Portraying Experience Visually & Aesthetically: André Kertész as a Photographer of the Lifeworld (March, 2017)

A public lecture at Pittsburgh's Duquesne University, March 16, 2017, sponsored by Duquesne's Center for Interpretive and Qualitative Research (CIQR).

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Educational Psychology

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  Portraying Experience Visually & Aesthetically: André Kertészas a Photographer of the Lifeworld David Seamonwww.arch.ksu.edu/seamon/   Two aims 1.To consider one of André Kertész’s most well known photographs.2.Suggesting ways in which Kertész’s photographs visually illustrate themes in Merleau- Ponty’s thinking.  André Kertész(1894  – 1985)  Born in Hungary.  Moved to Paris in 1925.  Emigrated to U.S. in 1936.  Considered one of the seminal 20 th -C. photographers.  Groundbreaking contributions to photographic composition. Self-portrait, 1929 1982Self-portrait, 1972  Exercise in looking & seeing 1.Look at the photo & take note of the process whereby you try to see what’s there. 2.Jot down words & phrases describing this process.
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