrastructures confirmed with record traffic of 1.09 Mt in the first quarter of 2015, exceeding the last export record back in Work on the new Cross-Channel Terminal was officially launched on Wednesday 22 April with a ceremony to lay the first stone. 10 MAY DLI-Sud platform: 145-hectare logistics park. On 7 April 2015 Dunkerque-Port was granted the local authority decree on Protected Species. This decree, a crucial step in the regulatory process for all development projects, authorises the development of the DLI-Sud (Dunkerque Logistique International Sud) logistics platform in the Loon-Plage district of the Western Port. 11 JUNE On 24 June CMA CGM reorganised the rotation of its FAL 1 service which deploys the largest ships of the CMA CGM Group and has improved its coverage of northern China with this new configuration. 12 ships with capacities of 11,000 to 18,000 TEU now provide a new rotation, with the ports of call including Tianjin, Dalian, Pusan and Ningbo JULY Jacques Witkowski, Cabinet Director for French Overseas Minister George Pau- Langevin, together with Cécile Pozzo Di Borgo, Prefect of the French Southern 12 7 HIGHLIGHTS 2015 and Antarctic Territories, visited the Port of Dunkirk on 2 July for a tour of the Marion Dufresne II during her renovation in the DAMEN shipyards. 13 AUGUST The 5th Symposium of Dunkerque-Port was held in Shanghai on 16 July 2015 and was attended by 400 guests. The delegation from Dunkerque-Port, led by François Soulet de Brugière, Chair of the Board of Trustees of Dunkerque-Port, and the Port's CEO Stéphane Raison, and accompanied by representatives from Nord France Invest, presented the advantages of the Port and its region. Dunkirk offers weekly connections with the main Chinese ports of Foshan, Hong-Kong, Huangpu, Ningbo, Shanghai, Shunde, Xiamen, Xingang, Yantian, Dalian, Tianjin, Shiwan, Nansha and Qingdao The container carrier CMA CGM Alexander Von Humboldt called on 12 August On 25 August 2015 the United Arab Shipping Company (UASC) called at Dunkirk for the first time in 23 years, with its new container carrier AL KHOR (9,500 TEU). The ship was completed last June, and has a length of 286 metres and a breadth of 48 metres. 15 SEPTEMBER Thursday 24 September saw the inauguration of the salt basins, one of the compensatory measures carried out in connection with the LNG terminal. With the North Basin covering 4.22 hectares and the South basin 2.52 hectares, these ecological developments have been designed as a haven where wading birds can feed and rest undisturbed, mainly as a stopover during migration and for overwintering. The North Basin will also allow the growth of salt-tolerant plants (notably European glasswort) HIGHLIGHTS 2015 OCTOBER The new Border Inspection Post of the SIVEP (Animal and Plant Health Border Inspection Service PIF/SIVEP), in the Western Port of Dunkirk, was officially opened on Friday 9 October. Dunkirk's PIF/SIVEP, an essential facility for all businesses wishing to import animal- or plant-based products, required an investment of 2 million Euros, jointly with Dunkirk Urban Community. 17 NOVEMBRE MacAndrews' services to Portugal doubled: Dunkirk strengthens its position in shortsea shipping. After the successful launch in April 2013 of the Butterfly service linking Dunkirk with the ports of Portugal, the shortsea shipping company MacAndrews, a subsidiary of the CMA CGM Group, decided to double its service frequency Contargo links Dunkirk and Valenciennes. The Port of Dunkirk continues to reinforce the inland waterway grid of its direct hinterland: since mid-november Contargo has operated a waterway container shuttle between Dunkirk's Flanders Terminal (TdF) and the inland ports of Valenciennes. 19 On Monday 16 November Dunkerque-Port was named Best European Bulk Port at the IBJ Awards (International Bulk Journal) DÉCEMBRE On 16 December Stéphane Raison, CEO of Dunkerque-Port, and Olivier Thibault, General Director of the Artois-Picardie Water Agency, signed the multi-annual action programme agreement between Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque and the Artois- Picardie Water Agency ABOUT THE PORT Dunkerque-Port is the commercial port of the new Nord-Pas de Calais Picardie Region (31,813 sq. km, 6 million inhabitants), the foremost food industry and farming region of France, the leading rail industry region, and the leading automobile industry region. France's third-ranking port for total traffic Ninth port of Channel and North Sea Range 2014 traffic: million tonnes France's foremost port for ore and coal imports France's foremost port for containerised fruit imports France's foremost port for rail transport France's second-ranking port for trade with Great Britain France's third-ranking port for grain traffic Largest waterway port of the Nord-Pas de Calais Picardie region 17 km Western Port Eastern Port 90 min from Dover Strait 17 km shoreline Accessible 24/7, draughts up to 20.5 m Constant-level dock, draughts up to 14.2 m Two harbour sites on a 17 km shoreline, on the seafront without an estuary: - The Eastern Port, behind locks, accessible to ships with cargoes of 130,000 T, i.e. a draught of metres. - The Western Port, tidal and accessible to ships of 300,000 T DWT fully loaded, i.e. a draught of metres, open without constraints of time, locks or tide, allowing very short calls. 90 minutes' sailing time from the Dover Strait seaway. Prime geographic location, opposite Great Britain, in contact with Benelux and the industrial and agricultural areas of north-western Europe. Leading multi-specialist port near the Channel Tunnel (25km away). 10 ABOUT THE PORT High-quality, uncongested inland connections: - Road: Direct access from the port to the European motorway network via the A25 and A16 motorways. - Waterway: Wide-gauge canal to the Nord-Pas de Calais (3,000 T), extended to Belgium and the Rhine (1,350 T) and Greater Paris (650 T), pending completion of the Seine-North Europe canal. Container barge services to Lille, Dourges and Valenciennes. Waterway traffic approximately 3 MT / year. - Rail: The 200 km of port railway lines are connected to the national and European networks. Container rail shuttle to and from Bonneuil-sur-Marne. Dunkirk is France's largest rail freight hub with traffic of approximately 13 MT a year. For many years now, the share of road-alternative transport modes has been around 50%. Dunkerque Lille Bruxelles Nord/Pas de Calais T Belgium & The Rhine TEN-T T Reims Greater Paris 650 T LARGEST RAIL PORT IN FRANCE Paris Direct access to A25 and A16 motorways Waterway services to and from Dunkirk (3MT) Largest rail port in France Integrating the port in the European transport grid Dunkirk is a multi-purpose port and offers a number of specialist quays and terminals: - For liquid bulks (4.25 MT en 2015) : Eastern Port: Various wharves (petroleum products and chemicals, gas, food bulks; ships of up to 130,000 T). 11 ABOUT THE PORT - For solid bulks (21.7 MT in 2015): Western Port: Western Bulk Terminal, ore and coal; ships of up to 180,000 T DWT. Eastern Port: ArcelorMittal Quay serving the local steel industry. Many quays for various bulk cargoes at import and export (lime, coke, scrap metal, ore, etc). Grain-handling facilities. - For general cargoes (20.65 MT en 2015): Western Port: Container Terminal for ocean-going and feeder services. RoRo Terminal equipped with footbridges for ferries serving Great Britain in particular. More than 3.19 million passengers and drivers and 698,000 trucks and trailers in Logistics park of 200 ha. Eastern Port: Many terminals for regular conventional or semi-containerised lines, tramp shipping, specialist terminals (sugar, sand, steel, grain, cement, etc) ships entered the port in Area of 7,000 ha ha dedicated ships 350 hectares of business parks marketed in 2016 Dedicated logistics area ships entered in l n Du ke e rqu eien Brouckerque Spycker g ur bo ur Bo Armbouts - Cappel Parc d Activité de la Grande Porte Cappelle - La - Grande LESIEUR Ca na l de Be r 0 - E4 E IQU ELG la B A16 Vers R PA 000m nc le Va E SORTIE N SORTIE N Craywick e ld na Ca Parc industriel des Repdyck Z.I. de Grande - Synthe Z.I. de Petite - Synthe Z.A. du Noord Gracht BORAX rs LL l A a ntiqu ZONE GRANDES INDUSTRIES ARCELOR MITTAL SORTIE N SORTIE N SORTIE SORTIEN N Dunkerque al Can Fu Ca na Mo l d e s ë re s Dunkerque C.U.D - DUNKERQUE GRAND LITTORAL L LI Saint - Georges sur - l Aa E.D.F. Saint - Pol - sur - Mer Gare d Eau C.C.I. COTE D OPALE a S SORTIE N SORTIE N SABLONORD C.F.T. M.R.L. Port Fluvial S.D.M.T na ZONE EUROFRET SANINORD G.R.T. Ca AJINOMOTO EURO ASPARTAME Loon - Plage RYSSEN ALKERN TARMAC NORD D.T.D.A. FRANCE Fort - Mardyck Grande - Synthe EUROPIPE D.P.C. C LI elines l Atla RI PA DELFI NORD CACAO in de S.T.R. ZONE LOGISTIQUE INTERNATIONALE DILLINGER FRANCE EUPEC SIEGE DUNKERQUE PORT s rs - A.F.P.I. ZONE LOGISTIQUE Tl. CONTENEURS AIR LIQUIDE GLENCORE MANGANESE FRANCE HOLCIM FRANCE Tx. MARCHANDISES DIVERSES s Allié Ve LE B.A.S.F. Bass RIO - TINTO ALUMINIUM - DUNKERQUE Tl. A PONDEREUX OUEST BEFESA VALERA BEFESA ZINC COMILOG TOTAL FRANCE VERSALIS FRANCE SAS Tl. AUX ACIERS PHOENIX S.R.D. Digue de s Mardyck VERSALIS FRANCE SAS KERNEOS ARCELOR MITTAL S.G.D. NORD BROYAGE REPARATION NAVALE ue Tl. FERRIES Ca s une D des nal POLYCHIM LD TRAVOCEAN Bassin d e Tx. SABLIERS Mardyck S.T.R.A.P. C.F.F. Tx. CEREALIERS Tx. VRACS Tl.VRACS SILONOR ing O.V.H. n Tl. METHANIER inge Ruyt ek Tx. ARCELOR MITTAL Bra AVANT PORT EST ol -P St ter AQUANORD AVANT PORT OUEST e du Digu du de a ire des W APPONTEMENT PETROLIER e on Cli p Bas Tx. MULTIVRACS sin M ue ée o e aritim Dig t Je al yc du D du NORD M k cès aux de Na 300 v 000 ires t DU c c d ès e a 1 u 2 x 0 N 0 a 0 v 0 ir t es de uto Jeté Ac tée Je MER A e ex lme té al Co Je n IS Ve ne s PORT MAP 13 FIND THE PRESS RELEASE 2016 PRESS CONFERENCE ON 6 JANUARY, LILLE, ÉCOLE SUPÉRIEURE DE JOURNALISME - AT DUNKERQUE-PORT.FR
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